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If you need to send me a message and at the end it will sign of as Sir or Mistress I will have an understanding that you are in inadequate in some way. I never sign of as sub as I know who and what I am so more than likely I will reply and point this out. When you read that a sub is 18 and been in this lifestyle for some years then there is a problem in the profile.
At some point we have the ability to block people but it is so annoying when the same person has more than one profile. If you have said time after time 'sorry not interested' and you get to the point you have to block them as they have become abusive why do they then contact you on another profile but the location is a few hundred miles from the first profile. No means No and if you cant accept that then you are far from being trust worthy.
Most subs have been in a situation where they have had a message and in it the person demands to be called 'Sir' or 'Master' we do as he demands or tell him at this particular moment you are neither to me. If a Dominant is comfortable in his own skin most will not even want you to use those words as he already knows what he is to you. Does a subs need to be called 'sub' every time she is spoken to Hell no as we already know what we are and if you Dominant men/women feel this is disrespectful then you have a long way to go in accepting what and who you are.

When you are speaking to a person on the phone you find you may have a friend before anything else, more so when there is distance between you. Nothing wrong in becoming friends first and maybe it will go further maybe not but if it does you have a person you can tell all about yourself and they can tell you about themselves. I am talking to a man who shows his compassion when he speaks and that is a good thing. Thank you Tony xx
Had a message from a woman and i replied and guess what deleted unread, but after reading her profile and journal i am glad she did, someone so far up her own arse is a nice way of descibing her. She has the cheek to name and put people down in her journal but she happened to mention someone i know yet she claims to be a dominant, i find her to be just an arrogant piece of ____ her name is Ducat1jewel lets hope the subs learn a lesson and bypass her.
I have read a profile of a man i know and have met once, and although i will not name him he will know who he is. He states he is looking for a live in slave but what he does not state is he has a son who spends hours on his laptop scamming others a daughter who need her mouth washing out with soap and she dominates her father more than being a father and when i met him he is far from being a Dom he is more in looking for his next partner who will look after his kids. What is this site coming to........ a babysitting circle
In this lifestyle we are all expected to respect others but surely respect is earned and given when it has been. I try to understand all that has their kinks and respect that what i find hard is when it is spread across the media and i am told it is a natural thing, i am talking about trans gender here. I dont really care what people are as long as it does not effect children. What i do care about are the Hermaphrodite population, as it happens it is a natural cause and not done medically yet i find no one from that gendre has reared its head and stamped their feet because no one is listening. I am sorry if this offends people but my heart goes out to the Hermaphrodite more so than the TV as they dont feel the need to throw their toys out of the pram to get attention..............
If my kinks do not match yours does that give you the right to swear at me it doesnt, if you want a polite reply then maybe you should practice what you preach. We are all different on this site so getting stroppy and throwing your toys out of the pram wont get you very far. Many time we will see a profile talking about women who do not reply well maybe they have had enough from so called Doms being disrespectful and feel by replying it will just happen again. So to all the so called Doms who feel they have to lower themselves to fould language it is not very Domly to loose your cool
Be great if this site sorted themselves out and get the gateway fixed or they will be loosing many people to another site
Some of us have had that message which is disrespectful but before you block them take a look at their profile and more than likely it wont ring true, like a 31 yo who has had 16 years of experience........gosh he started young lmao. Just have a laugh at his expense and return a message and leave him with his hand down his pants.
When i get a message fro someone who is saying he is Dom in his profile at 21 and the message says Hey excuse me while i have a coughing fit
I think a first message to any sub starting with Bitch would not be the ideal term when introducing yourself..............all you will get is either a negative reply or none at all. So if that is how you start it is never going to get of the starting shows the lack of understanding of this way of life and i will think 'What a jerk'
THIS IS WHO I AM............a woman who was born female, a person who accepts people as they are no matter what they choose to be. If you are gay that is your choice, or if you are a cross dresser again that is your choice. We all make choices, and i have the choice to call myself a woman. If someone has a problem with me calling myself a woman that is not my problem it is yours, if you are that shallow and insecure again not my problem. So can you all stop with telling me i cant say that i am a woman.  Thank you
After reading so many profiles I do laugh at the amount of Doms who are into training, but surely if he trains you it will be for his desires and as we know all Doms are different. Would it not be better to say that and put across to a submissive that what he has trained her to do will not be to anothers liking
When the stupid come out they come out in droves no respect no sign of intelligence this site is getting really bad. Maybe they should put a test on here before you join!!!!!!!!!
I do have to laugh at some of the Dominant profiles that say no pictures in a subs profile not to expect a reply then when you look at theirs all they have is cartoon pictures, made me chuckle for a while anyway.
Been blocked again by some impolite Dom who could not or would not understand that being rude would not get him very far and then sends a tirade of abuse and before i could reply he blocked me............oh it breaks my heart lmfao.............
As we all know and do we read profiles and some are genuine and some are absolutely hilarious, reading one the other day from a Dom who actually says he is a Fin Dom and although i am being rude after reading it i though 'complete and utter knob' does he really think he would find a sub of any quality i dont think so and if he did she deserves everything he takes from her. Can someone please tell me when finances came into BDSM or have i been missing something in these long years of being in this scene or is this going to become norm, if so i would not want anything to do with it
Normally it is the Doms i may write about but this time it is not about them, if i write about a Dom being rude in their messages then why would a Domme think it is ok for them. Oh Come On use your brain which i know we were all born with but to say 'You May Kneel' sorry only one reply at the moment Kiss My Arse.
This is not very submissive of me but it did make me laugh............

Why do 'balls' equate to being toughness
and 'pussy' equates to weakness
when even the slightest flick to the nuts
sends a guy to his knees
yet a vagina can push a human being out!!!!!
Would any sub take a profile of an 18yo as a Master real .................nooooooooo. That title comes with age and experience and no insult but at 18 what have you experienced come on be real.
We are all guilty of saying someone is a fake or a wanabee but if we are honest who are we to judge. If i feel someone has been rude if that are the type of messages you are  sending to a newbie then no wonder she runs the opposite way and you loose a sub in the making. I dont think at 19 you can class yourself as a Master but you may have the makings of being a Dom in time.
On a mission tomorrow, nothing to do with BDSM but could be fried by the afternoon as attempting some electrical work, so i do hope to be on here sometime in the evening
This is where some will think i am being disrespectful so i apologise now................I know that most Doms like the words 'slut' 'whore' 'bitch' but you have to understand that those words are for the subs Dom and so when you message me using any of those words you are disrespecting me and making yourself look like a numpty. Also if you ask what i have done with a previous Dom that is private and has nothing to do with anybody else.
It is not very often i sit and think about what i want to write here, but a few things have been spinning around in my head which i feel i need to say.
Most submissives will say she/he is giving a Dom/Domme a gift but surely we give something to each other so it should not be just the sub but also the Master/Dom or Domme that has that special gift we all talk about.
I spoke to a wise man that said 'i dont want to be called Sir it is your actions that show me i am your Sir' and it is so true, words are easy to say but actions are slightly harder to show.
If you are aggressive in your profile what does that say about you as a person, if all you talk about is how you are going to abuse the sub what does that say about yourself, but if you talk about caring, nurturing and guidance that says a lot more about you than an abusive bully.
If the sub has concerns about the distaance between you it is because she has had past issues and she is only voicing the concerns, talk to her and tell her how the distance will not interfere with that relationship, explain that the distance can be overcome.
We may all have some issues with something but unless we talk it will never be worked out.

I hope you have all had a good Christmas and now we all wait to see what 2017 will bring us.
It seems that the one thing most potential Doms fail to ask a sub is there any health issues, when chatting to a Dom he actually asked that question and i was taken aback when he said that being an insulin dependant diabetic i could not play to the full extent. My reply to him was he was actually talking out of his arse and also that if a Dom knows about any issues health wise he would have to know her body deeper than someone who has no health issues. So come on all you Doms start asking as that should be one of the questions you should be asking so all are safe................
Being on a site like this very few may have met the people who message us so only by asking questions do we get any idea of the person that contact us. By asking questions we make up a person in our minds, it is only when we start to ask the difficult questions and the replies we get back can we know the person better, it is when the person comes back with insulting views and that shows the real nasty people. If i am told a young woman was only 15 when she came into this lifestyle i think would i want my own daughter to be taken into a place like this at that age and as a parent i would say NO as that borders child abuse. I know that is not always the case but come on grooming a 15 yo is wrong in any sense. So if all you can do is be rude and not being able to understand the whole question part then maybe you should not send messages that difficult questions will arise.
When we see beauty it is a personal thing not everyone will see the same..........but when i see something that is in their natural enviroment when you cage it they loose their lustre.....but that is not to say it is right or wrong. We all have different concepts of this lifestyle but because you or i do not like what another is into does not take that beauty away it is just not the thing we maybe into. If you have something in your profile and because someone says not for me im afraid it doesnt make that person is any less just for saying it. We learn from each other and when we eventually find that special someone their beauty grows within and it is something amazing. We are all different in this lifestyle but when i hear how people have been insulting because of their size i wonder where this lifestyle is heading. I know some Doms like to have a piece of eye candy on their arms and that is their choice but to insult others because they do not suit YOU is wrong and hurtfull. If that is all you can do to a potential sub then you are no DOM you are a bully which does not belong here.
Been away for a while for numerous reasons but will see how things go and decide what i will do in the future. It still amazes me that Doms feel the need to put cock pictures up, just my own view on this so please dont get offended. Do you know people that UK UK is a vast area so helps if you say what county at least silly people
Well I thought I had read most laughable profiles and as I needed to smile at something today I read something that did just that. Am I wrong or do you Masters have a chance to be registered on some list that I don't know about pmsl
It is good that we can read profiles and some are very interesting but have read one this morning of a sub and realised she has put in that something happened to her..............funny it was word for word from a book I have recently read so one should be careful what you put as not all are dim witted
Funny you get blocked for not answering a message straight away...............give me a break i do have a life that does not entail me sitting here all my free time answering stupid questions that some deem to send twice
Taking a break from here 
When someone new on here sends a stupid message on here what do you say to the person...........well being a person before being a sub i told him to go fuck himself. So please dont message me if that is all you want to do, and the guy this is meant for is Funwithfetish44
Being blocked is not a hardship when it is by people who say one thing and mean another. Or if you question something about themselves. I don't have a problem with them doing it to me just makes me laugh as I must have hit a nerve
Dear Santa

I have been good

All of the time

Well some of the time

Just forget it

I will buy my own stuff
People are different in all areas of life, even iin this lifestyle. Most of us will say something but mean something different, that maybe as simple in a way a person looks like. I would like to say i look beyond a persons looks, i have a dear friend you had half his neck taken away due to cancer but when i talk to him or text him i see the most wonderful man i have come across, he is a Dom and i remember the first time we met he was shocked that i didnt really notice his neck even though he was concious about it. So i would like to say to some people on here dont be so bloody shallow and see past what is on the outside as it is what is on the inside that counts the most. I speak to my friend and we talk about his outward appearance and although his own partner cannot see past it as far as i am concerned she is the loser and not him, i will always be there for him and that is the important thing.
As a sub i look at some profiles and most say how many sub women are fake, well i can say it works both ways, this i have experienced so it is not something i dont know about. Maybe i will put a list up of all the time wasters i have personally come across, so to all the Dom/Masters it is not a one way street.
It is such a shame so many submissives are leaving the lifestyle due to the fact that they meet someone and things seem to be going well and then He/She drops a bomshell and it ends. If you cannot be honest in the begining then how are submissive going to trust you. You expect honesty from them so do the right thing to them. I know and understand the situation can be opposite and the sub plays a game for her own ends, it is hard to know who and what to trust and going by our own gut instinct is not helping as when you chat to someone on here and other sites you can only go by what has been said, but even when meeting face to face things can and do go wrong, not straight away but a few weeks down the line. We are losing many subs due to the lies and cajoling so please be straight with me i am able to take a knock but most importantly be honest in what you want.
Well it is not only the females that are asking for financial tributes, seen a Dom profile and he is also looking for financial tributes............can someone tell me when and where the financial part came into bdsm, if a females sells her body that is their business but do they have to tout for business on a site like this.................................
Being a sub/Dom is hard when you are searching, so many things have to be considered.....but i know many Doms who have supported me in the past 2 weeks it is only one who has told me that the Dom was not the caring nurturing person he portrayed to be, he was a predator and after looking back maybe he was. So it does not matter how careful a sub may be she will make mistakes in her choice, unfortunately it is also the sub who has to grow again and that is the hardest part. When this happens she needs to know the next one will help her grow into the sub she knows she can be.
Just having a chat with a dear friend who happens to be a Dom, he has taken a new sub on and he informs me she had been betrayed also, what is wrong with the Dom's that they treat a sub so badly, i was taught that a Dom would care and cherish his sub but it seems that some have no concept of the meaning but of course they dont tell you that when they take you on. It gives the community a nad reputation which is such a shame, it will be difficult for a real caring Dom to find a sub if this carries on.
Well for people who think this is a rant it is not, it is the way i personally see things..............

For the men who think they are Dom but really are not here is a story for you....

You find a sub online and you chat for a while then get a strop as here work gets in the way of things so you say thanks but no thanks, that is fine a sub can handle rejection at this time as nothing has been offered or taken.
A few weeks down the line He contacts you and says he would like to try so the sub agrees and at first things are great until he is introduced to anothe bi sub by his sub and things goes tits up so to speak, as the friend of the sub does not want what he offers which at this point she is in control. As a few weeks pass the Dom is different with his sub and the relationship ends.
The sub realises that things were not what they appeared to be and had support from a few people on this site and she felt she had done nothing wrong, but she missed this Dom of hers even though she had been hurt.
He then asks if she is still available a few week down the road and her reply was yes she was and was filled with joy............but again the games with her friend starts over again and then all of a sudden he tells this sub it is not happening as distance is a problem, but the miles have always been there they dont lessen over time. So again a sub is left hurt and wondering what she had done wrong yet again.

For the subs that may read this............

It is not her fault it is His so dont carry the hurt around as not all are like him but assure yourself that this will not happen to you and stay safe and well and lessen the hurt by not taking on your old Dom it is not worth the pain.
From now on my bisexuality is mine and not for someone to give it away on their behalf......
Being impolite shows you to have bad manners, which in my mind is not acceptable. A few words in a message is all that is needed not a long essay. If you have bad manners then it shows your ignorance that goes if you may be  a Dom or sub and i for one would not entertain someone with bad manners.
When you know something does not feel right it is important to say even if you are being petulant. It may feel right with another but not the one who demands it. Listen to you inner self if very rarely lets you down, it is a beacon to your whole being. When you have decided what is right for you don't let someone change your mind because it is what they want. You may be a sub/slave but you still have some control as if something is happening and your screaming it is not right for you dont be bullied into doing anything you feel uncomfortable with, talk about it with someone and you will always come to an arrangement that will suit all around you
Something funny happened today, i was told by a slave that a Dom has no right to sleep or in any way play with another sub even though he wants 2 subs. In my opinion a Dom/Master has the right to take on another if he has been open to what he intends. If a sub/slave knows of the intent she will say this because she feels threatened in which case she should not be in this lifestyle and be honest with her Master and ask for release. Jealousy is damaging in many ways and i am not nor will i ever have that feeling. This is not a dig at the said slave but it is time for her to be honest with herself and to her Master, also this could be to do with tha laxed training he has done. I would have no problem with being with another sub.........oh what times i could have mmmmmmmmmmm
A few of you have asked for more details of what happened between me and my sub friend, well i am sorry that is between me and her and i am not going to give anymore detail except she and i enjoyed many hours of satisfaction, the rest is private as it would be if i was with a Master
Had a wonderful time with an old friend and now it is time for her to go, will be seeing her mor regularly i hope and she smiles at me writing this.
So far the best thing that has happened today is a Master:):):):) cancelled a meeting for Saturday but out of that i get to meet a lovely sub i have known for years and she switches from time to time, so i am getting to play for the first time in months, oh god she doesnt know what she is going to get, mmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmm i best say thankyou for the let down by him i suppose but he has done me a great favour
Life is so complicated here sometimes, your damned if you do the corect thing but damned if you dont, i give up on so many on here
I now see many men have a wish list...........give me a break it seems to many have these, if they want something go and buy it yourself and have some self respect
To the people you had noticed i hid my profile it is because i have a family problem that is taking my time up and needs to be sorted before i can commit to anything. Sorry for any mails that have not been answered yet i will get around to them shortly
I have come across a so called experienced MASTER at the ripe old age of 19............give me a break.......i am not say you are not a Dom as i know we all have to start somewhere but using MASTER as your deion.............yeah right. So when in my answer it tells you i am not interested because of your age leave it and stop showing your immaturity in messaging. I WILL NEVER GO WITH ANYONE IN THEIR toddle of home and play with your lego or whatever you play with
I am talking with someone with the intention of meeting
I am now having a different outlook to the 50 shaders, perhaps instead of putting these women down maybe we should be offering some sort of guidance. We all started somewhere and if it is a upcoming sub learning she may have these tendancies from a book who am i or anyone else to say that is wrong. We are carefull not to be judgemental so why are we doing it to people that maybe submissive in a slight way, if the guidance is on offer maybe they will be honest how they have come to decide this lifestyle may be what they are searching for.
Most who message me are true to what they say they are but when i get a message which is the first from a guy saying 'Do you have sex in the New Forest' i sit and have a giggle and think what to reply. Surely sex is the final link not the first
Well the film is out and so much fuss, can people not see it is a Love Story mostly. Lets face it a REAL 'Mr Grey' does not live in the real world, well not in mine any way. Lets face it, it has not done any good for the bdsm scene except brought in a lot of females who read the book and thought 'yes I want that, but more than likely got a shock when they had their first session.
Why do some so called Dom men have to persist in being unmannered, if I answer and it is obvious you are not going to get anywhere why persist with another message, either you cant read English or your a pratt, but mostly you are showing me you are not what you say and have no dignity
A scenario for you.............................

You are a sub and a certain Dom has bombarded you with messages and text, you arrange a meeting and seems all goes well, you get a text saying he wants to meet again and you go out for dinner and the plan is he will stay the night, on returning home he says he has been called back to work ???????? ok so time goes by and he is not making an effort and you give him chance after chance to back out, out of the blue he has a suggestion......... lets text on 01/06/2015 when he retires........................she text after thinking about this and says that they both know it is not going to happen and he is the one that gets stroppy. That is strange so she cuts all ties with this guy............was she right to as I think she was as who has the cheek to put a sub on ice for six months then think he can pick up where he left it. Me I think he was attached and didn't have the balls to admit it
Well I have had my laugh for the day, and this site gets worse with the stupid bitches that are to damn lazy to work and become financial Dommes at 19, some days I wonder why I stay in this lifestyle when you get pathetic girls destroying the dynamics of it........rant over
When you get a message from someone saying go and die do I take them serious or do I just know they are a stupid little boy who just wants to get his rocks off and I don't help him in that, well as I just said to him silly little boy, and that is what you will get when your first message to me is would I suck you cock...........please get a life or find some porn site that excites you..................The idiot in this topic is Muscleytop what a rude and insulting pratt
Where we sub/slaves go wrong in my opinion

We live to be owned and when we are not we become desperate........sorry but it is true, then all the mistakes kick in......we believe in what a Master tells us we trust he is being honest in what he tells us on that first face to face meeting.........what we don't do is doubt them and we should and save on the heartache......this is not just for the females, males are the same.
We need to take our time and ask many questions but even doing that the fakes sneak by us and again we are thinking 'where did I go wrong'.
We are human before anything else and we all make the silly mistakes as do many other people, so if we become complacent is that it is not.
If you send a rude message and you come across as a bully I will reply but not in the way you think, I am a strong minded person and do not tolerate bullies and you always slip up in your profile to show that.
To all of the nice people I have spoken to I Wish you a very Merry Christmas......and to the idiots I wish you the same.........
We as females read all the time about males saying about time wasters but hang on a minute men are just the same, all we can do is put up with it and move on as complaining gets you nowhere, all we should do is chalk it up and move on.
Whatever is this financial control all about, if I work for it I am not going to let some lazy slut take it, she can go and work herself, cheeky bitches, oh and that includes the lazy men on here as well. I must be on the wrong site I thought it was a bdsm site not a site for others who want paying
Although it may say I am on here, I may be up a ladder painting so please excuse me if I do not answer.
I cannot take anyone serious when in their profile they either mention money or blackmail....Am I missing something that I can't see o is it the total stupidity of some people. When I came to this lifestyle no a million years ago blackmailing someone was definitely not on the list of people I knew and still know.
Like I said I cannot take these people serious.
Why is it that we are asked to write a profile and although it can be minimal people just do not read them. We are asked not to criticise anyone on here but it is so hard not to when they simply cant read a profile.