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I am the Bad Wolf. I create myself. No, i do NOT cam. Ever!

If i wanted everyone to know where i was from, i would have put it on my profile! Stop asking!!! I have started blocking people, i cant be assed to argue with people who cant read profiles. That includes my actively seeking.
And yes, my profile picutre WITH the collar, is up to date.

Not that anyone reads this, but i got told to update my profile with
Do bad it didnt say unfriendly sarcastic miserable person or I wouldnt have sent a message. Maybe update that bit.

So yes, im snarky towards men who thinks they can TEST me in the first message, and ask me what have already been answered on my profile.... have a good day

If you dont like my profile, MOVE ON! You dont need to tell me about it, i dont care!

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