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I am a cock craving sissy submissive slut slave bottom girl who likes to give oral and receive anal. When I get dressed up I am very sensual, submissive, and feel like a very naughty and slutty girl and I like to be treated and used that way. I like being told what to do and enjoy verbal humiliation such as calling me your bitch,slave,sissy or slut. I also like kings, andor kinky role play, hooker, nurse, french maid, play rape scenes,etc.Love dressing in garterbelts,stockings, high heels, wig, make-up, and in maids uni or milf dresses.I am quite demure, passive and very obedient, love oral, anal, bondage, humiliation, feminization training, Few my limits no piss, scat,permanent marks are extreme pain.

Imamature,Submissive,sissy cd slut.I love it when beingcontroled, using bondage, discipline, or whatever further feminizing me, as they train me in the fine art of servitude.

here's kinda the role scene i like to play out.but sometimes like a day in advance to be sure i can be ready by shaving from neck down ,painting my toenails and getting ready.I like to get all dressed up in maids outfit are what ever with thigh high hose,garterbelt,sexy panties,and high heel 4'' stripper shoes and sometimes leesh & collar and get in my bed eagle style with leather wrist & ankle restraints and eye restrainsts, are my new leather hood with snap on eye restraints and mouth gag attachment on to kinda keep me in the dark and keep me and other party kinda anonnious.and it also helps with my being a little shy & sub role play.and then i hook up all the restraints but one cause can't hook up the last one by myself and i leave front door unlocked and have stranger stop by and they can ease the front door open and see me all ready lying in bed in the bondage gear quick as they enter thru front door. and once they see me and kinda check me out in bed and in restrainsts they can decide if they want to play are not without me really knowing for sure if play time is about to commence are not. and if they like what they see they can lock both door locks behind them and disrobe.if i heard both door locks being locked and hear disrobing i'll know play time is on.and if ya don't like are feel comfortable with what ya see ya can just turn around and leave and no feelings hurt on either decide to stay and play all ya have to do is once ya enter bedroom is latch the last hand restrainst and do with me as you see fit.and i can leave paddles, floggers,condoms,and big bottle of lube on dresser just in case ya want to spank and control are demand me to do what ya like.but if any spankings occure i can leave my digital camera on dresser as well to takes pics of my red buns for me while dressed.So to make a long story short is kinda a play rape scene but with in advance permission on my part.where i'm in restrainsts and at your service to do as told are requested.and if requested i will even refraim from speaking.i even have ball gag if requested.

To be honest, it's been a fantasy of mine to be put in a position where I want to service a dom master or mistress out of obligation. Where I'm in your debt and have already promised to let you use my mouth for your pleasure, and have no choice about it at all. To know that I'm there only to serve you and be turned into your submissive cum slut, never tiring and very willing to obey. I want to pleasure you .
I want to know how it feels to have a dom dominate me, overtake and "force" me as needed, until I finally give in and surrender control. Since my role is to yield fully to you, I know I'll have to be overpowered at times while I'm in training. If I struggle or try to resist, it's your job to take control of me and rein me in, making me do what you want (this totally turns me on!).

I am asking you to train and discipline me so that I very quickly become your sex slave - willing or not. And if I'm not willing, to push me until I finally surrender, and learn to accept my place. I want to experience being Submissive to you - obedient, yielding, and eager to please. And I want to be sexually Dominated by you too - helpless, powerless, humiliated, and violated. I know you could get rough with me, make me do things I don't want to, and force me beyond my limits as you take full control. I know it won't be easy for me, but it's what I need and desire, and I'm willing to be degraded to learn my role. All I ask is that you don't hurt me. Everything else is fair game.

So I'm basically begging you to break me in as a whore, right? To sexually Dominate me, force me to do what you want, and OK, so after all that, what if I insist on no anal sex and say my butt is off-limits? Ha! If you're the dom type I'm looking for, you'd know that I really need to be taught a lesson in Submission. As soon as you have me restained you tell me you'll be fucking my ass anyway, for a long time, like it or not. You remind me that since I'm your property now, my asshole belongs to You, and if you want to fuck me, you will, and I'll have no say so in that decision.

I want to surrender completely, but i'm so vulnerable and intimate that I may need some help doing so. Are you a dom who won't take "no" for an answer? Good. So if you want to fuck me and I dare resist, please take control and teach me a lesson - I really need it, and you'll be doing me a favor. I admit I've always fantisized about being physically overpowered by a Dom and then forcibly penetrated with what ever - to be violated in the dirtiest way. Will YOU be the one to "break me in" so I learn to take a good assfucking?

I try to pull away but you manage to force me into restraints, spread my legs wide, and slide your cock deep inside my "pussy". I squeel as I feel my tight little pink hole get stretched wide open, then filled with your toy. You pound me deeply, over and over, until I learn to love it, telling you how good it feels and begging for more! Make me moan loudly as your toys is squeezed by my tight warm, velvety hole, giving as much pleasure possible as I clench my ass in response. And of course I'll willingly play any role I'm given that turns you on - like with me tearfully begging and pleading for you to stop as I struggle helplessly to get away, or maybe as a cheap hooker begging to be fucked harder and faster. And after you've ravaged me and taught me what my asshole is truly for, you climax inside me, officially making me your Bitch.
If this sounds good to you, and if you're sane, understanding, and can work with someone new to all this, let me know.

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