As my username suggests, I consider myself a bottom. In the past, I have tried to embrace the submissive/slave role, but was never able to get to the point mentally where I truly wanted to serve my master. However, most of my fantasies involve being dominated by a man in a BDSM context, and I am extremely open-minded to new experiences.

I am also a lady. Dress me up and take me out, and I will behave as such with no one knowing what may be happening beneath the surface. I am strong, intelligent, and independent, and a professional in a public-contact job (so I will never share photos of myself here).

Please DO contact me if

  • You would like to share in exploring the darker side of my sexuality and sensuality.
  • You can accept that “real life” comes first.
  • You see a woman as a partner, with whom you can have frank discussions about your individual and shared desires. Fulfillment of those desires is based on negotiation and mutual consent.

Please do NOT contact me if

  • You are under age 58.
  • You are married, in a committed relationship, or live more than 100 miles from me.
  • Reading the deion above makes you think I need a man to put me in my place.
  • You are looking for a submissive/slave to serve you and fulfill all of your needs and desires.
  • You are looking for a 24/7 relationship.
Am I being assertive about my wants and needs in this introduction? Yes. Does this indicate that I will try to “top from the bottom?” No. It is inappropriate to display such assertiveness during a scene, but debriefing after an experience is an important part of learning and trust-building.

Please note that this profile has been developed in advance of my move to central Florida in a few months. If you want a closer look, my previous profile was BottomLadyVA, which will be deactivated after I move.

4/2/2024 3:09:08 PM

Seriously?!?  After posting an essentially blank profile, I got 23 messages in the past 20 hours.  Trust me, boys, by the end of the weekend I'll have my profile finished and THEN you can reach out again if you're interested.

 Age: 28
 Hastings, United Kingdom