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Im an Old Guard Bondage Master seeking a Real slave boy, 18 to 35 yrs old, heightweight proportionate, (slim, athletic, muscled), needing a home, who can be trained in the protocols of being a TPE subslave permanently with retrieval and relocation to its new house and cage. Secure in knowledge that this is to be your permanent home in all ways and for all time. This is the lifestyle that I choose to live and take seriously, not play at, or pretend, respect that and we will get long.

If you are not seriously seeking a home, to disappear, be forcefully taken, a Master to serve, or a possible ongoing parttime slavery, dont waste my time with games, or silly ass questions likeIf you had me tied up, what would you do to me?, hell, I wouldnt be knitting you a sweater, thats for damn sure.

I dont care if your gay, bi, or straight, your perceived sexuality is irrelevant A slave boy doesnt decide its sexuality, I do. A true slave boy should only gain pleasure by giving pleasure. A true slave boy is born a slave, its not a game or sexual fantasy, it is the slave boys reality. An unowned slave is floating through life with no anchor or purpose, it is only whole, when owned.

If we are chatting, dont be disrespectful, ask to leave the conversation before leaving.


The following is not an overstatement. The right boy has the chance that most just dream about. Now be serious, we all have dreams but this is reality. I am so tired of the boy who contacts me and then cant follow through. I am a dominant Man who knows what I want! Does boy know what it wants and needs?? The rewards can and will be many.I do not expect the boy be perfect, the boy will be trained to perfection.


Be respectful.


WARNING all other institutions and or individuals using this site or its associated sites for projects or personal - You do not have permission from me to use any of my profile or pictures in any or forum both current and future. If you have or do, it will be considered a violation of my privacy and copyright, and will be subject to legal action.

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4/12/2023 1:09:55 PM

                                         Old Guard Protocol
Old Guard protocol was started by the gay leather community after World War II. The community started out as small motorcycle clubs that practiced a form of masculine gay sexuality. To say there is set Old Guard protocols and rules is wrong. Each individual club had their own form and rules.

Leather is a core part of this community as they wore it to look Butch and for protection. Their core belief was that newcomers had to earn their leathers, thus their place in the community. They had individual apprenticeships where the apprentice earned pieces of leather when the top or Master thought he was ready. This led to the practice of earning your collar. First the sub might get a collar of consideration, then a training collar and after months or even years might earn his permanent collar.

Old Guard vs. New Guard has been a long standing debate stating that Old Guard was all about form and protocols, and New Guard is disorderly and more individualized. Truly both forms existed from the beginning since each club had their own rules and ways of running things. Some clubs were all about rituals and protocols, where others embraced the biker code more and was about disorder and chaos. Some engaged in strict forms of courtesy thus the Old Guard protocol so many say was hallmark of all Old Guard life style, while some welcomed newcomers to the leather community through bars and clubs. Some state that anything before the 1980’s was Old Guard, but many changes had already been incorporated into the leather community by that time.

Some classify Old Guard as the generation that came before the current one, and the generation that follows the current one is the New Guard. Now the New Guard is not mainly gay leather groups, but encompasses a wide variety of individuals who subscribe to the protocols set down as standard for the Old Guard. Old Guard believe in new members learning the rules and earning there place in the community. They had to practice strict protocol into how they dressed and spoke to members who were higher ranking than themselves. They had high principles and values, and if you didn’t meet them you weren’t welcomed into the group.

Old Guard had a rule that seniority was proven through experience. You had to earn your right to be called Master and work your way up. That is largely ignored today when so many call themselves Masters with no or little experience at all. Most Old Guards had a dress code. The dress code they followed showed experience without the need for words. There was significance to each piece of leather they earned and any member looking at someone could tell where they were in experience by what they had on. Social interaction was usually pretty formal. Those in senior positions usually took the lead in conversations and they were not to be interrupted. Submissives weren’t’ supposed to make eye contact unless told to, they were expected to walk a step behind their Dominants. There was certain ways they served their Dominants which varied with individual clubs and people. Some had to always serve on their knees, while others could serve standing upright but had to carry and hand off things a certain way. High protocol is rarely used today. Most think common courtesy and politeness is usually enough

7/25/2015 12:23:16 PM

What Slavery Means… 

In the final analysis, slave ownership is a selfish and one-sided institution that exists solely and exclusively for superior beings to exploit inferior creatures for their own personal sake and benefit.  

Slaves aren’t friends, companions, or lovers.  Slaves are inferior life forms, naked animals, beasts of burden, and pieces of livestock in human form that serve, function, and perform in whatever manner is required so that their owners can enjoy an enhanced and more comfortable lifestyle at the creature’s expense.  

Real and true slave ownership becomes life’s greatest luxury only when the slave owner adopts the attitude that they’ve taken a slave creature into their home so that they can literally take total possession of a human body and make use of it in any ways that suit their needs, satisfy their desires, and serve their purposes.  

THAT is what REAL slavery and REAL slave ownership is all about.

9/20/2014 2:52:12 PM
Physical Attractions are common, but
Mental  Connections are rare,...

Once you've had the latter, the
former will never be enough again!

7/31/2014 9:57:30 PM

Slavery in its truest form is non consensual, anything else is Quasi slavery. Slaves were never given the option to choose their Master True slavery would be a prospective putting themselves up for the taking and not having any say as to their destiny

A slave is a piece of property an object. Property doesn't tell Master/Mistress what should be done with it. Many confuse slavery with being submissive. An Owner can do what He/She pleases at anytime with their slave no matter how extreme. Even if the Owner decides on torturing a slave all day what choice does it have than to take it. That's slavery.

Entering slavery is understanding that all rights and freedoms that ever existed no longer do. Accepting the fact that the body mind and soul is now owned property of it's Owner. Existing for the only purpose of serving, pleasing and obeying without hesitation or choice. Knowing that there is no escape from slavery and that there is no release with no end. Even if the slave is sold or given away it will have no say in the matter like all aspects of it's existence and will continue it's life as a slave and nothing more than a slave.

10/19/2013 9:20:16 AM

Master/slave Relationships

Let me start by saying that this type of relationship isn't for everybody. Many people view the Master/slave relationship as the ultimate in Dominance and submission, and they want very much to live it because of its extremity. Unfortunately, very few people are truly suited for the Master/slave lifestyle — including many who pursue it. Most men who self-identify as slaves don't really want to live that way all the time. It can be an intense fantasy or a great weekend scene, but living as a slave (or as a Master) full-time takes an incredible amount of dedication. This level of dedication is not often found.

With that said, I must also say that there are many people for whom the Master/slave relationship truly is ideal. If you are one of these, you must be true to yourself. There is a lot of controversy about the Master/slave relationship.

To see how much, just check out some of the Yahoo eGroups or IRC (Internet Relay Chat) BDSM chat rooms. At any time, there are usually several combative conversations (can you say flame kiddies?) going on about whether or not a given couple are real Masters or real slaves.Some say that Master/slave relationships require TPE — Total Power Exchange. In other words, the kind of enforced slavery where consent, when given, is non-retractable. A slave, once enslaved, cannot leave. They say that if the slave leaves the relationship, it was never truly TPE because a true slave cannot leave his enslavement.

These arguments are much ado about nothing. A Master/slave relationship requires only the honestly and sincerely felt desires of the participants. And, if both parties (the Master and the slave) can give 100% to the relationship, it can and will work.

NOTE: A Daddy/son, Dom/boy BDSM relationship is similar to Master/slave, except that there is more affection involved. Also, a son and boy can be somewhat more assertive, and may have more privileges than a slave.




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