Vertical Line




I am a masochist who is obsessed with milking, forced orgasms, post orgasm, or what ever you want to call it. I am fascinated with how far the human body can be pushed if it’s given no choice. I want to find out what I am capable of. I already know I can orgasm more than the average person because I practice a ridiculous amount but I’ve come as far as I can by myself.

I’m searching for a dom or domme who wants to torment and push a sub or slave to the brink of forced orgasms until their genitals just give out, and then maybe push some more lol. One dom once told me he’d make me cum till he broke my prostate lol. That never happened but maybe someone wants to try!

In return I am willing to try most anything within reason that you are interested in. I am not much of a service sub slave but if you are a sadist I am totally your sub and or slave! Have some sick twisted play you wanna try, chances are I am game lol.

I specifically love the idea of dark and twisted medical bdsm and other taboo things.