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Hetero Female Submissive, 55,  Rusk, Texas
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Im not seeking unless you are a real dominant monogomous male biker that has a bike and still rides... All others please move on to the next profile... I am a single biker chic who was owned by one for almost 18 years. Since I've been free for quite some time i now consider myself a sub and not a slave tho i am told i still have a slave's heart. I am NOT into titles so its up to you to determine whether I'm a sub or a slave... I am seeking a Master Forever and not a Master Right Now as life is to short for wasting time. I do ask that you be a true dom and a biker that owns n rides a bike. I love riding behind the One that owns me. I would also like pics of you and your bike when we start talking. Please don't think I'm being shallow for asking for these pics. Its just that I'm not into the preppy bikers that most women want... I love the old school rugged tattooed bikers and the more rugged the better... I also want the pictures to prove that you actually own a bike and you are a biker as several ohave tried passing themselves off as bikers and they were neither biker or dominant. I am going thru health issues as my journal states so if you seek someone that is healthy, it's not me. Also if you are into Poly, sharing, dead, kids, drugs, exhibitionism, humiliation, leashes in public, electrical play, breath control, extreme pain, scat, gun play, nudity in public, public play, swinging and prostitution, I'm not the one for you either. I realize some of these areas have many aspects to them so if you have any questions please feel free to ask. I can not accept chat requests because i am on my cell so please send me a message. I am looking forward to hearing from my future Master hoping it will be soon. Thank you for looking at my profile and have a great day.... gabbi SR# 390 769 720












 Submissive Female



 5' 4"

 140 lbs






Actively Seeking:

Dominant Male

 Lives For:



 Anal Play



 Hair Pulling

 Mental Bondage

 Country Music


 Antique Shows

 Art Galleries

 Fine Dining

 Flea Markets



 Musical Theater





 Horseback Riding

 Breast Play



 Knife Play


 Suspension Bondage



 Wax Play

 Board Games

 Card Games


 True Crime

 Alternative Medicine

 Art Collecting


 Body Art

 Online Auctions





 1950s Lifestyle

 Lifestyle BDSM

 Eighties Music


 Rock Music

 Seventies Music





 Cane / Crop Discipline

 Curious About:

 Renaissance Faires



 Corner Time

 Fire Play


 Eye Contact Restrictions

 Speech Restrictions

 Hard Limits:

 Electrical Play

 Public Exhibition

 Erotic Hypnosis

 Humiliation / Degradation


 Outdoor Bondage

 Public Play

 Horror Movies



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Journal Entries:
7/20/2014 5:46:16 PM
I just wanted to let yall know that I use my cell to come on here n I don't log out when I leave so if u write to me n u don't recieve a reply most likely I'm not on n u will receive ur reply as soon as I get to ur name...

7/14/2013 1:20:22 PM
It amazes me on how people see me as a totally different person than I see myself. I like the person they see me as so why cant I view myself in such a manner?!? Technically I have it all... looks, smarts, personality, humor, a paid for house, a paid for jeep, a loving dog that means the world to me along with my awesome daughter n her lil family that is going thru life with love n happiness... she is so lucky to have it all at such a young age... im happy for them but it brings me back to writing this... why cant I find happiness why am I going thru so much hell with my health... why am I alone especially when I hate being alone n why are there no answers to all my questions why why why???

5/28/2013 4:20:42 PM
I love my little house and hopefully one day I'll get to finish remodeling it so I can live in it the master of my dreams if that goal is ever reached... I don't ask for much in life just looking for happiness but here lately I feel like I've been through hell and back... Im to the point right now that I want to collect my things and my dog Lilymae and just leave... Im not sure how far id get before i got to sick to continue but at least id be living the dream... I hate being tied down to one place (unless its by a dom*master lol) I miss my gypsy life... So many places to see n people to meet n yet im stuck here... Family n close friends want me back home but yet even tho i love them all so much its not where i want to be... Problem is if i was to get in my jeep i really have no destination in mind... Damn i hate this... any ideas?!?!?

5/25/2013 2:33:37 PM
Its been a while since ive written so this time im writing to get some advice or comments. This year i have been thru hell n back as i had to have a toe amputated which technically does make me less of a person but does it interfere with me being a sub?... i dont think so but im still walking around in this stupid boot n told no more heels which is a problem since thats all i have for shoes... lol. The advice that im needing is can i still find the owner i want n need while being on kidney dialysis?!?!? I started that in March n have been going thru hell with it since... Im dealing with this alone n it would be nice to have a shoulder to cry on or a dom to help me make the decisions that i need to make... In my head im suppose to be there for him to make him happy n take care of him. is he to be there for me? Or is it up to the dom on whether he wants to go thru this with me? I still want to go riding as i donr want to give that up... I dint ask for this to happen to me but it has so i have no other choice but to accept it n live or deny it n die...So with all this said is it possible that i can be owned again or should i delete my profile n deal with this on my own?!?!?

1/27/2013 12:46:21 PM
Its bad enough being a fake Dom but trying to be a fake biker too come on people GET REAL

1/7/2013 3:23:49 AM
Another "fuck you" to me on this site... Sorry fools.but i was.brought.up speaking the truth. If u dont like it that is ur problem or are such comments compliments on a site like this?!?!?

12/12/2012 12:15:09 AM
I had a very interesting conversation with somebody last night and I'mm not going to name names basically to protect the 1 that is afraid of bikers, 1% ers and their women. if for any reasonon you find my profile informative to where it peeks ur interest please note i am a.biker chic seeking a biker or.a dom that wont be terrified past. For the doms on this site that feel we are the scum of the earth that will toss u in a.ditch in.a.heart.beat, I promise u that wont happen as we like to have a lil fun first. lol The biker life deserves respect just as the BDSM life does if not more... So those of u that fear us learn about us before.bad mouthing us.just as u had to do to acquire a taste for the BDSM life. Stop fearing what u dont know n stop listening n spreading lies people make.up all so they look as if they know it all especially when they dont...

9/26/2012 6:20:13 PM

Can you entertain my thoughts to where they stay on you and only you?!?!??!

6/1/2012 11:36:30 AM

wondering why this song has such an effect on me... damn...

5/29/2012 2:41:49 AM

Had more added to my ink on my back last week...  still questioning why i do this to me and yet i want more tho cant stand the pain... what's up with this?!?!?

4/24/2012 11:11:22 PM

The vanilla guy i am staying with while out of town told me hat he is ruining me for all doms and Masters...   somehow i think he's right on this...  damn...

12/5/2011 7:40:41 AM

   I  blew a kiss into the wind in hopes that the wind would bring it to you and kiss your face with a warm sunlit breeze...   but then i thought how will he know it's from me?...

  so i asked mother nature to help me out and she sent rain to you to kiss your body all over drenching your with desires of me but then again i thought how will he know it's me?... 

  Then snow began to fall making me know if you are out riding that you would be kissed with the light delicate snowflakes making you my own personal snowman which mother nature knows i collect and i love dearly... 

  so no matter rain, snow  or sunshine,  please remember You are always on my mind and in my heart...  and the next time you see  the sun rising or a storm on the horizon, please know it is me wanting to come to you but  for now i am sending you my love in hopes that one day we will be together forever...

8/11/2011 1:44:07 PM



4/19/2011 4:35:41 PM

anyone that decides to write to me, please dont get upset with me if you dont hear from me right away as i dont have internet at my home anymore...  when i find the time to go to my sis in laws to read msgs i will but if you need to hear from me immediately, please just write to me on yahoo at snowgirlintexas as i can reply to msgs there on my cell...  if you do write to me there let me know who you are on here as i can view profiles just cant read mail or get into my acct on my cell...    cant do much better than this for now so it's all up to you... smiles...

1/16/2011 12:35:21 PM

how can one be out of place when she hasnt a clue to where she belongs anymore?!?!!?

1/13/2011 3:33:31 PM

 A guy walked into the local welfare office to pick up his check.
> He marched straight up to the counter and said, "Hi..
> You know, I just HATE drawing welfare. I'd really rather have a job."
> The welfare clerk behind the counter said, "Your timing is excellent.
> We just got a job opening from a very wealthy old man who wants a Chauffeur
> and bodyguard for his beautiful daughter.
> You'll have to drive around in his 2011 Mercedes-Benz CL, and he
> will supply all of your clothes.
> "Because of the long hours, meals will be provided. You'll also be expected
> to escort the daughter on her overseas holiday trips.
> This is rather awkward to say but you will also have as part of your job
> assignment to satisfy her sexual urges as the daughter is in her mid-20's
> and has a rather strong sex drive."
> "And it pays 250,000 k a year"
> The guy, just plain wide-eyed, said, "You're bullshittin' me!"
> The welfare clerk said, "Yeah, well ... You started it."

1/9/2011 4:25:19 PM

i decided to read a book today for the first time in years as it is an actually hard cover book not something on the computer or on a cd/dvd/other more advanced type of reading that is available nowadays...   and in this book, there was a statement that said "Labels are distancing phenomena" ...   how true is this?!?!   even in my profile i state titles are not important and in this case a title and label are in essence the same thing...   Why do we label things and people?  think about it... if collarme didnt let us have the addy of our choice,  then what would capture our attention to read the profile but yet it's the same addy's that turn us from the same profile due to the label that person gave him/herself...   so why do we distance ourselves from such a person when we actually know nothing about him or her??!!...    we have formed an opinion of this person by the label he or she or another gave them...  not allowing them to show their true colors to us so that we actually get to know them as a real true person...  I know everyone is not meant for a certain person but who's to tell the person that the label or title they gave themselves is the right or  wrong one when we dont even know the inner person or what's in their heart and in their mind...    amazing what a lil reading does to this one huh?!?~

10/12/2010 10:01:47 PM
"Minds are like parachutes. they only function when they are open."
-Sir James Dewar

6/25/2010 2:19:11 PM
why is it that when i am with a vanilla guy i am in a totally different mind set then when i am with one that is a dom or master?!?!!?

6/12/2010 10:41:05 AM

People ask me how long have i been in the life or when it all started...   i found this pic and hopefully cm will post it as i was only 5 years old so yes i guess you can say i started early  lmao....

and now i am being just like all the others as i have now posted a pic of me that's umm over 40 years old...     what's a girl to do?!?!? 

6/7/2010 9:32:06 PM
i was asked today if there was someone else...
i thought for a moment, looked at him and replied... only in my dreams before i walked away...   

4/28/2010 10:38:45 PM

if i tried to run away...
would you let me go or have me stay?!?!!?
if i said i have to go...
would you let me leave or tell me no??!!?
if i said i can not be yours...
would you let me believe that or make me feel secure?!??!
if i said i can not take the pain...
would you free my soul with binding chains??!!?
if i said i wasnt good enough...
would you open your heart and show me love?!?!
if i said there were better sub/slaves than me...
would you open my eyes or let me be??!?!
if i came up with every reason that i have to leave...
would you ease my mind and take the lead?!?!
if i knew in my heart that you were the one...
would you collar me forever or just let me run??!!!?


3/12/2010 8:05:00 AM


If i was to say...
No more bikers...
No one that lives outside the USA...
No women...
No bisexual men, trans, sub or switch men...
No nerds...
No wannabees, fakes  or players...
No Married men...
No liars, cheaters or poly...
No one with records...
No one who uses illegal drugs...
No one who drinks alchohol daily...
No one that smokes...
No one that i am not attracted to...
No one unemployed...
No one living with their parents...
No one under age 38 or over age 58...
No one vanilla...
No idiots...

well that just about eliminates everyone on this site so i tend to wonder why i am still here... though it does explain why i am still  single... damn....   laughs...


1/18/2010 9:50:53 PM
In a conversation the other night we were talking about how vanilla women quit having sex after they are married and so i came up with the conclusion that most say they dont have sex with married men... well that leaves their husbands out now doesnt it??!?!   self explainatory but yet they keep getting married... laughs

1/13/2010 4:51:36 AM

I was told that when i got my lil puppy at 4 weeks old that she would be about 30 lbs but she is now 9 months old and over 50 lbs... She is part Chow Chow and part white German Sheppard which makes a very pretty dog but she is also one that needs a dominant owner which im not so she knows she's running things...  To prove this, after being up all night again, she decides to go get her flogger and stands in the doorway...   guess she saw my ex flogging me too many times and remembered this so i took a pic of her as she stood her ground...  Now that's a dog that loves me...  Her name is LilyMae and i posted the pic so if it's not there now it will be soon... laughs

12/26/2009 10:36:18 PM
due to several messages i received as i dint expect to get so many on Macie's birth i wanted to add to my journal...  i didnt forget to put her weight and length... it wasnt taken when she was born due to complications of the delivery...  she was rushed out after my daughter got to hold her for a minute and that was the least of their worries...   She was measured today and she was 8 lbs 4 ozs and 20 3/4" long...  She is now doing much better but still in the baby nursery and not with mom and dad...  Hopefully she will have a good night and be able to be with them tomorrow...

update:  baby and mom doing great... she is now 2 weeks old and weighing 9 lbs 7 ozs and 21 1/2 inches long...   definately likes nursing laughs...

12/25/2009 6:44:06 PM
Merry Christmas to Me....

My grand daughter was born tonight at 5:23 pm after a long hard labor and a wild drive to the hospital on roads that were closed and full of snow and ice...  Never before have i seen such weather but my son in law drove my jeep as i was the only one with 4 wheel drive and the 911 stated sorry roads closed cant come out there...  so we dug my jeep out of the snow and started it and packed it up and hauled ass doing 5 miles per hour as snow was so deep  you couldnt see roads or go any faster...  Of course my attn span was thinking damn this would be fun just playin in it... though we had to get her to the hospital... a 15 minute drive took us over 45 minutes just to get to the major hwy to get us there but luckily Macie Brooke wasnt in a hurry...  so a Christmas i thought id spend alone was spent at the hospital waiting and watching my daughter deliver her which was so amazing to me it is a memory i will never forget... smiles...   2009 was a very scary and Merrry Christmas for me...

11/26/2009 10:20:15 PM
Why do i take people at their word?!??!?  is it because i was a slave for so long?  is it because it is something slaves just  do?   is it because i know when i give my word that it is meant and that if i say i will be there at a certain time or call it will happen because my word means something and i know that consequences will happen if i dont...    i just dont understand all the broken promises nowadays...   nor do i understand why i take everything so personal...   is it just me?!?!?!  damn i wish i knew...

11/22/2009 7:23:33 PM
There is no such thing as the perfect job, the perfect life, the perfect slave, the perfect master  or even the perfect family but i do believe that there is such a thing as a perfect moment and it is this moment that should be cherished always...    I also believe that you can have just that one special moment in time or you may have several but it is these perfect moments that make life worth living... 

10/13/2009 6:31:21 PM

Hi...  I just wanted to write this journal to make a few statements...   If you read my profile it states, (many times) that i am a STRAIGHT FEMALE SUBMISSIVE... i DO NOT do women or submissive males or trans or any other kind of person on here cept for Male Dominants.   I am one that reply's to every message i get on here and can be here for hours at times trying to get all read and replied to... I dont mind compliments, kindness or questions...  what i do mind is male submissives or slaves asking me to own them...  A SLAVE DOESNT OWN A SLAVE!!! and if you knew anything about the lifestyle of bdsm, you would know this and also know that it's not about kinky sex.   PLEASE STOP WRITING TO ME as i will only reply to messages from doms and the ones on my friends list as i know these people...  and NO i wont add you to my friends list just cuz you want to be on it... I dont do the numbers thing as the only ones on my list are those i talk to or know...

giggles at what she wrote above as she sound a bit domme  laughs

9/12/2009 4:31:20 AM

After several sleepless nights i sit here and talk to those that are on here and also reply to messages i receive and i start to think, which for me, can be a dangerous thing...
I was owned for almost 20 years to one who was very controling and micro managed everything i did/said/wore/ate/etc.  i was his tpe slave and did not question anything i was told to do.    As a slave, you just dont do such a thing unless she was to suffer the consequences and his consequences definately kept this gabbi one from saying a word.    For this reason, i definately know i am not a pain slut but what i am questioning now is am i really a sub or slave?!??!

i did what i did and went thru what i did because i loved this man and just because he made me his slave does that actually qualify me to be another man/dom's slave?   I have been free for almost a decade and have been considered several times.   i didnt  accept any collar that was offered to me though.    i tell myself it was because they werent who i wanted to spend the rest of my life with but i question that too now.  Was it  that or was it because im not sure i can be the slave they so desire?  or was it because i know i cant be that slave in my head so i run?  how do i find out who i really am?

I only know the life of being owned but i question why cant i be one to just live on my own and not need another to serve?  Would that make me happy and if so how do i get the fact of needing someone in my life out of my head?   im sure i can be reprogramed but in doing so will that make me who i really am or just another person that im not?  How does one find out who she really is without relying on another to guide her, help her or mold her?  i dont have a clue so maybe someone out there does,  but then again is that just another person telling me who to be?   With so many unanswered questions going thru my head, does this make me a slave since i need such guidance?  Would i actually know who i am if i was vanilla or even a domme?  if only i had a clue... no wonder i cant sleep...    sighs...

8/26/2009 9:36:24 PM
while coming onto cm tonight i came across a profile that had this saying on it which  really struck home...  i hope the Dom that has this posted doesnt mind me posting it... i would ask permssion but then could be told no so rather beg for forgiveness this time.. giggles...


amazes me how the simplicity of these two sentences can say soooo much...   smiles

1/16/2009 4:55:39 AM

Hearing Your voice makes me tremble inside but being with you is  an invitation for my imagination to go wild...

12/4/2008 6:31:55 PM
i laughed tonight in reading that a sub was under the protection of a dom on this site...  being that this is a computer,  how the hell is he protecting her and from what?!?? computer viruses?!??  

so i guess if anyone wants to know i am under protection too..   it is called my block button, my ignore button and if things get too bad it is called the off button to my computer...  laughs  and damn i dint think i was poly!!!!! 

oh the life on cm... it sure does amaze me at times...  giggles

12/2/2008 7:34:59 PM

You dont love a slave because she is beautiful... 

She is beautiful because you love her...

8/7/2008 10:35:22 PM
 a little bdsm etiquette...

vanilla = plain

  choc chip =  slave with a lil kink

  chunky choc chip  =  slave with lotsa kink

  choc chip with nuts  =  depending on the chip size,  kink with someone crazy hense the nuts

  choc chip with nuts and raisons  =  a crazy kinky slave with such feistyness that she's always raison hell with Him... giggles....

  wonders what else i can come up with though now that you have read this will you ever look at another choc chip cookie the same?!?!?!? laughs...    and since so many have written to me asking,  i am the oatmeal chunky choc chip cookie with raisons and nuts....    giggles

6/19/2008 3:48:49 PM
i was talking to a dom today and have found out that many on this site ask doms for money... i can understand them paying for your whole  trip to come see them but how does one just take the money and run... then i know of one that when she has sex with her dom, he pays her... umm isnt that prostitution??!?     guess i need to take that off  my hard limit list  laughs...   if i can find one that will not only spoil me but pay me for having sex... damn what a life... giggles... guess i need the new version of rules on slaves as somehow i thought i was suppose to be pleasing Him...    this whole time i was having sex with Him was for his pleasure and also cuz it was fun with no money involved...  what's up with that?!?!   laughs...  why wasnt i informed of these changes years ago when i joined this site... damn i hate being left out... laughs...   so with all this said now... i want everyone to know that i am homeless, no job, no  money and no master  so please send cash to me and since im so freaking honest, i wont even  promise you a thing.. laughs...  wow wonder how rich im gonna get now...  

6/14/2008 8:32:28 PM

just one question... if someone on a site such as this one calls ya sick.. is that a compliment?!!?!  laughs

5/29/2008 9:32:40 PM

I consider myself a sub since i have been free for so long but in my heart i am still a slave...  to me a slave is one who loves without measure...  loves with all her heart, mind, body, and soul and her  main duty in life is to make her Master happy...  vanilla people never grasp this type of love but i know no other kind...  i am the type of slave that needs everyday attention from her Master or i basically withdraw...  it is my Master's voice and direction that gets and keeps me motivated... without him i am nothing... just as i am to You now... the fortunate part of being in a relationship with a slave is that her heart, mind, body and soul ache for her Master 24 hours a day... she dedicates her life to serve him always and in all ways creating an emotional bond that only she can understand the feelings she has for Him...  vanilla folk can not comprehend why she does what she does for Him nor can the understand why she lets Him do the things He does to her...  to her it is the agopy love that she offers her Master showing Him the unconditional love she has for Him and only Him...  yes unconditional love, something that is very rare in vanilla relationships...

4/19/2008 8:08:02 PM

        Lost Master of my Dreams... tall dark hair, about 200 lbs, very dominant, mustache, goatee, great sense of humor and awesome personality, monogomous, into watersports and possibly other body fluids, and very happy with the hard limits i have as they are the same as his... He could be riding a harley or horse so if you have seen this Master, please send me his photo so i can make sure it is him and if it is, i will contact you immediately so i can get him back...

     i tend to wonder how that would pan out in the real worlds news paper... laughs...

4/16/2008 10:08:54 PM
ok, i have to ask this...

yes i was a tpe slave for 18 years and when i was that slave, i never asked why i was told to do these things i just did them...

being free for so long now makes me ask why cant a slave ask her master why or for what reason so she learns from the experience...

ive been walked all over by so many that i had to learn how to deal with the real world and learn to ask why and to say that ever so nasty word of "no"...

saying no to a dom does confuse me a bit but sometimes it is the right thing to do... am i wrong?!??!

 how does one prove one's self without learning how to stand her ground?!?!?

damn with me asking these questions does this mean i do need a Master!!! laughs

4/7/2008 8:15:14 PM
She  climbs to the top of the mountain
with her heart full of despair
and yells to God and all his world
why does life have to be so unfair...

She begs and pleads to get an answer
or a sign of what to do
as she can not turn to family or friends
and she has no fucking clue...

She's deleted all from her old cell
breaking her safety net
and went and got a new cell number
something now she  tends to regret..

a phone that never stopped ringing
became one that never sounds
the silence driving her crazy
as she tries to stand her ground

She's a slave that is so lost right now
and asks will the chaos ever cease
as she can not make it in this world
without structure, guidance and peace...

4/5/2008 7:48:19 PM
The most precious possession that will ever come to a Dom or Master in this world is the slave's or submissive's heart...  this love becomes a  journey that starts with  forever and ends with never...

wow what a journey... smiles... 

3/21/2008 6:33:53 PM
after seeing his picture and hearing his voice...  the thoughts that came to my mind was to kiss him...   yum...  

after kissing him,  i thought that kiss definately  left something to be desired...

his body... giggles...  

3/7/2008 7:20:03 PM
wow i was sent the most beautiful word today in a message   "schiava"   wow how id love to be in those shoes again and be called such a name...  guess it takes a great Padrone to make that happen though....   maybe one day... smiles... 

11/15/2007 8:38:45 AM
Just one question here...

Is if rude to giggle while a Master is flogging you??!?!?!  

10/26/2007 6:19:06 PM
for all you shoppers out there... be on the look out for a 32 DDD bra or a 32F bra as this girl needs one and they can not be found in the town i live...

went to a well known high dollar store today to go buy a bra... you would think this would be easy for some but not for this gal as i am 32 inches under the boobs but like umm 39 or 40 top of boobs...   a nice sales lady was helping me and i told her  i am not one that gets embarrassed very easy but my bras are too tight in the top... she asks if i wish to be measured and i said sure as i want the right size bra... only problem i dont want an old lady bra, i want cute n sexy...  she says ok....  measures me in the dressing room and says she will brb... so i wait... she comes back to me with a 34 G... i look at the lady and said umm scuse me?!??!?!?   a G?!?!??   is this for gigantic or what?!?!?!    of course she starts laughing  but i hate to admit but the damn boob part fit but it was too big going around my body... now im embarrassed as a damn G!?!!!    i told her for my ego's sake can we try a DDD or E or F and she replies and E is a DD which you are already in that is too small and the F is the DDD...  so she finds me a bra that looks ok, not something i really want to wear but i tell her ill try it on... damn thing fit cept the straps keep falling off my shoulders as the 34 is still to big but this bra comes no smaller...  so being that it fit in the boobs i decide to buy the damn thing even though it will have to be a lights out bra...   giggles...  cuz it at least holds the puppies up...   i get to the cash register and damn near pass out as she says that will b 52 dollars... i asked her is it lined in gold... she replies  no it fits... i buy the damn thing and meet up with my parents who are in town for the weekend and i ask my dad to take me to walmart... he asks why and i tell him cuz 52 bucks for a damn bra,  i can get colored duct tape from now on.... of course my parents laughed at my problem finding it so ever humorous...    so now im sending yall on a bra finding episode for me... someone please find me a cute and sexy bra size 32DDD or 32F   damn i hate saying that... laughs... enjoy the laugher of this journal as someone has too.....

10/23/2007 5:50:35 PM
Question for all...

when someone gets into your head, does that mean he's working his way into your heart??!?!  

10/14/2007 1:53:56 PM

so many ask me who or what i am seeking so here it is...  He must be SINGLE, in his late 30's to early 50's, at least 5'10 or taller... he must weigh around the 200 mark, give or take, as i am not attracted to extremely skinny or extremely over weight masters but i do want some meat on their bones to hold on to.... i love men with goatees and mustaches and dark hair...  i am also attracted to those that are bald or shave their heads... he must have a voice that will catch my attention but most of all, he must be dominant as even with the physical criteria present, if there is no dominance, this girl will not fall for you... He also must have a great personality and sense of humor as this one loves to laugh and have fun. I am willing to relocate but only in the USA so those in other countries need not write…

my hard limits are Poly, sharing, beastiality, dead, kids, drugs, public play, exhibitionism, public humiliation, leashes in public, electrical play, breath control, extreme pain, scat, gun play, nudity in public, prostitution, and swinging so those that are into these types of things need not write to me either…

this girl is seeking Master Forever not Master Right Now so i tend to be a bit picky... smiles..   have a great weekend... gabbi

10/4/2007 2:42:02 AM
as i was driving my jeep today Dr Phill came on the radio and asked the following question...

"what do you feel is the most ultimate kiss?"  

as i sat at the light i thought damn...  the most ultimate kiss is where my master would pull my hair, man handle me a bit and with his other hand grab my neck squeezing it so where i know he is in control and kiss me ever so passionately  fucking my mouth with his tongue,  then slowly working his way to my neck kissing it sucking it and biting it...possibly even drawing a lil blood...  mmmmm  dang what a thought... i then thought  i wonder what Dr Phill would say to that reply to his question and just giggled....  

9/24/2007 9:08:23 PM
Ok... this one has finally come to the conclusion that i definately need a master so i can stop doing the things i do...  Since today was my birthday, i decided to go get a tattoo... thought a cute lil one that i drew up would go nicely on me...

Well... everything was fine til he started... ill be damned... normally this one loves vibrators but the vibration of this tattoo gun went right thru this girl...  then the burning sensation and pain of him putting a needle in me was not something i liked very well...  of course the detailed person that i am had to have a tattoo  much bigger than she ever imagined since the size i drew didnt show the detailed work as i wished...

so much for what i wish... damn that hurt...   i now have a tattoo in the middle of my shoulder blades that is a cross done in shades of blue, the cross representing the t for trust and also for God bringing us together someday... in the bottom of the cross it has an open heart representing the love we will have for each other...   at  the top of the tattoo, i put my favorite rose which is yellow with orange trim to represent me and a purple with black trim to represent my future master...   each rose is on a different side of the cross and has the stems with the thorns and leaves wrap around the cross...  the thorns represent the lifestyle...  my original plan also had a chain going thru the open heart with a lock and a pair of cuffs and a collar binding the roses together... but since i am not owned, i left those additions off..  

i never imagined a tattoo hurting so damn bad that as i sat there for two hours i thought ok...  new hard limit list... umm tattoo guns, needle play and knife play to start...   definately not a pain slut either but after seeing the finished product,   i am amazed as it was definately worth the pain... smiles...  pics should be up soon so you can see it... smiles...

i do recommend that anyone getting a tattoo should have someone there to talk to as i do believe that would ease the pain a bit though my artist was getting enjoyment of seeing me cringe and say a few choice words... laughs...

oh the things i do to me...  

7/29/2007 4:09:48 PM

Each of us are an angel born with one wing… by embracing one another we can fly…
When embraced by the Master of your dreams...
the flight ignites the spirit binding them together for eternity…
  gosh how i wish to fly that high... smiles.. 

7/10/2007 5:15:49 PM
True love does not come by finding the perfect person, but by learning to see an imperfect person perfectly.

6/23/2007 9:34:41 PM

First of all let me explain this journal... i was asked by a Master if he owned me what i would want from him or need from him...  as i told him i never thought of what i'd want  but since he loved my ABC's to my Master, he asked me to do one on what a sub or slave needs...  i thought about this and not sure if anyone would agree but if i could choose,  this is what i'd need:

The ABC’s of what this girl needs from a Master…

This girl needs Your ATTENTION

This girl needs You to set BOUNDARIES for her

This girl needs to be CONTROLLED by You

This girl needs Your DOMINANCE

This girl needs to EXPERIENCE new things with You

This girl needs Your FIRMNESS to keep her in place

This girl needs You to GUIDE her in the right direction

This girl needs and wants HAPPINESS

This girl needs an INTELLIGENT master to teach her about things she doesn’t know

This girl needs JUSTIFICATION in the relationship

This girl needs KINDNESS and affection from her Master

This girl needs LOVE from her Master as with no love, there is no life worth living

This girl needs MONOGAMY as she will not share her Master with anyone, nor be shared

This girl needs NURTURING to show her that her Master loves her

This girl needs OPENNESS as keeping secrets will not make a relationship grow

This girl needs PATIENCE as she is a bit stubborn at times

This girl needs QUALITY from her Master and that means in time and in Him

Th8s girl needs RULES as she is one that needs structure in her life and rules will help this

This girl needs SECURITY as she tends to have insecurities about relationships

This girl needs a TEACHER to teach her things or train her to be the best sub/slave

This girl needs UNDERSTANDING as she doesn’t think like other slaves

This girl needs VALIDATION that she belongs to you and always will

This girl needs a Master that shows her she is WORTHY of Him and that he is WORTHY of her service

This girl needs a Master that is X-TRAORDINARY as she does need lots of training

This girl needs YOUTHFULLNESS as she wants to go out and have fun as a couple

This girl must have a Master full of ZEAL so she knows he loves her with his whole heart

So with all this said, is there a Master out there that has all these qualities?!?!?!

6/23/2007 9:08:03 PM

             ABC’s of Love
             to My Master

             if He ever finds me...

This girl ACCEPTS Your collar making You her Master
This girl BELIEVES in You,

This girl COMES to You of her own free will

This girl DEDICATES her life to serve You always and in all ways

This girl EMBRACES all that You will teach her

This girl FOLLOWS all rules set for her

This girl GIVES to You her heart, mind, body and soul

This girl HOLDS You in her heart and mind at all times

This girl IDENTIFIES herself as Your slave and only Yours

This girl JOYFULLY obeys her Master at all times

This girl KNOWS the truth and that she is Yours
This girl LOVES her Master with all her heart

This girl MOTIVATES thru her Master’s Will

This girl NOURISHES her soul through her Master

This girl OBEYS every order her Master gives her

This girl PROMISES she will always make Him proud of her

This girl QUIETLY awaits her Master’s orders

This girl RESPECTFULLY accepts all actions her Master gives and does
This girl SURRENDERS herself to her Master

This girl TRUSTS her Master with her whole heart

This girl UNDERSTANDS the repercussions of her actions

This girl VALUES her Master’s life

This girl WANTS to always WEAR his collar proudly and always please her Master

This girl X ’s her name off the available list as she is now owned

This girl YEARNS to belong to him forever

This girl ZIPS thru life knowing her Master loves her and owns her totally

hmmm now all i have to do is wait for this Master to find me...  smiles...

6/18/2007 11:40:12 AM
Seduce my mind and you can have my body,
Find my soul and I'm yours forever.

5/28/2007 2:56:10 PM
Just to let you know if you wake up and you are in a red room with no windows or doors,  that means you are in my heart....

5/6/2007 2:17:44 PM
   One Worth Noticing Every Day = OWNED,   
   Can Only Love Life Around Real  Experienced Doms = COLLARED

    dang i love the things i come up with...  and if that's the case, this makes me owned and collared...  laughs...   cant wait for the messages i get on this journal... laughs again... gotta luv me...   gabbi

2/21/2007 1:20:54 PM
Things this girl is questioning that go on in here as this is the life i live and to me people that do these things are just here to make a mockery of the lifestyle...  These are in no particular order and i am sure i will be adding to it as things arise...

  1.   Under protection   Umm someone please explain to me why a person who is on a computer has to be under the protection of someone when  collar me does have an ignore button and i am sure their computer has an off button...  

  2.   Collars:   dang what is up with this topic...  i have heard it all...
first there is the preconsideration collar... why in the hell would ya even need this as if you are considering considering the Master then you shouldnt even be taking a collar...

  then the consideration collar:   this to me is an acceptable collar but i would call it more of a training collar as you are being trained by this new Master and also under the consideration if he is the one for you or you are the one for him...

  then the training collar... ok why do ya need a new collar when the consideratoin collar served the same purpose...   makes no sense to me... just an additional expense for the master if ya ask me  but then im just a slave... laughs

  then there is the velcro collar as i call it as you go in chatrooms and see brackets of one set of initials  meaning they are owned by that Master and not a week later the same sub/slave has a different set...   again what's up with this?!?!?!  

  then there is the collar i havent figured out what to call yet which made me write this journal... the sub/slave collering another sub/slave...   What the hell is this?!?!  Tell me how one can be owned by another when both are subs/slaves and have no one in control... and with this said,  if a master wants one of them, does he get both to collar?  or does the sub own one and the other owned by a Master?  to me they should both be owned or  does the Master make her release the other sub?   mockery i call it mockery

   3... the liars and players on here... omg  way to many of them which  makes it hard for those of us that are real... and some are so damn good at it, they trick the sub/slave and i hear master's also have this problem...  i guess i need to find out why someone would do this to another person when they know nothing will ever become of the relationship being that they have been lied to so therefore making it a waste of time for both of them...  i dont see the point in this...

9/16/2006 1:58:21 PM
So many ask me what i want and what my fantasy is so i decided to put in on here for those to read... My extreme fantasy is where i find the master of my dreams that loves me so much that he wants to be with no other woman but me and shows me his love in in so many ways that it makes me feel as i can never live with out him and never want to say no to him... i want to explore all avenues with him... i am very new to this so i know there are things that i cant even imagine but with his guidance and trust, i will allow him to show me and teach me these new things...  i want to learn of the pain that makes the pleasure so extreme that i go into that "sub space" that i have only heard of...  I want him to do things to me that he has never done with any other sub... i crave this type of attention and want to learn so much more but only with the master that loves me with his whole heart...  I want to love this master so much that i wish he was glued to me, kept in my body like a tattoo or piercing  making my hair stand on end every hour of the day.  I want to obey every order  from the time he wake me up in the morning til the time he puts me to bed.   I want to barely make it thru the day without wanting to hear his voice anticipating when he get off work and calls me or has his way with me if i am there with him...   I want think of him all the time where I cant get  him out of my head or my heart.  I want to long for his touch, i want to know how he will feel inside of me, teasing me with his desire,  his touches, his kisses,  his  everything.  I have visions of him on top of me  taking me as he want me, making me moan with pleasure and feeling his seed run inside of my body knowing that he is my man, my husband, my Master and my protector of my heart, body, and soul  as they all  would belong to him and only him.   I do know that i can be a handful and most Masters that i have met have not known what to do with me   However he needs to be different in  the way he speaks to me, jokes  around with me, puts up with my mischeviousness but then knows how to put me in my place when i go a bit to far which would amaze me.  I have always been one to push a master's buttons just to see what i can get away with but with him i would try and  he would put me in my place.  I need that from him and would thank him for being such a great Master.  He would inspire me to be good as i really dont want to disappoint him in anyway,     I definately want him to capture my heart, mind and soul so that when we met, he could  capture my body too.  This is my fantasy... and now my question is... Are you this Master?  ...  I am eagerly awaiting your re reply,    gabbi

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