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Self-declared bondage freak looking for bondage Master. it's circumstances have changed a bit as it's parents passed away in 2022. it also lost it's older best friend/mentor in 2022 and it was my Father's hospice caregiver. So it is feeling a bit disconnected. For the first time in its life, it has no elderly parents to worry about, no pets and no lease(yes, it rents). it is relocatable, really sick of the Florida heat. it has always felt like a cross between Peter Pan and a Toy's R' Us kid, never seemed to grow up or want to grow up. Many grownups are looking to buy stock and bonds and it is looking for toys and stuffed animals. So it guesses, you would call it a boyslave and maybe even immature. it has many years of computer experience, was a massage therapist and also a dogsitter and took care of chickens for 10 years. it has researched and found out most would-be slaves have held down various jobs and moved around alot. Always searching. That sounds like it. it kind of feels like one of "The Lost Boys" from that vampire flick searching for a Master. it has a strong connection to Houdini, as well as other escape artists. Have always admired the overdone bondage. Of course, in it's case, it doesn't want to be able to get away. it has had alot of bondage experiences but have yet to: be tied up and put in a cage or box, tied and put into a hanging mailsack, heavy duty straitjacket, put on a rack, suspended upside-down, overnight bondage, medical restraints, etc. Also hands cuffed behind back while eating out of a bowl, spat in the face, piss play, etc. Maybe it is to much of a newbie for an experienced Master, not sure. Finding a Master, as well as finding a slave, is like trying to find a needle in a haystack. it can never understand why it seems Masters want a "slave stable. it is hard enough to find ONE. it is open to new things but it will never be into fisting or being whipped bloody. For it, it is about being controlled, not being able to get out of the situation, as well as other things such as BD/SM, humiliation, chastity and body mods. The thought of it signing a lifetime, slave contract just makes its balls churn. it has almost been owned a number of times but either the timing wasn't right for him or it. it has at times had a room mate and/or a pet and it couldn't desert either one of them. It has found, there are some REAL Masters out there. You can tell by the way they get into a slave's mind. If a Masters starts a conversation with something like, "You're a POS faggot", well, obviously they think yelling that makes them a Master. It's the Masters that peel back the onion of the slave's mind that affect it the most. A Master who lives alone would be ideal. it has corresponded with Masters who were living with a straight married couple, who had visiting slaves and boys coming in and out of the house all the time. it just felt like it was to confusing to it. It's hard enough to get used to being a slave without having all these other people around. it has done some long distance stuff with Masters, such as, sending one a key to it's chastity device, sending another Master the names and addresses of its family and friends for guaranteeing surrender. Also set up a lock box with handcuff keys in it, where Master would send it the code in email when he wanted to release the slave from it's shackles. This kind of didn't work out because the Master became ill and it's room mate at the time lost his job and was home all the time. it also has an interest in tattoos and rings. it has three tattoos right now and am thinking of getting a few forearm band tats. Just the thought of a Master taking it to a tattoo parlor to get inked and ringed, makes, yes, once again, it's balls churn. If a Master has tattoos, it would be a welcome plus. it has some equipment right now: leather hood, gags, handcuffs, sounds(haven't tried them yet), tens unit, butt toys, ball weights, miles of rope, titclamps, probably more it can't think of right now. Oh, vibrating, pulsing dildo. it hasn't had much assplay in it's life so trying things out in there. it has found that being kinky is kind of a curse. There are so many elements to it. it has come across Masters but their interests did not match this slaves. If it wants to get beat up and bloodied, it could just walk on the wrong side of town. it has found unfortunately, that the kink life is connected to alot of drugs, drinking, multiple partners, etc. Why say, you are owned by one person, when group sex is a common thing? Kinks have a tendency to turn into free-for-alls. it has "played" at being a Master also at certain times, but if anything, if it had to be a top, it would be more Daddy. At this point in it's life, it would not diss a 50/50 leather relationship. It has a rope tied to the frame of it's bed and it ties itself up almost every day. Maybe that sounds pathetic to some. There is something about having it's hands behind it's back whether roped, taped, cuffed, shackled, chained, etc. Sometimes being bound excites it and other times it calms it. Just to be bound up tight nursing on a Masters, nips, cock, etc., it would feel like it was home. One time, it got so turned on by the bondage position it was put in, that it came close to yelling "I Love You" to the guy! Eeks! Yes bonds develop when one is put in bondage. More to come. A few bondage videos on Youtube under ROPEMESIR.