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In everyones life, at some time, our inner fire goes out. It is then burst into flame by an encounter with another human being. We should all be thankful for those people who rekindle the inner spirit. Albert Schweitzer

These are not the Dominants you are looking for.

Move along.

It is a wonderful thing that everyone moves along. We havent had such peace in our inbox in a very long time. Yes, the move along is a Star Wars reference. It has worked wonders to keep people from messaging us with BS. For those of you with an interest in a dominant couple, dont let that wording chase you away.
The more we step forward on this site, the less we find. We have travelled far to be left with each others company in a motel room. If you have no plans to meet, dont waste our time. We will enjoy our own company without you, but we can do that at home.
Do not refer to me as Daddy. That stops any further interactions in messaging. I do not appreciate such behavior from people who do not know me. There are several other names and titles that you may not use for me. Those are any submissive titles. 

It is not your place to question the reasons for my rule of not being called Daddy, but it is my place to tell you that Daddy is one of my safe words. All interactions will stop when that word is used here. We adhere to safe words. We use safe signals when gags are in use. The following are our safe words. The reason Daddy is used as a safe word is our own and does not need discussion.

Yellow - slow down, not so intense, or the need for repositioning
Red - stop and check on the submissive
Daddy - see Red

Safe signals are flipping the middle finger to get play stopped and gag removed to determine the issue and check on the submissive. 
We all have our wants, desires, needs, and expectations. These are the foundations for our relationships. If none of these basic relationship qualifications are met, move on. I have seen too many that think they can change a person or change themselves for a person. That is an irresponsible way to enter a relationship. Grab your popcorn and watch, this will usually end in a train wreck of epic emotional proportions. 

Wants and desires are just that. You desire or want something. These are not deal breakers in a relationship. They are more like goals, treats, and icing on the cake. This does not mean that you cannot have your wants and desires in a relationship. It does mean that you do not place a want and desire at the top of your criteria for finding someone. 

Needs and expectations are what must be aligned for a relationship to be something of value to both parties. Your needs are not to be dismissed or compromised from either party. If it is a need for you to be service oriented as a maid or valet, make sure your dominant has the same expectations. Their idea of service may be purely sexual in content. Taking a maid/butler and trying to make them sluts for your cock/strap on will end in feelings getting hurt, people becoming jaded to the D/s life, or worse. 

Communication is the key. Chat, talk, and explore the wants, desires, needs, and expectations of your future partner. Who knows? You may find that you are more compatible than you thought or not. You have control over who you serve or allow to serve you. 

This brings me to the reason for this post. Do not call us your master or miss until you have earned that right. Our rule is simple. We do not dominate anyone who has not asked/begged for it properly. We will be dominant and respectful, but we will not dominate anyone that we do not know. That means you must know us as well. As stated, you will have to ask for it in a proper manner. You will not know the proper way without knowing our wants, desires, needs, and expectations. 

This Public Service Announcement was brought to you by the letters F and U, generous donations from the Idiot Foundations, and support from readers like you. 

Open minded? Acceptance? Those are the biggest jokes to be made in the community. There are very few who are truly open minded. Even fewer have full acceptance for everyone in the lifestyle. Am I claiming to be either of those? I hope not. Being truly open minded means that I have to acknowledge everyone's fetishes. Acceptance means I have to accept you into the community with all that you are. In all honesty, that ain't happening. We all have limits. We have plenty of things that turn us on and just as many that turn us off. 

The acceptance that prevails in this household is this. We accept that we are who we are. We accept that you will be who you are. We accept that these ideals may not be compatible together. This is our way and the way of most we have met. Others will push limits. We all have hard limits for a reason. Do not push those. 

Some of you reading this are still thinking that they are truly open minded and accepting. Some of you are agreeing with me that we all have a hang up or three that keep us from the true enlightenment of knowing and accepting everything from godly dominants to shit covered dog fucking gutter sluts. I know they exist. That doesn't mean I want to see or hear about it. Godly dominants? Even God came down and involved Joseph in cuckoldry. 

That is when I get called out at a party for being closed minded. Some people out there are too far out there for me. Their fetish is to shock and awe. That is completely non-consensual play to me. When you involve me unwillingly and without negotiation, you have crossed the line. That does not make me closed minded. It does make me want to avoid the snack tray and find the front door when Steve starts rimming Jill trying to plunder his treat from her poop shoot. 

I am open minded enough to tell you what I do or do not wish to be involved with in my life. I am closed minded enough to be steadfast in that decision. It is out of respect that I discuss limits with people. I respect myself enough not to be associated with certain activities. It isn't that my fetishes are accepted or tolerated by some. It is that I will not put you in a position of experiencing them without consent. I expect the same from my friends, play mates, and submissives. That is as far as my open mindedness and acceptance will go. 
Someone offered us their gift of submission again. If they had read our profile they would have known the answer. We asked for the written return policy on that gift. Telling a dominant that you are giving them the gift of your submission is like telling your lover that you are giving them the gift of sex and loyalty. Submission is not gifted. If you are into gifting, there is a nice set of cedar handled elk hide floggers I have been longing for.

I do get plenty of messages about this, usually after the fact. This may be that my journal entry on it is not on the first page. Poor you. You didn't want to read about me, but you wanted to offer that gift. This usually goes straight to hell in a hand basket with the second offense, an apology of insincerity. Do not apologize with the words "I am sorry". That is covered in yet another journal entry. 

What? I expected you to read? WTF is that about? 

It is simple. We want a relationship. That doesn't happen in a couple of paragraphs. If you are wanting in our pants or ropes, you need to show us that you are interested in knowing us. We have met a few from here and hate to say we are still here. It seems that people can submit very easily when it is just chat or words spoken over the phone. Once you order them to their knees, the reality sets in and they are looking for the door or calling red because you pinched their nipple. I have been around for quite awhile. I met my girl offline at work. Most of the people we have enjoyed the most were met offline. We met one in a fast food place by admiring her collar. That was an interesting conversation to have in Schlotzky's. 

Where am I going with this? it is simple. Do not expect to get what you want from here or any other fetish website. It is on you to get what you want by being the person you are and finding that connection in the real world. Yes, strange things do happen and kinky internet dating success stories do exist, but they are as rare as the one eyed one horned flying purple people eater. 

We are renaming this site Kelloggs. We have met Special K and sent her packing. Most of the site has been a load of frosted flakes and fruit loops. For those we have connected with and enjoy, we will still be here for chat and such. We have decided to sit back and change our profile once again. We will have nothing listed in interests. We will be removing our photos. We may or may not respond to new messages. Our friends and chat buddies are the only reason we will stay. This site has become as useless as an elevator in an outhouse or a screen door on a submarine. 
I love how people think the BDSM lifestyle has to be brutal and violent. Dominance does not have to be forced and submission is not something you gain by beating it into someone. Sure, we want to fuck you until your eyes cross. We do not want to beat you to make you do it. We want a slave that serves with respect, obedience, and honesty due to their submissive nature. If you have to be coerced into submission, you are not  the one for us. 
It is a happy new year. We have overcome the trials of our last year and started the new year with a win. Yes. We won the lottery! Don't get all excited. It was only $51. 
Our messages usually lack content or intent at first. You can only kick yourself in the ass so many times before it gets old. Yes. I made a mistake and send a message to a scammer again. That shit gets on my last nerve to be contacted by one. But when I stupidly send a message to a well written profile, I was a dumb ass and expected a proper reply.
We are surprised by the amount of messages we get from people wanting one of us over the other. We are a couple. You do not get one of us. You get both. All you lesbians, gays, and straight people should keep this in mind. We have no problem dominating a slave, but it is not a one on one thing. Trying to get one of us away from the other is not going to happen. You can move along to the next couple and try to break them up. You will find that we do not allow such nonsense around us. 
Our world without a slave is much the same as it would be with one. We will have as much fun either way. We are not here to get an instant hook up. We have had our share of that and will probably do it again if the right one contacts us. Our reason for being here is to befriend a slave who wishes to be our property and serve us as a live-in. Yes, that is a task of enormous patience and untold horrors with all we have met from here and elsewhere. We do trudge forward and keep our eyes open for the one who will readily accept their place at our feet. 

The definition of patience is simple. Look at how long we have been on this site. 

With a quick turn of the head, a slave goes oral to aural sex. 

I am a Master, but I am not your Master. I master my slaves. I am a Dominant and will make my presence known, but I do not command those that are not mine. And, I am a sadist. Everyone gets to feel that pleasure from me. I know that I must clarify this deion a bit more for those who have the need to know.

I am a sadist first and foremost. Anyone at the parties knows this. I will move the table where the food is set out so that everyone over 5'6" hits their head on my chandelier. I am the man at a construction site that will send the new guy after a board stretcher or a left handed shovel to make everyone laugh at him when he asks for it from the tool shed. I am a true Dacryphiliac. I love tears and will get them from people whenever I can. It is my fetish and I have my ways to get what I want if I have made you my target. I will make you laugh until your sides hurt and I get my tears. I am an equal opportunity sadist. i will go after men, women, transgenders, dominants, switches, and submissives. The poor vanilla people don't know what to think of me. That is the part of me that everyone will experience when being around me long enough.

I am a dominant. Anyone who knows me is laughing right now. I do not normally say this about myself. I let those around me make that determination. My group knows me as a leader. That is the dominance they see from me. My girls are the only people to see the demanding dominant that will swat their ass for stepping out of line. I swat their ass regularly and rarely have I had to punish them. I am not the type to go around beating everyone's ass. I have yet to play with any group members in a dominating way. That is something I feel is an abuse of power and I will not do it without my girls full knowledge and acceptance. They are my life and give me more than I need in every way.

I am a master. I own my slaves. When I say that I am a master, that has several meanings to me. First, it means that I master myself. I keep myself in line and live by the honor and chivalry of a gentleman. I live by truth and honesty. Second, I keep my girls in line. They are my partners, my life, and my reason for being. They give their all for me and offer more. I take what they gives and I push them to be more. They willingly step up and give more. The third part of my being a master is a completely selfish thing for me, imagine that! It is the part of me that everyone sees and respects. I give of myself to promote safety, education, and proper communication in the lifestyle.

That is me in several paragraphs. I am so much more than what I have said here, but only my girls get to experience all of me. Several of you have witnessed who I am beyond these deions and know that I have not said a lot about my ways of play and and lifestyle. That part of me is not for all to know.

We are not crazy. Do not approach us as if we have accepted your offer of submission. There is more to it than that. You guessed it. We expect you to communicate, even in the horribly mundane vanilla way. It is a must for us to know you. If you are too impatient for the knowledge of who we are, you sure do not need to be kneeling in front of us. It is easy to tell who is up for a relationship and those who are not. If you cannot continue to show your interest after a few messages, we were just a passing fantasy in your head and it ran its course. Those who have an interest will continue their get to know us process and meet us. We have a few wonderful slaves we have met. The meetings are less than what we truly seek, but it does satisfy some urges. We do hope to find someone to be our live-in, but it is not a necessity. We have each other and the people we date in the area. 

The point is that we will take our time to know you. If you are unwilling to date us for months, you are not seeking to be our live-in. We have fun on dates with those who do not want a relationship beyond the NSA. Play dates are an option and we do travel for the right situation. 
After years of being here, we have yet to see anything truly substantial from this place. We do have fun harassing scammers that contact us and we do have a few friends for chat. We have met several subs, slaves, and what-the-fuckevers from here over the years. Most were after our money, some were totally inept socially, but every one of them had no intention of serving to please us. Their service and kink was for them. 

I do not mind you getting your service rocks off while cleaning my house, yard, or while servicing us. If you are not there for me and I get that sad and pathetic limp wristed hand job as your cock worship, I will give you the bored as hell yawning and completely loose bondage session you deserve. I have seen way too many that like to anger their top, dominant, or master to get their spanking, flogging, or whipping. Go ahead, piss us off. We do not tolerate topping from the bottom from a SAM. We will show you the door as we politely open it and send you from whence you came. 

For those who actually read this, we have found more submission from meeting everyday people in everyday places than we have found on this site over the years. We met at work. We met our favorite pet at the grocery store. We have met many others, but not every submissive and dominant are a match. It is insanity to think that two or three messages across the internet makes us your owners or you our submissive. I'll take the blond in the produce isle. I saw the way she got jealous of the asparagus bound in rubber bands while picking out a cucumber. 
It is another date night. Every Tuesday is a night out for dinner and a movie. We have yet to find the one or ones we will enjoy to take with us for these outtings. It isn't like we need slaves, but it would make life much more exciting. We have each other, after all. We already have our cake, we would like a little more icing.
Looking through my inbox here is like reviewing the spam in my regular email. I get so many unsolicited copy and paste messages. I do not mind surprise messages from people that I did not look at, that is truly fine and sometimes pleasing. But do not copy and paste to me. that shows just how little effort you will put into our relationship. None at all. If we are not worthy of your words written in response to our profile, move along. these are not the dominants for you. 

I wrote to someone in my own town looking to relocate to a dominant couple. I got a copy and paste response that said I would need to send them $500 in relocation fees. Huh? At most I would only need to spend the money for two tanks of gas in my truck to haul a five bedroom house full of furniture down the road to my house and I know she didn't own more than a one bedroom apartments worth of shit. 
The warning label says For an erection that lasts more than 4 hours, seek immediate medical attention. If I have an erection that lasts more than four hours, I will be so exhausted that I would not be able to say the word nurse, much less get to the ER so she could enjoy the last of my erection. 

Yes. If your erection lasts more than 4 hours, seek medical attention. Because nurses need sex too. 
It is so funny that no one gets the Star Wars reference in our profile. 

I have seen way too many people in the world complain about not getting what they want from a relationship. Whether it is in the bedroom or otherwise, you chose your relationship. I preach about honest communication in relationships until I am blue in the face. If you can't, won't, or are incapable of honest communication and discussion, your relationships will be stifled and will not evolve along the path you have envisioned for it.

Having expectations for your relationship are wonderful as long as they are attainable. If you are unmoving in your ideals and expectations from your partner, too bad so sad... get ready for disappointment. All relationships, vanilla or kinky, go through an evolution and grow if everyone involved can and will grow with it. This requires full and uncompromising communication. There is that word again. Express yourself and don't hold back the good or bad stuff.

I have found that more than a few dominants do not nurture their submissive when they have done well. It takes more than a stroke of the hair to say you did well. Express yourself and let them know what they did and how well it pleased you. You will find that your sub willing to expand their limits and find more ways to please you. It is not all about beating ass when they have done bad or wrong. You have to step up and communicate to make the relationship go beyond the moment. Be just as loving and caring as you are strict and demanding. If you punish hard, love hard as well.

Submissives are just as much to blame in bad relationships. The days of slaves being sold for life are long over. It is a submissive's choice as to whom they serve. I see way too many subs jumping into relationships and then complaining that it isn't what they expected or wanted. Awwwww... Pooor Baby
Maybe you should have dated longer than a month before slapping a collar around your neck and bending over. Some dominants like to have a doormat to slap around from time to time, but they are not the ones that we make our slaves for a lifetime commitment. Take your time to get to know the dominant you are interested in and communicate your feelings, expectations, and goals from the relationship. If they do not communicate in return, you might want to just play and keep looking for the right one. Just because they beat you and treat you in the right way to get you in their bed, does not mean it will continue. Pay attention and keep communication as an option.

I feel like I am beating my head against a wall sometimes when I am talking to people about relationship issues. Just because my relationship is strong with two women doesn't mean i can fix your problems. If you and your partner cannot communicate honestly and without fear, I cannot do a thing for you. If your partner cannot be honest, don't cry to me... you chose them and it is up to you to do something about it. Lies are something I do not tolerate. If I cannot trust a person to tell me the truth, I sure won't trust them to respect limits, negotiations, and rules.

Lead with honesty and integrity
Follow with truly open enthusiasm
Or get the fuck out

There are so many contradictions on this site that it boggles the mind.

You are a male sub who believes in female supremacy. Why do you dress as a woman? Are you trying to go dominant since the females are superior?

You are a transgendered male. Yet you claim to be lesbian. That makes you a straight male in drag with pussy envy. 

You are a gay male submissive searching for any and all switches and dominants. WTF? I thought gay meant you were cock hungry. This one must be pure desperation for domination.

These are just a few thoughts that cross our minds as we browse profiles here. The few times we find something that seems promising, it turns into a scam for money or someone wanting us to write them fantasy masturbation material. 
It is completely hilarious that some women on here call themselves submissive or slave. I have seen too many rude and disrespectful messages from those pieces of shit who call themselves by such titles. I did not start the conversation. I just viewed a profile. Then I get BS spewed into my inbox. When you try to respond, you are blocked. This is proof that there are fewer and fewer respectful submissives on this site. OR they are men stroking their cocks getting off to being rude. Who knows? It does make for some fun laughs and jokes. Specially the last one who is desperately in need of a cunt transplant. Someone needs to transplant that cunt far away from a computer.
How many sluts does it take to screw in a light bulb?

I said screw "in" a light bulb. Get off of the lamp you silly slut.
Learn the English language before you take offense at my words. Yes, I am offensive at times. Get over it and learn when to take offense. I may call you worthless. that has no bearing on anything except your perceived value to me. If I call you or any part of you useless. It means just that. Useless means I have no use for whatever I deemed to call useless. If I call your cunt or cock useless, that means your mouth and ass will get the use. If I find that I must call you useless, it means I will have nothing to do with you and you must be my girl's toy or on your way out the door.
Another one bites the dust.....

We chat and message with several people on this site. We have had many wonderful relationships and many complete failures as well. That is life. You take the good with the bad. Those who know us will continue as friends and more as they understand that we expect constant communication from them to show their interest in us. It is the submissive who must show their superiors some pleasure in order to be noticed. It is the dominant who must accept the submissive and give what they deserve from their actions. Some want pain and humiliation on a regular basis while other are happy to serve. To put it simply, you get what you put into a relationship. If you expect us to constantly give attention to you, you will find that we have found someone else to please us. There is a slave, sub, or masochist begging for use everywhere we look. The funny part is... none want to expend the time, effort, and energy to be that submissive. They just want to be tied, used, spanked, and such. Go find a pro dominant for that or state plainly that you are just looking for play time. We expect more than most are willing to give when it comes to a permanent house slave. We expect service and we will give direction, protection, and a wonderful home.

It is a lot to ask of a slave to give themselves to a master. Specially with all the idiots out there. Who expects a slave to pack up their hopes, dreams, and future to place it in the hands of a master to decide what to do with it? Our hopes, dreams, and expectations for your future may not be the same as yours. We understand this completely, but also understand that we have nothing but the best of intentions for our future together with our slave. Give that some thought before you decide to message us about slavery. It would do you some good to think it over. If you just want some play time, we can arrange that as well, but do state that in the beginning to save us all some time and effort from the beginning.
Slaves for sale has become the normal thing for this site and the owner of the site allows such shit to continue. Every last one of those profiles are scams and stay up on this site. This makes me think the owner is getting kickbacks from the scammers or running his own scam. It isn't hard to create a filter to stop such profiles.

Also, the amount of littles, babygirls, and brats that have popped up on this site is astounding. That shit is for Fet. I would not bother collaring someone with a smartass mouth or someone who's goal is to top from the bottom. I have been there and done that too many times when a person lies about her role as a slave. You accept a master or dominant because you are attracted to him, not because you think you can change them. Save that for your facebook and vanilla relationships.

If you are a slave with an interest in serving and pleasing, we would enjoy getting to know you and your intentions. The rest of you can go about your business and find one of those daddy dominants that will put up with that shit. 
Collarspace has lost all integrity. I see entirely too many scammers and slaves for sale. The webmaster for the site doesn't care who logs in and makes a profile as long as he gets traffic. What a crock of shit.
This is a new form of idiocy that I have never faced before. I tell someone that people are sharing her photos and show her the proof so she can deal with the problem and the cunt blocks me from contacting her. No wonder your photos are popping up all over the web. It seems that you should not give anyone a heads up that their photos are being used because they would rather be exposed than be informed. 
I am setting up a surprise party for a female play partner. She is to be tied and used by as many people as we think she can handle in one night. She is extremely perverted and has some severely taboo interests that I do not have the implements to fulfill at this moment. With that said, all of my friends here are invited to this slut bang. The men may have her first followed by the females. This party will be in a month or so. 

As with most of our parties, no cameras, phones, or other recording devices are allowed. This one is married and cannot be found out. 
Winter Solstice party at our place tonight. We cannot wait. It is our favorite holiday of the year.
The fun continues. We are continually laughing at profiles that cannot express themselves in proper english. If you do not know the difference between dominant and dominate, that is a noun vs verb conflict that we find the most. But the most recent bout of laughter comes from people who do not know the difference between than and then. We are all familiar with the your and you're problem as well as there, their, and they're. We will continue to laugh as people professing to be educated and in control of themselves cannot discern the proper use of words in their native tongue. 
Do you not have time to read a profile and journal entries?

When the first words of your introduction are about being a little and a brat, you did not look at anything other than my photo and interests when you decided to contact me. I have a very limited profile for a reason. My thoughts and likes are stated well in my journal. If you are seriously seeking a dominant, you will do more than peek at his profile. You would want to know him. 

I have revised my profile many times over the years that I have been here. If I write a lengthy profile, I get scammers by the boat load. If I put little on my profile, I am approached by people who may truly be interested and feel the need to know more. I rarely get the message from those who have read my profile completely. I can say that those people usually become friends and chat buddies, if not more. 

I now use a web based program to filter you scammers. It is surprising to see how many people try to pass off internet photos as their own. The web masters on this site do very little to curb the scammers and fakes as they want the traffic on their site. Enjoy your stay on the site, but do not fall prey to the idiots who want to own your wallet more than they want to be with you.
Happy birthday to me. Now I need to find some asses to spank for my birthday or a masochist to torture for the day. 
My birthday is Monday. We are starting our celebrations this afternoon with dinner and a movie. While we are getting ready, she says she still loves me. I asked why would my age make a difference in how much she loved me. That was the wrong question to ask. She said she loves me more than ever because she has a thing for antiques.

Spankings are definitely on the menu tonight. 
So you wish to be property. That is a wonderful proposal to any dominant, until they read your profile. Worthless property for a strict master? Why would I have worthless property? Do I own a beat up old POS vehicle that requires more work than it is worth? No. I own a decent ride that I am not ashamed to be seen driving in public. If you seek to be property for a proper dominant or master, present yourself as a valuable piece of property. If you want to be whored out and used as a fuck toy, that isn't property. That is merchandise to give, sell, rent, or trade.
Brats? Those are not submissive people at all. Go ahead and call yourself what you truly are to everyone, a smart ass masochist. You use your smart mouth to get punished. Sams are a hard limit. They are not the one you want to be seen with in public or around your friends in the community. Why would you need your dominance called into question by the so called submissive at your side in front of others who have more respect for you than that?
Why would you claim to be a classy slave? You represent yourself as a lady and a proper slave and your third message to me is full of unwanted photos of your cunt. What kind of sophistication is that? From lady to worthless piece of ass in three messages? This place has all types. 

We do not seek a whore that has no dedication to their service. Most profiles we see these days are expressing how they wish to be used sexually. This is place has become so full of shit that my computer needs a good flushing after each visit. 
I have seen too many that say their submission is a gift. Do not approach me with such nonsense. When you present yourself as interested in a dominant, your submission is not a gift. It is expected. When you come to me offering your gift of submission, I will ask about the return policy and regifting of said gift. It is my dominance you seek when you approach and you should not take a position of power over the "gift" of your submission when you do. That is no way to express your interest in serving. Your interest in serving should be from the respect and admiration of the dominant you wish to serve. It is the dominant who must wrap themselves in honor, integrity, and honesty to be attractive to a submissive. The submissive has the choice to approach or not. That is a choice to offer servitude, not a gift. 

I prefer a slave to be a slave to the lifestyle due to their inherent need to serve a proper master. I do not want a slave that is a slave to anyone or everyone. That is not the point of what I said. I want a slave that has devoted themselves to their slavery and strives to serve perfectly to proper masters. Do not serve me only because you are a slave to me. Serve me because you are out to be the perfect lifestyle slave and make all other masters want to have such a slave in their service. That is a slave worth having in service.
One step forward and three steps back.

For every good you do in this world, the people you do good for will show you that you were an idiot for trying to help them. When did it become normal to blame others to avoid accepting personal responsibility for your own actions? Honor, truth, and integrity are foreign words to people these days. I will no longer online mentor, teach, or give advice to any people who ask on this site who are not already in discussions with me. I have no time to devote to those who do not accept their faults or have the discipline to be in this lifestyle.
It never fails. Someone messages and wants to chat. Then they get all excited and want to meet. Then they disappear and don't respond to messages. If you are a guy wanting to get nasty messages on your female profile, put online only on your account. IDIOTS.
Happy Spanksgiving. May you all give or get the spankings you want, need, or deserve.
Happy Birthday to me!
Damn. I caught the flu. That is one catch I wish I had missed. With the rain and sickness hitting my house this weekend, I am forced to cancel the birthday party. I will have to pass out my birthday spankings to y'all later.

It is the most abused word in the American vocabulary. You hear it all day and say it more than you think for more reasons than you should. It may be a bit more effort for you to think of the proper word to use, but you will sound more caring and intelligent for trouble. This word is used to replace entirely too many different words. The one phrase that I refuse to allow in my home is "I am sorry".
You are scratching your head and trying to find the reason for banning such a word? It is simple once you look it up and see what it means.

Sorry is defined as
1: feeling sorrow, regret, or penitence
2: mournful, sad
3: inspiring sorrow, pity, scorn, or ridicule

Why would I say I am pitiful, scornful, or riduculus? I cannot think of a reason. Take a better look at the definition and find the words that can replace the word sorry in your statement. The related words to Sorry as stated by the dictionary website.

cheap, cruddy, deplorable, despicable, dirty, grubby, lame, lousy, mean, nasty, paltry, pitiable, pitiful, ratty, scabby, scummy, scurvy, sneaking, contemptible, wretched

Related Words
abhorrent, abominable, condemnable, detestable, execrable, hateful, loathsome, odious; disgusting, reptilian, repugnant, repulsive, revolting, revulsive; discreditable, disgraceful, dishonorable, disreputable, ignominious, shameful; base, ignoble, low, shabby, sordid, squalid, vile; blamable, censurable, reprehensible, reproachable; cowardly, craven, dastardly; unethical, unprincipled, unscrupulous

When you say "I am Sorry", I equate it with the related words and synonyms, not definition 1 or 2. It was a complete disaster at my grandmother's funeral. Only two people offered their condolences to my family for our loss. The remainder of the congregation told us they were sorry for our loss. I was in no position to correct vocabulary and still be polite in such a situation. I just nodded and looked them over trying to see which related word they were calling themselves for the loss of my grandmother.
Bump into me in public and say you are sorry. I will tell you "Yes, you are." The people who use their words by saying forgive me, pardon me, or excuse me will get a more proper response from me. Apologise, ask forgiveness, beg pardon, or find any other word than sorry. Your choice of words and vocabulary are a reflection of yourself. Replacing more meaningful words with the word sorry shows a certain level of laziness and uncaring. Yes, I know you could care less about such a post. I make no apologies for my censorship. It is for me and my household to be seen as more proper, intelligent, and caring.

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Happy Birthday to me!

I am laughing like hell now. Some people are dense as driftwood. You want help with a terribly illegal activity. I may know people involved with such activities, but that doesn't mean you are in the loop. Don't get bent because you have the personality of a brick and cannot approach people correctly. If you want that kind of fun, learn to look under the right rocks to find it and be respectful to those you meet along the way. Burning bridges only leaves you with one way forward and no way back. You burned this bridge and I am going back to my fun without another thought in your direction. I left this for you to think over and maybe learn something.


I am dominant. I am the man who gets things done. I will not tolerate topping from the bottom. I will write you off so fast that you will be forgotten before your car gets out of my neighborhood. 

You watched "The Secretary" and read "50 Shades of Grey" and now you are an expert in the lifestyle. I have never heard such hogwash in all of my life. I have been in the lifestyle since I was 19 and still do not profess such lunacy. I will never know all there is to know about this lifestyle. That won't stop me from learning everything I can when it is presented to me. 

Why is it that people with a little knowledge think they are all that with a cherry on top? A newbie telling me that they know what the lifestyle is all about is like telling me you own a unicorn. Strapping your dildo to a horses may make it a unicorn in your eyes, but all everyone else sees is a ridiculous horny horse. 

With the lifestyle going more and more mainstream in society, we have lost the honor and integrity that was once expected from dominants. The strong and proud slaves have become a thing of the past. I do feel sad for all the new people entering the life who have to deal with the idiots that abound lately. I have remained on this site to give truths and answer questions from the newly interested people. the bullies will never go away, but at least I can say I did my part to show what the life is all about. 

I see a thousand submissive and slave women on here who are looking for a slave for their dominants or masters. Something about that strikes me as odd. Why would a master need his slave to find women for him? Is the slave a fuck up and about to be replaced? Is the Master an ass and cannot attract women? 

I cannot see telling my girls to find me more girls. That would be allowing them to choose something for me that I may not find pleasurable. I am the Master and will choose those that serve me. I am the dominant. It is up to me to attract and choose proper submissive women for myself. My slave's duties are to follow my lead and service me. If that means I must do without a house full of women, so be it. 

REALLY? You are going to tell a dominant to collar you or lose you forever. Bye bitch! 


When did people give up on dating and getting to know each other? I have no want or need for some useless cunt in my house that I do not know and could care less about. If you expect me to collar you after a couple of online conversations, you are sadly mistaken and need to go find the man who wants a door mat. 

Pet earned herself more swats than she could handle since our last play date. We had only a day to cover her 11 counts of misconduct. I was sure she would balk and run when I told her that her day would have no safe words and that I had the full intention of making her learn her lesson. She smiled and tried to get in the car. I grabbed her and bent her over the trunk of my car in her front yard and gave her 10 swats to start her day with me. 


We decided to take our favorite longer shortcut to my place. We found a nice spot off the road and hiked into the woods to find a proper tree. I tied her to the tree and slapped her tits and ass to watch her wiggle and squirm. I used several ropes, spread her legs open, and had her vulnerable between a couple of trees in a dried creek bed. I took a few photos for memories and let her down, but made sure to leave her in a rope harness. We slowly made our way back to the car. 


At the car, I bent her over the trunk again and worked her already red ass over and got the first of many bruises for the day. She was still high in her subspace when I opened the trunk and shoved her in. I closed the trunk and she screamed not to be left in the trunk all the way to my house. The sadist in me wanted to leave her there until I got home, but the dominant in me wanted an hand job along the way. So she was freed.


There is no way to describe what play with me is like. The end result was a pet with a black and blue ass, bruised tits, and a permanent smile on her face. She was apprehensive about playing with me when her safe words were taken away. She knows now what that means and said she will want that more and more.


She is still beaming and glowing from our date and making plans for the next. 

It is a drive to my pet's home. It takes an hour and a half to get there and just as long to get her back to my place. I had been searching for shorter routes and playing with my GPS. I found a route that would only take an hour. Stupid GPS sent me off the paved road and down a very rough dirt forest service road. It took longer to make the drive than an hour. It took the full hour and a half to get to pet's place due to driving slow on really rough road.

I already had things set up at my place and had little time to play with my pet, so we made the highway run back to my place and played the day away. I took her home used and bruised well with a smile on her face that no one could have taken away from her.

The next week on our date day, I found a new route that was all highway and took an hour to get to her place. I was excited to have found the faster way to her place and thus gaining more play time with her. I decided the forest service road I found on my first short cut attempt was a very good option this trip. We were halfway down the 9 miles of rough dirt road when we stopped. The road was underwater from a rain storm. There was no way to cross it. We got out of the car and looked at the water rushing over the road and looked back up the road to see how far we had to back up to get turned around. This was just the thing I did not want, time taken away from me and my pet.

I did the only thing I could do in that situation. I grabbed my pet by the hair and bent her over the hood of my car. I ripped the belt from my waist, pulled up her skirt, and began swatting her ass. She giggled at first, then moaned, and then gave me the squeals I wanted. No flooded road was going to stop my play time with my pet.

We jumped back in the car and backed up the road to a place where we could turn around. It was bumpy and pet was being protective of her stinging ass. I pulled the car up to a fence and started turning us around to get us out and back on our way to my place when she giggled about my short cut not being so short. The car came to an abrupt stop and she was back across the hood again with her skirt raised. The sounds of her second spanking scared every woodland creature for at least a mile and she was wiggling and squealing as she counted out her ten swats.

Needless to say, this road has become the regular route to bring pet to my place. Even though it takes us two hours to get to my place, it is a very nice short cut.

Don't place me in the position of telling you how I truly feel, if you cannot handle a truthful answer. I am honest to a fault and will not hesitate to tell you when you have disappointed me or when you have made me a happy man. I will and always do answer questions truthfully and you should expect that in my answers.

"Does this dress make me look fat?" is not a question you want to ask me if you are overweight. I like big girls, but I am not subtle in my answers when placed in a position like that. "Sure sweetie, but everything you wear does that." I never said I didn't like the look or that I didn't like her body, I answered her question. Take what is said at face value and don't read past that or you will make assumptions that will hurt your feelings and end up pissing me off. If I didn't like you, I wouldn't be talking to you. If I don't like the way you look, we would have had a discussion on attractiveness before becoming chat buddies or play partners.

I can be polite in social situations and still say what I mean without the bluntness stated before, but I prefer to keep my thoughts simple and to the point. There can be no misunderstanding that way (unless you go assuming shit).