I am looking for a few great slaves --- or those ready to be made great Im tall dark and handsome - give me a shout and a collar could be in its future!!!!  

LITE venting - sorry - Im sick to death of slaves cold feet being put off on the Master - as his fault
btw - typod when I said I disliked faires skype @ jon.savage.40
yim of
I forgot how I disliked this site for its unwritten restriction
another time for violatng a restriction - they dont even list in their email

slv2men msgs then blocks
jaswo - comes on like gangbusters - then no shows 

subscotinspain is a total time waster /liar - blocked Me for being lied too... greggreg needs back to school & relearn slavery
not being an ass!!!

2FACEDICK IS MATURE FOR a 2 yo!!! not the 30 + yo it claims to be it seems to think the dom should uproot His life for a sub
 Age: 29
 HUNTINGTON, West Virginia