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If you sense there is more to all this than groping about in the dark, if bdsm touches some raw edge in your soul, if you're here because something deep in you stirs and refuses to lie down..then you've finally hit upon something real. I am a gateway, I show you the portal to expanded life. If you dare and if you are ready, if you want to dive in deeper than fantasy, if your desire to serve or discover mastery is true, then speak to me. You need to be ready for your life to turn inside out. No married men who are sneaking about here on the side. No cowards. No idiots or pinheads. I will smell you out immediately. I serve a couple who express a divine union of tantra and magic, light and dark, ritual and celebration. They are for real. I am their bitch-wolf, guardian, witness to their amazing dance. Perhaps if you impress me enough I'll grab you by the scruff of your neck and drag you to their feet. They seek a 24/7 tantric slave girl/boy/both with talents for being their pa and a strong strong desire to become great and powerful through serving them... and through them, life itself. At the moment, I may be interested in finding a new sub to serve me on a regular basis. I'd particularly like a female submissive, I have a sensual-loving dominant male partner.. I can do the cruel and sadistic part if needed - so there is the possibility of playing with us as a couple as well as just myself. ...and I have a lot still to learn, being relatively new. I am looking for dominant mentors for me and other doms/dommes to humiliate, use, push my sub. We'd be there together so I can keep an eye. I particularly want to learn about needles, rope suspension, techniques for sadism, and generally any new and intriguing ideas.... ------------------- I am also looking for...more experienced couples OR female dommes to instruct and mentor me. I have an awful lot to offer. ------- The below is OLD now, I am owned already, BUT I seek ANY who are ready to expand, explore, go deeper, transform and surrender. ------------------------------- All you need to know is that I am real.

What I am looking for

I am looking, mostly in vain, for any truly dom males, as I can be submissive to those with potency.
More on me
I am not here for games, I am not here for kinks, I am here to delve into the raw existance of what it means to be human. Perhaps there are others who are on a true journey, who remember the time before bdsm was fetish, but simply woven into the fabric of an existance we have become soft to.

I dance through the light and shadow, I bring to you the deepest darkest-bright places, I will look you in the eyes and you will see a demon-angel and tremble in the intensity of it. I am love, hate, rage, passion, sensuality and primal animal beauty.

I am a coyote, a shaman, a witch, a contradiction and a paradox.

I am a sadist and I want to feel your suffering and revel in more than you can handle. I will abuse you and laugh.

I am a masochist and I long to be taken and guided into the places where I scream and cry and express the suffering and life that runs in my veins.

I am dominant to almost everyone (and I have had enough of stupid idiot subby weak men. If you are a woman though, get in touch) .... yet I roam the earth seeking men who can match the dark intensity and power I feel in me, who can meet it and hold it. I will not submit meekly to you. Respect is key. If I do not respect the dominate, I will NOT surrender to them, no matter how many fancy pieces of equipment they own. Their energy HAS to be behind it.

They have to be fully in touch with their own intrinsic power, and reveal that power to me, for me to respond to it from a place of authentic truth.

No games. No posers. No pin-heads who need a weak woman to pretend they are great. If you believe you have the real thing, get in touch. I will meet you with an authenticity that will blow your mind.

11/5/2011 11:44:24 AM

YES Today I got some relief! A very respectful slave happened to be in the area, he came and met me in guildford, he paid for my small amount of shopping and got me dinner at his hotel. This put me in a great mood to play with him. I had a lot of fun, it was a good thing I was wearing my leather boots... I got to trample and kick and get him to lick his own precum off them for me. Dirty little sissy slut in his pvc skirt. Releasing my sadistic beast, just a little bit, was  incredible. Really enjoyed kicking him around. I wasn't allowed to scratch him so to improve my mood I slapped him very hard round the face. He was so turned on. What a lucky slutty slave. He was in the right place at the right time, and had the balls to call me and meet up with me at my total convience and pleasure. This is how it should be. I feel appeased and calm now. He wrote the below for me. He's not getting to cum till he is back with his vanilla partner.


I met mistress today had some lunch. Then went to hotel room where she used me for her pleasure. She done everything from spanking over the knee to slapping my face so hard I fell. She pissed all over me. But the main thing she kept building me up close to cumming then snatching it away. At one point I was so close she kicked me in the balls and then kicked the crap out of me till I was in a heap at her feet. She allowed me to make her cum but still I was not allowed and still not

10/29/2011 3:11:16 PM

i know this website is a load of wank, and i shouldn't be surprised, but it seems so hard to find a sub i really want to own. perhaps my first one set the bar incredibly high, or perhaps i am jaded and i need more impressing. i find i can tune into almost any perverted fantasy and play in an incredibly real fashion. i know what it is i offer. if people are paying, that's one thing, but for my personal relationships i need something much more. if you are interested send me a photo and *no* cut and paste emails, there has to be a personal ressonance or we are getting nowhere...

10/20/2011 4:02:30 PM

got a certain sub under consideration, he is the filithiest one i've come across. so far it goes well and he's following orders perfectly, renewing my faith in finding real non-bratty whiny subs. let's see how it goes when we meet

9/8/2011 12:47:43 PM

It's going to take some pretty fucking special and amazing now for me to want to collar the next person, I expect a decent email to let me know you are intelligent, interesting, and have the potential to be my dark muse.

9/8/2011 12:46:42 PM

Girl sub has already evolved and moved on, I think I'm getting too good at this. Looking for one to keep now

8/29/2011 8:57:05 AM

Just started a delicate and new relationship with a sub girl now. Going to treat her carefully to start with. She's a beginner at this but so far it seems she really rather likes pain...massively exciting for a sadist. She also has wonderfully soft hands. I am quite enthralled.

7/28/2011 6:41:34 AM

I have no pet now, he's all grown up. I have instead a frustrated low growling rage inside me that I need other outlets for. The trouble is finding a submissive who can truly be strong enough to take, without wimping out, without running away, the depth and intensity of who I am. Who can match FULLY the dominance in me. My standards grow higher each time. I start to suspect it is an impossible task. fuckers.

6/18/2011 5:30:04 AM

I want my pet here. He is too far away by the sea right now. Such a shame, as I have desires that need feeding... if some local sub is in need of some bondage and spanking tonight, I may well be prepared to be generous.

6/13/2011 1:35:15 PM

Last night I came back home from chatting to a dom guy at the pub, to discover my pet dressed up beautifully and completely as a girl...heels, convincing wig, girl clothes, boobs, everything. Make up too. My jaw actually dropped it was incredible. I had a lot of fun fucking 'her' and at one point I really saw a girl beneath me rather than a boy. In the meantime, I've been learning how to extend my energy body into silicon cocks and feeling every sensation as his/her lipsticked mouth wraps around my shaft and I penetrate him/her. We finally found the right lube and it's fantastic.

I hope you girly-boys are jealous.

Any girl out there who likes androgyny should get in touch. We'd love to  have a girl to play with. x

4/18/2011 5:29:36 AM

really enjoying playing with gender fluidity at the moment. my boy has an incredibly slutty girl in him, we had hot lesbian sex and then the next morning I turned into a man and had my wicked way... :)

3/25/2011 12:34:33 PM

wearing a key round my neck...unlocks something very special..something that is now totally MINE.

3/8/2011 2:24:46 PM

collared an exquisite creature, enjoyed playing with him immensely, looking forward to where we go next.

2/27/2011 2:10:11 PM

Meeting a mixture of people so far, and already starting to make a few good friends, which is excellent. I met a potential slave on friday and there was very intense energy between us, and a potential pet boy is on the horizon. If these two work out I'm pretty good for individual men. I've met one awesome relatively local couple who are really genuine and supportive - I'm finding that playing with couples could be the best solution for opening up and exploring my precious inner submissive. Being switch, opening up both my domme and sub sides at once, is perhaps a little bit of a head fuck but at the same time the wonderful space I feel for BEING who I AM is worth it. Glad I made the effort to come back here. I want to say I much prefer meeting face to face or speaking directly as soon as I can - I can pick up so much more about a person that way. When everything is done online it's so easy to project fantasies and then end up disapointed.

Vertical Line

 Age: 30
 Austin, Texas