Vertical Line


Professional who desires freedom by enslavement. This is a sincere ad. Hello, I am a businessman who would like to present a challenge to a very unique Lady. As well, it?s not for the ?faint of heart?. She needs to be a Lady who truly is in quest to condition and train a male to truly become a slave to Her. No holds barred. I am far from a door mat and have many opinions on a vast array of material. I have been fascinated for years and years about taking the journey with a very bright creative Domina to the destination of being an owned slave?not a Saturday night submissive, but owned from the point of no return. Human nature, as it is, highlights many challenges and second guessing along the voyage, but the end game is so rich for both of us, the trials and tribulations of the journey are worth the effort and sacrifice for what we both have desired for ever. This I expect will be very difficult and challenging and for Her, a huge level of commitment. You could easily find the doormat type male, but for Her, she wants the strong alpha male that she can break and conditioned to be Her slave. She relishes in the challenge and feels she has the experience and knowledge to really follow through and make this happen. I think we would need to plan for me to be indisposed for six months to a year with no responsibilities other than being educated to perfection as your holy owned slave. I find that there are many ?players? from both genders in terms of female dominance, but taking desires and needs to very serious levels of human subservience is only for the severe of will and desire. I will always hold to the philosophy that ?we can make anything happen, if we put our minds to it? I am 50, healthy and of some means. I am not a novice to what I am prepared to embark on. Reasonably attractive and of an upper level IQ and education. In closing, once again this is not for the ?faint of heart? Respectful regards,