Vertical Line


Bemused, bewildered, bedazzled. But can't be bewitched from the one I belong to. But he believes in sharing...

Wow!  I didn't realize that it has been so long since I edited this.  I'm happily married to my scene partner and while we're always willing to make new friends, definitely not looking for my soulmate.  I already found him and hope everyone else has the same wonderful luck I did.  
Do the doms out there cut and paste their messages to every sub in the general geographic area?  Clearly they haven't read my profile.  I started off with the idea that everyone deserved a response.  But I also think I deserve a message directed to me only and not every sub in the universe. 
Ok, time flew by again.  I've come to two conclusions.  One is that I'm not here often enough for anyone to expect a prompt answer.  I'm sorry that's the way it is.  However, is anyone really interested in someone who spends all their time on line anyway?  And secondly, I'm not going to waste my time answer people who send one line messages.  Come on now, you a profile and a journal to read.  Have the courtesy to tell me a little about yourself.  At least enough to make you sound interesting.  And remember, time flies whether you're having fun or not.
Can't believe I've been so busy that I've not had time to update this journal.  I guess some people have lives, some people watch life on TV and others live it on line. 
I've more or less been offline as I imagine many have over the holidays.  I am amazed at how the population of this board has increased and both pleased and dismayed at all the changes.  I sincerely hope this doesn't become like all the other BDSM bulletin boards and chat rooms and become mostly wannabe's. 

Since this is a journal and we are allowed musings, I have the following:  Why does everyone have to work so hard to find someone?  Why is MissSix the person who always appears when I log on?  Why do male subs still bother to send me messages?  Do they think bisexual is the same as switch?  And if that's the case why would I even want to go there? Can we brand a W on the head of wannbe's?  Ah, well that and more at another time.  In the meantime, I'm working on a branding iron. 
Ah, it's so wonderful to discover doms with a sense of humor.  Why is it that it's such a rarity?
OK, what's with these fly-by-night doms?  I don't know if anyone else gets e-mail from doms who no longer exist on collarme the next day or not.  However, I do know that that probability of my actually wanting to meet someone who has that much to hide is really miniscule.  Get a clue - you don't want me to know anything about you, you're obviously hiding something and you think I'm going to let you tie me up?  Hey, I'm not a blonde any more!  Now I'm a much smarter redhead!
All these upgrades mean I can't respond to e-mails here from my home computer. Please be patient, I will answer your e-mail, even if it's to say no thank you. I may be an alley cat, but I try to be one with class!
Just for all you doms out there - a conversation does not begin with "Hi! I'm a dom - tell me about yourself."  Nor is the follow up question "Tell me what you like"  Somewhere in there a conversation is supposed to happen.  I often feel like this a job interview.  And, guess what?  If this is going to be work, I already have both a job and a Master.  So please state what it is in general terms what you want and I will be happy to respond so that dialogue can occur and  it is not an interrogation.
OK, I owe someone out there an e-mail and I don't know who. I accidentally deleted the original message instead responding. Whoever you are, if you read this, I am so sorry. It's just that I have paws instead of fingers.
I keep noticing that people complain about a lack of information in profiles.  This amazes me since I don't believe that profiles really reveal the truth about people.  Instead, they reveal what people think they are or what think they want.  BDSM is such a fantasy world for many that I have little or no interest in their fantasy profiles.  Rather, I am more interested in how they behave and act and what information they give away in the course of discussion.  For the same reason I have chosen not to disclose very much about myself.  I am open to discussion with anyone because I am a real person, not a fantasy in my own mind or anyone else's. 
I see that some things never change - female subs get the bulk of the mail, mostly from think-they-are doms.  Fortunately, most of my real friends - real people - seem to be here too!