I am on here as a switch though quite honestly I tend to gravitate towards the submissive. I am primarily writing to get to know local people with similar interests and fetishes. Here is part of my old profile that tells you a bit about me in case you are interested....I would love to meet local like minded friends so if you want to say hello, please do. Be well, David I work mostly as a woodworkercarpenter, so I am very fit. I am athletic, like to be active, am fairly well traveled, have spent a fair number of years living abroad at different times, somewhat well read (dont know how you can quantify that but I have loved reading and learning since I was small so it must have added up to something by now), have varied interests and the people in my life tend to run the gambit of types, professions, interests and personalities. (How do you describe yourself without sounding pretentious?). I am down to earth, safe and sane. I like to think that I have decent boundaries and value honesty and kindness in all of my relationships. I like to have fun and I like to laugh a lot. I am told that I am childish and ridiculous but in a good way. My experience with DS has been very fulfilling though sporadic at best. I gravitate more towards the submissive side though with partners I have enjoyed the top as well it all depends on the person. I am very sensual and very real. I gravitate toward being a full pleasure giving sub and find my fulfillment in that. I also give pretty good massage. I am not looking for someone to play some kind of role that isnt them, feigning an attitude or personality that is not them. I want mutual fun, enjoyment and satisfaction. I am not a person that goes out of my way to look for pain but do like to know that I will do as asked and sensual pain can be very yummy! I also find all kinds of exploration exciting.

What say you?

My Ideal Person
 Age: 21
 Crayford, United Kingdom