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Hello everyone   I am Master Michael, my wife is Katrina, We are both very caring and l
Dom/Domme Couple, 32/30,  New Brunswick , Canada







Last Online:


 Dom/Domme Couple

 New Brunswick  




Primary Partner:









 5' 7"

 190 lbs



Secondary Partner:











 5' 2"

 95 lbs



Actively Seeking:

Submissive Female

Switch Women

Submissive Transgender

Sub/Sub Couples

A Poly Household


 Auto Mechanic

 Computer Expert

 Woodworking Expert

Hello everyone


I am Master Michael, my wife is Katrina, We are both very caring and loving people, we can talk about limits you might have. I have been in the BDSM a long time i have lot's of experience being an owner if needed i can train but i would like to find a slave that has had no training.

Broken Domme's would be welcome


I am Katrina i am also looking for a girlfriend that would be into the lifestyle as our submissive. I'm also a survivor of sibling and narcissistic abuse so for those that are survivors as well i know and understand what you have gone through :)


All subs/slaves will wear a collar that means All.

All trans subs and slave will wear this


We are looking for Diaper girls

We are looking for a lifetime slave that would stay with us after breading.

We are looking for a sub/slave that is looking for a mommy and daddy

We are looking for a sub or slave to control completely in every way

We are also looking for pets and we will train you fully to be a proper pet

we love all races of women

we love mixed women

we also do pet girl training

We are both looking for a submissive woman or trans to be our slave for long term partnership and there will be a contract to sign for a short term trial period if everything goes well then there will be a permanent contract to sign unless the women that is going to sign the contract says she does not want a trial contract.



This lifestyle is not all about sex there is so much in this lifestyle people truly need to learn before they can truly call them self's masters or mistresses.

If you end up being the slave we are looking for then we will give you details.


If you want to know details then you can contact us at pitking @ live. ca,  serious inquiries only I don't play games with people. Now if there are new slaves out there that want help me and my wife are happy to help just email us at pitking @ live. ca or message us here,


If there is any slaves that need guidance then we are more then willing to help if you want to always get an answer from us then send us an email our email is pitking @ live. ca Everything in likes is what will be done to our slaves or sub-missive's in training in less they are you limits then we can discuses them. If you need to message us do it at pitking @ live. ca


we are on F L 

our account name is kingowner


me and my wife don't play games we are on here to find a slave or sub for life there are so many that are just playing games we don't, do not contact us if you want money

We are tired of all the fakes and the people that play games we are wanting real people we don't have pictures up for a reason if you want to see what we look like ask

and we are also looking for TS or female slave property to be income slaves


We wont send or give money for relocation cause we have lost to much money from it all ready.


First off if you are looking for money go find someone else it is the slaves job to relocate them selves to there master and or mistress. As a couple we are in this for the lifestyle not to use someone and throw them away like a piece of garbage if you can't handle that you shouldn't be on here....

Journal Entries:
10/30/2014 5:50:19 AM

This is our contract for slaves and subs

I ____________, hereinafter referred to as slave______ , do of my own free will, and being of sound mind and body, do hereby offer myself in consensual slavery to ____________, hereinafter referred to as Master and Mistress, from this moment on.

This agreement will never be terminated if there is a breach of contract by slave then there will be severe discipline with or without slaves acceptance of discipline.

Provisions of Contract

1.Slave agrees to obey at all times, and to devote herself entirely to the pleasure and desires of Master and Mistress. Slave also renounces all rights to her own pleasure, comfort, or gratification except insofar as permitted by Master and Mistress.

Master and Mistress agrees to learn what excites slave through exploration and communication and try to incorporate this into the relationship.

2.Master and Mistress accepts full responsibility of slave. This includes but is not limited to: slave's survival, health, physical wellbeing, and mental wellbeing. Slave accepts full responsibility for informing Master and Mistress of any real or perceived dangers or safety concerns, but also states that Master's and Mistress’s decision will be final regarding these issues. Master and Mistress agrees that slave will not be punished for respectfully stating these concerns. Master and Mistress further agrees to listen to slave's concerns with a clear and open mind. Master and Mistress shall never endanger or not to inflict physical harm upon slave which might require the attention of someone outside relationship.

3.Slave agrees at all times to make her body readily available to Master and Mistress for his or her use. Slave will have hair washed and brushed in the style Master and Mistress prefers at all times. Slave agrees to wear any and all clothing Master and Mistress picks.

4.Slave agrees that there is no safeword whatever Master and Mistress says is what slave will except with no exceptions ever.

5.Slave agrees to answer any and all questions asked by Master and Mistress freely, promptly, and to the best of her knowledge. Slave further agrees to volunteer any information that Master and Mistress should know regarding slave's physical or emotional state. Master and Mistress agrees to never use this information to harm slave in any way.

6.Master and Mistress agrees to furnish all toys such as vibrators, etc. and punishment implements such as crops and whips. Slave agrees to clean and maintain all toys, have them available for Master's and Mistress’s use at all times, and inform Master and Mistress of any needed repairs or replacements.

7.Slave agrees that there will never be any limits ever whatever Master and Mistress wants slave to do or whatever the Master and Mistress wants to do to the slave is excepted by the slave.

8.Slave agrees to address Master as "Sir" or "Master" and Mistress as “Miss” or “Mistress” unless otherwise directed. Slave agrees to speak respectfully to Master and Mistress at all times, including times not spent in a scene. Master and Mistress may address slave in any way he or she so chooses.

9.Master and Mistress agrees to furnish slave with a symbolic token of ownership. Slave agrees to wear this symbol at all times, except when Master and Mistress states to do so would be inappropriate or would non-consensually involve others.

10.Slave agrees and understands that any infractions of this agreement, or any act slave commits which displeases Master or Mistress, will result in punishment. Slave will gracefully accept punishment and try to learn from it. Slave agrees to assemble the punishment materials as ordered by Master or Mistress and assume any position needed to accept the punishment. Slave understands that failure to comply with Master's or Mistress’s orders will result in a more severe punishment. Master or Mistress will inform slave that she is being punished when punishment occurs. Master and Mistress will explain the reason for punishment either before, during, or following punishment. Master and Mistress agrees to discipline only out of a desire to better the slave, and further agrees to never punish out of, or during, feelings of anger.

11.Slave will be branded, pierced, and tattooed, the tattoo will have
Slave to my Master And Mistress for life
12.This contract if for life and will never end slave agrees to this if Master and Mistress wants to add more slaves then that is Master’s and Mistress’s wish slave is always going to be owned to master forever.


Signed, this __________ day of ____________, 20__.









9/10/2014 12:05:25 PM
I can see there are not many slave women on here but this profile is a couple looking for a female slave for life and we are wanting a live in slave if you have looked at this profile then you know some of the details now for the women that want to be serious about this if you are then i require a email to so all details are known.

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