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Hetero Female Submissive, 66,  Louisiana , Texas
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desires/ preferences are listed All she asks is that you be honest. The rest will take care of itself ...












 Submissive Female



 5' 1"

 165 lbs






Actively Seeking:

Dominant Male

 Lives For:

 Garage Sales (Expert)

 Drawing (Expert)

 Painting (Expert)

 Swimming (Expert)


 Art Galleries (Expert)



 Museums (Expert)

 Musical Theater (Expert)

 Sailing / Yachting

 Historical Shows

 Alternative Medicine


 Art Collecting (Expert)




 Investing (Beginner)

 Meditation (Expert)





 Intellectual Discourse



 Paranormal (Expert)


 Writing (Expert)

 Alternative Music

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 Country Music


 Rock Music

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 Feng Shui





 Coffee Shops

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 Card Games


 Web Surfing (Expert)

 Gardening (Beginner)



 Blue Grass


 Heavy Metal Music




 Horse Racing (Beginner)


 Bar Hopping

 Clubbing (Beginner)

 Flea Markets

 Going to the Opera

 Shopping (Expert)



 Opera Music

 Curious About:

 Karaoke (Beginner)


 Antique Shows (Beginner)

 Gambling (Beginner)


 TV Sports (Expert)

 Football (Expert)


 Hard Limits:

 Amusement Parks

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Journal Entries:
7/28/2016 9:44:39 AM
Happy birthday pet ... Chapter 1 Sir had made a few very vague hints about my upcoming birthday. Being generally rather reserved, I knew He had something special planned. Something ... specific. But the day drew closer and there was no more mention of it, except that I was to select something - special - to wear. All I was told to expect was dinner at my favorite restaurant, which was not local. So, I knew that, as always, Sir would take care of every detail ... and be very intentional ... I am well aware of how it pleases Sir when I am in public being mentally undressed & used by every man in the room. So, as always I was, on the big night, dressed to kill. He inspected me when it was time to leave. The slight smile and steady stare was all I needed to know He approved. He took me by the arm. Drawing me close, Looking deep into my eyes, He said, "you do please me, pet" I instinctively looked down. "Thank You, Sir." My juices stirring. as always ... Chapter 2 Dinner The drive was a little long, but pleasant. me curled as close as comfortably possible to Him. But with much less conversation than usual. Sir seemed - preoccupied ... I figured it was due to work. Sir held a very demanding position. Lots of responsibility. Naturally. I found some appropriately quiet but sexy music W/we both like. Savoring having Him all to myself. Dinner was wonderful. With long languid looks. My imagination running wild. Was there something I didn't quite pick up on?? Sir was calm, relaxed, but ... No doubt, I denoted an uncommon twinkle in His eyes as He stared at me from across the table. "Check, please." Chapter 3 My surprise W/we pulled out of the parking lot, but didn't head in the direction of home. I noticed right away but decided to remain silent. My eyes widened as Sir pulled up in front of Hilton. Not just any Hilton. This one was more of a resort. Very posh. Exclusive even. Sir spoke with the valet, then came around and opened my door, offering His hand. My eyes locked on His, I smiled, but remained silent. No way I could have had the slightest hint of knowing what was about to unfold. More silence in the elevator, and a long warm kiss. Sir found the room rather quickly I thought. Still clueless. But feeling an uncommon thrill setting in. He opened the door allowing me to enter first. It was - breath-taking. The room was dimly lit. A gorgeous view through the panoramic wall-sized window. Flowers... Champagne ... I turned to Him with a look of surprise and maybe a hint of suspicion. Sir remained aloof. Pouring U/us both a glass. "I hope you're ... comfortable, pet." I was a little amazed but decided to not let on... just go with it. Enjoy every minute... Chapter 4 Mmmmmmm Several more glasses of champagne (mostly consumed by me, I noticed) she was more than ready to serve her Sir. He knew ... He was - prepared. Sir carried me to the big, plush bed. "Mmmmm" was all I could manage. I felt His hands, rope, pressure ...hungry ...wet. Sir leaned close to me, still fully clothed, & spoke in my ear. A few more securing tugs & I became limp. A rag doll for His pleasure. Just as Sir knew I would. I felt Him guiding, using, sending me deep into subspace. Mesmerized under His will & absolute control. she floats. Time & space recede into a blurred existence. Instinctively she anticipated direction. The next thing I remember was a quiet knock on the door. Low deep voices. More than one. Then another. Sir was again speaking to me. Close to my ear. Calming. Reassuring. In control. Always. In control. Chapter 5 Sir's Gift Ahhh my pet. Your Sir wants His slut to listen. Carefully. you're safe. Sir is right here. I have you. There are more Doms here too. your Sir invited them. They're here to use My whore. fuck you. Cum on you. While Sir watches. you know Sir will not let anyone harm His slut. you are safe. I'm right here. Still floating in a state of blissful submission I manage a nod. I look up. I can barely see but realize 3 men are standing very close. All intently fixated on my body. All stroking their long heavy cock. I suddenly clench Master's hand. I immediately hear His voice in my ear. Shhhhhhhh. Sir's whore will show Him what a good slut she is. How she will please Him. Draining every cock in the room. her Master's desire ... I never remember the exact details or quite what happens or how much time has passed. I vaguely recall the deep groans. The soreness deep in my throat. The heavy musky smell of Dominant seed. Deep throaty sounds of men .. unleashing their load, one by one. Thoroughly using Sir's slut. All at His discretion. And His obvious delight. she only knew Sir was there. Still squeezing her hand. she felt hot cum. Everywhere. she could see Him Looking down at His whore covered with cum. her visible Passionate desire to please Him. He smiled. "Such a good whore. Sir's whore..." "you have pleased me Very much. Made Me very proud." "Happy birthday my slut."

7/25/2016 3:01:46 PM
I Keep thinking about what you said ... "You're the type of woman I can take to a company function and take you home and fuck you like a whore" Being at some boring event with all those dull corporate types. Drinking. Vanilla married men ogling my tits all night While you watch .. Knowing what will happen when we got out of there. You know ... And probably not even a clue what they're missing ... Tsk tsk .. But ... You would definitely know ... And your cock would know. When it was finally over you would walk out to the car with me. Open the door for me Soooo polite. Then once inside, doors shut, reach over .. slowly Grab my hair & pull me close so you could speak right into my ear [I gasp. Unable to speak. Or move. Suddenly Very wet.] And You say... Have a good time tonight, slut? I know you enjoyed teasing all those poor bastards (Which I of course thinly try to deny) Then: Don't worry, 'dear' . You're about to get fucked ... Eventually .. But not till I'm ready. You will beg ... Maybe even cry .. You Understand, don't you? (Tears are already welling up.) (I'm almost cumming in my seat) (But dare not ..) The ride home seems to take forever We're both silent. Except a very quiet whimper. from me You manage to not let go of my hair .. Tightening your hold occasionally ... Just to remind me ... Once home, I go in alone while you put the car away You come in. Take your time.. Get a beer. Loosen your tie ... Jacket off. I'm nowhere in sight. But you know where I am.. You take your time. Finish your beer. Turn off all the lights And head for the bedroom. You open the door. Call my name. Quietly. But with a hint of sternness. The room is dark. Except one low light ... No surprise to you. You see her. Kneeling on the floor. Next to the bed. Head down. Arms extended. Presenting Sir with His rope; Naked. she knows exactly what Sir expects .. But. Not what He'll do ... He stands over her. Quietly. Firmly. He says, 'Such a good girl ...' 'And such a good fucking whore ...'

7/12/2016 10:20:06 PM
Truth is ... Real men don't lie. You just don't have to ... You never need apologize for telling the truth.

7/12/2016 9:39:24 PM
Feel me ... Touch me ... So I'll know you're real ...

7/9/2016 1:24:47 PM
Why? There are so few .. the connection so deep .. So very right How is it - WHY is it That One so perfect, who would make her so *complete* Is bound to another So oblivious So unappreciative of Him & His power It isn't fair ... It isn't right. And it's making her So ... sad

7/6/2016 6:17:58 AM
I Know You ... No need to hide Your - dark side I've seen it for myself No need to pretend You're not what You don't want revealed ... To the world I know You And so do You

1/14/2015 9:34:31 PM
**Am I Dreaming...?** Last night I had an amazing dream (I think...). I awoke in the middle of the night to find a man standing next to my bed staring down at me ... intensely. When He saw me open my eyes He immediately grabbed the hair on the back of my head & covered my mouth & nose with a black leather gloved hand & ordred me not to make a sound... and I would not get hurt... He quickly bound my feet & hands, effortlessly.... He then placed the gloved hand on my throat and ordered me to sit up.. The next thing I felt was the sensation of His thick cock being shoved into my mouth. All I could do was open my mouth and take Him way to the back of my throat & begin to suck. He ordered me to my knees & shoved His warm delicious cock down my throat & began fucking my mouth intensely. I immediately came & gagged at the same time. He exploded covering my face with His His hot cum. I saw Him smile ever so slightly as He watched me massage it slowly ... all over my face ..& my tits... He ordered me to make myself cum, and leaned in so close to my face all I could see was His mouth Again He covered my mouth with His gloved hand and in a deep low voice whispered, "this is a dream... It never happened ..." I must have passed out .. When I woke, He was gone ... It was so intense - so real... I asked myself 'was I dreaming?'. I decided it had to have been a dream... surely... But -- then I noticed a long piece of rope by my pillow...

9/5/2014 6:21:32 AM
"What Do I Want??" I admit I have had all sorts of reactions to the good, the bad & the ugliness that comes with the territory of this world & on-line exploration - for lack of a better word. I have learned a lot & made some progress in defining my world & my place in it.. An on-going process... I have had to take a step back more than once & do some hard core soul searching to distinguish that which is real & must be accepted vs the illusions of others of who & what I am ... Only with a sound understanding of myself can I take any positive steps toward being unencumbered by the problems of others & taking control of my life and find peace & happiness within myself.. I cannot control other people nor some things about myself. What I can do is accept that which I cannot change & take responsibility for that which I can. I cannot find true & lasting happiness for myself in others. It's all about me. If I don't find happiness within myself, I'll not find it at all... So... What am I looking for? Nothing... Everything ..... Whatever is out there that works. I do have limits ... You must be honest and sincere... I'll not be a part of anyone's deception ... You never need apologize for telling the truth... I'll not limit my life experience by attempting to pre-determine or define what I want... what I need.... what I will find... Or what finds me... ~

9/4/2014 11:43:53 PM
"Not yet... " Journal Entry | 5 months ago We will speak on the phone ... briefly, but long enough for You to establish a mental connection to your voice ...You tell me when & where we will meet. Nothing more. You expect me to know the rest... instinctively... Sitting across the table from You I am quiet but responsive... friendly .. subdued compliant... You are focused entirely on me. Not looking around or over my head but very directly ... intently... at me ... observant, polite, deliberate.You start with mindless but sincere conversation... hi... how are you ... some comment about the weather ... and all the while lining up facts & sorting out the most important missing pieces of information ... determining the best way to attain all You need to for the initial phase... You are tall, not slight, .. well dressed .. well spoken.. Direct, focused, intentional. Calm. You continue to draw me out... establishing control with just the sound of Your voice... observing my responsiveness.. You order for us both. Making sure I have at least 2 drinks... the evening progresses. Skillfully, You draw all the information You seek in easy conversation. I am divorced. I have 2 grown children. I lived all my adult life in Manhattan, with classical training in fine art. I have been in the Lifestyle for only ~3 years ... trained under the guidance of accomplished masters, submissive all my life... 2+ hours have passed.. dinner is over... You suggest we go. You walk me to my car. Drawing me close with a firm but gentle fist of hair on the back of my head,You feel my pulse quicken, my eyes lower & a quiet involutary gasp confirms what You suspected. You know without touching how wet I am. I sense Your cock thickening, the heaviness of Your balls, the outrageous ideas crossing Your mind ... heightened by the feel of my full breasts & hardened nipples, my mouth moist, lips slightly parted as trained to do.... You lean into me - now completely compliant ... my body trembling, my knees weak. You know I'm on the verge only held back by Your words - & whisper ... "Not yet"...

7/25/2014 6:15:15 AM
"Sure.... why not..." ******************************* Another 'sleep-in' day for me.... Wed is possible... but... [I'll come back to that...]. As for this weekend? No. Nothing fun... Must say I woke up (rather late in a state of mind.. and it isn't sitting well... Im not sure what has sparked this ... 'mood' or maybe even 'mode' ... and probably should just keep it to myself...but.... well, if you are reading this I suppose that sums up my decision. I am at a point [once again] of feeling very... unfulfilled... No, nothing new, really.... But seems to come to a head at certain intervals causing me to withdraw... mostly in an effort to regroup... make an assessment .. identify what is causing this overwhelming feeling of discontent, and (maybe) come up with some sort of plan of action .... I get a lot of solicitation... all subs do... and normally, when not in this downhill mode, I respond to all I can, chat with some. It takes time to do all this, and get enough information to determine whether there is any potential ... I suppose everyone goes through a similar process... But what I awoke with this morning is more conclusive than just a mood... All the chatting and schmoozing, a couple of meet and greets, and even subsequent 'dates' .... none of it is going anywhere.... At one time, I was very staunch about not indulging [even in light conversation] with married cheaters.... Most of those who contact me are, and, of course, most do not readily admit it... Then [for reasons i cannot remember] I decided it would be ok to drop that filter... a mistake... I was right in the first place.. What I am realizing is a sincere disatifaction within myself because of one common thread... I am not content with being anyone's second. It gets old... being alone, waking up on Sunday with an immaculate clean house, brunch alone, no one who cares if they ever see me again... or gives a damn if I'm alive or dead ... Stupid me, I want to be someone's priority, not just a fucktoy ..... or something to break the monotony of their "monogamy," a fill-in for their down time... But, well, that's it in a nutshell.... and I can't seem to make it go away... So.... will I see you on Wednesday? ...

5/28/2014 7:14:42 AM
Just listen... Erotica | 19 days ago Just listen to the sound of my voice... .............................................. The rest will go away... just like always.... you know it will.... Are you there..? Can you hear me.... Are you listening.....? What are you feeling? Do you like it....? Yes.... it is nice isn't it..... no don't think about it .... just feel it.. Listen to the sound of My voice.... nothing else... Nothing else matters...... you remember now, don't you.... Very good.... Now tell me what's on your mind...? your thoughts..... any thoughts you can recognize... It's ok.... it's just Me... and you.... and My voice..... in control... you don't have to do anything... just listen,.... breathe...... yes....... Good Girl...... [smile] Do you know what is next....? ... Do you? yes.... I know you do.... It's what you want... what W/we want.... Don't try to answer... I have you.. I'm here.. I'm completely in control.... That's all you have to remember... and listen... MmHmm... I Know..... you trust Me... you want me in control.... W/we both know this.... so just let it all go .... give it all to Me... Hear My voice?... yes... very nice... you're floating now... on the sounds of My voice..... Master's voice is carrying you... He can see you.... see right through you...... He's completely in control of you now.. you no longer have thoughts..... you gave them to Me.... you DO remember.... [smile] ... you want to remember..... and let go.... oh yes... you're all Mine.... Such a good slut... mmmmmhmmmm... MY slut... Yes.. I KNOW you like it.... it feeds you... I feed you.... what you want... what you need.... I have something in my hand ..... just for you..... Something you want ... you need... Yes, My littleone ... I know.... be patient... I will give it to you..... and you will remember..... There... it's moving across your shoulders.... down your back.... along your buttocks.. Ohhhh soooo wet(!) you are.... and so ... willing..... you do know how Master adores you... yes... Most excellent whore.... Ah.. just a little snap.. and again... yes for you pet... More? Indeed.... I know it hurts.. a little sting... and another... and Harder... such a good fucking slut (!).... your Master has trained you well.... and you make Him Very ... Very happy... Not even a whimper, pet? and Harder? Master LOVES to see the bright red marks ... His cock is getting SO hard for you now... His fucking little bitch... Oh yes.... you ARE.... OPEN your mouth, cunt... NOW... and SUCK.... HARDER bitch.... NOW Oh YES!! Make your Master very very proud, whore... And SWALLOW it.... Oh yes... that's right... you ARE a lucky bitch... Master wants you to have His cum... ALL of it... just for His whore... His little fucking whore.... [smile] Such a good good girl....

5/23/2014 8:19:51 AM
My Dom captures me and releases my soul to soar through the boundless universe and beyond. By enslaving my devotion, He sets me free in His service, and I am.... free to be ... He demands my all and in return fulfills my every desire ... Even though i surrender all to Him, i am forever indebted to His unwavering dominance... and worthy control... sub worships You ...

5/9/2014 10:43:58 PM
Let's face it....subs are HOT... Journal Entry | December 2011 Submissives are like girlfriends... everybody's got one and everybody wants one... i mean, what's not to love...? Let's see... subs give their all to empower their Dom who in turn cherish and provide them ultimate protection and respect... by demanding nothing less. Empowerment and freedom... What could be better than that? ;) *************************************************

5/9/2014 10:22:50 PM
The Chase... how it starts... [Erotica | about 1 year ago] She stood listening to the November wind howl quietly, hauntingly along the mountainside through the bare trees. From where she was standing in front of the warm fire, out the window she could see the new fallen blanket of soft powdery snow - the kind that's perfect for skiers ... and making snow angels... She was dressed in a pink thermal shirt and fur lined boots....only .. and had wrapped a nearby shearling throw around her soft white body ... she stood staring into the fire, mesmerized by the flames licking the dry wood... so comforting... suddenly acutely aware of His presence several feet behind her. He stood quietly, finishing off a bottle, clad only in old jeans and socks. Staring at her ... intently... She felt her insides stir at His presence.... He had been hunting all day yesterday ... drinking all night.... He had not touched her in 3 days... They both new what that meant. What ... are you doing?" came the question... She did not respond. Rubbed the back of her calf with the other foot... Tossed her dissheveled blond curls ... and continued to watch the flames. Alert now... "I asked YOU a question..." Came the second line... Silence. "Uh huh... So ... we're in a 'mood' are we?" ... more silence... Some time passed...minutes, several. He moved around the cabin room a little. Then sat on the sofa directly behind her. "Well. Guess it's up to me, as it should be..." She shifted a bit.. a little anxious now ... she dare not show it... "See the snow?... - pretty..." more silence.. The next thing she heard was a sharp abrupt SNAP! Her heart skipped a beat .. "oh, no....." sheer panic hit .... She began to quickly gather her wits and her thoughts - unconsciously thru sheer instinct. "Glad to see you have your snow boots on ..." came the low snide voice. Wouldn't want your little feet to freeze" She was totally tensed & poised now.. "tell you what," He continued ... "being the fair & compassionate Master that I am..." Her eyes wide - not moving a muscle - "This time - I'll give you - mmm ..." (a very sadistic smile crossed His face) .."15 minutes.." With that she turned and glanced at Him only long enough to see that look and the small implement He was holding..... 'her' crop. Her next move was a panicked leap for the cabin door.. But He was ready for her. "Drop the blanket" He said without smiling. She daringly glared at Him but did as she was ordered - as usual - and bolted out the door. As she fled she could hear Him laugh - mockingly. "YES. Run Bitch." *********************** Part II ...the chase She considered the positives this time. Although the snow had just fallen, the air temp was in the 40's - not close to 0.. And, it was early in the day - hours of daylight ahead. But.. she knew - all too well - He was already in pursuit ... & way ahead of her - in SO many ways... So she ran. Hard. Desperately. Until she could run no more... She spotted a fallen tree wedged between two huge embedded boulders - 'sanctuary' she thought. at least for a while... But her relief was short lived. Once she stopped running the cold began to overtake her. Quickly.. Watching her breath becoming slower and slower, she knew she had to continue - now. Meanwhile, Master finished His coffee. Smiled to Himself, And headed out, slowly, confidently ... Pursuing an endeavor in which He was well accomplished ... Track her down, exert His control... Dominate His sub... Ahhh... Sweet success... his pulse quickened ... His crotch swelled - becoming uncomfortable .. to say the least. The Bitch will pay.. And He smiled... ********************** Part III ........... the crux... Ever so cautiously she peered out from her .... sanctuary, chose a direction and once again bolted. After what seemed like a reasonably safe distance she was elated to see an abandoned mine shack. 'I can disappear in there. He will never find me. Even 10' away.' she thought... Her hands and face were numb. But the hill leading down to the shack was easily navigated. Once inside - tho dark, dank - inhabited by God knows what... - for the first time since her flight began, she felt somewhat safe... comforted by the intense silence. I AM Safe... smiling feebly at her all too clever 'escape' from Master's use. [thinly] He won't find me here... He can't... she tried to sound convincing even if just to herself... She found some hay and a remote corner and covered herself completely. - now ... Rest ... Sweet rest.. I am ..... safe.... And drifted off to sleep... ... Hours passed... she awoke without stirring & smiled to herself. I did it... He's not here.. And it's almost dark. Tomorrow I can find my way back and make my peace with Him... At that she relaxed her body into the hay and breathed a great sigh... WHAM!! the huge sound shattered the silence .. and every trace of her tranquility. Without moving she already knew she was doomed. .. What would be next.. slowly looking up she found herself staring into the formidable unmoving stare of her Master's eyes. At first no one spoke. There was no need, just an understanding of what would happen next... She felt herself being lifted, gently brushed off, His hand softly holding her chin. "You ran ... " was all He said. "But You said-" "SHhhhhhhhhh....... " "you know you can't get away." "and ..... you know very... very well what Master must do ..." "Don't you," In His free hand was a length of rough hewn rope... and a long piece of cloth... He was whispering now... "On your knees, bitch..... and not ... one... sound ...." on His face... she saw that look..... Silent tears rolled down her face.... of sheer gratitude... and silently, in her space ..."thank You, Master..."

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