Vertical Line


My name is Master Black. I have been in the lifestyle for over 9 yrs and am of the Gorean Philosophy. I have discovered that to make A D/s relationship work communication is the key and that although one is Dominant a person is not omnipotent. I have seen many lifestyle relationships fail because honesty and trust have been breached.....Master Black
I've never had a reason to journal, but after several  interesting experiences on here, I have to vent.  I don't know if being on the computer gives people more courage to lie or if this population  just harbors more people with mental and personality disorders.  I'm not venting over sour grapes or because of some great loss, but because I am tired of the players.  I want to warn people about violetrose, who has some outlandish stories and lies about her age.  Then when she is confronted about this, she will block you and run.  Be warned