Vertical Line


I am a serious, classy intellectual new to the lifestyle. I am soft spoken but forceful. In an ideal scene, I am cool and focused, pouring all of my consciousness into the process of creating exactly the emotional and physical effect I desire for my sub.

I am looking for potential partners and friends to exchange ideas with. I am a very introspective person, and intelligence and self-awareness are a required of anyone I talk or play with. If you don't meet these criteria, you waste both our time by contacting me.

I am interested in talking with people of all genders and orientations about their experiences with the lifestyle and am open to chat play with both men and women. For now, I am only seeking women for real time play, and only after getting to know each other via chat and phone first.

I am in an open long-term relationship with a woman also exploring the lifestyle who is fully aware and supportive of my outside play. At the moment, we are not interested in playing as a couple.