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Seeking a keyholder, preferably female, to hold the keys to the steel chastity I've currently locked on myself. Please contact me if you're interested. I've added a couple photos that describe ideas I have for being in chastity... And getting released.
If I got mailed a lock with no keys and contact info, I'd lock it on my chastity cage and make contact with whoever sent it to find out how to get free.
So many ideas for being locked in chastity, yet no one to act as a keyholder to try the ideas out...
"I'm different than most findommes" "really? Do explain, please." "*explains*" "no, you're not different. You're exactly the same." Seriously, while I have findom related ideas, I disagree with most of how findommes operate.
Males, seriously, do you really expect me to respond if you're being an jerk in your first message? If so, HAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHA... In other news, still looking for a keyholder... I have ideas that would be profitable for the keyholder, they're in my profile pics.
My cb6000s arrived earlier, I put it on immediately upon it's arrival and have been locked up for a few hours now. It feels so right. Now I just need a keyholder...
I have ordered myself a CB6000S. I will be locking myself in it the moment I get it. I'm actually pretty excited.
Chastity fantasy: Someone, preferably a Domme, would purchase me a chastity device (CB6000s) and then I'd have to serve them until I paid them back. I'd get charged interest for each week I hadn't paid them back, until I did finally pay them back in full. At which point, they could choose to give the key to me or to someone else.
To all findommes, I have a gift for you. *Raises middle finger*
You tell me, in your second message to me, to make an account elsewhere and you can bet your ass I'll start ignoring you. Gotta build up a rapport first.
Sleep eludes me. How wonderful.
Drinking a caffeinated beverage at 7:30pm was really not the smartest of decisions that I've made... I'm gonna be up for quite a while...
I'm back after being gone for a while. 

I have a pathetic dick and do not deserve erections.

I was ordered to upload a photo of my dick next to a ruler up to my profile photos. Please tell me how pathetic it is. If you'd really like to humiliate me, caption the photo. Thank you for reading my journal.


-Eccentric Hatter


Bored, someone please give me something to do...

I've got a tiny pathetic dick, if you could even call it that. It needs to be locked in chastity, never to be touched by me again. Are there any Dom/mes, Masters, or Mistresses that would like to lock me up in a chastity device for long term (6+ months)?


Also, if you'd like to see how pathetic my dick is, message me.

Theater closed.

Anybody who wants to watch me perform in the video chat room Eccentric Hatter's Theater, I'm on right now.

Eccentric Hatter's Theater is open in the videochat room. I will be performing for those who wish to watch.

Update: As of 4/3/2013, I do have a webcam. I look forward to using it to serve people. I've created a chat room on here called Eccentric Hatters Theater. I will perform tasks that people want me to on it. Message me if you're interested in seeing me perform tasks. I will send you messages letting you know when I'll be performing next. I will ONLY use the video chat on here or on to perform for people. My oncamforyou username is eccentrichatter1.

Hells Yeah! I just got a webcam for my birthday, which is tomorrow. Happiness is being felt!! I'm eager to test it out!

Recently I've been having fantasies of being forced to wear women's clothing and make-up for like a week or two. The articles of clothing I've been fantasizing about being forced to wear are: dresses (various lengths), tights/leggings, heels, and panties. Ideally I'd be locked in some sort of chastity device, therefore relieving me of manhood.


I will not refuse anyone who provides the clothing and orders me to wear the provided clothing. I will post the pics up here on my profile. You should be local, though I will obey someone who is not. 

I turn 21 on April 4th. I'm so excited. I'm hoping to get enough money to buy the newest version of Photoshop or maybe a zoom lens for my camera. 

I'm a chronic masturbator and need some physical punishment.
TO ALL DOMMES/MISTRESSES & DOMS/MASTERS: I will do real time with you if you live within 50 miles of Tacoma, WA.

I WILL NOT DO FINANCIAL SUBBING!! That is a definite and unwavering hard limit.