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Dominant female seeks an intelligent slave/s interested in serving at My discretion.? My interests are many and varied.? I live the life of a Female Led Relationship and only want to be served by those who want the same.? Goddess worship will be the standard by which you will serve Me.?If you do not feel that you will be able to trust Me and give yourself totally to Me after getting to know Me do NOT waste My time.If you have stopped by My profile for a night of sex, please move on.? I am only interested in boys and girls who truly want to serve and learn to serve Me for the long term.?Purrhaps the feel of My whip against your back, My paddle across your cheeks, My rope as it burns against your skin is what you wish to experience.? There is so much more I will slip into your mind and find My place there controlling you from the inside out.?If you seek to be owned in every way, say hello and approach Me appropriately.? Your email should tell Me why you are contacting Me.?Lady Enchantress

Where are the real subs and slaves? The ones who want to surrender and, to be captured and captivated to find themselves deeply immersed in another. I tire of those who are not sincere, those who don't know what they want and those who are afraid of what's in front of them.

It's time to embrace what you want, what you need, what you crave for what you desire. Be brave, be bold, be open and embrace who you are, who you are meant to be.

if you are serious about finding someone to serve, to treasure to adore and are willing to be what I want partner knight, sub, slave, toy send me a message. Only if you are very serious, you know what you want and you are ready for the journey.


I finally decided to see if this works.  It's been so long since I have written here.  Life has had its ups and downs.  I am at a good place and ready for the next adventure.  Want to jump in the rabbit hole with Me?  

Found this on a profile...well said:   

 1. The male must always practice respect, whether in private or public. Stand when she enters the room. Sit (or kneel) as soon as She is seated. 2. Be totally attentive: open doors, offer her your coat, she sits first, begins to eat first, and always ask permission to leave her presence. 3. The male should never speak unless spoken to, or unless anticipating the needs of his Mistress. 4. The submissive will never sit with legs spread or slouch in a way typical of untrained males. Good posture and decorum is a sign of respect. 5. The male will never stare at a woman without her permission. Unless the woman seeks eye-contact, they submissive will keep his eyes lowered at all times. 6. When walking with his Mistress, or any woman, the submissive will keep his gait in step with hers, which usually means taking smaller steps. The male should always be at least 1-2 steps behind, but not too far because he must open all doors. 7. The submissive must always be pleasant, never argue and never pout. 8. The male surrenders control of how he spends his time, how he dresses, what he eats, where he sleeps, the friends or acquaintances he is allowed to keep. 9. The submissive must remember that his orgasm does not belong to him but to his Mistress. It is Hers to use or deny... however she sees fit. 10. The submissive may never touch his own genitals without the permission of his Mistress. When washing, he must use a wash cloth or brush, never his hands. 11. The submissive should never buy his own clothing without the guidance of his Mistress. He should buy what pleases her, not what he likes. 12. When urinating, the submissive will always sit on the toilet... no exceptions. 13. The submissive must submit to eating only “submissive food” selected by his Mistress whenever she requires it. 14. When a meal is over the submissive must be quick to clear the table and wash the dishes. 15. The submissive must always give his Mistress the first choice of everything — She picks the channel on TV to watch, the restaurant to go to, the movie to see, the friends to entertain, etc. 16. The submissive will perform all household chores for his dominate, to include(but not limited to): sweep and vacuum all floors and carpets mop all floors dust and polish all furniture make the beds every day wash and fold all clothing linen scrub bathrooms clean kitchen Cook meals wash dishes set the table shop for groceries take out trash and sort recycled items run all errands

A slave's hunger…

slave had seen Her profile and finally built up the courage to send a message, he typed carefully because he wanted to make a good first impression.  Goddess Lady Enchantress, I am writing you this email to express my interest in getting to know you and for you to determine if I am slave property that you would be interested in owning.  Ma’am, I do not wish to waste your time and want you to know that I am very serious.   

I am a 46 year old white male, I have an advanced degree and currently work in the medical research field.  I am not emotionally connected to anyone and have never been married.  My experience in the lifestyle has been limited to two dominant women.   I served them personally and sexually, as well as ensuring their homes were kept clean and presentable at all times.  My cooking skills are limited; however, I will learn what you command.   

I know we do not live close to each other Goddess, but after reading your profile and words I felt compelled to reach out to you.  I would do most anything to find the Dominant woman who is destined to control me.  I humbly ask that you consider my request and consider getting to know me.   

Slave pressed enter quickly before he lost his nerve he sat there for a moment and then stood to go and get a drink to settle his nerves.  He’d never done anything like this before, always being careful and doing what others expected of him.   Slave had tried dating vanilla women and each time he thought it might work out, but when it got to sex none of them were adventurous enough or willing to allow him to worship as he felt he must.   

The two dominant women he had served previously had not been into the scene, they were just very bossy and aggressive in bed.  He had loved the interaction with them, but neither was the true dominant he wanted to give himself to for life.  He knew when the right woman came along she would just take him and his life would be in her hands.   

As he walked back toward his computer he heard the sound of a message arriving.  He sat down and clicked messages and there it was a message from the Goddess.   

As he reached for the mouse his hand shook.  He clicked and there he saw it…. A spiral spinning with words going round and round…. He heard her voice and his heart leapt.    

Hello slave how nice to hear from you.  As you watch the spiral and listen to My words you will begin to relax and as you relax you will want to relax more.  

It’s ok Slave you can do that, there’s nothing to fear, just open your mind and allow your conscious mind to relax and drift away with thoughts as I talk with your subconscious mind.  I know you long to submit and surrender and you can do that for Me now.  Just breath in and out… in and out… in and out… allowing each sleepy breath to heighten your relaxation…  

As you relax here think of how wonderful it will be for you to be totally under My control,  slave and it begins with you learn to relax, just allow your body to become loose and limp as I count from 10 to 1….  

10 drifting down  

9 relaxing for Goddess


8 from the top of your head flowing down over your face  

7 down into your chest and back  

6 deeply relaxing as flows into your waist and hip

5 thighs and legs becoming so heavy  

4 relaxation flowing into your feet  

3 caressing your toes as the stress flows from your body  

2 and your body is filled with warm clear relaxation… let go


1 so very relaxed now…just go deeper Slave….  

As Goddess began to count slave’s eyelids became heavy and by 8 he had drifted into a deeply relaxed state.   Goddess’s voice was so relaxing and extremely sexy.  As She spoke slave felt his arousal growing as the relaxation built.  He knew he felt different, he knew this was not usual and he knew this wasn’t normal.  He had forgotten normal and all it meant in his life when he heard her voice calling him slave.   


Ok slave if you truly want to serve Me, want to see how this will work out, here are my instructions.   Once you no longer hear My voice you will come back to alertness, immediately send Me an email with your phone number.  You will then go and pick up your phone and await My call.   When I call you will address Me as Goddess and you will tell Me why you wish to serve Me.   


Good boy, I have enjoyed My time with you and look forward to taking you deeper slave.  You will learn to crave the spiral and the words that float around it.  You will praise and adore Goddess always and your desire to serve Goddess will grow stronger and stronger each day.   


Now it's time to come back to alertness and follow My commands.   


Slave opened his eyes and the spiral was still there turning.  He didn’t know why but he sat there and looked at it and felt a strange yearning.  He closed the window and quickly sent a message to Goddess with his phone number.  He stood and walked over to his cell phone picked it up and went to sit  back in the chair.  He’d sat there holding the phone for about ten minutes when the phone rang.  He pushed the button and he heard Goddess’s voice, ‘Hello slave…”
If you fit this deion contact Me: submissive intelligent alpha in the vanilla world interested in total control and hypnotic mind control.
Eager to jump into My Lair...

Yes... come to Me... it awaits your entry...
no need to fear, what you want most...
to be caught, captured, controlled...
I sense you are so close to jumping in...
when you do it all begins...

I call to you soft and low...
come to Me, be My slave 
this is your destiny and time to be brave...
forget the past, open to Me...
this is the time for you to begin to see...
your place, your time deep in the hole...
after all this is your goal...

Take off your clothes and jump right in...
your submission growing from beginning there is no end...
Draw closer to the light which is My control...
No longer remembering things of old...
I will consume your very soul...
Are you ready, my eager pet...
This is the time.... no more regret...
The Rabbit Hole... All your darkest desires are deep within... The deeper you go, the better you feel?. Come deeper, I wait for you? Pitch black, you enter in, hungry for what is in store,,, Craving and hungering for the bliss and wanting much more? Take My hand and come to Me? Once you enter in there's no turning back? I will draw you in, take control and guide you to the ultimate goal? To serve, to please, to pleasure? I will be your Goddess and treasure?. The rabbit hole beckons will you enter in? I sense your hunger to submit? To give all that you are?to open yourself to the possibilities? To be the you, you hunger to be? Jump in, no fear? The rabbit hole waits? It is dark and warm?.you will be safe with Me? On your knees, naked and in ecstasy? Hungering to be taken deeper into My world? Follow Me deeper into the hole?. I will teach you?your role? Submission awaits, no need to think? Surrendering time, you are on the brink? Collared and locked, I will have the keys?. Go ahead and beg, I enjoy the sound of your pleas? Soon you will accept your fate? There's no going back it is much too late? Service to Me is now for what you live? Craving the words and control only I can give?.

Goddess sweetness gushed into anne and scott's open mouth. ?She could feel and hear the sucking of the two sluts to get every drop as the waves of pleasure moved down Her body in ripples. ?Goddess was lost in the pleasure for a few moments as Her sluts continued their worship. ?She could hear the two of them moaning and begging for more. ?Goddess pushed the head's of Her sluts away and allowed the water to run down Her body. ?She commanded anne to turn the water off and told scott to get out and kneel. ?

Goddess stepped out of the shower and called Her sluts to come close. ?As they knelt waiting instructions and the droplets of water cascaded down Her body, Goddess stood before them beautifully aroused. ?"Now lick sluts, lick Goddess dry." ?The sluts tongues immediately darted between their lips as they pressed their hungry tongues against Goddess skin. ?Each licking and drying their Goddess in total servitude and hunger to be taken deeper. ?

Goddess turned and faced scott so that Her pussy was his to lick dry and anne knelt behind Her Goddess ready to lick dry Her beautiful ass. ?Goddess raised Her hands above Her head as the slaves continued with their duties. ?Slowly methodically licking, tasting and drying Her skin. ? As they finished Goddess commanded them to dress Her in the items that were in Her bag. ?

anne moved to the bag and removed a lovely white see through chemise with matching panties. ?anne breathed in the lovely scent of the chemise as she quickly returned to Goddess. ? anne gave the panties to scott as he held them before his Goddess and She slipped Her feet into the silky high cut panties. ?scott moved them up over Goddess's calves and thighs and slid them over Her hips. ?Goddess pulled scott's head toward Her womanhood and kept it there. ?anne stood and slipped the chemise over Goddess's head and it slipped down over Her body as slut anne adjusted it over Goddess's breasts. ?anne's eyes were transfixed on Goddess's dark nipples. ?Goddess asked, 'anneslut would you like to nurse from Goddess."

anne's eyes shot up and looked at Goddess as hot desire filled her eyes. she shook her head yes. ?Goddess smiled back as She heard scott breathing in Her scent learning Her scent and becoming addicted. ?Goddess stated to Her sluts, 'I am ready to relax now, the two of you can be My entertainment. ?On your knees sluts, follow Me to the bedroom."
I have an opening for one slut beginning in June. you will serve as I choose fit. It will not be about your wants or desires. I will use you in ways that amuse and enhance My control. This will not be a live in position until I am sure it is what suits Me best. If you are uncomfortable being in the presence of other slaves do not waste My time. Contact Me if you are local and/or are available to serve three days or evenings weekly. Your email should indicate the skills you possess that may interest Me. Goddess
SLUTS Chapter 14

As Goddess moved toward the shower, scott followed closely behind, crawling after Her. As he watched Her ass cheeks move from side to side, he hungrily licked his lips.  anne stood near the shower door, her eyes completely focused on Goddess' beautiful body and lovely breasts as She approached.  anne opened the shower door as Goddess neared and diverted her eyes toward the floor as Goddess smiled at her.
 "you may join Me sluts,"  Goddess stated as She entered the shower.
anne entered first and scott immediately followed. she had only shared the shower with scott previously and here she was today, sharing with both scott and her Goddess. anne's body was on fire from the experience of bathing Goddess. Now here she was about to taste her Goddess for the first time, or at least that is what the slut was hoping.

As scott closed the shower door, Goddess focused Her attention on the shower itself, as multiple shower heads luxuriously sprayed water on Her body, massaging Her skin.  As the sluts moved closer, the water was blocked in several locations as they had stood in front of the water jets.  Goddess commanded them to kneel and both immediately lowered themselves as instructed.  Her beautiful ass was now in their faces. As Goddess turned, Her pussy became exposed to the sluts view. As Her sluts watched, the water cascaded down her sensual body. pooling in the area between Her legs, then continued down toward the floor.

The water felt so good caressing Goddess' skin, as She let out a soft sigh of bliss. She then remembered the sluts were in the shower with Her as well, as scott made a groaning noise. Goddess faced away from scott, while She leaned Her hand against the shower wall in front of Her.  She commanded anne to move closer in front of Her.  
Goddess asked anne, "Would you like to taste what you have been imagining slut?"  
All anne could do was shake her head yes. Goddess instructed anne to spread her legs open. She raised Her foot and stuck Her big toe inside the sluts wet hole, as She reached for anne's head and pulled it between Her legs.  
"Taste slut," Goddess commanded.  

As anne's lips wrapped around Goddess' clitoris, it began to swell in her slutty mouth.   her tongue darted inside as the slut moaned aloud and began gyrating against Goddess' toe without thought.
"Show Me how much you want this anne slut,"  Goddess commanded.  
As the slut's lips and tongue feverishly licked and lapped, Goddess looked back at scott and said, "Now it''s your turn scott slut. Show Me how much you want to worship My beautiful, black ass."   
scott asked, "May I use my hands, Goddess?" 
"Yes, slut scott, I want your hungry tongue deep inside."

scott quickly moved toward Goddess, spreading Her beautiful caramel ass cheeks as his tongue licked up and down Her dark crack. scott was lost in his worship of Goddess as he drilled his tongue between Her cheeks, wanting to get as deep as possible to be pleasing.  Goddess pressed against the slut's tongue and grabbed his head, to pull him in even deeper. She felt the slut's tongue plunge in ever deeper. She moaned aloud as She felt Her two sluts worshiping, completely devoted in the service and pleasure they were providing to Her.  

Goddess was so hot, aroused and wet as She felt the two sluts' bodies moving and humping. She did not want the two sluts to cum, as this was all about Her pleasure. She wanted to explode and have the two sluts enjoy their service. As anne plunged her tongue deeper into Her cunt, Goddess opened Her legs and felt the sluts' tongues slip even deeper within Her. At that very moment, Goddess had an explosive climax that rocked Her entire body.  She grabbed both sluts heads and pulled them in close as the orgasm consumed Her as She squirted, coating Her two new sluts with Her juices.  
A Valentine's Day Hello...
I woke around 7 am to the smell of coffee and bacon. ?I hadn't felt well the night before so I had stayed home alone. ?slave c had wanted to come over to take care of Me, but I didn't want to move things to quickly. ?I wanted to make sure we were compatible. ?As I slipped off to sleep the night before I could still hear his words,' Ma'am, what is too quickly when it comes to a slave, especially one who hungers to serve you."

So here he was this morning, making My breakfast and ready to kneel at My side for the day. ?Who could ask for more... An eager slut, who is all Mine.?
SLUTS Part 13

Goddess watched the two sluts kneeling behind Her from the bathroom mirror, their eyes completely focused on Her beautiful, black ass. scott's raging erection had returned, while anne's eyes were wide open and rounded. Goddess slowly spun around to look at the sluts. 
She instructed them, "i'm ready for My bath. you have a nice sized tub, but I don't think we will all fit in together. So tonight the two of you will have the privilege of bathing Me."

Goddess subtly motioned them forward and the two sluts crawled toward Her. scott stood to assist Her into the warm, relaxing water. As Goddess descended into the tub, anne added additional bath salts, as she knelt close to the tub.  
"you may begin sluts. Make certain you attend to every spot on My beautiful body."  

anne began by caressing Goddess' neck and shoulders, while scott started at the opposite end of the tub, beginning with Her feet. He slowly and methodically began soaping, wiping and rinsing Goddess' sexy feet.  At the same time, anne was moving further down Goddess' chest toward Her breasts. she breathed in deeply,and anxiously, while soaping her hands. anne slowly began to massage, soap and caress Goddess' breasts until Her nipples became hard and erect.  scott's attention was solely focused on Goddess' feet. he seemed to take forever on each toe, lovingly soaping, sliding his fingers between every toe and massaging Her sexy feet.  scott seemed completely lost in his service, as he lifted Goddess' feet to his lips and adoringly kissed Her toes.  

As anne continued soaping and caressing Goddess' breasts and nipples, Goddess noticed anne's nipples beginning to harden.  Goddess reached over and grabbed anne's collar and pulled her lips to Her breasts.  Instantly the slut began to suckle Goddess' nipples. anne's lips were seemingly attached to Goddess' nipples as she sucked and caressed Goddess' breasts. As she continued her worship, anne softly moaned and her body moved as if she was fighting back an impending orgasm. 

As anne's body had moved closer to Goddess, Goddess leaned toward the slut and slid Her fingers into anne's wet slut hole. anne was soaking wet and immediately began rhythmically moving against Goddess's fingers.  Goddess placed Her thumb on the slut's clit, so as anne moved up and down, Goddess' fingers moved in and out, causing anne to have an explosive orgasm.  
Goddess laughed and said, "you are a slutty bitch anne, I am looking forward to teaching you how to properly serve your beautiful Black Goddess." 

As scott continued to bathe Goddess' feet and legs, he watched his slut wife being drawn ever deeper into Goddess' web. he smiled and thought how wonderful it will be to serve Goddess, especially if anne was totally Hers.

Goddess commanded the two sluts to finish Her bath. She spread Her legs and allowed scott to soap Her sweet spot.  he did so lovingly and tenderly, as Goddess watched his erection continue to harden.  Goddess knew She owned these two sluts. Now it was time to teach them how to properly worship Her ass. As She stood in the tub, Goddess commanded anne to start the shower, as it was large enough for all three of them.  As the water sensually dripped from Her body, Goddess walked toward the shower. 
Goddess said to the sluts, "you may join Me in the shower."


Matt had just finished a day long meeting with a client, it had been grueling and the client had been so demanding. All matt wanted was to see his Goddess. He had been out of town all week and She had promised to fly up on Thursday to meet him and spend some time together.

The last time he saw Her, She had hypnotized him deeply. He really couldn't remember what had transpired, but ever since then he had craved Her much more than ever before. Every night before bed he had called Her and fell asleep on the phone with Her, when he awakened in the mornings he was rock hard. As soon as his eyes opened he reached for the phone and called Her. Goddess had been training him to cum on command and each morning when he called She would say hello and then he wouldn't remember anything until he was in the shower.

It felt so good for Goddess to control him so deeply. He had wanted this for so long and this evening he would see Her again for more training. Matt knew he was out of his league, he knew he was out of control and he knew he was happier than he had ever been in his life. The voice in his head kept whispering, 'just let go matt, for once don't fight it.'

SLUTS Part 12

Goddess opened Her eyes and smiled remembering how well this night has progressed. The two sluts had shown their eagerness to please Her and to begin to fulfill their own craven desires. Goddess commanded the two sluts to remove Her thigh high boots. The sluts immediately knelt at Her feet, each one slowly removing a black leather boot. They removed and placed Her boots aside, then they bent over and lovingly kissed Goddess' feet.
Next anne was ordered to start a hot bath for Goddess as scott moved the candles and wine to the bathroom. Goddess stood and followed anne to the bathroom after she informed Goddess that Her bath was ready.  After they entered the bathroom, the two sluts knelt, waiting further instruction. Goddess directed them to stand and carefully remove and fold Her clothing. anne unbuttoned Goddess' blouse and scott knelt to remove Her black boy shorts and stockings.  As the boy shorts came off, Goddess grabbed scott's head and pulled it into Her crotch. He was immediately consumed by Her scent, but he refrained from licking or sucking Her beautiful pussy, awaiting Goddess' specific instructions to do so, as he didn't wish to displease Her.

anne moved behind Goddess to unfasten the leather bra and Her breasts sprang forth from the bra, spilling out.  When Goddess''s breasts were free, anne breathed in, moaned and begged Goddess to suckle Her nipples. 
"i want to be Your suckling slut Goddess." anne pleaded. 
While anne was pleading her desires, scott's head was still nestled between Goddess's legs breathing in Her heady scent.  

Goddess eventually pushed scott's head away, as She stepped away from the two sluts. She then turned around and allowed the sluts to view Her beautiful ass.  
"Well sluts,"Goddess said.."Are you ready to worship My beautiful ass?"

Both sluts automatically fell to their knees and waited for Goddess' command.
SLUTS Part 11

As scott moved closer to Goddess he inhaled Her scent.  As his mind began to drift, all he could think was how sensual Her fragrance is, how beautiful She looked and how turned on he was to be here, naked before Her.  However Goddess was now focusing on anne, as She changed Her music selection to something a bit more sexy.

As the music from Red Light Special filled the room, anne began to move and sway. Goddess watched as Her new potential slut moved her hips from side to side while thrusting forward. anne slowly unbuttoned the neck of her dress, as it fell to her waist, revealing her beautiful perky breasts.  
Goddess stated to scott, ''Nice boob job, scott.'' 
"Yes Ma'am," he replied. 

Goddess reached over and began to slowly stroke scott's hard cock, allowing him to feel Her soft, warm hands.  She listened to him moan several times while She was enjoying the erotic show anne was putting on. Goddess almost completely forget about scott until She heard him cry out ,"Goddess please, if You don't stop I will cum."  
Laughing out loud, Goddess said, "Is that so slut?" as She grabbed his balls and applied hard pressure.  "I think I have a chastity device with your name on it."  

Goddess now focused Her attention back to anne's strip tease dance.  anne's areola's were a deep rose pink color and her nipples were proudly protruding, indicating how turned on she was. anne was teasing her nipples and breasts with her fingers as she was becoming even more aroused. Goddess instructed her to take her shoes off, then close her eyes and to only think of being pleasing.  anne obeyed immediately and slipped her shoes off.  Next the slut slid her dress down over her hips, revealing her hose, attached to a sexy black garter belt.  Goddess nodded approvingly seeing how the black garter contrasted against her creamy skin, making the slut look especially hot.  Goddess watched intently as anne slowly knelt down on her heels and spread her legs apart, revealing that the slut wasn't wearing panties.  

"Take the garter off anne and slowly remove the hose," Goddess instructed.
anne immediately began to stand and complied as she was commanded.  When she was totally naked and exposed, except for her collar, Goddess stood and walked over to the slut.  She reached for her and pulled anne close. Goddess put a booted leg between anne's legs, so She could spread them further apart. She pressed her lips to the slut's and kissed her long and hard.  As Goddess kissed the slut, Her hand slid between anne's legs, as She inserted one, then two, and finally three fingers inside the slut. She felt how wet the slut was, moving erotically against Her fingers, while listening to her moans of pleasure.

Goddess asked, "Are you turned on anne dear?"  
anne moaned softly and said, "Yes, Goddess, I want to be Your slut."  
''Then come here slut and lie on the couch. Spread your legs wide apart and let Me see what you have to offer."  
Goddess sensually examined the slut, as anne continued to moan from the slightest touch to her breasts and pussy. Goddess leaned over the slut and pressed Her lips to the sluts nipples and began to suckle them. As Goddess heard anne moaning louder, She sucked even harder and harder.  Goddess could see anne straining toward Her as if she wanted more.  

"Get My bag and bring it here scott," Goddess commanded.  
scott did as ordered and presented the bag. Goddess removed a blindfold from Her bag and told scott to put it on anne.  After the blindfold was in place, Goddess reached in Her bag again, this time removing a 14 inch long dildo.  Goddess loved big dildos as they gave Her more flexibility. That way She was insured of getting at least 10 inches, if not more, inserted.  

anne was moving wildly now as Goddess continued to suckle her breast.  
"Get over here scott and suck this slut's other nipple," Goddess instructed.
he moved quickly to obey, as precum began dribbling from his swollen cock. Goddess removed Her finger from the sluts sopping pussy, then She slowly replaced it with the dildo.  anne's moans became much louder as well as more intense, as her hips thrust against the hardness and fullness of the dildo. 

"Now show Me how much of a slut you are anne, dear. Then I will decide if I wish to enslave you," Goddess told the slut.
At this point, anne was like a bitch in heat. Goddess watched as anne moved about, thrusting her hips and licking her lips as her head was moving wildly. she rode over the crest of her orgasms time and time again, cumming in waves.  Goddess motioned to scott to move between anne's legs.  Finally Goddess pulled the dildo from inside the slut's hot hole, this time replacing it with scott's head, as She pushed him down between anne's legs and told him to clean her up.  As he licked and cleaned anne, she squirted and scott moaned in utter delight and enjoyment. 

After a long while, slut anne's body relaxed and Goddess removed the blindfold.  Goddess saw a new awakening in anne's eyes.  
She smiled at the slut and anne smiled back and asked, ''How did I do Goddess? Am i worthy?. i want to be worthy. You make me so hot with desire, Goddess. Please allow me to serve You Goddess. Please allow us to be Your sluts. We know You can teach us so much more."
 scott sat back on his heels and watched and listened intently.  

"I will think about it sluts," Goddess relied. "I have one more test tonight.  Let's see how many times you can bring Me to orgasm." 
SLUTS Part 10
Goddess sat there enjoying the wine.  They must have consumed three bottles already.  She could tell that the sluts were beginning to feel more relaxed.  She wondered what anne had prepared just as she walked from the kitchen with a beautiful salad with nuts and fruits on a bed of lettuce.  She sat the dish before Goddess and knelt beside Her chair waiting for Goddess to speak.  Goddess asked after tasting the salad what kind of dressing anne had prepared.  'Poppy seed' ansne said after a few bites Goddess thanked anne and asked if she was hungry.  anne responded, 'no, i am too excited to eat."  

scott walked from the kitchen with a bowl of soup.  It smelled delicious, he placed it in front of Goddess and knelt next to anne.  Goddess tasted the creamy soup, it tasted as good as it smelled.  Is this some kind of celery soup, anne?  Goddess asked.  She responded that it was and Goddess told her that it was delicious.  

Goddess sat there and looked at the sluts and picked up a bite of food on the fork and moved it toward scott's mouth as he opened without speaking.  She fed the two sluts from Her plate they seemed totally enjoy being fed.  She fed them both salad and soup as they licked their lips saying nothing.  When Goddess finished she asked what's next.  anne stood and said I have some prime rib for you.  

The meat was cooked perfectly and the potatoes and asparagus were a great accompaniment.  Goddess ate what She wanted and then She fed anne and scott with Her fingers.  She slid Her fingers in their open mouths as she fed them.  It was very erotic watching the two sluts eat from Her fingers and lick and such them clean.  After the meal was finished anne said that She had a dessert and Goddess said maybe later with a cup of coffee.  Remove the dishes anne, Goddess commanded.

When anne returned Goddess have moved back to the living room.  She had slipped out of her long skirt and stood there in Her shorts.  Her long legs in the boots were gorgeous.  Where's scott, anne asked.  I sent him upstairs to get some candles.  As scott returned he lit the candles and turned the lights down as Goddess had instructed.  

Goddess reached in Her bad and pulled Her phone out and turned on a seductive tune and said to the two sluts undress for Me.  Show Me how much you want to please Me by stripping for Me.  anne come sit next to Me and let's watch scott and you can be next.  

As the music played scott took off his jacket, took the cuff links out, slowly slipped out of his shoes, then slacks.  He moved slowly to the beat, gyrating a bit and he unbuttoned the shirt.   As he unbuttoned the last button on the shirt he stood before the two women in a shirt and underwear.  He dropped the shirt from his shoulders and bent over and grabbed his ankles.  Goddess laughed softly and smiled at the slut.  When he shook his ass from side to side, She knew the effects of the drug in the wine were working.  He slid his fingers in the ban of his shorts and deftly stepped from them.  

His cock was beautiful, Goddess was pleasantly surprised that his cock must have been a mirror image of his fathers.  She called him to Her and reached and grabbed his balls.  Nice cock, scott, maybe one day I will find a use for it.  She squeezed his balls a bit and saw the look of pain flash across his face.  Kneel her slut, Goddess commanded, 'let's see if anne is a better stripper.  
SLUTS Part 9
Goddess and anne both looked at scott as he seemed unsure of where to begin. 
"Out with it scott. There is no need to be embarrassed or shy. We are all adults here and I don''t think there is anything you could say that would shock Me.  If you are concerned about anne, she''s been very open and you need to do the same." 
 scott looked at the floor and seemed to be lost for words.  Goddess commanded scott to come closer to Her.

As he moved toward Her he began. "It started when I was very young, I found sexual stories of domination and kinkiness in the bathroom at home, hidden in a closet.  They were my father's. I was addicted to reading those stories. Each time I went into the bathroom I read various stories. I found myself daydreaming about being the slave or slut in the stories. I wanted to be trained and I would often masturbate dreaming of being the slut. As I grew older I found myself wanting to find more stories about the sexual exploits of a dominant woman and of the sluts being used by Her. 

I think my dad figured out that I was reading the stories as more books and magazines began to appear in the bathroom.  My mother passed away when I was 13 so it was only my father and I at home. The stories became bolder and more perverse, yet all I wanted was to read more.  At about the age of fifteen I found myself masturbating constantly and needing to cum 4-5 times a day.  
One night after I turned 17, I  had gone to bed  and heard dad come in around 11 PM, but he wasn't alone.  I was supposed to be spending the night with a friend but at the last minute I decided to stay home.  I was curious about who came home with dad, but I wanted to give him his privacy. I drifted off to sleep but was awakened later to the sound of someone moaning.  I slipped out of bed and crawled to the top of the stairs and what I saw gave me an immediate erection.  

Dad was tied down, his arms and legs spread open and two beautiful women were with him. They were both in various stages of undress.  My dad was totally naked and his cock was rock hard.  I had never seen his cock but it must have have been about 9 inches long. One of the women was beating his cock with a crop and it was actually getting bigger.  I could visually see it growing as she was taunting him about liking having it beaten. She knew he wanted to be a good slut tonight. The woman had DD breasts and a slim waist. She was wearing only a short leather skirt and mounted dad's hard cock. She told him that she knew he wanted Mommy to ride him hard.  
That's when he replied and said, ''Yes, Mommy Mistress. Your boy wants you to ride him and do anything else you want with him."  
I watched as she rode and fucked him and she told him that he better not cum.  

The other woman sat watching. The Mistress told her to get out of her clothes and come over to Her. She undressed quickly and that's when I noticed that she couldn't have been much older than me, maybe 19.  As she crawled toward Mistress, she waited for her next command. Mistress told her to sit on dad's face.  As the girl complied and sat on dad's face, she instructed him to lick her pussy and eat the slut's ass.  I could hear dad making these guttural noises as he tried to eat the girls pussy and ass.  Mistress told dad that the girl would be good choice to train your son.  She is very tight and he would get great pleasure from her.  

At that moment I couldn't believe what I heard and I shot my load into my shorts.  I crawled back to my room and stayed there the rest of the night.  The next morning when I went down to breakfast dad said that he didn't know that I was home last night.  He said I hope we didn't wake you.  I simply said, ''Who dad?''  
He said I had some friends over last night.  "One of them I think you will like, she is young and has a great body.  Would you like to meet them son?''  

I held my breath wondering how I should answer.  
Dad continued, "I know you have been reading the stories.  Do you want to experience some of what you have read?"
"Yes, dad I want to know what these feelings are I have been having.''  
On your birthday next month I will set something up for you with the girl.  Just enjoy the experience son and see how you feel after." 

I couldn't wait till my birthday to arrive. As it finally approached, dad told me that he was going away for the weekend and that I would have the house to myself.  He also said that my present would arrive at 5:00 PM on Friday evening.  

scott took a deep breath and said that was the beginning of my understanding of the submissive feelings I felt.  
"The girl was learning to become a Domme, he began," but she was deeply submissive. That night we talked about how I felt and had lots of kinky sex. She was  beautiful and her skin was about the same tone as yours Goddess.  I learned about foot worship that night.  I think those memories are what has drawn me to You so much.  After that night I knew I wanted to experience more... but the next thing I knew I was off to college.  I had some sexual encounters in college but nothing that affected me the way those stories did. "

"That night at the party, just seeing Your feet and I wanted to do was fall to my knees and beg you to let me worship Your feet.  i understand the desire anne has in wanting to serve You, as I have the same hunger.  All i desire is for You to command me Goddess."

Goddess listened intently to them both and thanked them for being so honest.  She leaned in and pulled scott closer.  Goddess hugged him close and told him that he was a good boy.  She lifted his chin and pulled him in and kissed him long and hard. As their lips parted She saw him trembling.  Goddess told anne to go to him and comfort him.  After a few minutes scott calmed down and they all had another glass of wine. While they sipped it they talked about the meal anne had prepared.  
SLUTS Part 8

Goddess sat at the table, legs crossed as Her thigh high boots peeked from the slit in Her long leather skirt.  Earlier as scott sat Her at the table, She noticed how he had ogled Her breasts as they peeked from within the leather bra and through Her sheer black blouse.  She contemplated what should happen next and decided to just allow things to progress naturally.  Both scott and anne had revealed their desires to learn more, to be pushed deeper and expressed their concerns about their positions in the vanilla world.  Neither wanted to be outed in any way, yet both were very curious about service.  They both had admitted that they had kinky desires that were manifested early in their lives.  

anne had told both Goddess and scott about an experience she had in college. she had been drawn deeply to it in college when she had observed her roommate with another female.  At the time she had not understood their relationship until much later when her roommate, clare, had admitted that she was a sex slave to a woman.  clare shared with anne how much she desired the woman and wanted to please Her. clare eventually moved in with the woman, so that she could serve Her better.  She needed someone as a personal assistant and clare had gradually become Her property.  She changed her hair, how she dressed and became more self assured.  

clare adored her Mistress and obeyed Her without question.  One day as clare and anne were having lunch she received a test from her Mistress. She required her presence at home within 15 minutes.  clare complied quickly, telling anne that she had to leave in order to report home and asked anne for a ride. They exited the restaurant and drove to clare's new home.  anne had never previously visited there, but today clare invited her in as Mistress needed a document and then they could finish their visit.  

anne did not know what to expect but felt this overwhelming desire to see the woman again.  As they walked in the door, clare knelt and awaited instructions from her Mistress.  Mistress called to clare to come to Her and to bring anne as well. Standing now, she moved down the hall and into a library.  The house was beautifully decorated. anne was in awe of the wealth of intricate details within the design of the house.  

"Hello anne" her Mistress greeted. I've wanted to meet you formally for a while.  clare has told me a lot about you and your interest in our lifestyle."

anne was shocked clare had shared so much with the woman.  "Yes Ma''am," anne said, " I am very interested in the dynamic."  

Mistress smiled and said, ''you are welcome to visit some time and I will explain more to you.  Just let clare know when you have some free time and I will have her set up a meeting.  Right now girls I have a conference call coming up at the bottom of the hour.  clare did you get what I needed?.'' 

clare replied, ''yes Mistress. Is there anything else you need?."  

Mistress replied, "There is, but not at this time. Be back here by 5:00 pm and you can take care of My needs.  you may go.  Nice meeting you finally anne, you are a beautiful girl."  

Mistress looked at the document clare had provided and did not look back up as the girls left the room. anne watched as clare backed from the room never taking her eyes off her Mistress as she closed the door behind them.  anne had even more questions now.  

When anne reached the car she asked clare what her Mistress had meant about take care of Her needs.  clare smiled and asked her if she really wanted to know the answer to that question.  clare knew anne was an innocent and had not experienced much.  anne said, ''Yes please, I am so curious.'' 

clare told anne to pull into the park area and they would walk and talk.  As they stepped from the car clare took anne''s hand and led her to a bench and sat down.  

"anne, as you know,  i am Mistress''s sex slave and assistant.  i have been trained to serve Her in many ways.  i enjoy the service and will do anything She requests of Me. i have been captured by Her in so many ways,  It is as if i am caught in a web of sexual desire and slavery.  All i ever want to do is make Her happy.  When Mistress mentioned taking care of Her needs it could be anything from bathing Her to sexually servicing Her."

"She particularly enjoys my tongue.  I love the taste of Mistress when I kneel between Her legs licking, tasting and eating Her sweet, tasty cum.  She has trained me to service Her in this way so She has multiple orgasms and I love the smell.  When I kneel between Her legs I lose all conscious thought of time and worship Her for hours or until She demands i stop.  Sometimes i fall asleep with my face between Her lovely legs. "

She has also taught me to love the smell of Her ass.  i am sure this is shocking to you anne, but i love the smell and will lick Her ass and tongue it deeply. i want to learn to do it so well that Mistress will come while i worship Her ass.  She has such a round and beautiful ass. I am transfixed when i worship Her. There is so much more anne, i don''t want to shock you further. Do you have any questions? ''

anne sat there trying to understand how her friend was so deeply caught in this web.  However anne had felt the woman''s power from the moment she had walked into the library.  She had been drawn to Her and wanted to know what hold She had on clare.  She smiled at anne and told her that she had never been happier.  Mistress was good to her and all she wanted was to be trained more and to learn to be a better slave.  

anne never went to meet clare's Mistress again because she had meet scott soon after that meeting.  She had remained curious though but had never told anyone how turned on she was as she was while clare explained to her about her service to her beautiful Mistress.  anne had locked those thoughts away until Goddess had touched her in the bathroom and it all came rushing back.  anne wanted to know more. anne needed to know more. anne craved to experience the feeling clare had told her about all those years ago.   

Goddess smiled as anne related the story and told her that it was normal to be curious. She took anne''s hands into Her own and pulled the woman close. She raised anne''s chin and kissed her on the lips.  Goddess slipped Her tongue into anne''s mouth and heard a sharp intake of breath. Goddess pulled away and could see the blush on anne''s face, as scott looked at her and smiled.  

"So scott what''s your story?" Goddess inquired.  
SLUTS Part 7
The blue eyed slave boy stepped from the car and quickly opened the door for his Goddess.  As he did, Goddess swung Her feet out of the car to stand, the slave's eyes were down cast and saw a smudge on Her boots.  He knelt down on one knee while quickly reaching into his pocket for a handkerchief and wiped the smudge away, shining the boot back to its shine.  He rose and reached his hand out to Goddess.  She took his hand and stood slowly as he gave Her his arm as he closed the door and walked Her to the door. He rang the doorbell and stepped behind Goddess waiting for a response.

The door opened and scott greeted Goddess and asked Her to please come in.  She dismissed the slave and thanked him for his efforts tonight, letting him know that She would call if She needed him.  He briskly walked away as Goddess gave scott her undivided attention.  

"Hello scott, how has your day of preparation been?"  

He stood just inside the door in a dark blue suit that made the blue in his eyes more vibrant.  His shoes were shined and he wore a blue shirt with cuff links that matched his suit perfectly.  He had taken Her instructions very seriously when She said ''dress up''.  Goddess felt his eyes on Her as he helped Her out of the overcoat.  As the coat slipped from Her shoulders She heard his intake of breath.  She kept Her back to him as She asked where anne was.  

Right at that moment anne walked into the hall way. she stopped a few feet away from Goddess and scott quickly moved to her side. Together the two of them slowly knelt before Goddess with their eyes downcast.  Goddess smiled and reached into Her bag for the two collars She had purchased earlier in the day. They were made of a plaited black leather with an ''A" and a "S'' hanging below the O ring.  She observed the kneeling sluts, as Her heels clicked the marble floor as She moved in front of them. Goddess also noticed anne breathing in deeply, inhaling the scent of Her perfume, which is a scent She had made especially for Herself which contained an ingredient that relaxed the mind.  

Goddess deftly attached the collars, first to anne and then to scott.  She explained to them that tonight was just an opportunity for them to get to know each other.  She wanted them to have the collars as a gift from Her. She commanded them to stand and lead the way into the living area.  As they walked past a mirror, Goddess stopped them to get a glimpse of the collars. She smiled as She had locked the collars on but neither of them knew it would take a special key to take them off.  

Scott moved behind the bar and poured each of them a glass of wine.  Anne sat beside Goddess on the couch wearing a deep blue dress which matched the color as scott's suit.  It was short, several inches above her knee and the neckline plunged down between her breasts and the back was bare.  She looked beautiful in the blue dress and had chosen some lovely heels that complimented her legs.  Goddess quickly commanded the two of them to stand together so She could get a picture of them wearing the new collars.  She wanted to mark this night in some way so that they would be able to remember it.  The collars and the picture would be a good start.

As they sat and sipped the wine, scott sat on the floor near the two women.  They talked about mutual interests and about took their time in getting to know about each other. anne said dinner was ready, and went to the kitchen to get things ready for service.  Goddess stood and allowed scott to escort Her to the dining area. scott assisted Goddess to the table, where She saw only one place setting.   Goddess smiled as scott poured Her another glass of wine and went in the kitchen to check on anne.   
SLUTS Part 6

Goddess arrived home and waked into Her bed room.  She knew exactly what She wished to wear, starting with Her long black leather skirt along with thigh high black boots. Then She added a leather bra and a silky sheer black long sleeved top.  Under the leather shirt She decided to wear sheer black hose with a pair of black leather boy shorts.  

As Goddess slipped on a pair of dangling silver  earrings She heard the door bell and called out for the slut to enter. As usual he was a few minutes early and She needed help with Her boots.  Goddess called to him to come to the bedroom.  Before he entered he dropped to his knees and crawled to Her.  
"Yes, My Goddess how are You today?"  the slut inquired. 
" I am well and in need of your assistance with My boots." 
 He reached for the first boot and couldn't help but smell the leather.  He knelt down and kissed each of Goddess' feet and the proceeded to help Her slide into the boots.  
The slut knelt waiting as he took in Her beauty. he hadn't fully looked at Her until that moment.  She was more beautiful tonight than he could ever remember.  Her hair was darker than usual and perfectly complemented Her black outfit.  He could hear Goddess''s voice but he was so caught up in Her beauty.  he felt a sting across as his face as he heard Her say, "We'd best get going. you may stand slut."

he stood and reached his hand out to assist Goddess to stand.  As She stood he got the full view of Her beauty and was in awe.  The sting of the slap continued to resonate with him as he walked from the room, following Her closely so he could open the door for Goddess.  

As they left the house, he opened the back door to his car for Goddess and settled Her inside. He knew when She called him to chauffeur She wanted to sit in the back.  He had dressed in a black suit as She instructed.  As he started the car he asked if there were any special instructions and She replied, " No there were not, but if She need his services She would call." 

He pulled into the drive way of Her new sluts home at precisely 3:59 pm.
SLUTS Part 5

Goddess knew the sluts were teetering on the cliff.  She remembered the last couple that had almost been Hers. Goddess had moved too quickly and the sluts lost the chance to fulfill their purpose.  She wouldn't make the same mistake again.  scott and anne were ripe for the picking, Goddess just needed to wait for the purrfect moment to pluck them.  She would take Her time and allow them to recognize and embrace the slut and slave within.  

Although neither anne nor scott had said a word after hello, Goddess knew they would comply with Her wishes.  She had sensed their need to serve. They were both craven sluts who wanted to experience more than the one time they had basked in the fire of Her control. Goddess needed to prepare Her mind for the taking of the two sluts, so She went out for a massage and an aromatherapy session.  

As Goddess laid there on the table thinking of the two sluts preparing their home to serve Her.  She wondered if they thought they would be eating with Her.  She hoped they knew better than that.  It would be the first test to tell if they were ready to begin service.  

The masseur, slut johnnie, oiled Goddess' body and kneaded Her muscles. he was a good boy and wanted only to be pleasing.  Goddess had met him a while back.  An eager slut who needed to be freed from what he thought was normal.  Although he had a deep hunger to be transformed into a sissy, Goddess was taking Her time.  The more he wanted it, the longer She waited.  She would only see him for massage sessions or to come by and wash Her car.  He'd fallen deeply under Her spell and Goddess was waiting for the proper time to find out all his inner desires.  She knew how much he wanted to be of service and to be in a session.  He often talked of Her strapon and how much he wanted to learn to suck it. Deep down Goddess knew there was a hidden desire that he didn't know was there or he was too afraid to voice it. 

Today, Goddess had asked him how he was and he replied," i'm eager to serve you Goddess. That's all I think of these days.  I hunger to be under your control and be your toy."  

Goddess laughed softly and said, "In a way you are, you know that."
After the session She'd allowed him to help Her get dressed.  The slut loved being of service in any way.  When he got to Her feet and was about to slip Her shoes on Goddess said to him, "I want you to suck My toes just like you want to suck My strap on.  Show Goddess how good of a slut you can be."

He slowly lifted Goddess's left foot toward his lips and kissed the end of each toe.  Next he took the smallest toe and suckled it into his mouth, softly testing to make sure the tension was just right. He sucked on it for about thirty seconds and then slid it from his mouth and licked between her small toe and the next toe. Then the slut slipped Her next toe into his mouth and suckled it in deeply.  Sucking and tasting, savoring the feel of Goddess' toe in his mouth. This was the first time She had allowed him to show Her how good of a slut he could be and he didn't want to ruin his chances. 

As he licked between the next toes, Goddess felt him slowly begin to knead the bottom of Her foot.  It felt good and when he slid the next two toes into his mouth at the same time it felt heavenly.  He sucked them and licked them and suckled them some more.  Goddess was beginning to feel the heat of his worship.  When she looked at his crotch the bulge there was evident.  She leaned forward and put Her right foot on the bulge and pressed on it.  His eyes opened and looked into Her eyes.  
Goddess said, "I see you are enjoying My feet."  
"Yes Ma'am" he whispered, "I relish the opportunity to serve you in any way that you will allow."
His mouth fastened on Her big toe and he began to suck it like a little cock.  Goddess felt the heat of his sucking,  She felt how hungry he was to please Her toe. She pushed it further into his mouth and heard him moan.  He was so turned on and She could see he had begun to leak in his pants.  
Goddess asked, "Do you like My big toe, slut?"
he responded,  "You have such a long big toe it reminds me of a cock, Ma'am.  May I suck it more?"

"No slut, this was a good beginning.  I enjoyed your service. Purrhaps later tonight I will call you and allow you to cum."
Goddess smiled as She walked to the car.  She had been right about the slut boy all along.  She'd start his training soon, but right now scott and anne were Her priority.  She looked at the clock and it was already 2:00 pm.  Time to get home and get dressed.  I wonder what the two sluts are up to right now.  She had thought about calling them to reassure them, but felt it was better to allow them to submit without assurance.  She started the car and headed home.  On the way She called another sub and told him that She needed a ride across town to be there at Her house at 3:15 to pick Her up.  All he need to do was drop Her off.  

He replied quickly, "Yes Ma'am.  I'll be there." 
SLUTS Part 4
They loved each other and they didn't want to lose what they had with each other.  As the seconds ticked away and the long hand approached 10 am, the phone rang.  Scott got up to answer it.
"Well, well," said Goddess. "I knew the two of you would be pondering what to do...  Tell My slut, anne to get on the other phone as I want to talk to the two of you.  It doesn't hurt to talk does it scott.  Now be a good boy and tell her to get on the phone." 
Scott looked at Anne and told her it's Goddess. "She wants to talk to both of us.  Anne, go and get the phone in the other room." 
Anne picked the phone up and said, "Yes, Goddess I am here."  
"Good girl. I knew you would be having second thoughts, so I thought I would call before you had a chance to disobey Me.  Listen up sluts, I know last night the sex for the two of you was incredible.  I also know that you both have been thinking of Me since last night.  I understand your fears, they are justified.  Yet, you both must understand that I value My property. And yes if at some point you finally realize that you are meant to serve Me, you will be Mine.  I want the two of you to understand your full potential. You are both servant oriented and hunger to serve a dominant woman.  Even now the thought of kneeling before Me and being commanded by Me has you both turned on."
"At this point I am not sure either of you will be valuable enough to be My property.  I do believe you have the potential. As My property I will teach you and train you to serve and experience things you have never even dreamed of before.  It takes time to build trust and sometimes just taking the first step can be difficult, but you both have done that already.  Even though you want to maintain your life, you both want to know what it can be like being in service to Me.  I'll be at your house at 4:00 pm today,  I want you to work together to prepare a special meal for Me.  You will be serving Me the meal and making sure everything I want is purrfect.  Make certain you are well groomed and looking fabulous. Go all out for Me. Have a wonderful wine chilled along with fresh strawberries, melons and whipped topping.  Also be sure to have some of your favorite fruit.  Also have some nice jazz music playing. Of course be ready to talk to Me about your concerns and fears.  I will see you at 4:00 pm."  
Goddess hung up. Anne walked back into the room looked at Scott, gave him a long hug.  
She smiled and looked into his eyes and said, "Let's get started."
Scott smiled a big grin and kissed Anne on the lips hugging her tightly and said, "Yes, let's."
SLUTS Part 3
The next day as 10 AM approached, Anne sat with Scott wondering what she should do.  She told him what had happened the night before earlier that morning and how much she had enjoyed being used.  Scott had told Anne that Goddess had told him to think of serving Her as he fucked Anne the night before.  They agreed it had been the BEST night of sex either of them had ever experienced.  Both of them were thinking of Goddess watching and directing them.  Anne had squirted and Scott had been able to hold his erection much longer than ever before.  However both were afraid of what might happen if they jumped into the 'rabbit hole'.  Goddess was an accomplished woman who ran a successful company and was well respected.  She was a strikingly beautiful Ebony woman and had an air of dominance.  They were drawn to Her, and both knew if they let this opportunity pass them by they might never ever be able to experience this feeling again.  As the clock approached 10 am they both knew what they must do.  Their future depended on it.
Goddess smiled as She entered the room. She looked the two sluts over and remembered the first time She had seen them. It was at a party about four months ago....both were beautiful and outgoing, yet she'd sensed their submissive tendencies immediately. When She had met Scott and Anne, she'd asked Scott to get her a refill on Her drink. While he was away She quickly began Her work on Anne. 
Goddess complimented Anne on her hair and dress. She leaned in and told Anne that she looked especially sexy as Scott returned. During the night Anne couldn't keep her eyes off of Goddess. Later, just as the party was winding down, Scott came over to Goddess and asked if She needed anything. As he talked, Goddess's reached down and unfastened her shoe and slipped the heels off. 
She said matter of fact, " you don't mind if I slip My shoes off do you Scott?"
 His eyes were transfixed on Her feet. Scott saw the red polish design on Her big toe and the toe rings. Goddess was watching Scott closely and could tell Scott was affected. She caressed Her feet slowly and watched as Scott licked his lips. 
Goddess smiled and said, "you must be really proud of Anne, she put together a great party. you should show her how much you appreciate it later tonight." Goddess laughed softly. " she deserves a special treat don't you think Scott. Please tell her to see Me before I leave." 
Scott returned to his guests he couldn't believe how aroused he was from the woman's feet. 
He told Anne that she had been requested. Anne found Goddess upstairs coming out of the bathroom. Goddess stared at Anne. 
she said, "Were you looking for Me, Ma'am?" 
Goddess almost squirted when she heard the slut call her ma'am. 
"Yes dear, I have something I need to tell you. Please come into the bathroom." 
Anne lead the way into the bathroom and Goddess followed locking the door behind her. 
Goddess told Anne that she had felt a vibe from her earlier and asked if she was mistaken. Anne replied that she didn't know what She meant. Goddess leaned closer and blew Her breath on Anne's ear and flicked it with Her tongue. She saw Anne tremble.
 Goddess laughed out loud and said, "That was a reaction."
Anne had spun around in embarrassment. Goddess walked behind Anne and pressed Her body against Anne.
"Don't be embarrassed. I have this effect at times. Just relax pet and enjoy this moment, you deserve it after working so hard. I told Scott earlier that you deserved a special treat." 
Goddess reached down and raised Anne's dress and began to tease her clit.
 "Tonight I want you to do something for Me.....think of serving Me when Scott fucks you tonight. You will call Me tomorrow at 10 am for more instructions." 
Goddess continued rubbing Anne's wet clit. Anne leaned into Goddess and moaned and had an orgasm. Her body rocked and quaked as Goddess held her close sliding Her finger inside the slut as she came. 
Holding Anne closely" Goddess whispered, "I think you will be a good slut for Me." 
Anne moaned as Goddess slipped her fingers into the sluts mouth. 
"Clean them slut, Goddess commanded. 
Goddess was turned on at the thought of the successful business woman succumbing to Her commands.
"I will talk to you tomorrow. Btw Scott was admiring My feet earlier, I thought he was going to soil his pants." 
Goddess walked out of the bathroom and out of the house.
On Christmas morning as I sat sipping My coffee and checking My mail I received a message. Good morning, Goddess, I have been reading your profile and I have been transported into deeply submissive feelings, Merry Christmas and thank you for such a wonderful gift. You are a talented writer and I am cure a Superior dominant. If I may inquire is there anything I can do to make your day better, Being in a generous mood, I replied thanks and Merry Christmas to you as well. I continued reading. My mail and deleting the inane mails from bois requesting to be enslaved without really getting to know Me. I really wouldn't want to own someone who is not well grounded, intelligent and knows how important it is to trust someone before begging for enslavement.... I digress, just then a chat request popped up. I thought really...and a message that said, Goddess I've never done anything like this before. I feel moved by your presence and words. I beg you to get to know Me and determine if I can meet your needs. I have searched for you all my life. A bit dramatic but I am a romantic so I clicked yes and there to My surprise was a tall dark blue eyed boi... As we talked I could sense how deeply submissive he felt. He told Me of his life, his job, his family and of his deep need to surrender. he told me that I am stunning ,,,,I've heard that a few times....what does that really mean? I thought its Christmas...I typed what's your phone number? Within seconds he responded with the number. I dialed him and said hello pet are you ready to jump into this rabbit hole?
THE SLUTS Part One She was as eager as he was to be in Goddess's presence. As they walked toward their future Owners door they were excited, anxious and hopeful, the fear had left them, they'd met her the previous night and immediately were captivated by Her sensual ways. She was confident and commanded them effortlessly to do her will. Her instructions were to shave their bodies completely be at the address she indicated at 10 am to knock, enter, undress, fold their clothes neatly and put them in the locking bags, All their identification should be locked in the safe in the room to the left. After they were finished they were to come into the room with the fireplace and kneel before the fire hands on top of their thighs. They'd never been this intrigued or turned on by someone, The last thing she had told them was to put on the blindfolds and to be obedient no matter what. As they knelt their blindfolded thighs touching they knew their lives would never be the same. They loved each other yet something about Her drew them each in its own way. They could hear Her heels coming toward them,,,,,
Wrapped in My web paralyzed by the intoxication of being so consumed. I whisper softly "Are you ready to be Mine? I promise it won't hurt much,". Laughs seductively as I move in closer,,,clocker,,,closer... feeling My breath as your mind goes blank. I whisper, Ready....
Where do I begin....yesterday , I met a very obedient boy. In My haste I forgot My toy bag....I can only say things were good even without the toy bag until..... One of those deal breakers raises it's ugly head. Life is short, we move on. I just hope he feels as conflicted as I do. So here's to all of you...have a great holiday and hold on to what is precious to you. Enchantress
I am ready to start writing again but My laptop died. I wonder if there is a fan out there who wants to buy Me one,,,,Goddess Goddess knew the slut had hoped to be taken deeper. All his attempts to seem normal were unfulfilling. He needed control and objectification. Yet Goddess knew he needed to be broken like the pony and puppy he ached to be. To be kept as a pet and used. She laughed at the thought of training him as an oral slut. He said he didn't like it. She would make him crave it. She would take him deep into Her world of depravity and he would love it there. As She molded him from the inside out turning him into the craven slut She desired. She ban by shackling him making sure he had to remain on all fours. She attached the suction cups to his nipples and rigid cock and flipped the switch. Goddess positioned herself so his head was right above her womanhood. She flipped the switch and pushed his head into her scent. Breath in slut learn My smell this is your first lesson.
As he licked and tasted,worshipping I murmured the words 'silky toes' and watched as he spiraled down deeper and deeper into My web of control. His breathing became ragged, his tongue darting out, his lips wrapped around My toes sucking . I watched as his arousal grew. 'Good slut, I whispered.' I leaned forward and slipped the collar around his neck locking it in place. When he heard the lock snap I saw his eyes glaze over and I laughed softly. The silly slut thought this would be like former visits. I had plans for him and he wouldn't be the same when I let him go. I reached over and picked up the shackles and asked 'Are you sure you want to be My slut?" I waited until he answered, I knew what his answer would be. It fastened and locked the shackles. As the last locked clicked I whispered in his ear, " now you are My shackled slut, I will shackle your heart, soul and mind. you will be trained for My service. Your life as you knew it has changed. You may go back to it but I will have complete control. When I command you will come to Me." I saw the fear in his eyes in that instant. The silky boy was playing with fire and I had just thrown on the gasoline. Smiling! I said to him, "feel the heat". His cock immediately became harder and as I said the words again I sW it grow even larger. His body twitched and I repeated the phrase...
I could hear him as he entered My door. Quietly removing his clothes and putting them in the bag and affixing the lock I heard him crawling toward Me. My eyes on him S he drew closer. Hello pet I said softly as I felt his lips kissing My feet. Hello Goddess he replied. You may worship My feet pet... I closed My eyes as I felt his mouth wrap around My big toe and began to suck., hungrily. It felt good I had trained him weel on the worship of My it was time to teach him more ways to be pleasing. As he nibbled he underside of My foot I pressed My foot against his lips as his tongue slid between My toes....mmmm good boy....
I saw you peeking, lurking, hoping, desiring, come close if you must, fell the singe of My control as it burns away the hair on your body, baring yourself to Me. Come closer if you dare,,,I can see the hunger and feel it as you approach. I have what you need to be sated and complete. Yet here you are unsure, unfulfilled and expending My precious time, taking it from one who may be worthy to kneel before Me and kiss My boots. The sweetness of enslavement draws you closer yet you do not have the fortitude to take the step. Come closer,,,don't come closer before long you will be to close and if I choose to capture you...there will be no choice. Come willingly, we both know you want to, need to, desire to, hunger to, crave to.....My patience has grown thin....come or leave just do something or I will take matters into My own hands and there will be no choice no turning back..Enslaved or Banished... Kneel and accept your fate or go and always remember what could have been...My touch...My smell...My taste...My control...
COULD THIS BE YOU.... I looked into his soul and what I saw drew Me closer to peek inside to see if the vibrant colors were truly there. All of his slut colors were ablaze he had opened himself finally. No longer was he afraid of what was or what might be...he just wanted his time with Me. In that moment My heart beat faster, My skin became warmer deep in my core I felt his submission his hunger for enslavement and his acceptance of his fate. I felt him breath out slowly, I saw his arousal and in that time the struggle to be what others thought he should be fled and I became the center of all he will be. The strength of his desire the completeness of My control, As I took him I knew he was Mine for all time. I smiled..I reveled in it..I was complete finally W/we had found O/our way. Let the adventures begin...
I am back....not because it didn't work out with someone.  I am back because I am hopeful.  I haven't given up but I do tire of the incessant emails that ask tell Me what you like to do with your subs.  Please no more... if by some chance you ever end up in My presence and you are lucky enough to be under My control would it really matter.  If it does then most likely I am not for you.... don't waste My time or yours.  I am sane or at least I think so... the last time I looked in the mirror I am human, My desires may run a bit on the dark side but I won't hurt you.. smiling mischievously well not too much.

Goddess Lady Enchantress
Someone asked Me... what My definition is of an alpha male and what I am looking for....

Of course My answer is that I want it all... but come on guys... I am not looking for someone who is not visually pleasing... I don't mean a hard body... although that would be nice.... I am just looking for someone who takes care of him/herself.  I am by no means implying that I am purrfect... I fully accept My shortcomings; you should as well... If you think I am probably not interested you are probably right....

Here is the answer to the question if you are inclined to read further:
Alpha = Someone who is in charge in his vanilla life.  Most likely he is a professional and dresses in that fashion.  (I do have a weakness for a starched button down the front shirt and slacks or starched jeans)  He is comfortable being out with Me in public as My date, lover or slave whichever I choose, no one knows the dynamic between us, yet he feels it with every fiber.  I am looking for one who hungers to serve... not to just serve but knows his destiny is to serve not just anyone...Me... he is happiest when serving Me... he is fulfilled when serving Me...he will belong to Me... and the journey for U/us will be erotic, challenging, mind blowing and at times Wwe will need to adjust our sails as we journey onward together...deeper and deeper into the kinky bliss.



 Part 1

Goddess had given specific instructions and I knew that I wanted to do whatever She wanted in order to please Her. I had purchased the airline ticket and set up a driver service for the weekend.  She was flying in to La Guardia at 2 pm; and I had instructed the driver to be there waiting at baggage claim; unfortunately I had a meeting and could not get away to be there to greet Her.  I had made sure the driver knew to have the bottle of wine She loved in the car and fresh flowers.  I had also sent a special present that I knew She would love. 

At 2:05 a text came through from the driver letting me know that Her plane had arrived.  I felt a warmness spread through my body just knowing my Goddess was so close.  The next text would come when he had her safe in the car and on the way to the hotel.  My meeting was progressing and I was just finishing up when the next text came through at 2:46 pm.  It simply said 'She is stunning'. I knew that and what the driver didn't know is that Her beauty went much deeper than just the exterior presence She displayed to the world around Her.  I smiled and texted back, 'thanks I am a lucky man'.  I knew how lucky I was to not only have found Her but to actually catch Her attention.  I wanted to make sure this was just the beginning of our time together. 

I quickly packed my things and headed out to get a taxi to the hotel.  She'd insisted that we use the hotel where I normally stayed because She'd wanted to know what my life was like.  I had upgraded to a larger suite so we would have more room.  I dialed Her number, ' hello Goddess, how was the flight?'  She replied, 'purrfect since I was on My way to you'.  I thanked Her for saying something so sweet.  " I am on my way to the hotel.  Is there anything you need that you haven't told me about Goddess?"  She replied, " No, slave just make sure you are there awaiting My arrival."  'I replied quietly,'yes, Goddess, as you instructed."  When Goddess called me slave, a jolt went through my body, filling me with both excitement and anticipation. 

I arrived at the hotel and quickly went to the room to make sure everything was ready.  I walked into the room and it smelled of lavender, perfect... I went to the bathroom to check to see if the towels I had requested had been purchased and the special soap put out.  It was there as I had instructed.  There was an ice bucket with the wine I had requested chilling.  The tray of cheese, crackers and fruit were wrapped and sitting on the counter.  I'd requested a bouquet of roses in a bright pink and they were sitting on the table as well. 

I was just taking the wrap off the cheese when the text came through... we are her and She is on her way up.  I quickly moved to the spot inside the door She had instructed I kneel and await Her arrival.  I was to kneel  there naked .  She had been specific, three strides inside the door.  I could hear the driver talking to Her as She used Her key to come into the room.  She was laughing and I was pleased to know that She was in good spirits.  As the driver rounded the corner he saw me kneeling and said, 'hello sir, is there something I can help you find."  She spoke quickly, no dear, he is a good boy and wants to show Me how happy he is to see Me.  The driver stated under his breath, yes I can see he is happy.  Goddess raised Her foot and flicked my hard cock.  "You see he worships the ground I walk on and hopes that I will take him as Mine.  Isn't that right nicholas?"  She asked. I felt so proud in that moment and yet at the same time somewhat humiliated.   She walked up to me and put her hands on My head and commanded that I hug her.  I knew I had to breathe her scent in and kiss that special spot as I knelt there through Her pants.  When she said be a good boy nicholas, I immediately went into slave mode and forgot the driver was there.  I heard the door close behind him and I could hear Her soft laughter.  'You are going to be a great hypnotized slut, nicholas."  When She said that I quickly plummeted into sub space and all else was forgotten but worshipping my Goddess.   

I just adore a tall man who is well dressed and submissive, alpha in the vanilla world and craves to submit..... Where are you?  I am waiting...

Goddess Lady Enchantress....

I felt the irresistible pull as I read Her profile. I had often longed to be captivated; brainwashed into submission.  I wanted to serve, to give in and be guided.  I wanted to feel Her control.  I was tempted She seemed to be all the things my heart had longed for... for so long, beautiful, tall, exotic, intelligent and dominant.  I read on... hypnosis... I paused, I wondered and then all of a sudden an email popped up.  I opened it quickly realizing it was from Her, I hoped I hadn't done something wrong.  I read the email slowly, carefully trying to comprehend... all it said was 'come closer'.


I wrote back,'please tell Me what must I do to please you'.  She responded... 


Would you like to know what the response said?

She instructs....


She'd met him online a while back, and wondered about him.  he seemed well immersed in the local community.   Something about him made Her think of a little lost boy, someone who needed guidance .  She yet felt, with all his experience,  he might be a challenge to Her ability to keep him in check.


They would stay in touch on and off... he finding someone to serve or control and She always searching for the elusive slave slut to serve Her as She deserved. One wet night in October, they'd both ended up at the same party. She recognized him immediately.  On the other hand,  he didn't show any sign of  knowing Her.  She saw him in the hallway between the playrooms and said hello; of course, she had a slave in tow. Why wouldn't She?


 She was beautiful alluring and sexy hot. She said “hello, you don't recognize Me do you?”  She smiled at his discomfort.  he seemed to be in control, but She knew better. She always knew when a boy could sense Her power.  She told him who She was and introduced the slut at her side as an afterthought.  She moved on, but knew She'd made an impression.  She was wearing a black leather corset, black leather looking leggings and thigh high boots.  She'd accentuated the silver on the corset with a silver band at Her neck and on Her wrists.


 As the night progressed, She would catch him with his eyes on Her.   She would laugh at some sluts antics to get Her attention and enjoyed the attention She was getting.  They had talked the next day and made plans to get together but at the last moment She decided against it.  Months passed,  then out of the blue she sent him an email. It simply said. “what's your address,  and where do you keep the spare key?” 


Being a switch,  he was game. he responded with the information She required of him. When she got his response, she sent another email back to him.  “I'll let you know when I will be in town and will send you instructions.” Weeks passed and he wondered why she had toyed with him.  He'd actually forgotten about the email. Then there it was. “I will be in town on Thursday. I will arrive at your place no later than 6 pm. I expect you to have dinner ready for Me. Make sure that you are naked, kneeling beside the table when I arrive.  Ensure that your wrists and ankles are securely cuffed and that you have a collar and leash ready for My use.”  Her email continued,  “Something light will be good for eating. you won't need to get anything for yourself. I will feed you from My scraps. Cheese, grapes and wine will be good for later in the night. If anything is not to My liking, I will leave immediately and we will have no further contact.”  Finally,  She concluded,   “Do not contact Me. Simply do as I have said and await My Presence.  I will see you on Thursday. I suggest you have things ready early.”


 Reading Her email,  he sat there a bit stunned,  knowing he'd only have this one chance.

 She had always seemed so easy, sensual and kind. But there was something in this email that didn’t feel that way. He'd searched for his One for quite a while,  both as a dominant and submissive.  He had wanted Her even before he saw Her at the party.  If he contacted her to ask any questions,  he knew she wouldn't show up. She was much more beautiful than he'd thought. Her way was so easy, so commanding,  and so alluring. When he'd seen Her with that slave his spirits sunk, but now he had his one chance. he began to make plans immediately,  as he only had two days before Her arrival.  He would need to make sure he left work early to ensure that all of Her requested preparations were fulfilled.  In the course of their email exchanges,  he had learned that she liked a boy to be well groomed.


He had learned as well about some of her fetishes. She especially liked water sports. In the back of his mind, he wondered exactly what She had in mind for him. He cleaned,  he sanitized and he actually cancelled the party he'd planned. Finally, the day approached.  He hadn't heard from Her.


On the morning of the scheduled meeting, He checked his phone messages. There it was.  A voice message. He listened attentively,  and with some tension.  It was Her voice. It simply said, “I know you haven't heard My voice in a while,  and I am wondering if you remember these words and the effect they will have on you.”  It had been so long since they had talked by phone that he'd forgotten She had his phone number.


 She whispered in his ears, “silky toes, silky toes, silky toes.” As She said it the third time

 he felt the hair rise on his body. His cock began growing hard, and he felt this uncontrollable desire to have Her toes in his mouth. He stood there lost in that moment and feeling. Then he heard Her voice again laughing, “I see it worked. you have a trigger,  so it will be easy to take you into hypnosis when we meet. you remember those ideas of yours. To be taken. To be consumed.  Are you sure you are ready?” 

Her message continued, “If you want out, this is your chance.  Otherwise, when we meet and I take you, you will never  be the same.  I will strip you of your pride. I will strip you of your desire to control. I will make you into whatever  I choose, and you will love each and every second of it.  Should you wish, you can email Me by 9 am today,  and I will not show up tonight.  But beware,  if I do not hear from you, make sure you have a locked cock cage on and that you sign the contract I sent.” “You will not speak unless I give you permission.   If you do speak, you will be punished. I will text you when I am on the way.”


 he sat there, wondering if he was really ready.  Wondering if he could go through with it.

 he knew all the things he had shared with Her.  Would She really do it? he felt certain She could do it and this thought excited him further. his cock was still rock hard.  God, he wanted this,  yet he knew She would consume his entire life. he went to work, planning to work only half a day. At 8:30 he looked at the clock and smiled to himself. He knew that She knew that She had him.  There was no way he wouldn’t embrace this. At 2:00,  he clocked out,  drove home and prepared his home and the table.  He picked up flowers on the way home and set the table using his best china and crystal.


Quietly, but with earnestness,  he laid out the cuffs, and put on the locking cock cage.  She had already instructed him not to cum, and it had now been two weeks.

 he was having trouble getting the cage on... he had it custom made, and it fit snugly. In order for him to slip it on,  he had to try to get his mind off Her, as difficult as that was for him by now.  He struggled for about 30 minutes without  success.   Then he jumped into a cold shower with the cage and slipped it on before his mind could engage . he didn’t want the fact that he wasn't locked up to set Her off.  He had already trimmed his body hair, but spent time in the shower,  being diligent to clean thoroughly inside and out.  He was fortunate to have all the right equipment in his shower.


He quickly dried off and got dressed. By now,  it was already almost 4 pm. He slipped off to the restaurant to pick up Her food. He'd settled on Italian, which he knew She had mentioned as one of Her favorites. He knew of an excellent restaurant with “melt in your mouth” dishes.  Time was not on his side, as it was slipping away quickly. it was now 4:45 and he still needed to get home.   As he drove toward him he received a text.  It said see you in 45 minutes, slut.  At 5:15 he drove into his driveway , sprinting toward the door. He placed her food on warm in the oven and quickly went to the bathroom and jumped back in the shower and air dried his body.


 He next slipped on the cuffs and knelt beside the table he'd slipped a pillow beneath his knees that he could discard quickly once he heard the door open. As he knelt there thinking of Her beauty, of the way She had so effortlessly slipped into his mind, and of all  this control She seemed to have without trying,  he began to strain against the metal cage surrounding his cock.  He was lost in the thoughts when he heard the door open. He could hear heels coming down the hallway, walking throughout the house. 


 As She approached  she called out to him 'hunter' hunter, where are you?' he almost answered, 'here Mistress', but he remembered that She said not to speak. he quickly threw the pillow on the stack across the room, as She rounded the corner. he looked down at the floor. She approached and touched his face,  his cheeks, his hair, his ear. She walked close to him. he could smell Her scent. he remembered it from the party. As She moved in closer,


 he looked down at the toes peeking out of Her sandals, painted a beautiful red orange with a flower design.  he could tell that She was wearing a dress the exact same color, and as She touched his face and rubbed Her hands across the back of his head,  he heard it.  'silky toes, silky toes, silky toes'.  his cock strained against the cock cage.  it hurt in its intensity. At the same time She grabbed his hair and pulled his head back, leaning down looking into his eyes.  He remembered those eyes, dark and intense and that's when he realized that She had the power to consume him with Her eyes... He moaned aloud at the realization. His body screamed for this and he knew he needed Her.


She said, “hello slut, hunter. I see you have obeyed. Good boy.” She pulled his head close to Her crotch and commanded that he breathe in.  As he did she said those words again. ‘silky toes, silky toes, silky toes’ “Now kiss My feet slut. Get My dinner and while I eat I will allow you to worship My feet and toes. I know how badly you want My toes between your lips.”


“you may now stand and seat Me.”  He quickly set Her food before Her,  as She took the first bite. She smiled at him. “Very good choice slut. Now pour Me some wine and get back on your knees.” “My feet need attention. let's see if you are as good as you boast. if not you will be punished”, She laughed.  “Oh, yes I saw the signed contract when I came in.  I have it safely put away. Good idea to have it notarized.” he sat to work reverently removing Her shoes, slowly massaging Her soles. As he kissed each toe and pulled it between his lips,  he continued to massage it. As his tongue slipped to Her soles, he licked and nibbled and then he took a small bite that caused just a bit of pain. She moaned. “very well done, slut” She whispered.  “Now let's see what you can do with My toes.


 he suckled each toe and when he took Her big toe into his mouth he sucked on it hard,

 and She moaned again. he could hear that She had stopped eating and was focusing on his worship. he wanted to please Her, wanting Her to cum from his ministrations .

 he lost himself in the worship. When he felt Her other foot against his chest pushing him back he felt lost, as if She had separated him from what he wanted most. All he could think while he suckled were Her words ‘silky toes, silky toes, silky toes’.  She pulled Her toes away and said, “cum now slut”.  he felt the wave of desire wash over his body and felt his body react. She watched as his imprisoned cock shot out a stream of cum. She laughed out loud and said “now who came from foot worship?" he was shocked again at Her control of him.  he had no idea She had sunk so deeply into his subconscious during their hypnotic sessions.


She continued to laugh and said,  “now whose bitch are you? speak slut. I give you permission.” “I am your bitch, Goddess,” he said softly,  head down. She called him to Her put the collar around his neck and attached the leash. Then She lead him crawling behind Her to the room he called Dungeon.



A new slut captured.....


Goddess heard a knock at Her back door and wondered who could this be at this time.  She motioned to Mistress Diane to take over while She checked to see who was at the door.  Goddess moved effortlessly through the crowd it was as if She was floating.  As She reached the door she flipped the light on and looked through the glass.


She smiled and laughed softly.  Goddess just stood there staring as the smile slipped from Her face.  She knew who it was and that She finally had him where She wanted him.  Goddess had wanted this boy for awhile.  He had always been noncommital and elusive. She had told him about the party weeks ago and that if he wanted to serve Her this would be his last opportunity to prove it. 


As Goddess watched his discomfort kneeling outside Her door naked, his cock securely locked away wearing the locking collar and shackles She'd instructed him to purchase.  She smiled again inwardly, he'd fought long against his desire.  He was alpha in his vanilla life yet longed to serve a beautiful Domme.  Goddess had met him online and chatted with him off and on for months now here he was kneeling at her door naked shackled with the keys and signed contract in his mouth.  


Goddess kept a bag outside her door just in case a slut showed up so his belongings would be secure.  The bag had a locking mechanism, once locked only Goddess could open it. It was one of those new fangled gadgets a slut had purchased for Her.  It required Goddess finger print in order to open. 


Goddess slowly opened the door and retrieved the signed contract and keys.  The slut quickly bowed lower and kissed Her feet and shoes.  He continued to kneel and look down waiting for further instructions. "Well, well, "Goddess finally said, "I see you have decided to accept your fate.  Isn't that right slut?"


"Yes Ma'am there is no use in my fighting it any longer.  I crave to serve and be yours", he whispered.  Goddess reached on table next to the door and selected a leash and attached it to the collar.  "Come in slut, this is your new home.  I have guests tonight I will introduce you to them and you will greet each one of them with a kiss to their feet.  Also you will ask if there is any service that you may provide.  Do you understand?"


"Yes, Goddess I understand", the slut replied.


Goddess had seen him on cam and knew he had a delicious body but she hadn't seen him up close and personal.  As the slut crawled behind Her she decided that She would put him on display.  As they entered the room the scene was ending.  Mistress Diane said loudly, "I see you are back just in time Enchantress.  Who do you have here?'


"This is My newly acquired slut nicholas.  You remember I told you about him Dianne" Goddess replied.  Diane smiled as her eyes met with Goddess.  Diane knew how Goddess had wanted this particular slut and had just about given up. 


Goddess led slut nicholas to the center of the stage and began Her inspection.  She hadn't realized how much of an exhibitionist nicholas was at heart.  As Goddess slid Her hands across his back soft and slow down to his ass cheeks, She heard a whimper. As Her hands slide back up across his shoulders and around to his front the slut's body leaned into Her. Goddess tweaked his nipples and they responded.  She grabbed them and twisted hard and he moaned aloud.   'I see you like that slut;, Goddess said to the crowd let's see what else he likes.  She moved him to the tabled and chained him to it. She then reached in Her pocket and unlocked the chastity device.  As Goddess removed it his owned cock sprang to life.  Her hands trailed down his body over his thighs passing closely to the clock She now owned.


She ran Her long nails down his thighs and legs.  She checked for tickle spots.  She moved around to the table steps and climbed up on him raising her dress slightly as her womanhood and ass covered his face.  She did not give him a command and had trained him to not do anything unless he was instructed.  As Goddess reached for Her cock, she stroked it into life watching it grow in Her hands. Oh My, she thought, he does have a beautiful cock and it is all Mine.  


Can you breathe slut, Goddess asked. He nodded yes.  Goddess began to stroke faster and his body began to twitch and move.  She knew he was close.  Goddess grabbed his balls and squeezed.  She could hear him breathing in and memorizing her scent and could feel his lips beginning to move. Lick slut, she commanded, eat from Me.  As he licked wildly his head and tongue moving hungrily Goddess slowly came to orgasm as She did she commanded the slut to open wide.  He'd told Her that he had not experienced drinking nectar and She was going to give him his first test, here in front of everyone.  The slut knew he could not disappoint Her or he would be beaten or worse dismissed.  He opened his mouth and fastened it on Her.  As he tasted her delicious cum he also felt the onslaught of Her hot nectar. He swallowed quickly and hungrily.  


Goddess filled his mouth and stomach and then commanded he clean Her.  He did slowly and hungrily exciting Goddess and his cock remained rock hard. Smiling Goddess rose off him and walked to where his head was and whispered, "good slut, now I have marked you.  The first of many marks you will get from Me."  'Thank you, Goddess. I am yours," slut nicholas replied. 


She smiled at the crowd and told them to come forward and see Her new acquisition.  All the dominants in the room moved forward.  "You may touch and torture, I am not ready to share him just yet."


Goddess walked over to Her female slut and touched her face. She said to the slut, "you have been a good girl, go and meet your brother slut."




Goddess moved through the crowd with a big smile on Her face; thinking the slut is quite wanton.  She reached the two sluts and seperated them.  The male dominant retrieved his slut and took her away to the nearest bathroom.  As the room quietened you could hear him pounding her against the wall.  Goddess said all right now it is time for Number 2, come forth and use My slut.  


A female rose and move forward, a striking ebony woman in her 40s clad in a red leather outfit.  As she grew closer, Goddess smiled she was wearing chaps with nothing underneath.  With every step she made you could see her womanhood glistening.  She approached Goddess and leaned in to whisper to Her.  Goddess smiled at the woman and nodded yes.  At that another woman came forward with blonde hair and blue eyes completely naked.  


Goddess turned to the crowd and said we have a treat Number 2 and Number 3 will be used in this session.  The owner of Number 3  wants to see her used by Number 2. Goddess rubbed her hands together and stepped away from the platform. 


As the blond turned to the crowd everyone noticed that although she had beautiful breasts she was wearing a cock cage.  Someone pointed to the cock cage and whispered loudly, wonder if she has to wear that the entire time.  The dominant on the stage replied absolutely I have no use for that, so we will keep it safely locked away and laughed.


The slut heard the feminine voice and smiled, she knew the voice it was Mistress Heather.  She had long admired Mistress Heather and had hinted to her owner that she would love to serve an ebony Goddess.  Mistress Heather laid the two sluts on their backs on the stage  side by side and squatted over them commanding that they open their mouths wide.  


As each did so Mistress Heather allowed each to lick her sopping pussy... then she told the Number 3 slut to lick the clit of the bound slut after licking and the slut began to buck Mistress Heather strapped a dildo on the bound slut and told her to lie flat.  She told the Number 3 slut to climb on and ride until she was milked. Mistress Heather at that point began to queen the bound slut.  Everyone watched to see if Mistress Heather or the Number 3 slut would cum first. 


The slut had drifted deep into subspace as she drank from her Goddess.  Goddess tugged the lease and tied it to an o-ring in the floor.  Goddess told the guests they had received a number when they signed in for the party so now the guest with the number 1 would be the first to use the slut.  Across the room Goddess noticed her dominant male friend Alan stand and move forward.  He handed Goddess his number; she smiled at him and stepped away to watch as he took control of the slut.  


First, he tweaked the slut's nipples as a soft moan escaped her lips. Everyone in the room watched as he stepped out of his pants and revealed his erect cock.  He moved toward her lips and as his cock touched her face she hungrily opened her mouth and began to suck.  The slut sucked feverishly as His cock bobbed in and out, deeper and deeper.  As he was reaching his peak he gestured for his slut to come forth.  As she did and knelt before him he pulled his erect member from the slut's mouth  and gave his slut a facial.  His slut smiled and opened her mouth licking trying to get a taste of his delicious cum.  At that moment Goddess walked forward and said to Her slut, "would you like a taste of that cum slut?"  "Yes,please Goddess the slut replied.  


Goddess gestured for Alan's slut to come closer.  This slut was called forward and given a facial, in order for you to taste lean forward and lick.  As slut leaned in she could smell the scent of cum and began to lick all over the slut's face, licking and lapping.  As the slut licked the cum began to flow down the slut's face into her mouth as she opened her mouth the other slut began to lick inside her mouth. 


The guests in the room watched the two slut together as their bodies began to move erotically.

I've received several emails from those of you who are enjoying My journal.  I am considering posting more but only if there is an audience for it.  If you want to see more journal entries, subscribe to My journal and I will add them more often... More delicious stories and the continuation of the one I began not long ago.  


Goddess Lady Enchantress

The slut bent down and began to kiss Goddess's boots and lick them clean.  Goddess laughed and said you are a such a good bootlicker, now open your mouth and clean My heels.  As the sluts lips wrapped around the stilettos, she began to suck on them to get them clean. Goddess allowed her to lick and suck each heel.  


Now follow Me, Goddess said to the slut as She pulled on the chain that was attached to the hoops in her nipples.  After the first pull the slut knew to keep up, she could feel the pain as it shot through her nipples as her owner tugged.  She followed on all fours each movement driving the dildo deeper into her wetness.  


Goddess pulled the chain and stopped outside a door.  I have something for you, Goddess reached down and put a blindfold on the slut and said, as we enter this door you will do as I command with no questions, do you understand slut?  This will be the test to determine if I will own you. 


Good evening guests, Goddess stated, meet My slut.  She is here for our entertainment and her mouth may be used for your pleasure.  The blindfold must be kept on at all times and her hands will remain shackled.  Now to get things started, slut come here open your mouth.

The slut could hear some rustling noises. then she felt a hand on her head pulling it forward.  She could smell a wet cunt and as her lips touched and she tasted she knew that it belonged to her Goddess.  She waited for the command as she knew she must.  All she wanted to do was worship her Goddess and show the guests what a good slut she was for Goddess.  


Goddess said now open wide slut, drink and do not spill a drop.  She had never done this before but as the first few drops shot into her mouth she closed it quickly and began to drink and gulp down her Goddess's nectar swallowing quickly.  Now clean Me slut, Goddess said.  You are a good slut... and you did such a good job only spilling a drop or two and your first time.  


One final rule,  slut has earned a reward she will not have to drink your piss today.  She will only pleasure you by licking and sucking so bring forth your cunts, cocks and ass for worship.  Slut is also a good bootlicker and is learning foot worship.  She will provide service to you in one of those ways but only one, after all there are a dozen of you here.  After she finishes her service here we will draw lots to see who will get to fuck her for our entertainment.


The rabbit hole is ready... I can see you pacing... peeking... watching, trying to decide if you are ready to slip into the hole.  There is no need to fear what you want most, after all it will feel so good once you are deep inside and have forgotten what has always held you back.  


I invite you to come to Me... jump in and don't look back; spiraling down deeper and deeper into the rabbit hole.  There is no way out but deeper, once you have cleared the hole; there in the center you will find Me... awaiting your arrival; your captivation.  


It is there I will take your soul and enslave you... your life will be changed for all time and ever more.  I will push you and train you and help you find what you have longed for so long, yet have been unable to embrace.  This is the time, this is the place accept what you want.  


P.S. If you are not sure this is for you, do NOT waste My time.  There is someone out there who is worthy.


Goddess Lady Enchantress

As the effects of the drink began to intensify,  a flush spread over her body, warm and tingly.  It felt so good and different and as it washed over her and spread from the top of her head to the tips of her toes; a growing sensation began in her nipples.  They began to swell and throb as she felt it move to her center and she felt more aroused.  Her body felt as if it was on fire; a low guttural moan escaped from her lips and her hips began to move and thrust.  


She could hear her Goddess now, whispering... that's a good girl.  Now on your knees and open your legs wide.  She obeyed without question as Goddess reached down and touched her center.  You are such a sloppy wet mess slut, I have something for that but first put your arms behind your back.  It was semi dark in the room and the slut could not see much; all she wanted to do was just close her eyes and be drawn into this world of 'no control.'


Goddess touched the swollen nipples and whispered...mmm the drug is purrfect, I can see that your breasts are growing.  Let me change you into the hoops I had made for you.  The hoops Goddess inserted felt heavy as they were inserted.  I knew you would look wonderful in these they depict what you are becoming My slut.  That's why I had them made just for you.  


Now open those legs wide slut and as she did; her excitement began to drip on the floor.  She could hear Goddess doing something and then knew what it was as she was spread open and the chastity belt was placed around her waist and the dildo slid in and locked in place.


Goddess laughed now that belongs to Me... you cant touch without My permission.  You will feel My control deep inside you until I remove the dildo from your open hole.  Now worship My boots to show your appreciation and adoration.  

                                                   The Looking Glass


I stood at the looking glass and could see you on the other side...

I reached for you but I was not close enough to tap it and get your attention....

I called out to you and I saw you look back, as if you hoped I might be there...


I stood there for awhile contemplating what it all meant....

I saw you move closer to the glass as if you were trying to see what might be on the other side...

I prayed in that instance that you would both sense and feel My presence...


I wanted to call out to you again, yet I didn't know your name...

Inside I knew you belonged with Me and in that moment I realized...

At the right moment... at the right time... nothing will keep us apart...


I no longer stand at the looking glass gazing, hoping, wishing....

I know for certain that you are there, awaiting My presence...

Our paths will cross of this I am certain... let U/us be wise enough to embrace each other...


Goddess Lady Enchantress

As She reached down and touched the swollen nipples from the recent piercing; She smiled to herself such a good girl to obey and do this.  She whispered in her ear,"These look so hot and sexy, I cant wait to put hoops in them when they are well... She scraped her nail across the hardened nipple and laughed seductively... 


Immediately she felt the growing sensation of desire, longing and craving for this Woman.  She had waited all her life for someone so sensual and seductive and now here she was locked and in servitude.  As the erotic feelings continued to grow; she could feel the sensations all over her body. Her center was on fire clit and ass, what was happening.  She had never felt like this before.  


She could hear a voice saying, "I can see you are enjoying the effects of the drink."

Come to Me, I whispered in her ear... I have been waiting for you... come around through the gate and take your clothes off before you enter through the back door.  Put your belongings in the bag that will be inside the door.  On the table will be a collar and slave shackles for your ankles, wrist that will fit around your waist.  Put these items on and lock them in place.... and wait for Me.  I have left a drink for you on the table be sure to drink all of it.  I will come for you when I am ready.


This will be the beginning of your service to Me.  If this is what you want lock the door behind you and let go of the world and enter into My world.  Now kiss your Goddess's feet in welcome and adoration; the beginning of a ritual when we see each other.  

Hello slut...

Yes, I am talking to you... let's agree we both know you have an inner slut that hungers to be unleashed.  I have given this some time and I have met mostly boys who are not ready to commit to a life of service.  I'll be the first to admit 24/7 is not a reality but there can be some really special moments.


If you want to be removed from society and serve 24/7, I am not for you.  If you want to relocate and serve 24/7 I am not for you.  I simply want it all, that being said... all is an alpha man who chooses to submit.  We will define our relationship as it best fits the two of us.  If you are real... if you are sincere... if you want to experience what you have only dreamt could be possible... then send Me a message.  


Oh yes if you are not at least 29 then it probably won't work.... Good luck out here...


Goddess Lady Enchantress

Have you tasted the sweet nectar of submission as you feel it on your face slowly slipping down the back of your throat... The taste unforgettable as it burns into your memory. The feelings so strong, so clear, so real. You feel Her close to you... Her breath on your ear as She pulls you in closer by the leash... the collar spikes stick into your skin. She whispers 'Do you know what you have agreed to boy?" She laughs menacingly as She pulls your head down closer to the floor and Her booted foot presses against the back of your neck. You whisper I don't Ma'am but I am sure I am going to like it. She laughs out loud as you feel the flogger for the first time against your skin. She is beautiful and this is what you are meant for... to serve a Goddess.... Let the training begin.

Where are the truly submissive men who understand what it means to serve?  The one who knows it is interested in finding a mental connection.  He longs for control from the inside out and the outside in.... he lives to serve and to be pleasing.  His focus is his dominant and her happiness.  It is always a wonderful feeling to meet one who knows and understands, who feels it from his soul.  I am patiently waiting and know our paths will cross. 


Goddess Lady Enchantress

I have been doing some self reflecting the past few days... it is not often that I meet someone that I feel a connection with... and even less often that he does not embrace it.  I was referred to as 'sweet'... am I, as sweet as honey dripping from a honey comb.  He also wondered if I had the power within Me to control, subject and conquer.  Now that is where I was lost.... you meet someone here and you attempt to get to know them.  It is an opportunity to figure out who and what they are while trying to determine if maybe just maybe you might want to take it further. 


So for Me it is about getting to know you most likely in a vanilla sense to determine if I want to consider the kink.  Now I could command you from the start... feed on your fantasy... have you disrobe and kneel... inspect and examine.... I could do that but for Me, I'd rather determine if I like you as a person... and I know liking you as a person does not matter to some dominants... but it does to Me... and if I don't feel that warm feeling about you, I don't need to see you  naked or otherwise.  


If you really want to get to know Me and figure out if we have chemistry in and out of kink then say hello... I will consider whether I want to take it further or not... that means to just meet you.  If you get that far you are one step closer.  To those of you out there who want to be controlled and not know who is controlling you... to feel the submissive feelings and not know where you may end up.... go for it... I am not the one for you...  


Just remember if I meet you and want to see you again... that is a great sign.... and if you are patient you might just find a sweet, demanding, controlling, powerful, sane, kinky, adventurous Goddess who will rock your world....


Goddess Lady Enchantress

Have you ever felt that feeling?  The one you can't quite starts in your mind..a spark... an spreads down your body soft and slow.  As it reaches your heart you feel a flutter wondering what is that; and as it spreads lower and fans your desire and your body reacts you realize this is not usual/normal.  Yet in our lives there are few things most would call normal.  Lets just accept we are abnormally normal.


Ok now back to that feeling...embrace it...give it your all.  Take out all the stops, this could be it.  I am the web weaver...I am careful...but then it might not be so bad to be caught in My web....  the beginning of an unforgettable journey...I AM HERE...


Goddess Lady Enchantress

I haven't written here in a while... I have been feeling the urge to put some words down.  I have also been hoping for a muse to fan the words into motion.  So I put it to you... what would you like to know... ?  what are curious minds wanting to find out?  this is your chance let's see what you do with it... 


Of course I have the discretion to answer or not... I am feeling rather generous at the moment.  It must have something to do with the season.  I went out today and picked up a few things to decorate the place and make it all festive...


Ok now back to your questions... 


Goddess Lady Enchantress

Sometimes it would just be nice to meet a boy who is just interested in serving in whatever way he can.  I've run across some who have no idea what it means to serve... to even be respectful.  Just because you might be interested in kink, in its many forms, and are willing to put yourself out there does not mean I want to take advantage of it.  


I need to have a connected feeling with you in order to enjoy the time together.  If all I wanted was to beat a boy or have kinky sex I could do that any time there are lots of you out there willing.  What I am looking for, although it may be a dream, is to find someone who is intelligent, alpha in his vanilla world, who will be devoted, adoring and extremely submissive.  He hungers for a Female led relationship and his desire to serve a Goddess fills his heart, soul and mind.


So, if you are out there and you happen to read this and you feel a connection to My words say hello... Life is much too short, let's stop wasting time and begin enjoying what's left. 


Goddess Lady Enchantress

Life has a way of throwing a curve ball at us... so I leaned into it... grabbed the shaft of the bat just a bit tighter... swung with all My might and hit it out of the ball park... Now...GAME ON...


Sometimes it seems such a slippery slope as you continue the journey in search of what feels right, what takes hold of your mind and what brings bliss to your soul. As they say patience is a virtue, so I patiently step forward, carefully placing My foot down, cognizant of the balls in the way begging to be noticed; smiling as I move along the path looking for the one that catches My eye.


Bare yourself before Me... let Me see the real you. The you that is kept hidden, the you that I really want to know, the you that is the submissive yin to My yang. Don't be afraid... find boldness; don't be intimidated... be self confident for fear and the need to cower will find its time, its place.


Today is the day to open to Me...
Today is the day to lay yourself before Me...
Today is the day to catch My eye....
Today is the day the enchanting begins...
Today is the day... are you brave enough...
Today is the day.... are you wise enough...
Today is the day... embrace it...
Today is the day... you become Mine...



Goddess Lady Enchantress

Remember this song...

Wanted, young man single and free
Experience in love preferred,
But will accept a young trainee
Oh I'm gonna put it in the want ads,
I need a love that's true
Gonna put it in the want ads, my man and I are through

At home I find myself, lost and all alone
My man is playing the field, the thrill is gone
He stays out all night, says he's with the boys
But lipstick on his collar, perfume on it too
Tells me he's been lying, tell ya what I'm gonna do
I'm gonna put it in the want ads, this girl's in misery
Gonna put it in the want ads, somebody rescue me

I spend my nights alone, cryin' bitter tears
Although I cry aloud, nobody really hears
And when I need him most, he's never by my side
He's either playing cards, or drinking at the bar
He thinks that I'm a fool, I'm going to the evening news
Gonna put it in the want ads, I need somebody new
Gonna put it in the want ads, my man and I are through

Extra extra, read all about it,
Wanted, young man single and free
Experience in love preferred,
But will accept a young trainee

Extra extra, read all about it,
Wanted, young man single and free
Experience in love preferred,
But will accept a young trainee

Oh I'm gonna put it in the want ads, I need somebody new
Gonna put it in the want ads, my man and I are through
Gonna put it in the want ads, this girl's in misery
Gonna put it in the want ads, please somebody rescue me

Lipstick on his collar, perfume on it too
Tells me he's been lying, I'm going to the evening new
Gonna put it in the want ads, I need somebody new
Gonna put it in the want ads, my man and I are through
Gonna put it in the want ads, this girl's in misery



Hungering to serve Enchantress… to fulfill Enchantress’ needs
Longing to feel Enchantress’ care... Enchantress guidance…
Yes dear…it is so easy now for you to want these things
Craving Me... so addicted to Me...
Wanting and need what only I can offer you....
Your adoration…your sweetness and your dedication envied by so many
Knowing you must be here… here with your Enchantress
A deep void filling your being when you are away…
The hunger to be connected… to be controlled growing stronger and stronger…
This need to feel Enchantress so deeply embedded in the core of who you are…
Kneeling before Enchantress...
Your mind open
Breathing in the scent that is Enchantress
As the sweet honey scent and aroma slip into your mind
Intoxicating you... and drawing you deeper and deeper into Enchantress’ world
Pulling you ever deeper into My control...
As your tongue hungers to escape your lips
Your body consumed with a raging fire…
Feel this fire growing and spread as you hunger for more of Enchantress
Aching for My touch and My words…
The delicious words that overtake your mind…
Words that call you to serve…
Forgetting everything else but your hunger to serve
To PLEASE Enchantress…
To OBEY Enchantress…
Your breasts aching for My touch...
As your nipples grow hard and wanting...
Craving My touch... My care...
Squeezing your nipples…
Applying the clamps…
Proudly wearing them for Enchantress
Punishment for being away from Me for so long...
As your head is drawn closer…
Feeling the hunger and the craving growing inside you
The craving guttural in its intensity…
Mmmmm I know you feel it…
Drawing you in...
As your mind opens and all thoughts slip away
Only thinking of Enchantress
And the pleasure that is to be Hers in this moment...
Mmmmm yes Mistress, you whisper
As your tongue hungrily darts out of your mouth...
Searching for the sweet honey…
Frantic in your search…
Knowing the sweet honey taste will explode in your mind…
The sweet bud against your tongue…
Now begging…
Yes Mistress…
Yes Mistress…
Please Mistress…
As your tongue connects
Feeling the wetness... as it draws you in...
The sweet honey that is Enchantress
Calling you deeper
No thoughts now
Only burying your head deeper
Hungrily licking
A hungry slut for Mistress
Only for Mistress
Serving Mistress’ body…
Worshipping Mistress’ body…
A slave to Mistress…
Knowing you need this… to serve in this way…
To be trained by Enchantress… in HER service…
Even now your body grows hotter and hotter
Wishing to lick and taste all that is Mistress
Only wishing to bury your head deeper
Screaming yes Mistress
Yes Mistress
Hungry for what is offered...
As a slut would be for His Mistress…
Hungering for more…
Oh YES, Mistress… your mind screams…TAKE ME…
Knowing you are Mine…
Feeling it without doubt…
Without hesitation…
Opening completely to Enchantress…
Accepting what is your fate…
To SERVE Enchantress
To OBEY Enchantress
To ADORE Enchantress
To PLEASE Enchantress
I know you can feel it…
I know you want it…
I know you need it…
Controlled by Enchantress
Open and lick and taste what I offer...
How long your lips have hungered for this sweetness...
You crave it...
Before Me on your knees...
Begging Mistress for more...
Your mind craving it...
The sweet honey trickles down onto your lips and tongue...
Your mind craving more…
Your body consumed with the feeling…
Belonging to Enchantress
Your heart belongs to Enchantress
Your mind belongs to Enchantress
Your body belongs to Enchantress
Your very soul belongs to Enchantress
Your mouth open and waiting
Hungering for more of Mistress
Open and receive slave...
And as your body grows hotter
And you long for more
Feel the abandon...
The orgasm as it grows and begins to rock your body
Slowly bringing what belongs to Mistress to life...
Your mind consumed with Mistress…
Mistress’ SERVICE
Mistress’ PLEASURE
Mistress’ SLAVE
Letting go and accepting…
Breathing in and out...
Going deeper…
More and more…
Enjoying this feeling of service
Enjoying this feeling of submission
Enjoying this feeling of being owned…
Relaxing and enjoying…
And drifting back up as slowly…
Coming back
Feeling so very good
So submissive
Bringing the submissive feeling with you…
Hungering for your Goddess, ENCHANTRESS…
The keeper of all that you are… ENCHANTRESS
Back to alertness…
More alert…
ALERT and back…
ENCHANTRESS controls you…

Copyright reserved 2012 Enchantress

Your heart’s DESIRE…


Come to Me… I wait for you….

Come to Me… the hook has been set…

Come to Me… this is what you must do…

Come to me… it was settled from when we first met…


Kneel to Me… there is no turning back…

Kneel to Me… your mind open and free…

Kneel to Me… you are Mine, accept that fact..

Kneel to Me… this is the way it is meant to be…


Open to Me… no longer thinking on your own…

Open to Me… I draw you in deeper…

Open to Me… this is where you belong…

Open to Me… I am your sweet keeper…


In service to Me… your heart longs for this more and more…

In service to Me… hungering for My control each day…

In service to Me… I have the keys to your door…

In service to Me… learning My way…


Belonging to Me… a wish not yet fulfilled…

Belonging to Me… how your mind hungers for what I can give…

Belonging to Me… the thought gives your heart a longing thrill…

Belonging to Me… it is how you are meant to live…


Desiring Me… begins in your mind and is felt throughout your soul…

Desiring Me… a longing not yet fulfilled…

Desiring Me… accepting your fate… your role…

Desiring Me… wishing if it can only be real…


© copyright 2012 Lady Enchantress






I shed a tear today; something I haven't done in a while. The drama surrounding My life has been profound as of late. Yet, today, the tear streaked My face. I don't know where it came from; purrhaps deep inside Me. It was like saying goodbye in a sense. A cleansing of My heart... I so dislike the romantic aura of My personality at times. I feel everything so strongly, so potently. A flower that opens tentatively... not quite sure and then as it is about to bloom; the petals close in on themselves. One day I feel certain that as the petals close in... there I will find you captivated.


I am stronger... I am wiser... I am better... I am crafting My journey. I am setting sail for My tomorrow and I am charting My course. Come with Me... for the best is yet to be...


Lady E


In the quietness of the moment I can hear his voice calling to Me...
Bidding Me to come into his life... a plea to make him whole...
His eyes filled with a hunger to be devoured in the bliss that is Me...
His need to be consumed by My control... to be lost in all that I am..

I hear his whispers... begging Me to take him... to make him Mine...
I feel his touch... soft.. a whisp barely felt... yet deep inside it moves Me...
I see him... My senses are alert... the look of him... the scent of him...
My lips hungry for the taste of him...

Long have I sought him... yet a dream to My mind....
Need grows within... heat... intensity... brimming to the brink...
I want him... yet not sure... what he offers is what I truly need in My life..
Stepping back to savour the moment...

Knowing that I am meant for this... to control him... to draw him in...
Open his mind... help him experience what he doesn't even know is possible..
Sweet sensual captivation... pushing his limits.. yet knowing just when to ease back... and each time drawing him in just a bit more....
The sweet seduction that entraces and draws... binds and weaves... controls and captures...

Is he strong enough to enter into My world....

Lady Enchantress

The beginning of a story from a boy...


She was dressed all in black..all not being a good word because she wasnt wearing much. A black leather bustier fit very tight with lacings around her belly with her breasts exposed above it. A very small g string black panty slithered through the middle of her pussy and exposed the porcelin skin of her ass that he loved so much. A garter belt held up black fish net stockings that disappeared into black thigh high zippered boots with stiletto heels. She had a short whip in her hand..a riding crop really with tassels hanging from it. She looked stunning. His cock hardened instantly just looking up at her. "What has gotten into you?" he said as he started to get up. She put her very sharp stiletto heel into his chest and pushed him back down "Shut up!"  she said sharply She stood beside him and put the sharp heel of her boot near his cock and applied a bit of pressure. "I dont recall asking you to talk!" He knew instantly what she was doing. Since being together they had dabbled in submissive/domination games but he had always been the dominate one. He had encouraged her to reverse the roles but she up till now just couldnt seem to get into it. He couldnt control himself "Oh baby you look so hot!" he practically moaned. The short crop in her hand flew across his torso with a snap "Shut up!" Even through his pants, he felt stinging across his cock, which was now very hard, from the snap of her whip. "You have been walking around here way too cocky and its time I put an end to it!" she said sternly "You need to be punished...Do you understand?" His cock was so hard it hurt but he didnt say a word, he just nodded. She stepped off him "Now take your sad excuse for a body and get off the floor!" He stood. She walked around him several times looking him over. "Take off your clothes!" she demanded. Having played this game before but in a different role he knew he was to comply.


Lady Enchantress