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2018 Revised Edition

From the top (npi), not currently in a relationship, not actively seeking one and content with that status to continue. I primarily come here for the discussion boards, or what's left of them. I'm happy to talk to sincere people about the lifestyle, but please be female and preferably submissive. In a nutshell, I'm Dominant, I'm 100% heterosexual, I don't do cyber relationships, not looking for friends and I'm not doing email marathons that go nowhere. And in case the attitude wasn't a clue, I'm old....

For what it's worth, see below for the remains of my profile.

The basics: 63yo hetero, single, intelligent, 6' 2" tall, fit and very active. I'm an independent, practical, relaxed, down to earth realist with a healthy and often dark sense of humour. I'm also clean, hygienic, a non-smoker, proudly "blue collar" and have no dependents. I enjoy numerous interests but at relationship level, the control dynamic of D/s power exchange is what drives my needs and desires.

I'm attracted to women who are soft and girly. Mary-Anne, not Ginger (for those familiar with Gilligan's Island).... The submissive you is (preferably) a hetero, feminine lady to my age and of at least average intelligence, open-minded and has a sense of humour. You should know what you want/desire from life and the lifestyle and need and enjoy the dynamics of D/s Power Exchange at all levels - not just in the bedroom, Looks (though there must be attraction), race, nationality and especially previous experience are not important.

Hard Limits: I have no personal interest in activity involving cyber, bodily waste, blood letting or permanent marks.

The bottom line: I don't believe anyone is ever a perfect fit but some things are non-negotiable. If you're an adult female who identifies as submissive (incl. switch), unattached and ideally lives within 100 k's of me, you're someone I'd like to communicate with. BDSM can't be all we have in common but if the chemistry's right, almost anything's possible....

Though children are not ideal in D/s, I believe mature adults with complimenting needs and desires can find a balanced way to work around most circumstances.