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Hetero Male Dominant, 46,  Royal Oak, Michigan
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After so many years on here, I've decided to re-do my profile.. I'm a 46 yr old Dom with over 20 years experience who is also a Daddy. I'm a sensual sadist who ranges from light and fluffy to heavy/deep impact. I own a 53 yr old lifestyle slave collared and fluid bound to me. Please do not try to poach, it will not work I'm always looking for friends and new playmates and will always answer mails and chat.. One can never have too many friends I'm well versed in many fetishes and skills and always looking to learn more. Currently working with rope, fire play, whips, and developing new play things I'm a firm believer in SSC and some RACK play. a safe word is always used and I'm very good with beginners. I've been there myself so I know and remember what it's like.. Hard limits will always be respected but interests will be explored with consent I'm not cruel but very understanding and have a wicked sense of humor and am very creative. Please feel free to contact me Thank you for viewing












 Dominant Male

 Royal Oak 


 6' 0"

 200 lbs






Actively Seeking:

Submissive female

Switch Women

Sub/Sub Couples

Femdom Couples

A Poly Household

 Lives For:

 Body Worship

 Breast Play (Beginner)

 Being Massaged

 Oral Service

 Pantyhose Fetish

 Rubber Fetish (Beginner)

 Sensory Deprivation (Beginner)


 Suspension Bondage (Beginner)


 SCA (Expert)

 Anal Play




 Electrical Play (Expert)

 Local BDSM Community



 Knife Play (Expert)

 Masks on Partner

 Massage (Giving)

 Role Playing


 Strap-Ons (Beginner)

 Vacuum Stimulation


 Wax Play


 Cane / Crop Discipline (Beginner)

 Hair Pulling

 Masks (Wearing) (Beginner)

 Mental Bondage (Beginner)


 Clothing Selection

 Plastic Wrap Bondage

 Public Play


 Whips (Beginner)


 Genital Punishment (Beginner)

 Sensation Play

 Curious About:

 Corsetry (Beginner)

 Public Exhibition (Beginner)

 Fire Play


 Gas Masks

 Medical Play

 Outdoor Bondage


 Foot Worship



 Hard Limits:



 Needle Play


 Cuck Options

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Journal Entries:
3/6/2015 12:56:09 PM
After expert constructive criticism, I've tweaked my profile some.. 

7/22/2014 6:20:04 PM
just added a couple of new pics of ink work I had done

7/21/2014 11:52:24 AM
Just added new pic, will add more as I choose them :)

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