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Mmmn, good day all freaks and fuck pigs alike! 3

My names Ashtoria. I am a Switch who lives in a poly home that belongs to my mommy, Mistress Sayyadina, with whom is the Madam of the house. My mistress is a switch but only under very specific circumstances that she desires so you should see her as a full time dominant.I myself am a career sex slave. I have been like this for the past 16 years, so you should know for a fact that I am the real deal. I am unlike any you have seen before, given I have experienced everything the BDSM lifestyle has to offer, even the things you dont even know exist. I am a sadomasochistic fuck toy, that gets off on just about everything, save for electric pain. My hypersensitivity is something to behold, but electric pain ruins that by causing every single nerve in my body to seize and spasm. My aim is to be a gimbo, a gothic bimbo, body type and all. I have been working very hard on my body to make it the best it can be.

Given our unique living situation, having other switches in the house means you would have a choice of either my wife or I as your focal point of your dominant needs just be mindful and respect our limits and everything will be fine.

What were hoping to do is to find another few subs and or slaves to fill out our relationship so I can have some time to dom instead of just completely submitting to my mommys will all of the time. Our relationship is physical and mental, of course, and were hoping to have another person(s) to add to our happy BDSM relationship and poly family.

My name is Sayyadina, the Madam of our poly home. Im an intellectual, and work as both the only IT and 3d model designer at my company. I enjoy being creative and building things. I have plans to build several fucking machines, and equipment for my BDSM dungeon. I am also a Mistress that plans and calculates, rarely ever explaining myself to others unless they play a role in it. I am kind, caring and affectionate most of the time, however that should not be mistaken for weakness as at the same time I do have the capacity to be cruel and uncaring if needed. i have been learning to accommodate my fuck toy, so my ability to be cruel and sadistic is growing over time. So if you are nice and respectful you will get the best from me, and if you are not the you will get the worst.I dont create any illusions about what I want or what I will do. I very rarely sugar coat anything and will tell you what is on my mind.

As for our slowly growing poly family we currently only have one sub who lives in our home. Her name is Kylie. She is not on this site, however there are pictures of her (the one with pink highlights) in our gallery. She is a loyal girl and we are always looking for more like her. I also have a boyfriend named Glek, with whom I have an online correspondence for the past four years.