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Journal Entries by phoynyxdesyre:
3/12/2013 9:22:26 PM

Think of me...........


Think of me as i grab a hold of your balls and bring you closer to me. So i may run my hands along the length of your cock and then tell you No you may not cum just yet. At least not until i have fully run my hands completely along every inch of your body as you shiver beneath them and beg for release. I am behind you now with your naked body pressed against my front. You feel my breasts at your back and moan.......My hand slowly comes around to your chest. As my hand touchs one nipple tweak......then another tweak .....tweak. I smile as you take in a deep breath and moan low. You shake with the need of your release. Again you wish to cum and i say No not just yet my sweet slut.....not yet. You whimper .....I smile then take your earlobe between my teeth.....before i whisper in your ear you are Mine. So when may you cum i ask. You shudder and say only when you wish Mistress. I purr in your ear and say what a good lil slut you are for me. I reach down and take your cock in my hand your back is still up against my chest. As i stroke you, you whimper yet again. I cooe in your ear almost my sweet slut almost. I stroke more as i do i start to pick up a little more speed my breath starts to quicken. I am panting into your ear you start to vibrate with your need and all you can say is Mistress more as a moan than a request. I have reached down between my legs and i am rubbing my clit in time with the strokes i am giving your cock. I start to shake with my own release as i whisper cum for me...........


Written by..........Phoynyx ~ 2/12


2/26/2012 11:16:24 PM

Hello everyone. I wanted to make a note and let you know that if you send a chat request and i do not answer to send me a regular message.I am not ignoring you!!Sometimes it won't let me log on to it.When that happens it is better for me to send the chat request for some reason it will let me chat then.Until our paths cross.........I wish you a wonderful kinky life!!






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