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Can a deep-rooted need to be of SERVICE be mated to a deeply innate nature of Sensuality ?

In my case, the answer is YES.

A physically Beautiful boy, with an inner passion for Obedient Servitude, seeks a Woman who *knows* how to utterly possess their slave .... it is the most natural thing to Her.

A Woman who desires total obedience and selfless service from a pretty, yet utterly dedicated slaveboy. She who would have it ALL.

A Woman who insists on rooting her WILL in her slave's mind, and to permeate his every desire.

A Woman who desires her slave to strive for perfection, knowing perfection will never be attained - yet also knowing she will bring him inexorably closer to it.

I respond, above all else, to She who has for so long well-known her own mind, will, & desires.

Everything else, including the inspiration to submit to her, flows from that mental connection she mates with her slaves mind.

Fit, toned, (in mind, body, & spirit), sleek bodied, totally smooth ALL over (kept waxed) , and ready to serve the ONE.

Extensive prior training in service & protocol.

And yes, in answer to an often-asked question: that IS me & my mane.

And no, I am not a TS/TV, although I have absolutely nothing against it :)


Some aesthetics of note:

- Completely waxed/shaved from eyes to toes.
- Smooth & soft warm-colored skin.
- Large, unusually elongated/stretched nipples (both ringed).
- Round bubble-butt.
- Soft, smooth hands & feet. (I carefully maintain my total aesthetic for She who would be proud of owning Her very own boy)
- Androgynous figure and face

More about me :

Interest list checked on the left, are only limited by the narrow selection listed, which, notwithstanding, are merely ancillary to the goal of truly devoted & selfless service to She who seeks to own.

I would also consider serving select Dominant couples who have evolved tastes & have cultivated a unique & mature perspective on this culture.

Over 15 yrs r/l experience in the lifestyle & culture. Prior Syr/boi education & training.

Other areas of skill :

- Advanced (CMT level) massage training.

- Highly-educated, articulate, precise, intellectual, multilingual slave at your service. - Adept at multi-tasking.

- High Protocol decorum & service.

- Extensive Anal Training.

- Advanced Anilingus skills.

SS&C please (although consensual nonconsensuality is an option if our minds click - and a fact if our minds mesh completely)

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3/27/2005 4:32:21 AM

Additional interests:

Shibari/Japanese Rope Bondage



Immaculate House-cleaning 

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