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I have come to accept that i am really a girl. I was effeminate since childhood, i fall under the spell of dominate types. Love the feel of hard bodies and the power of erect cocks. Men are asking me for a photo - i am very private and closeted - i have a vanilla life which i do not want to disrupt. so please - no. Looking for that special man - with whom i am transformed into the woman he had always desired. Looking for long term on-line relationship culminating in becoming your slave wife.

Ass is for amazing

Not a psychiatrist, and no claim on special wizdom. However life observation and common sense tells me there are no gender absolutes. Even the most "masculine" of Doms might have a subliminal desire that a only a dicrete woman or boi can satisfy. Pl

The spectrum. Men who want me as femme, and men who want me yo make them femme. Delightful.

I love glute massages.
it is Saturday afternoon and the place is milling with men and a few gurls. some of the guys sitting watching the hard core movies have their cocks out - masturbating. sweat, urine and semen - sex is in the air. 

Today i am tucked, in mauve tight bike shorts and a flowered cotton blouse, a red lace thong under with a matching bra - and white thigh highs with 3" heels. with my brunette wig and full make-up i am strutting around, making sure the shorts ride high between my buttocks to outline my femme roundness. I am horny and hoping to attract a decent stud to fuck me. My antennae are up for an interested man.

He has been looking my way and i could tell he was interested. i sit one row behind and one seat to the side of his chair. the video playing is about a pretty boy being rescued from a horrible fate by a man who takes him home and the boy becomes an adoring anal bride to his well equipped savior - no detail omitted.

I cross my legs and am positioned to give him a view of bare thigh when he looks back - and he does. as an added inducement i (absently) caress my buttock and leg for his inspection. how much of a whore have i become? but it seems like it is working - his interest s growing. at last the video is over - he gets up and imperceptably gestures to wards the cubicles - i get up and follow him into a vacant one. 6 foot square, all it has is a clothes hook and a wooden bench. i walk in - he follows and shuts the door. i do not know what to expect. roughly he gropes my bottom exploring deep into my ass crack and my anus. timidly i feel up his erection.

I remove my blouse, bra, shorts. now in myy thong and heels i go down in front of him, unbuckle his belt lower his zipper. he steps out of his jeans and boxers. nice size and cut - yumm. i suck his cock - salty with pre-cum - he lets me while fondling my titties and flicking my responsive nipples. i get up and fetch a KY tube from my purse - lube him good - he pushes the thong strip aside and lubes my ass hole. i turn around, bend over the bench and guide his cock. with an unexpected shove he impales me deep and immediately withdraws and waits - he knows i would be in pain and waited for that to subside - and in a minute it does - now i am dilated and start to eagerly balk into him - my asshole finding his manly shaft - he is now penetrating me with ease. holding me by the hips he fucks me rythmically - stroke in stroke out - gyrating his cock every so often to dilate me even further. immense pleasure - i am not touching my clitty which is now erect.

i feel him getting close to orgasm - his erection getting stiffer and yes. he pulls out and spews his hot cum all over my buttocks. i turn around and take him in my mouth sucking his last drops. he puts on his boxers and jeans - opens the door to the cubicle and walks out - leaving the door ajar - we have not uttered a word.

As his prized slave/wife, He has been reinforcing her submission by time tested methods, prominent among which is how He fucks her ass. she has been trained to bend over on command - douched and lubed - in anticipation - bent over with bared and exposed ass pussy. He keeps her waiting to maximize her humiliation and heighten her craven desire. as she senses Him approaching her manicured hands go to her deliciously round butt cheeks - she holds both cheeks with her hands spreading them just a hint - he hold her wrists and induces her to spread or squeeze her buttocks while he starts rubbing His massive cock against her scrotum, slowly progressing to resting his tip against her aroused anus - pushing slowly for full penetration. In making her hold her ass cheeks for him, he is making her a willing and accepting party to her own penetration - she holds her buttocks for Him to fuck. she is a consenting participant to her own sodomy. and every so often her fingers reach to feel the girth of His cock as it pumps her rectum - true sexual mastery and servitude.
A well formed, round ass is nature's way of sanctioning sodomy.

I was invited by a New Jersey family to spend a weekend at their house - part of a program to host students from out of state or out of Husband and wife - no children - gracious home. I arrived on Friday and was shown to my room. A Queen size bed to be shared with the other guest - an engineering student. We were introduced over dinner. He was at least 4" taller and muscular. We retired . I was tired and quickly undressed and got into bed. He did too. As I drifted off i sensed we were close. Some time later i awoke. I was holding his erect cock. Without words, he loweried my pajama bottoms. Cupping my ass cheek - he spread me and nestled his cock head in the crack of my ass. I patted his hand asking permission - i always carry KY with me - i fetched it - got back in bed - lubed his cock. Penetration was so pleasurable, i creamed. He fucked me for a while -, and ejaculated deep inside. On Saturday, we pretended so hard that nothing happened - counting the hours to bed time.
A recurrin fantasy. I am halfway dressed just applying make up when the door bell rings- i run to the door - open it. The delivery guy - tall - handsome and masculine- in a second he looks me up and down - i am taken by him - attracted - i motion him to put the parcel in the kitchen - and he does and asks if he can use the toilet and unzips his pants. The most gorgeous cock. Flustered now but obviously mesmerized - i point to the toilet. He asks if i would hold it for him. I am in shock at how bold he is and how compliant i become. I do not even know his name. I am holding his cock while he pees - a strong stream - he finishes - he is cupping my bottom. I look up to meet his eyes - he is at least a foot taller. He steers me to the kitchen - bends me over the table - roughlt lowers my panties. He smears mayonaise from a handy jar over my anus. My struggle to get away ends ubruply with a stinging spank across my buttocks. Next thing is him impaling me with his stiff cock. The pain of penetration subsides and the sensations of my rectum massaged by his solid fucking is overwhelming - i moan. His pace accelerates deeper and deeper - i feel the roughness of his bush aagainst my anus - and i start to cream as i feel him spewing cum inside my ass. He slows down - we both panting. He withdraws, zips up and leaves me still bent over, bare ass and drenched in oozing cum. He is gone A and i did not even have a chance tip him.
Over the weekend i travelled drspite the ominous weather forcast. it was worthwhile - since i met with a most wonderful gentleman - successful in business as i understand - but more importantly for me - really masculine. it was one of those instances where the pieces fit immediately - our roles were very clear. two drinks later we were in our hotel suite with him wrappin his arm around my waist - cupping my buttock - with me morphing into the weak female i really am
Yesterday my b/f made me go through with it. We had discussed it and i did not have the nerve. Yesterday he invited a friend - a man he had experiences with before. My friend had selected my attire - a flowered blouse - stretch shorts - a thong - bra - thigh highs and 3" heels - it was very feminine and most embarassing - he said it was training for coming out.