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Hi! Welcome! Have a seat! I know my profile is long, but it really does give some insight as to what I like and who I am. Its really worth a read! So go ahead and press that view full profile button. You wont regret it!

Please, dont call me a slut. That term should be reserved for someone that actually makes me want to be a slut for them, wouldnt you agree?

And no dick pics please! I would prefer not to have to wash my eyes out with soap and alcohol.

Also, I will come back to this later, but I spend so much time on my profile so you can use it as an easy way to break the ice. I get it, sending a first message is hard, but the hey and nice ass I tend to get really dont make me want to respond.

And also, submissives... Please. I am very VERY happy on the sub side of things, I really dont want to even attempt to dominate you. That is not where my skill set is.

Another quick thing to note... While my interests are very sexual, I am actually not big on the act of sex. Im not sure why. I mean for the right person, Ill do it, but it isntsomething I crave.

Anyway, a little about me

Generic Info

Name---Kristen Xavier Journals (but please, call me Krissy, Princess Sparkle Baby, or Cutey-patootie-cuddle-kinz P ) Date of Birth---December of 1995 (not telling you the specific day. I might when we get to know each other better.) Sexual Orientation---Pansapiodemisexual (pan-attracted to all genders, sapio-attracted to the mind(smart people!!!!), demi-attracted to friends (as in make a connection with me!)) I do have a strong female lean (like super strong (like guys, you have to work 4 times harder if you want my attention, Im basically a lesbian that accepts she CAN be attracted to a male)) Location---Near Hershey, Pennsylvania (yes, that place that makes the chocolate (or at least used to) and claims to be the sweetest place on earth.)

Fetish Interests

Lives for

--- being submissive (I really do enjoy serving others!), pet play (puppy play mostly), crossdressing, forced feminization, collar play, biting, diapers, age play, abdl, ddlg


---being lightly bitten, bondage, being picked up, some verbal humiliation

Tolerates (or enjoys on occasion)

--- king Curious about---Exhibitionism (like going outside dressed as a girl. Maybe even wearing a diaper as long as it is hidden pretty well. Bbuutt, I am willing to let my padding peak out every once in a while P), pering cunnilingus, face sitting, latex, deepthroat toy play, hypnosis

Dislikes---Pantyhose fetish (I like stockings, but pantyhose are weird), having my clitty touched, bad kissers

Willing to explore at my own pace--- Public play (like stuff in the car or in the woods, in a public bathroom, etc...)

Hard limits--- Scat, CBT, vorarephilia, anything illegal (dogs, children, etc...), blood, needles, knives, blades, fire, hitting, anything else that could kill me, leave a very long lasting mark (as in more than like maybe 3 days) or put me in real, long term harm.

Vanilla Interests

Lives for---Art (Both digital and traditional. I do many different things (though I have lost like all my inspiration... I am hoping it comes back soon...)), cuddling, listening to music (The Living Tombstone is bae

Loves---Shopping (as long as its with the right person)(Hot Topic is currently my favorite clothing store! I also love 5 below, and I do shopping on Amazon, Ebay, and AliExpress as well!), sleeping, interesting conversation, baths, showers

Likes---Watching TV (especially classic Cartoon Network shows (Power Puff Girls, Courage the Cowardly Dog. Those were very clever and interesting. I havent had much time to watch any of these shows as of late, though... I also love Gravity Falls, Steven Universe, My Little Pony Friendship is Magic, and I am just getting into Rick and Morty. You will also find me watching any renovation show on HGTV and Diners, Drive-ins, and Dives.), amusement parks, Rip-sticking (its really fun as long as you have a smooth surface to ride on!), swimming (as long as I have a friend there that knows how to have fun in a pool, especially if it involves passing a beach ball), games (I havent really gotten to play any good video games in a while. I still enjoy them, just I typically have better things to do. But I will play a card or board game every once in a while! Something like Uno, Cards Against Humanity, Hungry Hungry Hippos, Candy Land, etc...)

Tolerates---Walks (As long as Im with someone I enjoy talking to, I dont mind them. But if its walking for the sake of walking, it just bores me.), Bike rides (same story), very occaisional (even seldom) intoxication (only in a safe environment)

Curious about---Going to the spa, getting my nails done, getting waxed (I have enjoyed the limited experience I have had with waxing! I would very much like to get a professional to wax me all over.)

Dislikes---Boring people, stinky people, bad breath, bad kissers, marijuana (Im fine if you do it in your own time (I still dont care for it), but please be respectful and dont do it around me.)

Will not tolerate---Liars, jerks, perverts (there is a difference between being sexual, being kinky, and being a pervert.), being ignored or forgotten (I have some minor attachment issues. If I bother you, let me know. Please dont just ignore me. That really fucks with my mental state.), conversations that go nowhere

Now, a little bit more about me outside of the whole likes and dislikes stuff. I decided I would transition a little over a year ago. My parents actually took me to a therapist in order to try and get me to stop dressing up as a girl, but instead, he felt I should pursue femalehood. Its funny how the world works sometimes. I now wear almost exclusively females clothes, and the clothes I wear that arent female are technically considered unisex. That does not mean that you will always see me in a wig and a dress out in public. Most of the time, I dress pretty casual. I have also been casually been working on my vocals, but its really hard!!! I just cant seem to figure it out for some reason.

I work a retail job where I sell and fix computers, printers, and phones. I actually am quite happy there. I love that I get to actually help people with something I do quite well with. If you ever have any computer issues, just let me know! Im more than happy to help!

I also just got my ears pierced finally! I was so nervous... but it is done. It is going to be so awesome to be able to actually accessorize my ears now!

I also have a huge collection of plushies! Most of my new ones are pink too hehe P I recently got this massive bear, and I sooo badly want to be tied up to it. It seems like it would be an amazing time

One of the most common questions I get is what I hope to find on here. While Im not looking for anything specific anymore, the people I am most attracted to are kindhearted, fair, creative, quirky, kinky caregivers who get a massive amount of pleasure from making others laugh. However, if I were actively looking for a domdomme type, I would not mind them also being firm (not in that way boys P), controlling, and impulsive. Domsdommes shouldnt be constantly checking in on their sub to make sure theyre okay. Thats an easy way to break one out of subspace.

If I didnt mention something and youre curious whether or not I like it, please ask! I dont know wh ECH! BLECH!!!! X'D this is the funniest thing I've seen in a while!!!!!
The user "lilgrllover" has been harassing me for the past two hours. I blocked him, but he has (so far) 3 accounts. This is rediculous! He just sent me this gem. "seems someone has a need for a lass in biology and psychiatry...ok you are not mtf..nobody is. you are a MAN and will die a MAN. there is no process on this earth that an make a male into a female lol you have a cock and balls you are MALE you sick freak and filth like you have a very hard lesson to learn. your CRIMINAL activities will not be tolerated. When FILTH like you are aught following women or girls into restrooms or dressing areas you are going to be stopped in any way necessary FREAK and then arrested. " REALLY!? GUESS WHAT, YOURE ON THE WRONG SIDE OF THE US LAW! ITS MORE AWKWARD FOR ME TO BE GOING INTO A GUYS BATHROOM LOOKING THE WAY I DO!
If for some reason my profile doesnt come up, please tell me.  I am more than happy to pm you my profile.
I understand that financial domination is a real fetish.  But, when you find out that you have hidden almost 400 people claiming to be financial dommes on this site in just in your general area, I began to get a little suspicious.  

I can assure you that after messaging a few people, that 3/4 of these people are actually the same person.  That makes me absolutely sick.  Taking a fetish and preying off of people is just wrong.  

Than there are the people that want to destroy peoples lives.  That is not healthy.  Psychologically, those people have some self doubts and are obviously dealing with stuff, but when you enjoy actually ruining a person, I take great offence to that.  

There are also a bunch of Findommes that use the money to buy drugs.  REALLY!?  Just... wow.  

Than there are the Findommes that do it simply out of greed.  I get it, the release of hormones from getting free stuff to dominating someone are very similar.  But they are different.  Don't mistake greed for lust.

Than there are those that are financial dominants for the control factor.  They actually are fully aware of what they are doing and their reasoning behind it.  The only question I have is how do you not feel like a prostitute?  The whole pay to play mentality would just make me feel super dirty...  I mean its one thing to want to be rewarded for your work, but I think its just wrong to make it a requirement.  In my mind, you should try to be the dominant that makes the sub want to shower you with praise, attention, and yes, sometimes gifts.  Making it a requirement seems to make the experience cheap in my opinion.

Sorry for the rant.  But Tribute is banned from CollarSpace.  In fact, any exchange of money for services is banned.  I dont understand why the admins aren't doing anything about it.
I never EVER set up anything for my bulk folder, but today I accidently click on it and I find like 2 dozen messages on there! I'm so sorry I had no idea that some people were in there! WTF collarspace! A lot of those people I messaged first!
As of late, I have been super SUPER curious about the whole hypnosis thing.   I like the pet play and the age play stuff, but I find that my own head gets into the way.  Also, I think its amazing for someone to have that sort of level of control over you!  Like, thats not just me, thats really hot, right?
Someone recently asked me, "What are you hoping to find in a dominant?" I'm hoping to find someone?male, female, or something in between (however, preferably female)? that is naturally a sort of care-taker/teacher. Someone that is very sweet and kind, but won't hesitate to put their foot down if they strongly disagree with something. I'm hoping to find someone that is confident, someone that is just the right amount of selfish, and even just a tad stubborn. Intelligence is also a huge turn-on for me, and it is almost a required trait to gain my respect and loyalty. However, when I say "intelligence," I don?t necessarily mean book smarts: I mean someone that can learn quickly and doesn?t easily forget how to do it. And?this is important?I'm hoping to find someone that I can grow with: I'm not interested in those one time things, I want a relationship. What sort of relationship? Well, I'm hoping that when I get a dominant, they will help gently push me past my comfort zone without breaking me. I'm hoping they will take care of me as much as I take care of them. I'm really hoping I can form a lasting bond with them. As of now, pet play is my main fetish. I would very much like to be collared and tagged by an amazing owner. I am a little baby fox that needs to be taken care of and loved, but also needs to be reminded of my place if I over step boundaries. I would hope that I would be "forced" to wear my ears (attached to a headband) and my tail (attached to a garter belt) always. I would hope that I would be trained to be a good little fox, and human like behavior would be followed by a punishment. I also could see myself serving under a Master/Mistress. At the very least, it would allow me to explore new things, it would give me an opportunity to learn, and the opportunity to make someone else happy. I love helping others in a personal way. I don't really like volunteering, though. A mix of bad experiences and the impersonal connotation that has formed in my head make it a no-go zone for me. I guess I could also see myself having a parent figure of sorts. Being enforced to wear diapers would be great, and being fed out of a bottle and baby food would be fun as well. I mean, there is the issue with scat (icky icky) in which I would ask that unless my parents are really really really into changing icky icky diapers, that they would allow me to briefly take off my diaper to go potty. Now I know what you are thinking: "Where's the sex?" In these kinds of relationships, sex isn't required. But, with that said, I am open to some sexual aspects in a D/s relationship, as long as: a) my Dominant and I have that sort of connection without it being forced. b) the requests are reasonable. c) there is a safe word or action in play. Of course, bondage and crossdressing and other fetishes would fit well with these and non of the roles have to be totally exclusive. I could see myself being a little sissy baby fox who sleeps in a dog bed, wears diapers, and does generic sissy things!