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Pan Male Dominant, 52,  Flint 48505, Michigan
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I will contact you with a HELLO. Michael. If you answer we will go from there. If you do, no time lost on my part.
Feel free to say hi! I dont feel is proper, to contact a Dom 1st. I dont bite!!BULLSHIT LINES. Message you, your fake ass and dont reply!!

For all you RUDE ASS, that cant answer my E mails. Do me a favor and take you RUDENESS to the next level. and BLOCK ME ASSHOLES. I DO NOT DO CAM TRAINING!!!!!

Also interested in St8 male slave. It dont have to be Sexual!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

No longer able to host. Would be a hit and hit thing, at this time!!!

My Limits are Kids, Pets, Hard Drugs, Sounding (or anything put inside a dick), damage ( to a Slavesub), Needles, Blood, draperies, and SCAT. No really big on CDs, can go 2080. 20 being time, spend as a CD.

Activities Enjoyed 247 (Total Power Exchange) Age Play Anal Beads Biting Blindfolds Body Hair Bondage BreastNipple Torture, Clamps, etc. Candle Wax Chains Chastity Devices Cock and Ball Torture, Clamps, etc. Collar and LeadLeash ConfinementCaging Cross Dressing 20 Defilement Dildos (Handheld Strap-on) Discipline DoctorNurse Fetish Domination Ears Exhibitionism Sex In Public FISTING Hair Pulling HandcuffsShackles Humiliation DouchingEnema ( for cleaning only) LaceLingerie(mostly pantie only) Leather Masks Masochism Massage MasterSlave Masturbation Men in panties Mutual Masturbation Nipples Oral Fixation Oral Sex Pain Participating in Erotic Photography Pinching Power Exchange Rack Spit Water SportsUrine Vibrators Whips, etc.

Understanding is not required, only your obedience, compliance, and devotion.

Results from
99 Degrader
98 Owner
98 MasterMistress
98 Dominant
97 Rigger
97 Sadist
94 Primal (Hunter)
92 Voyeur
90 Brat tamer
83 Non-monogamist
81 DaddyMommy
73 Experimental
52 Exhibitionist
36 Age-player
5 Vanilla
4 Masochist
3 Switch
1 GirlBoy
1 Pet
1 Primal (Prey)
1 Brat
1 Rope bunny
1 Degradee
0 Submissive
0 Slave












 Dominant Male

 Flint 48505 


 5' 8"

 220 lbs



 African Descent



Actively Seeking:

Submissive Transgender

Submissive Female

Sub / Slave Male

Switch Male

Sub/Sub Couples


A Poly Household

 Lives For:

 Renaissance Faires (Expert)


 Rear End Play (Expert)


 Spanking you (Expert)

 Whips (Expert)

 Horror Movies

 Science Fiction


 Musical Theater


 Blindfolding you

 Breast Play (Expert)


 You wearing my collar

 Corner Time

 Genital Punishment (Expert)

 Being Massaged

 Domestic Service

 Erotic touch


 Hair Pulling

 Placing you on a leash

 Masks on Partner

 Medical fetish play

 Obedience Training


 Orgasm Control

 Sensation Play

 Maid / Butler Service

 Public Play

 Sensory Play

 Speech Restrictions

 Watersports (Expert)



 Lifestyle BDSM


 Body Worship


 Eye Contact Restrictions

 Local BDSM Community


 Housework Service

 Mental Bondage

 Pony/Puppy Roleplay


 Suspension Bondage


 Wax Play

 Arcade Games

 Comedy Shows

 Online Chatrooms


 True Crime

 Body Art






 G-spot Stimulation


 Role Playing

 Curious About:


 Electrical Play

 Female Sovereignty





 Masks (Wearing)

 Massage (Giving)

 Hard Limits:

 Fire Play

 Modern Primitivism


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Journal Entries:
2/24/2022 5:18:44 PM

Glad they brought the Journals back. Wnen did this happen?

12/16/2017 8:01:08 PM
a slave is simply a form of life that obeys it's owner absolutely and anticipates it's owner's needs, wants and desires.  Anything less and it is not a slave. 

8/2/2017 10:31:13 PM
Can anyone tell me. what a London Andrews


5/2/2017 5:40:33 PM

3/2/2017 6:51:12 PM

11/27/2016 5:32:38 PM

“But there’s no such thing as free. There are only different and more horrible ways to be enslaved.” 


Lauren DeStefano

11/7/2016 10:26:14 PM

7/5/2016 11:46:47 PM

Tell me why do a lot of slaves/subs., former Doms/Masters die from cancer or car accidents 

1/12/2016 12:19:18 PM
My new HELLO seen to be working. I got a short message today, "" Not interested. Thanks for the reply guy, 

11/18/2015 6:37:55 PM
Distant is a controller of our Destinies!!!

10/14/2015 4:08:48 PM
""feel free to say hi!""  ""I don feel is proper, to contact a Dom 1st."" ""I don't bite!!""
BULLSHIT LINES. Message you fake ass, and dont reply!!!

8/17/2015 8:04:59 AM

6/10/2015 8:03:27 PM

 FROM a white slave

Fortunately, I wasn't 'blessed' (?) with a small dick. MY dick size has absolutely NOTHING to do with my service to Black men and duty to suck their cocks. I don't care how big and strong they are or aren't. I don't care their social standing. The only thing that IS important is the undeniable feeling that it is my duty to service them...... regardless of age, shape or size.

1/16/2015 3:24:17 PM
DA MN TIME WASTERS. You know who you are! !! And if it's not you, DO NOT REPLY! !!!

12/13/2014 9:02:32 PM
12/14 Its my birthday!!!!!!!!!!

12/6/2014 6:52:41 PM

The Cocksucker’s Pledge.

1. I WILL SWALLOW, unless otherwise instructed. A man’s cum deserves as much respect as the man himself. Swallowing reinforces the bond between man and cocksucker.

2. I WILL DEEPTHROAT to the best of my ability, regardless of whether I gag. A well-rounded cocksucker must master the use of his lips, tongue AND throat to maximize a man’s pleasure.

3. I WILL NOT USE MY HANDS unless instructed. My mouth is my sexual organ.

4. I WILL NOT TOUCH MYSELF when sucking a man’s Cock. His pleasure is my own. To suggest otherwise is deeply disrespectful.


6. I WILL MAKE MYSELF AVAILABLE and service on his terms. A man should never have to jerk himself off when a cocksucker could do the job instead.

7. I WILL ALLOW HIM TO CALL ME NAMES, such as “faggot”, “cocksucker” and “slut”, regardless of whether I enjoy this. A cocksucker must accept his place on the sexual totem pole. Such names are a man’s way of claiming this superiority over a cocksucker.

8. I WILL CONTINUE TO SERVICE for as long as a man deems appropriate, whether minutes or hours, without complaint.

I pledge these things because I am a cocksucker; because I am in awe of men and am at their service; because it is their charity that allows me to even come close some sort of sexual fulfillment.

11/28/2014 7:09:26 PM
step in to my parlor said the spider to the fly

9/18/2014 4:01:02 PM

I will be leaving the state Fri., going on a cruise. From what I understand, internet is expensive and shitty on the ships. I doubt if I be making any contacts after Thursday 18th until 29th or 30th of this month. 

4/25/2014 11:58:26 PM


12/7/2013 8:27:05 AM

This guy has 20 + profile. HE IS A WASTE OF TIME!!!










Last Online:

 Male Submissive

 Sterling heights



 180 lbs



 Middle Eastern

10/10/2013 6:37:11 PM

I am back. A normal (pure vanilla) relationship distracted me, from what I know I need. And I HOPE to find here. 

5/23/2013 8:41:19 PM

I am heading to Chesapeake, Virginia tomorrow. Will be check the site on my phone, but will not be answering anything, until Sat evening. 

2/16/2013 10:14:18 PM

أنا أحب الرجال في الشرق الأوسط

4/4/2012 7:18:15 PM

Why is it so hard for someone to have proper manners and reply when someone pays them a compliment or says hello. More so the ones, who write about how wrong they were treated here!!
Can there be that many shallow slaves/subs on this site?
Also if your young and think 50 is old then lets just hope your lucky enough to get to this age.

3/18/2012 7:17:09 AM

Ones that dont answer my mail, I hide. Assholes I hide and BLOCK!!!!

2/19/2012 11:41:03 AM

Yes I look at profiles and don’t said anything. Thats because I hate wasting time, on fakes. Yes if I look I have some interest.


2/19/2012 11:19:12 AM

I have to say, this is a great site. Not saying, for meet people in the lifestyle, But for dealing with the fakes and asshole. Why?  Because you find one or chat with one you don’t like, you can just check the BLOCK and HIDE on their prolife, Then you NEVER have to hear from them or see their profile again.  That includes me!!!


12/24/2011 6:36:36 AM

Hope your Christmas is filled with love and joy...Merry Christmas! LatER Michael

8/14/2011 5:56:23 PM

Dont blame me, cause you cant read a profile. That includes you, the person I called. "DIRTY"

6/1/2011 9:57:47 PM



Should change the name to
Why do some many subs/slaves ( have been told Masters also) bullshit. If you not interested, you have free will to say so. Don't led people on. If you need attention, tell people that you are not interested in meeting. There all kinds of pen  pals, cyber, webcamer, that are more then happy, to feed you need!!   



8/30/2009 5:35:49 AM

For all you so called straight Man, the are NO women, by the name of KARL

9/21/2007 6:21:36 PM

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