Vertical Line



dilimiti - photo 1

looking for real time connection


i want what i want

good luck ladies

i need to check out

nothing is going to CUM of this

supposedly a few characters short so maybe this will meet the requirements

i am interested in cuckoldry

currently rent in Buffalo NY and going through remnants of my storage unit that I kept for five years that i spent in Colorado and California

currently residing in Sausalito, California
in Golden Colordo at present having left Buffalo New York where i was caring for my dad who has since passed no idea of where i will end up but alphabetically it would be Buffalo albeit (part time) or around Denver or San Franciso again!
onlyn2cucks has a place in my heart
somebody blocked me for exercising my constitutional right to discuss illegal activities!

do not kid yourself

you will not meet anybody from around your area

QE62 has sparked my interest
i have recently met a sub whom i like

i will keep you posted
if you can't show your your crotch!
thanks for the kind words Ms Pam
how about undecided instead of switch?
i am needing a dominant female lover

i need a wife so i can be cucked
if this site works then why are we still here?

within the last few days here,  i have observed more photos of females being posted upside this the latest trend in image presentation?

come on is not DollarMe

does anybody review the contents of their bulk mail?


i discovered a jewel therein

yesterday a neighbor left behind a hefty coffee table book "The Art of Eric Stanton for the Man Who Knows His Place"