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I am a middle age woman. Happily divorced since 2001. I tend to enjoy whips and floggers. One of my main kinks is service. Not everyone is cut out to be a service sub, and that's great since variety is the spice of life. I am intelligent. I won't apologize for that. I don't take everything as it is given to me but ponder and consider it. I also make and repair whips. I don't make them often, more I learned so I could repair whips. On the vanilla side, I love crafts, home renovation, stained glass, I show my Doberman in obedience classes, and I am learning to drive a team of horses. I am not the typical sub. I also love photography. After my divorce I saw a few Doms but stopped about 9 years ago when I didn't find a connection with any of them. I found casual playing and casual sex left me feeling lonely and hollow afterwards. Recently I feel I am ready to find someone to share my life with again. I retired Jan 2015 and am enjoying life. I am working on my hobbies and renovating my home. I am also taking a few interesting classes here and there such as welding and making ravioli. My new favorite toy is a plasma cutter! It replaced the pneumatic floor nailer as my fav. LOL I may be a bit of an independent tom boy more than a girlie girl.
4/12/2016 7:21:12 PM
I wonder if dominants think subs are really stupid or do they just think we wouldn't notice I started talking to a dom last week. He was off line around 5 and didn't get back online until a little after 9 the next day. I inquired and he said he had the flu and had gone to the ER. Okay, I give him the benefit of the doubt. Next day, same thing. Friday rolls around and he's not online from 5 pm Fri until Mon morning. Of course he was off around 5 that day too.

How many red flags does it take to know this dom is married? He never mentioned being married. Over the years I have started to remove the rose colored glasses and value actions more than words. The best talking dom online turned out to be a complete yutz in person. But that was many years ago. It started me looking deeper between the lines, any pattern they show, and what their pictures show me. Not the subject, but more the back ground. I also look at their friends.

So if you dominants are thinking you're pulling a fast one. Well, you very well may be successful. But in the end, the truth will become known.
4/13/2015 4:59:23 PM
Since this seems to be such a HUGE deal for people, I am writing this entry. Hopefully people read all the profiles, including journals.

I am collared to Ed Moore from DC. That relationship is defined in another journal entry so I won't go into it again. Ed is my protector. He cares for me deeply. Anyone that plays with me MUST get his approval. This could be as simple as an email and talking on the phone. Not sure since each person would be an individual case.

So if you have issues with asking someone to play with me, do me the favor of NOT contacting me. In this day and age where safety and security need many checks and balances you are already too dangerous for me to play with. If you understand why a single sub needs to be careful and are willing to go the extra mile to play with me, then by all means, contact me.

Hope this resolves some confusion.
3/2/2015 7:41:39 PM
I see on many profiles people liking speech restriction. I started pondering on that. What if the sub prefers to not talk? How does the dom know what's going on in her head if she doesn't talk?

Do they think about making her talk rather than telling not to do something? Why is it about not letting her do something is the first thing doms think of?

What if she is shy and introverted? The relationship would become stronger if she is told to say what she is thinking and feeling.

I think a lot.
9/22/2014 3:59:47 PM
So, I was told there is some confusion about my relationship with Ed. Mainly confusion about how available I am to someone else if I am collared to Ed. Of course no one asks me to explain how another relationship would affect Ed and me. That would be too easy. So here it goes....

I am collared to Ed Moore. He's a gay male dom and I am het female sub. I serve him. I do NOT service him. This is NOT about sex. I am more his liason than his sub. For those unfamiliar with the term then when we are together, usually at events, I keep his schedule, his room, make sure his clothes are ironed, bootblack if I can pry his boots off his feet, assist when he presents, and assist when he plays. Oh, and the hardest, make sure he's where he should be at the time he's to be there. Other than that I check in with him daily by text and call once a week or so. He's my best friend and protector. We do not play nor do we have physical relations. That is not what our energy is.

So how available am I? Well, first, before I start a relationship with someone Ed will have to meet him and talk to him. Some of you may be aware that has been an increase in deaths in the lifestyle. If you know this then I wonder why I have doms break communication with me when they balked at meeting my Sir. For that matter I would want to meet any perspective dom's friends. You can access the qualities of a person by the friends they keep. So if you have no interest in talking to someone that is protecting me then you needn't waste your time here. That's a huge red flag to me.

Okay, still have to address availability. It's difficult to say exactly how a new relationship will progress when I have yet to meet that person. But loosely I envision them getting to know me and getting approval from Ed. If we get to that point I see Ed stepping back to allow me and this person to explore where our paths lead us while still keeping an eye on me. Basically I would be 100% available....sans work, home, and life.

I'm not sure where there was any confusion about this. It seems a logical step. Ed is poly and I am also. We don't have jealousy of time with others. It's a given. Now for those mono people, let me calm your feathers to say I can be poly. I could also go mono. I seem to thrive in a commune environment but not saying that is the only one I could thrive in.
So there you have it. Any questions will be answered truthfully and completely. But ONLY if they are asked! I'm not a mind reader.
8/28/2014 7:24:14 PM
What the hell???

I just made a profile here on a lark. Within an hour I got 10 emails from different dominants. Of all those emails I believe only 1..ONE!!...had a profile. I am not replying to someone simply because they send a message while not going to the trouble of saying something about themselves in their profile.

And worse, the ONE profile had spelling errors I couldn't simply ignore. Your and You're are NOT interchangeable.

Is this the quality of the doms on this site? Did I put a profile on a site that is basically for trolling? What happened to polite introductions and getting to know a person before asking if they want to start a poly household? Sorry guys, I am not that easy. I am intelligent and I do not NEED a dom. I WANT one. I DESIRE one. But I am completely fine by myself. Actually not sure if most can keep up with me. LOL

As a hint respectful. Have a profile saying something about yourself. Get to know someone before wanting to chat or meet much less ask if they want to move in. Say you like my profile. ACTUALLY READ MY PROFILE!!

Maybe I'm simply banging my head against a brick wall.
 Age: 24
 Austin, Texas