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Hetero Male Dominant, 55,  Rockford, Illinois
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How do I make clear the subtle differences and those not so subtle from the rest of the REAL Dom's on this site. A task that I know I cant do completey here, but I'll give you the Cliff Note Version and welcome you to explore more if you wish.

1) I have always been a Dom, even before I knew what a Dom was.
2) I am not a sadist, but am flexible enough to provide what My sub needs.
3) I am not interested in a one night stand, although a commited long-term play partner is not out of the question.
4)I have reached an age where I am much more interested in quality not quantity.
5) I am much more interested in a sub/slaves attitude and willingness to serve that I am in looks.
6)I am ultimately looking for a live in relationship and hopefully my last partner. I am committed to making that happen, with a common goal of any sub/slave.
7) I am loyal, honest, openminded and non-judgemental.
8)I see this life as much more intimate than can be achieved in a vanilla relationship. Altho I would hope that the vanilla life W/we a have to participate in can be one full of fun and enjoyment, with the constant feeling of O/our roles as a M/s,D/s couple.
9) I do not refer to myself as a Dom presently because without the completion of a sub/slave, I can hardly call myself a Dom. It takes 100% of both partners for either to claim the title. I am not a Dom without you and I dont see how it is possible for you to be a sub/slave unless you are in a position of service. As a Dom, you will be the most cherished person/thing in my life, I am willing to give in my position as equally as I exspect to be given by you.
10) It is not a game, yet it can be so much fun. And ultimately, I seek a partner that will recognise what I say with my eyes before having to be told by my hand. But be assured...discipline will be doled out as needed, and will be of the severity needed equal to the offense.
11) If you made it this far, thank you for your time. If this sounds like something you seek, please let me hear from you. As I said at the biginning, too difficult to reveal myself here.
Be certain that all I have said comes from my heart. I am very real and hope to find one who will be my equal in a M/s relationship.

Blessings, Douglas












 Dominant Male



 5' 11"

 170 lbs






Actively Seeking:

Submissive Transgender

Submissive Female

Switch Women

Sub/Sub Couples

Friends Only

A Poly Household


 Anal Play

 Breast Play

 Collars (Beginner)

 Hair Pulling

 Massage (Getting)

 Mental Bondage



 Vacuum Stimulation



 Art Galleries

 Fine Dining







 Blindfolds (Expert)

 Body Worship





 Eye Contact Restrictions




 Massage (Giving)

 Medical Play

 Obedience Training

 Outdoor Bondage

 Role Playing

 Speech Restrictions




 Wax play


 Heavy Metal Music


 New Age Music

 New Wave


 Rock Music

 Seventies Music



 Flea Markets

 Garage Sales

 Fire Play

 Orgasm Denial

 Plastic Wrap

 Sensory Deprivation

 Curious About:

 Canes and Crops



 Knife Play

 Maid/Butler Service

 Pony/Puppy Roleplay

 Public Play

 Shibari  (Beginner)



 Bar Hopping




 Diapers (Beginner)

 Needle Play



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