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Hetero Male Dominant, 51,  Pasadena, California
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It's so easy to place each other in boxes. I love to dig in and explore who others truly are and wish the same ... sure, you can read a few words but what does that really tell you? You're more than words -- you're living, breathing and have needs. I'm seeking to mentor, train a sub who wants to explore her desires. I have much experience to share along with knowledge and wisdom gained from interactions with others. I'm passionate and seeking someone who can handle my passion and wants to know how that will impact them. I've trained other subs in the past and have a range of creative desires and experiences. BDSM in the larger sense isn't just about equipment and pain ... but it is a rhythm to explore and discover limits and the comfort level in pushing those limits. Tell me more about yourself and what you seek. I'm patient and kind ... and I have an intensity I'm seeking to unleash. And excuse the fuzzy pic ... I'm looking for the original LOL! And before I forget, I also write erotica.











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 Dominant Male



 5' 9"

 172 lbs






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Dominant Female

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 Obedience Training (Expert)

 Orgasm Control (Expert)


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 Ultimate Frisbee


 Anal Play (Expert)

 Begging (Expert)


 Body Worship (Expert)

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 Cane / Crop Discipline (Expert)

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 Being Massaged (Expert)

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 Mental Bondage

 Role Playing

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 Wax Play (Expert)

 Whips (Expert)


 Ice Hockey




 Coffee Shops


 Musical Theater





 Public Exhibition


 Pony/Puppy Roleplay

 Goth Lifestyle

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 Curious About:

 Sailing / Yachting


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Journal Entries:
8/9/2009 5:34:34 PM

I had meant to write this past week about our couple of hours in the mtns again. We walked into the woods, I had her strip to a thong and then had her lean her hands against a tree and had some nice flogging and spanking.

It was nice. Last night, almost a week later she was aroused even though I wasn't expecting nor demanding anything.

6/21/2009 4:44:28 PM
Had a good trip up our favorite mountain highway. Cloudy until about 6,000 feet and then sunny . . . we had our little motorhome and found a nice place to park it. she changed for me and then lay down . . . I got a good spanking on her . . . and then had her turn over and tied her wrists to her thighs and then played with her awhile. She worked hard not to orgasm until I let her . . . she counted backward from 30 to 0 a few times she later said . . . nice.

3/14/2009 3:42:36 PM
We had a 2 day getaway to Ventura. it took several hours to unwind. While I wasn't expecting anything sexual the first night, she was more ready. And I also tried to open conversation around my desires and fantasies.

I tried a new rope tying technique around her ankles and then used silk scarves to tie her wrists to her thighs. I brought her to orgasm through licking her underneath her panties.

This morning, I spanked her while using anal beds on her and brought her to orgasm. We also discussed a bit more fantasies. And she said she would be a different person if there wasn't so much pressure on her. I reassured her I understood.

She also told me some of my fantasies will certainly remain my fantasies and I asked if she liked being the object of them and she said yes. I told her I would make us a special email address and then send things that she can read . . . and people with whom she might correspond.

2/25/2009 10:44:10 PM
I get a kick out of the Lesbian identified profiles having to work so hard to ward off men . . . I guess men can be pests!

2/24/2009 4:52:06 PM

And I wonder . . . is it possible for someone who wasn't kinky seeming earlier in life to become or grow to appreciate kinky desires later in life?

What do you think?

1/25/2009 1:42:51 PM
Maybe she has never internalized my desires . . . sometimes, sex seems to be so far away from her mind . . . or, at least, her sexual desires seem to quickly fade away. She doesn't seem to retain the passion in what we do . . .

11/16/2008 8:15:42 PM
Lately, she's been wearing a slinky red top to bed each night and nothing to cover her bottom or between her legs. She said it's more comfortable than a longer gown and I wrote her a note saying I liked the outfit and it gave me access to her and she said she was glad.

11/15/2008 8:18:17 PM
I have found an activity that really turns on my wife - shaving her vagina. We've done it twice recently and she fought an orgasm even before I was finished. The second time I had her wrists tied to the headboard of the bed. It was quite powerful

9/29/2008 9:52:27 AM
What a busy, intense weekend . . . but not sexually . . . :) . . . in fact, it's been a few weeks since we had sex and I didn't bring it up last night.

But she did . . . and that was nice. She mentioned she was tired . . . but she felt badly since we hadn't had sex in a few weeks. It was one of the first times she's said that.

So it was brief, but pleasant and satisfying.

I wonder if anal sex is considered a kink? She had me take her anally . . .

9/9/2008 6:21:38 PM

Last week, I told her I wanted to shave her . .  . she agreed. She said I could use the electric razor and I said no . . . I got warm water, shaving cream and the blade razor. I had her lean back and I took my time . . . candles lit . . . touching her . . . tasting her, too, as I went . . . I let my tongue touch her for one strong moment and she had a powerful orgasm . . . she apologized but I told her that's fine.

8/28/2008 8:58:51 AM
Last night as we went to sleep, I rested my hand on her bottom and rubbed it deeply for quite a  while . . . squeezing it hard, too.

She gave me a strong hug this morning. I know we need to play this weekend -- and play intensely . . . I'm going to ask her what she thinks will look nice with her new high heels . . . and I have a few things in mind, too.

8/27/2008 9:34:30 AM
I can't help but wonder if what I've been doing in training my wife may be lost due to some of the real life household pressures we've experienced recently.

But on the other hand, it may not be.

She bought some high heels last Sat for the first time ever . . . they look great.

But bdsm is such a mindset and there are so many details that compete for our attention.

I need to try and clear a space.

8/19/2008 9:31:50 AM
Explosions at home everywhere . . . which have led to challenges income-wise . . . yep, definitely an interruption to the deeper times of connecting in a D/s relationship in the bedroom . . . and, yet, a commitment to work through the issues as partners . . .

7/16/2008 4:31:30 PM
We had a nice time this past Sat driving up the Angeles Crest in our 20 ft motorhome. Parking at a favorite spot which is almost always deserted. We did some hiking, and she posed for me in different states of undress.

I did a very rudimentary introduction to pet play and called her my pet during our time.

Then, in the evening it was back to our real life and the noise.

There is more order. But our bdsm has developed in the midst of a chaotic and crazy life in which she maintains a great attitude.

6/22/2008 4:59:48 PM

I appreciate those of you who have exchanged ideas with me, etc. I haven't been on lately due to some of life's pressing issues.

I do appreciate all the friendships and look forward to continuing with them . . .

6/12/2008 4:36:22 PM
Just got back from 2 days in San Luis Obispo . . . 2 nights is more accurate . . . had a good time our first night and did some position training with her . . . she was very attentive and open . . . even wore a special bra and panties under her dress without my asking when we went out.

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