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Hetero Male Dominant, 60,  Hayward, California
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 Dominant Male



 5' 10"

 165 lbs



 African Descent



Actively Seeking:

Submissive Female

Sub/Sub Couples

Friends Only

 Lives For:

 Walking (Expert)

 Anal Play (Expert)

 Breast Binding/Play (Expert)

 Electrical Play (Expert)

 Massage (Getting) (Expert)

 Chess (Expert)

 Horror Movies (Expert)

 Science Fiction (Expert)






 Agnosticism (Expert)


 Amusement Parks (Expert)

 Art Galleries

 Beachcombing (Expert)

 Bird Watching

 Coffee Shops  (Expert)

 Fine Dining

 Fishing (Expert)

 Movies (Expert)

 Museums (Expert)




 Camping (Expert)


 Martial Arts



 Tai-Chi (Beginner)



 Body Worship


 Canes and Crops






 Massage (Giving) (Expert)

 Obedience Training

 Orgasm Control (Beginner)

 Outdoor Bondage

 Public Play

 Role Playing



 Stockings (Expert)


 Vacuum Stimulation



 Comedy Shows

 Simulation Games (Expert)

 Body Art




 Intellectual Discourse


 Lifestyle BDSM

 Alternative Music

 Hip Hop Music



 Rock Music

 Seventies Music





 Raves (Beginner)



 Horseback Riding (Beginner)


 Yoga (Beginner)

 Eye Contact Restrictions



 Hair Pulling

 Medical Play

 Mental Bondage


 Suspension (Beginner)


 Wax play (Beginner)


 Arcade Games

 MMORPGs (Beginner)

 Newspapers (Expert)

 Online RPGs

 TV Sports

 Web Surfing (Expert)




 Tattoos (Beginner)

 Archaeology (Beginner)

 Astronomy (Beginner)


 Chemistry (Beginner)

 Libertarian Politics  (Beginner)

 Nihilism (Beginner)




 1950s Household

 Gorean Lifestyle

 Goth Lifestyle

 Classical Music

 Electronica / EDM

 Industrial Music

 New Age Music

 New Wave

 Nineties Music

 Pop Music

 Show Tunes


 Feng Shui

 Wicca  (Beginner)


 Basketball (Beginner)



 Paintball (Beginner)

 Swimming (Beginner)

 Tennis (Beginner)



 Bar Hopping


 Musical Theater (Beginner)

 Shopping (Expert)




 Board Games

 Card Games

 Role Playing Games

 TV News (Expert)

 Aromatherapy (Beginner)

 History (Beginner)

 Liberal Politics



 Cuckolding (Beginner)

 Folk Music

 Heavy Metal Music

 Punk Rock Music

 Christianity (Expert)

 Taoism (Beginner)

 Auto Racing


 Bowling (Beginner)

 Skiing (Beginner)

 Soccer (Beginner)

 Curious About:

 Gambling (Beginner)

 Renaissance Faires (Beginner)


 Scuba Diving


 Chastity (Beginner)

 Enemas (Beginner)

 Fire Play

 Foot Worship



 Knife Play

 Masks (On Partner) (Beginner)

 Needle Play

 No Strings Housework (Beginner)

 Pony/Puppy Roleplay

 Sensory Deprivation (Beginner)

 Speech Restrictions (Beginner)

 Puzzle Games (Beginner)

 Alternative Medicine (Beginner)

 Art Collecting


 Herbalism (Beginner)

 Cryonics (Beginner)


 Nanotechnology (Beginner)

 Occultism (Beginner)

 Paranormal (Beginner)


 Political Activism (Beginner)




 Body Building


 Corner Time

 Romance Novels (Beginner)


 True Crime (Beginner)

 Online Auctions

 Conservative Politics




 Opera (Beginner)

 Hard Limits:



 Serving as a Maid/Butler

 Sky Diving


 Computer Expert

Brn eyed handsome man in a lazy search of a lusty bottomkee in Cali, not a simple bottom, someone more complex. Since it seems what I have searched for must be unobtainium. Some times, time seems to heal. Changes the parameters as well. At and moving over a crossroad in my life.. So yes I am available and would love to have a meaningful Ds relationship with someone. I have lots of time. And really no limitations except scat and blackmail. There just needs to be a firm connection. I am open to many types of situations, but I have no need to play with the toys of others. I am who I am, I dont switch. Friends are more than welcomed. Eager to please, make ya weak in the knees. Interested in a woman with loose moral fibers that needs a pluck or two. Seems hard to find a good discreet partner, so friends with benefits are very cool too. And friends are much more reliable than playmates it seems. And even more hard to find too. Not looking for any of the worlds oldest professions either. Nor do I switch and I am not interested in cocks or fake toys not my own. ..No dommes, divas, really not interested. No fakes, camgirls, no Im not joining anything. I am an adult, skype works just fine. Actions speak much louder than words. yep I have time to burn. I understand poly, No proclamations of love everlasting are believed as I have never seen this to be true, one could hope but..Its always, what have you done for me lately. Even though the trek may seem hopeless at times still we try again. The soulless need not trespass here. Yeah Im real upfront, and personal. Tester. And oft crass and cynical, an admitted character flaw. Havoc Asp in Secondlife. Any Hucows out there?100 Dominant98 Owner96 Bondage giver95 MasterMistress89 Primal (Hunter)86 Non-monogamist84 Sadist81 Voyeur74 Brat tamer73 Exhibitionist71 DaddyMommy63 Degradation giver61 Experimentalist48 Ageplayer18 Vanilla2 Masochist0 Degradation receiver0 Pet0 All-Rounder0 Brat0 Switch0 Bondage receiver0 Submissive0 Slave0 girlboy0 Primal (Prey)See my results online at bdsmtest.orgresult.?id474379Watch your thoughts they become words.Watch your words they become actions.Watch your actions they become habits.Watch your habits they become character.Watch your character it becomes your destiny.Be well. Thanks for perusing my profile....I do bite, wanna feel how hard? Yeah this site is for the young, not so much for the young at heart.zetaHave a good time all the time!I can be found on fetlife as well, Botherbro. Ah yeah I play a mean game of chess. Zeta2

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Journal Entries:
4/13/2018 10:18:57 AM
Wow, my curiosity is oft taken badly it seems. I have a knack for asking probing questions. Thatís just the way i am. Iíll just keep on keeping on. I drive an electric car, yep I went green. I donít even know the price of gas right now. And there is something to be said about that freedom. The downside, is waiting while charging. So yeah Iím looking about for a playmate, a muse, a spankee as it were. Someone who desires an eclectic Dom in her life. Are there any kinky hucows out there? That would be marvelous. I have a wide range of kinks. Snickers, I may ask ďhave you ever been figgedĒ and the range of responses is incredible. Does a rigger ask ď have you ever been hung by the neckĒ? Maybe not. But it should cause some discussion at least. But not a freak out. I saw a cattle call here local to me. Nice looking sub too. It was almost tempting, but Iíll pass. Itís just something about a cattle call that I find disturbing. Perhaps itís lacking in the personal feel? I donít know. Big breasted women with difficult attitudes. Hmmm yes it called for some torture, but sadly she demurred. I so did want to torture them too. Yes I woke late in the day, and it was decided that was too late. Oh well those big breasts just will miss it. Iím holding out for a better pair. Iím sure they are there. I sure miss the pair with the red heart ❤️....

2/19/2018 10:52:01 PM

2/14/2018 5:17:41 PM

Happy Valentines Day!


11/21/2017 9:28:38 AM
So sorry I apparently offended a certain senior lady. But my rules are my rules and thatís that. Perfectly reasonable I do believe but it thatís my belief. I have been amused by the level of cat fishing that occurs here. I lump that in with the 18 year old domme pack, oh please. Women need to read profiles as well. I know mine is a dull read. Yes I was spoiled. I had a ďperfectĒ woman, and now I have only the memories. Has been a learning experience for which I am grateful.

8/22/2017 8:30:39 PM
I went to Madras, Oregon and witnessed the eclipse. That was without a doubt the most spectacular experience that I have seen ever. Simply amazing!

5/21/2017 12:48:55 AM
Too funny, a brand new kind of timewaster, note to self. If there are no pic of people in the profile- pass. Always funny, date ID gals, another  form of site shill. 

4/27/2017 10:01:09 PM
Needing a certain level of give a squat. THe pictures are nice and all. A certain amount of discourse is needed. Not sure why I need to look there. Here works just fine. And admiration when profile is not viewed, pffft.

5/1/2016 9:56:00 AM
Happy May Day!!!

4/27/2016 11:22:03 PM
This is always an amusing place. One does meet some rather interesting folks. Sometimes even make some relationships, friendships even. Even fiendships can be interesting providing there is enough room. Might even be book material. I see that fifty shades is on hbonow I have yet to watch it. I rather think it will be a letdown. I liked the 9.5 weeks the book that is, it is short and a quick read but quite compelling. However the movie kinda sucked pill.
 This political season is certainly got some twists and turns. Can you believe that Canadian fellow Cruze. Wow so he selected Carly hag to be his running mate. I certainly hope neither of them gets close to the white house. Birds of a feather they say right? Both of them very accomplished liars, if their lips are moving lies are spewing forth. Snake oil salesman and job out-sourcer together at last. I for one certainly hope that they fade away into obscurity.

3/2/2016 3:43:03 PM

3/2/2016 3:40:13 PM
This political season is certainly odd. Full of the usual lying and conniving pols. Go Bernie, tell it like it is! I wouldn't even mind the taxes if I actually got some services from it.

7/31/2015 9:18:33 AM
Hmm lots of complaining women on this site. Seems like the normal stuff. Some seem to be the Venus vs. Mars situation. Some are related to the media. Lots of unrealistic expectations it seems sometimes. 

1/21/2015 8:28:19 AM
Wow, that was a first. A frustrated boi who wants me to teach him to use his older sister. What a joker, grins, profile is gone. From the middle east asia, sounds like he needs a smart mullah not me. At least there is some funny business here to marvel at. Always interesting here at collarspace.

9/16/2014 2:55:21 AM
Wow could kick collarspace. That dust up caused me to lose sight of "lar" with a "a" on the end.  Boo hiss. Must be joss?

5/13/2014 8:36:34 AM
It's gonna be hot for the next bare ass this man sees. Laughs exercise is just not cutting it atm. Was up late talking to a suicidal friend. Yes life is tough, but the alternative is just plain grim. Told him he might screw that attempt up enough to make his life a living hell.

5/12/2014 11:28:07 AM

Craving the power exchange.

5/11/2014 12:11:15 AM

Time rolls on. I suppose none of us gets out of life alive ;). Just don't know if I see a "plan" to it all. Resembles a jumble of scrabbling creatures trying to survive at all costs.


Happy Mothers Day to all the Moms out there!

4/8/2014 10:12:18 PM
Chatting with an interesting person. Hopefully not the usual spent fuel. But Who knows, maybe I've found my new best friend. Laughs and no I'm still no switch. Geek maybe, got mad skills though. And I'm thinking bout something special. Any chess players out there?

1/3/2014 1:04:15 PM
Happy New Year!

11/25/2013 8:58:34 AM

6/20/2013 3:59:32 PM

My, my, some interesting folks here. Would say though, need at least 256 shades of grey to make decent pic...

5/8/2013 9:58:56 AM
Sighs, why bother...

1/26/2012 4:38:12 PM

No I don't usually write here. There is no need to. Any that know me well know how to contact me. The proverb says "good things  come to those who wait"  chuckles... proverbs.

 Moving forward, my life has changed. I live to see the full rich colors of life, and to experience what there is. Till my shade passes from this earth.

5/6/2009 4:14:18 PM
hmm have I really written in this thing. hmmm maybe but starting to doubt it. esp cause it is annoying lol. Feeling pretty good, have met some interesting folks here. Oh no no complaints. There are some interesting submissives out here in CM land. Seems a lot of folks have some issues. Relax, take a deep breath, here comes another...

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