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Hello, I am here to find my partner in life. If you are looking for one, please let me know what you are looking for and we can chat. I prefer to chat with someone and then tell them what I want. In a man, I am looking for a lover, one who wants the gurl of his dreams and will take her to the place that he wants me to be at, and that we both agree on. As for a woman I want to find a woman who wants someone in her life that has a feminine side also. wants someone with a good heart and we can share every part of our life together. well, you can find me on other sites, please ask since I can't list them here. I will have to stop promoting this site on those sites, what is fair is fair so you won't see me bring any attention to this site outside of here even though the other sites that reach thousands when asked about other sites I like this one won't be mentioned. But ask and I will give you my username and the websites I like. We can all get along and share information somewhere else. please don't forget to add me to your favorites list too. Please be very serious as I am also.I am not into playing games at all. Looking for a lifetime partner. Please don't waste my time, we all have a short life to live. And it isn't getting any shorter. I can't tell you how many people waste my time here. And on other sites.

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 Age: 32