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looking for a brutal DOM or DOMME to transform me into a TS sex slave doll. i do have a vanilla life but if i can pass as a doll i will consider surrendering my vanilla life to my creators whim. at which time, i will devote rest of my life to live as hisher sex slave and undergo a more permanent modification into a TS.

i should say that my current vanilla and family life is important to me so my transition at the moment should only be short-term or privately permanent. Lets face it, no slaver wants to own an ugly TS whore that does not age well.

i seeks a sadist who dominates by sheer physical will, beating and whipping me into blind and fearful obedience.

i seeks a physical person who practices slavery as an art. metal chain choke collars, electric shock balls collar, metal cages, whipping posts, and all the tools to break whatever left of my manhood.

lets face it, i have limits...

-age of consent

-scat or anything unhealthy

-personal injury

keywords shemale bimbo doll pain toy dacryphilia

After a lot of soul searching i'd like to correct my profile. i no longer wish gender change  but i do wish for sissy slave transformation. it seems that becoming a sissy is the only way i can be submissive and slavish to a man. i still like to make that extra commitment in the future for that extraordinary man and undergo permanent female hormone treatment so he may know that i can never ever leave him to return to my vanilla life.

To All DOMS, when you are seeking sissies do you prefer a sissy with a functional clit with a sex drive or a sissy with a limp clit on female hormones??? Both has their positives and negatives but i wish to know what DOMS desires in their gurls.
i have been more confused lately because i have found myself to be more attracted to straight men into male sex slaves. i have found their macho confidence and violent aggression strangely sexually arousing. It so brings out the sissy fag side in me. What does this say about me??? i would rather a Master to physically abuse me become his pain whore than a Master to sensually seduce me become his sissy lover??? To love a Master with absolutely no sexual interest in my clitty other than a sensitive area to be permanently lock in chastity when not being inflicted with pain and torture???

uploaded a cleaner photo of my 'breast', i hope the small size does not discourage my future Master/Mistress but as you can see i have no hair on my chest.

finished cleaning my computer of virus (actually trojan malware)!!!

closed all IMs, found some viruses on my computer and in the process of cleaning my computer. messages through collarme is fine because only text are sent through.

Well it seems Masters don't feel i should be posting pictures of my clitty. While other Masters like to see my clitty. i discussed and settled on pulling my clitty pictures and offering to send my clitty pics for Masters who demand to see them.

well... looks like i need a training program, too much eating over the winter hibernating months.

Slavers have been very insistent in examining the little manhood i will be surrendering so i've posted 'it'. yes, it is functional and will try to get out from the smallest of chastity cages. Sadists will have extreme fun terrorizing it back into its small shell.

some people really thinks that sucking on Master's cock that has fuck my TS ass is a healthy thing??? and that this is 'caring' act Masters train their slaves to perform for loving their loving Master?


What do you slaves and Masters/Mistress' say?

still sick, getting very boring in bed. a little joke. ha ha.

sick and in bed,

temperature running high, very much like a bitch in heat,

very groggy, as a slave programmed and broken to forget his formal life as a MAN.

the aches and pains in my joints does not compare to the abuse at the hands of my sadistic LOVER.

A LOVER, i can warm with my heat on cold nights.

A LOVER with a cruel heart, harden by life and looking for the understanding of chastised male TS slave.

A LOVER who wants to share your dark life as you take my innocents and brutally modi of love.

as i lie in my bed dreaming..., is the pleasure of my cock worth the giving to my LOVER and his bizarre dreams for me?


see you DOMs/DOMMEs later.