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I am a submissive woman who is Very happily collared to my wonderful Master Matt (irishdominny) . I am very happy and just looking for friends.
Master reads all my mail and. Female subs may contact me directly .
Thank You all for respecting our relationship.o

Happy submissive to irishdominny

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10/28/2016 2:23:31 PM
I never met anyine whoj ust gets me until i met Master.  He understands what i am all about,  it is pretty amazing.  I am a many facated person and He gets and understands them all.  We have the same sense of humor and laugh at the same jokes

It is very rare in this world to find someone who totally "gets you" and can understand all your different moods and feelings.   I am not saying we agree on everything on  . cause we don't  but that is what is so great, even if He don't agree with  me he understands where i am coming from.

I fel so blessed to belong to a man like Him.  Is it any wonder i an head over heels in love with Him?

7/28/2015 12:01:31 PM
I am so glad i found this site.  I tought it was gone frever.  Now it is back and better than ever (wel maybe not beter but it is back) i get to se and talk to all my my firend again  and as always make new ones,  So welconr back   site.

5/20/2015 1:47:37 PM
What is in a name? 
I am not a big one on labels  but if i were i would label myself a sub with slave tedancies, Master agrees with that.  I am Masters sweetheart  it is what hee always calls me ( i love it)  It had been what he hasl almost always called me.  To me he is Master.  It seems very strange to me when i have to call him by his given name in certain situations.  I mean i live his given name it is one of my favoites, but to me that is not him he will alwasy be Master.

Names are not really that important, we know what we are and that is more than enought for us.

11/15/2013 3:30:48 PM

The othwe dAY i was in the chatroom, and someone used the term dim doma ( ty ChrisHerts).  i thoght how apt is that.  No i am certnly am not saying all.  I am sayong this for the Dom who think they are Doms beecause they say thery are.  I have  aways thought  action speak louder then words.  I mean look i could say o am a Dom foes not make me one.


Th dim doms  should get out go to a munch  meet Doms and learn some thngs before they go around calling themselves Doms.  Of course there sre soms thet nobody can help or refuse help and they will remain dim Doms.

5/16/2013 3:44:23 PM

I just know i have the perfect Master ( i am biased though)  To be owned by such a man is amazing.  To be owned and loved by such a man is almost beyond belief  but is true.

I know we are very much in love , love hims a much as he loves me if not more.


 He is all Dom but that don't men you h ave to be a a hole and be mean and nasty.  he is more sensual than sadistic.  That doesnot make him a whimp or weakling as some say just me je does not like to beat his sub black and blue.  He does not like to cause me p  that is not his kink, hos pleasure is giveng me pleasureain.  Even when i get punisher (rarely) he does not like to cause me pain. but corporal ounishment works for us.  Play spankngs are much more fun.


I guess  i am just saying i was in a relationshp where i liked the Dom i was with but i did not love him, and he id not love me.  I found whrn i have love on both sides in our D/s relatioship it is a richer and more fufilingone.


6/24/2012 1:43:20 PM

It is funny how life changes.  About 71/2 years ago i was coming out of a bad relationship with a Dom cause he passed away.    I thought if that is how i am gonna be treated by Doms i will just make friends.  That lasted about a year, but i was lonely.  So i started responding to some messages, i figured what could it hurt, i knew i was not gonna settle, i was going to wait till i found the one i clicked with.


         Fast fowared 4 months i hade met a few Doms nice enough guys but no one i felt a spark with, or the desire to submit to.  I was kinda gettind discouaged.  I then answered this one line msg about where in NY i lived.  I responded and we lived close so we took it from the computer to phone then in Feb to a face to face.  As soon as he hugged me i felt the spark i was waiting to feel.  The desire to submit followed soon after.  We talked for 16 hours over 3 days  I knew he was my One.


      Fast forward over 6 years and we are still together and more in love than ever.  I feel so lucky and blessed to belong to him.  I am so glad i answered that message.

1/10/2012 12:14:28 PM

The Math Of Sex


You add the bed

Subtract the clothes

Divide  the legs

and hope not tp mutpily


Forgive my spelling.  A friend sent this thought it was funny so i am sharing it.

6/28/2011 9:45:57 AM

I just hate when i have to go away and Master has to stay cause of work.  If i could get aqway with it i would wait untl he could go with me.  This time i could not a family reunion was planned so i was kinda obglated to go.  Master understood  but 2 weeks away fron him is hard not whan i am used to being with him every day.  I called him every day and that helped but it is not the same.


I just love being with him and love him so much.  When i am with him and in his arms that is exactly where i know i belong.

4/4/2011 9:29:18 AM

Sometimes i think hugs are the best thing of all.  Don't get me wrong i love, love, love Master's kisses.  There is just something different about hugs.  A hug can me many things: support, comfort, affection, and love, passion.  I think a hug can sometimes be more intimate than a kiss, of course depends on the type of hug.

      I love Master's hugs he is 6'  i am 5' the top of my head comes to his shoulder.  When he hugs me i feel so little (size not age)and protected.  Ther a few hugs he has that i love  wehn i link imy hands aroizf his neck and he puts his around my waist and links them behind my back.  And of course the big hug he give me when he walis in the door that is a great one

      Kisses well i love all of his kisses but there are sme special ones such as:

      I also like when Master puts his hands on either side of my face when he kisses me and when we are standing we will hold hands so only out hands and lips are touching.  I don't know what it is about that but i love it.


Hugs aand kisses  Just love em all  (Among other things).

1/19/2011 1:33:00 PM

Master is so funny.  It is really cold here where we live (moddl eof winter).  I have come to the conclusion that Master does not like to wear gloves.  I told Him i would buy him some and He said but sweetheart i would not wear them when  I come to see you.  What Master does well He thinks it is funny make me crazy.  he will come in give me a hug and kiss then reach up under my shirt and put His cold hands on my breasts. He says they are His hand warmers.  i think He likes the way i scream and try to get away.  After almost 5 years i should be used to titbut.. well it is something hard to get used to.  I love Him though and if He enjoys it that is what is important and He is touching me so not all bad.

6/15/2010 9:29:42 AM
I really hate leaving Master.  I just came back from a 12 day family vacation which Master could not come on.  I did talk to him every day but it is not the same as being wth him.  I missed him like crazy and he said he felt the same.  Absense makes the heart grow fonder is a crock  Absense sucks.  Of course the homecomings are always wonderful.

3/20/2010 2:17:20 PM
It is so annoying  why, why, why don't people read profiles?  My profile CLEARLY states that i am happily collered to my wonderful Master and not interested in any others.  It also clearly states that i am a submissive and  100% straight.  Yet just today i got 2 mails one from a sub male wanting me to be his Mistress and one from a Domme looking for a female sub.  Now if that is her thing gerat i say more power to her.  Just nor my thing even if i was not collered.  People really should learn to read.

OK rant over now.

11/25/2009 1:28:13 PM
Well tomorrrow is Thanksgiving and i have much to be thankful for.  My family, friends, heath, finanical secutity.  The thing i am most thankful for is the love of my Master.

His love makes my world a brighter happier place.  He makes me a even happier person that i normally am.  I like to tell him jokes i have heard and hear his laugh. I love it when he tells me you are such a good girl.  Just to be his is all i want and need.  So to belong to him makes me very thankful.

10/20/2009 1:11:44 PM
I must have the best Master in the entire world.  He is sick and that makes me sad.  I said to him when he was over today that Master if you are not feeling well you did not have to come over.  He looked at me and said yes i had to i want to see you, you make me feel better,  I mean how sweet is that.  Is it any wonder i am so in love with him.

10/8/2009 4:31:11 PM
There is an old sayng absence makes the heart grow fonder.  I knew i would find out the truth of that after my 8 day cruise away from Master.  I found at least in this case it was not true i love Master with all my heart it could not grow any fonder for him.  it was so wonderful to see him today 8 days is way too long to be away from him.  He missed me as much as i missed him, he is such a wonderful and special man.  I know i was born to be his.

8/3/2009 12:50:19 PM
I find my Master is always on my mind.  Even when i am doinf something such as washing dishes or doing laundry he is there.  When i have my mind on other things and focused he is still there in the background.  He is always in my heart and mind.  I actually find that a comfort because even when not here physically he is still with me.  He makes me so happy i know that i am lucky and blessed to belong to him. As much as my heart belongs to him his belongs to me.  Sometimes 2 people are meant to be together, and sometimes like Master and i they find each other.  We are like 2 pieces of a puzzle and we fit toghter perfectly.  Life is very good.

6/24/2009 3:05:20 PM
Songs what is in a song?  Master and i have a few songs they we call our songs.  The one that springs to mind is "Happy Together"  that is because we are.  Ther are a few others.  The other day i had the radio on and a song came on, yes a love song.  It was not one of our songs but it made me think of Master.  I have realized that a lot of songs make me think of Master.  i guess it is only natural because he is always in my mind and my heart.  I always smile when i hear certain songs.

5/17/2009 11:16:34 AM
Ain't love grand.  I just had the most wonderful weekend with Master, he did not have to work this wekend so i got to spend a lot of time with him.  Maybe i am a greedy sub but i want all of his free time.  When i can't be with him i want to be, and when i am with him i can think of no place i would rather be.  It has been over 3 years for us and i still get the good butterflies in my stomach when i see him,when i talk to him on the phone i cannot help but smile.  To be in his arms though that is the best. 
I am very lucky however that he loves me as much as i love him.

4/21/2009 9:25:16 AM

Why do people have to put others down to make themselves feel better?  I was reading the fourms today and someone ( i will not name names) said something i found very offensive.  I am not going to get into a pissing match on the boards and take away from the OP's question.  When i was an um  my Mom used to say if you have nothing nice to say just say nothing at all.  I think that is a message that a few of the posters on here should take that advice.  Think before they post.  Of course if it is obviously a person looking for wanking materiel the above does not apply.  For an honest question they deserve an honest answer not flames.

3/26/2009 1:19:07 PM
Age what is age?  When one is younger it might seem like a big deal.  When a person is 18 and 47 it is quite a diference.  It is the same for Master and i a 19 year age differences.  However at our ages it is not a big difference.  Yes it is still a 19 year difference but we are basically at the same stage in our lives.  We have both been around the block a few times and know what we want out of a relationship.  We found what we both needed in each other so age was not a factor.

3/18/2009 3:23:04 PM
The One

Sometimes people talk about finding the one.  I never gave much thought to it.  I was just happy for them.  I was not having much luck but i refused to settle.  I had met a few Doms nice guys and all but, there was no spark there and they felt the same.  Then one day i got a short message from the screen name irishdominny it asked where in NY i lived. I responded we realized we lived close and started to chat.  We moved to phone and i knew i really liked him.  When we met we talked a little more then he kissesd me.  When he did it just felt so right.  I had a feeling i had found my One  i was right! Here we are over 3 years later and he is still my one.  And we are very much in love.

1/12/2009 1:51:28 PM
Well another year has passed welcome 2009.  I am more in love with my Master than ever.  This may sound like a cliche but it is true every day i seem to love him more than the one before.  Sometimes people just belong together and i belive that is Master and i.  We fit together perfectly.  We mesh physically, mentally emotionally and sexually. We also both share the same sense of humor we love to laugh. I love to make him smile.  I love him so much and he loves me just as much.

11/14/2008 3:00:38 PM
Love  what is love?  Love is what i share with my Master.  Some might say how do you know it is love?  it is a soul deep certanity.  His happiness is the most important thing to me.  I also know because he has told me that he likes to make me happy too.  I hear his voice on the phone i can't help but smile, i see him and i cannot wait for hm to take me in his arms.  Even when it comes to displine he shows his love.  Yes it hurts ans yes i hate it.  Master is fair tohugh i never get it unless i earned it.  If he did not love me he would not bother displineing me.  So Love is all that and a feeling i can't put into words.

Thank you Master for taking me as your girl.

10/20/2008 1:51:51 PM
Master is always thinking of me.  Today he was supposed to come see me at a certain time and it was getting late so he called me to let me know he was on his way.  He knows i worry if i don't hear from him.  It is silly but i do.  Being madly in love with him will do that to you i guess.  Oh i am so in love

9/17/2008 8:41:29 AM
Master is so good to me.  Even if he does not have much time he still comes to see me.  We get our hugs and kises and that holds us over until we see each other again.

I love just spending time with him even if we don't scene.  I love him and being in his presence brings me a great deal of fullfillment and joy.   It is close to 3 years and it just keeps getting better.

8/15/2008 10:10:55 AM
Yesterday i was in my Masters arms and i felt so safe and cherished.  I knew i was right where I belonged, and where i always want to be.  It is so special and wonderful to belong to such a strong yet gentle man.  He says he is never gonna let me go, that is a good thing because i never want him to let me go.  I want to be his forever.

6/16/2008 3:12:19 PM
I have just had a beautiful homecoming with my Master.  I was away for 10 days (seemed like a lot longer) and he missed me as much as i missed him.  I was so happy when he walked in my door ,closed it and swept me up in a big hug and started kissing me.  Of course we did other thinsg but not gonna put that here, you can guess.

It is hard being apart but it  does make the time whan you are together again so much sweeter.  I am so lucky and so much in love.

4/8/2008 1:24:22 PM
Sometimes i wonder how can one person be so lucky.  I was on the site for a year met some nice Doms, but no one i had a spark with.  I was not going to settle for just anyone so i could belong to someone.  I was just about giving up on finding the perfect Master for me.  Then i got a message "where in NY do you live"  I did not know it at the time, but that was the man i was to belong to.  It has been over 2 years now and going strong, and i still marvel at how lucky i am.

2/26/2008 4:20:07 PM

                   2 YEARS!!!!!

I can hardly believe it has been 2 years of belonging to Master.  He must be the most wonderful man on this earth.  The 2 years went fast, but it also feels like i have always been His.  I know one thing for sure it has been the very best 2 years of my life.

Master i love you so much.  Thank you for collaring me so i am  YOUR girl.  You make me so very happy.

2/7/2008 11:32:54 AM
I always know i am a very lucky girl to belong to such a womderful Master.  Sometimes it just comes to the forfront of how wonderful he is.  Master had to go to a business dinner once, but he still made time before the dinner to come and see me and at least let me give him a kiss an hug.  Sure i would like to spend a lot of time with him but i cherish every moment we spend.  I love him so much!!

8/20/2007 6:58:06 AM
Master and i have been together 18 months and  todayI got my permanment collar.    I am so thrilled i love it.  It is a gold circle enclosed by diamonds on an 18k gold chain.  My Master has such good taste.  I love him so much and even though the collar is just a symbol it is tangiable something i can touch when i am missing him a lot.  He put his collar around my heart a long time ago.

7/11/2007 3:14:15 PM
My Master has to be the most wonderful man on the face of the earth.  I love him so much.  The day i became his was the happiest day of my life.  I know i was born to be his submissive.

3/15/2007 1:50:07 PM

One Year!!!!!!

Wow i can hardly believe that on Feb 26 it was a year.  Time went by so fast.  It had been an unbelievable year.  I cannot remember being this happy in a long time.  It is all because of Master.  He is the most wonderful Man in the world.  I know i have to be the luckiest woman on the face of the planet to belong to him.


1/17/2007 8:30:46 AM
i tell ya all sometimes i think is should be illegal to be this happy.  Well if it is lock me up cause i can't help it.

11/20/2006 11:54:13 AM

I never thought i would find a man like Master.  Gentle yet firm and loving.  It makes me glad that i can make such a wonderful man happy and i am still thrilled that he took me as his.  Also that he loves me as much as i love him.

10/4/2006 12:59:48 PM
This song makes me think of My wonderful Master
"When no one else can understand me when everthing i do is wrong, you give me hope and consolation you give me strength to carry on. I guess i'll never know the reason why you love me as you do that's the wonder the wonder of you."
Elvis(The Wonder of You)

9/22/2006 1:31:23 PM

Laying wrapped tightly in his arms hearing the steady beat of his heart.  In that moment everything is right with my world.  I wish i could stay in that moment forever.  The world hovever intrudes so i must wait until i can be in his arms again  and it is just us 2 again knowing i am the most blessed woman in the world to belong to a man like him.

8/9/2006 9:21:40 AM
6.5 months man i can hardly believe how wonderfully happy i am and what a wonderful Master i have.  It feels like a dream but it is very real.  If by any chance it i a dream no one better wake me up.

6/22/2006 5:13:18 PM
I always feel so safe in my Masters arms.  I Know it is where i was meant to be and where i always want to be.  It feels so perfect and right  it is as close to heaven as i am gonna get on this earth.

I feel so very lucky to have him in my life and to belong to him.

4/25/2006 4:47:39 PM
When i feel loney and lost he is always there with a hug and to help me find my way.
When i am cold the warmth of his arms and love surround me keep me warm.
When i am afraid i feel him near me protecting me
When i am in a playful mood he is there smiling at me
What i am trying to say is no Matter what mood i am in i know he will always be there for me.


3/28/2006 5:57:13 PM
My master takes the best care of me.  I was very very fouturnate to find such a man who wants me as his.

3/20/2006 9:40:39 AM
it just gets better every day i feel like the luckiest sub on the face of the planet.  My Master make me very happy.

3/10/2006 3:07:34 PM
I have found my Master i am so unbelievably happy with him

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