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Hetero Male Slave, 65,  Nevada
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This slave isoften asked whyits profile is so minimal.This isnot because of a lack of interest, or information onthis slavespart.This is meant to reflect the fact that as a slave, any interests it may have are of little consequence compared to those of any prospective Owner.This slavehas chosen a generic screen name for similar reasons.The slaveis very willing and happy to answer questions or to discuss mutual interests, but leaving a list of interests for a Dominant to fill is inappropriate.










 Male Slave


 Willing to Relocate






Actively Seeking:

Dominant Female

Domme/Dom Couples

Female Led Couples

A Poly Household

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Journal Entries:
11/8/2017 9:09:56 AM
A new reality... when a slave realizes that it is not a Man, but only an object, or possession, that happens to be male.  But no longer to be called a Man.

8/28/2017 9:04:57 AM
It is better if a slave simply accepts its reality.  The slave may beg for something, indeed, its Owner may even encourage it to beg, cry, plead.  But when the slave says "please, this slave will do anything, anything You want," the Owner will rightly say, "you're a slave.  You already have to do anything I want anyway."  

So a slave not only has no say (unless granted as a privilege by its Owner), but nothing with which to bargain.  Nothing of its own to give, except for its obedience, labor, suffering, devotion, and gratitude.  

7/24/2017 12:13:34 PM
A slave must always know and remember its place among its Betters.  A slave must remember that its servitude, even its suffering that is offered up to its Betters, is a privilege, that it is only worthy of serving because its Owner, its Betters, deem it so.  A slave must always know and remember its place.

6/19/2017 12:07:43 PM
A slave's adequate, even exemplary performance today may well be substandard tomorrow.  A slave can never take its training or performance or effort for granted.  It's Owner deserves the slave's best, which, with each day's training and experience should improve each day.

The slave should beg its Owner, its Betters, to maintain this expectation and continue its training to meet this standard each day, to be of more use to its Owner, to be more capable of pleasing, and express unending gratitude for it.

6/19/2017 9:17:27 AM
Definition of a slave and new mantra:

A slave is property.

it has no name, saving what it's
Owner might choose to call it.

it is without caste.

it is without citizenship.

it is simply an object.

it is simply an article of property,
completely, nothing more.

it's life, it's very breath, belongs to
it's Owner.

it has only value as defined by it's

it is to be of service, not become served.

Once it is transformed into true servitude,
it truly becomes an object of servitude.

it is only human as long as it's Owner
allows it to be.

it is not a person, but property, chattel.

it's servitude is its only reward.

9/16/2014 9:27:07 AM
Serve.  Obey.

7/1/2014 10:14:12 PM
New mantra:

it is a slave.

it doesn’t want;






1/29/2014 8:42:21 AM

This slave feels that learning and training should be constant for a slave.  There is no "good enough" for a slave, and everything can be training for a slave with the mindset.  The domestic and personal skills the slave has learned are important, add to its value for its Owner, and enable it to serve more readily.  But far more important is the mental conditioning necessary to go from a male-centric mindset to one that is slave-centric.

12/18/2013 4:48:43 PM

A Man chooses; a slave obeys

2/17/2012 9:19:03 AM

Cuckolding is a particular activity or dynamic enjoyed by some Dominants, Who enjoy the sense of power it provides, and by some submissives for the enhanced sense of subservience they receive.


But in a broader sense, this slave wonders if a slave isn't a cuckold in its day to day life, in its very being.  Certainly, a slave may be a participant in its Owner's life, and it's Owner's enjoyment, but only to a certain point.  The whole context of play, service, or pleasure will always be set by the Owner, as it pleases Her or Him, and the Owner is more able to completely immerse Themselves in Their life, than is the slave, who must by definition participate according to the parameters set by the Owner.


Even if the Owner indulges the slave and takes consideration for the slave's desires or preferences, this is still at the Owner's whim, not by any right of the slave.


So a slave is always just one step removed from fully participating in it's Owner's satisfaction.  After all, the slave may genuinely enjoy fetching a cup of coffee or a glass of wine for its Owner, and kneeling to serve it... but only the Owner will be tasting it!


So it seems to this slave that a slave's life is similar to that of a cuckold, only in many, many non specific ways, simply by the definition of the M/s dynamic.


Looking at it that way, the actual cuckolding activity is really just one more aspect of what the slave's life means every day.



2/15/2011 11:27:08 AM

"Do not be like servants who serve their Masters expecting to receive a reward be rather like servants who serve their Master unconditionally, with no thought of reward."  ---Antigonous of Sokho


10/2/2009 8:19:59 AM
A slave's mantra...

"A slave should always be a benefit to its Owner and never a burden.  Being a proper slave is to always seek to serve the Owner with its best, never expect anything from the Owner in return, and to always be thankful for what the Owner does grant to the slave."

7/14/2009 9:41:51 AM
Quidvis recte, factum quamvis humile, praeclarum:  Whatever is rightly done, however humble, is noble.

3/13/2009 4:58:19 PM
Is it not true that what this slave might want, desire, need or crave is not important?  That, rather, all that matters is what You wish, what pleases You? 

1/15/2009 1:22:28 PM
Slavery, the triumph of service over ego.

11/12/2008 11:31:27 AM
Which is to be more feared?  The power of Your dominance?  Or the depth of this slave's surrender?

10/8/2008 3:06:50 PM
This slave is often very quiet in chat.  This is because the slave knows it can learn a great deal by listening and observing, and also because the slave works very hard at learning and knowing its place.  But probably the biggest reason is simply that being in the presence of so many Dominant Ladies sort of puts the slave into a "speak when spoken to" mode.   Not very conducive to chat, of course, but the slave is working on participating in a pleasing way.

7/10/2008 6:39:36 PM
How beautiful to live one's life... making Another's life beautiful!

5/19/2006 9:38:31 AM

"Service which is rendered without joy helps neither the servant nor the served.  But all other pleasures and possessions pale into nothingness before service which is rendered in a spirit of joy."


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