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...allow U/us to live O/our story please...

charming and oh so witty i say, oh yes i’m smoother than a warm bubble bath that touches every delicate place. smooth enough to say it as i turn to fetch another towel…

the thing about slamming my noggin into the low hanging planter at the end of such words. is not the fluid motion of rebalancing that reminds one of a wild stallion just aching to be owned and led. it’s not even that one should not slip and fall, on a banana peel in the midst of a Womans bath chambers. the thing is, that if the way light reflects from I Am as You, to me as I Am. Playfully sliding on strings to the heart. When You shift time to instead have me passed out on the floor from such a conundrum. what heavenly delights of worship might a Goddess shine upon my awakening mind?

and the word was made flesh…

there is a certain elegance in less..


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2/19/2018 6:07:30 PM

I may have somehow confused enjoying submissive fantasies and certain submissive behaviors, with being a submissive. 


Now two unrelated Dominants have told me... you’re not submissive. I’ve no reason to doubt these insights, as they are both highly intelligent, thoughtful, sophisticated women. Yet I haven’t processed that feed back to the point of understanding what type of label to give myself so as to find my niche or appropriate partner. I feel like more of a fluid role player. Who just wants to share. 


I think it’s safe to say, I haven’t got it all figured out. A work of art, in progress. Aren’t we all?


I seek to share kindness, and have some shared interest. We gotta have that spark, you know the spark.

2/3/2013 12:53:04 PM

Late on a hot summer night, little café with a gentle wisp of breeze. Soft silk caressed her legs. Magnetic forces seemed to pull me toward her. If only I could remember the secret password. In a high stakes game of international trade secrets, and a power cartel of women moving men like chess pieces. It seemed like messy business, to risk it all with a word I wasn’t sure if I’d forgotten to remember. But then genius kicked in. Cambodia, Nicaragua, not even the kitchen sink fix in Bombay compared. I unconsciously felt for my backup and tightened my grip on the cool smooth surface balanced in my fingers. I closed the distance. I couldn’t risk a word. You can't share silence with just anyone. Gently I displayed it on the table in front of her, ice cream and chocolate sauce. I could feel the tension rising as I knelt beside her pretty toes, I wished I hadn’t sat on the banana in my back pocket. And every cell in me waited. What would she do? What would she say?


1/30/2013 3:51:52 PM

The simplest way to show respect for each others time, attention, safety, mutual attraction, and commitment to real time. Is to meet in person, in public, for coffee or drinks or eats. For conversation, not play, not sex, conversation

Trying to connect via emails without having been in anothers presence only allows for a very weak link. It also opens both parties to online predators, game players, miscommunications, and other hazards that are naturally apparent in person.

Expect me to want to meet. Expect me to lose interest if you cannot meet.

   You'll feel like a secret agent.




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