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Pan Female Dominant, 21,  Ashford, Kent , United Kingdom
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I am now just looking for long term slaves, ones who are kind caring honest and loyal this is all i ask x











 Dominant Female

 Ashford, Kent  

 United Kingdom

 5' 11"






Actively Seeking:

Submissive Female

Male slave/sub

 Lives For:

 Fine Dining



 Amusement Parks

 Antique Shows

 Bird Watching

 Coffee Shops



 Blindfolding you

 You worshiping my body

 Tying you up

 You worshiping my breasts


 Collaring you


 Feminizing you

 Penetrating your rear



 Musical Theater





 Curious About:

 Art Galleries


 Bar Hopping


 Hard Limits:


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Journal Entries:
2/18/2012 5:39:35 AM


Today I am Available For One Off Cam Sessions, Including




Verbal Abuse




Smoking Sessions


2/14/2012 5:43:40 AM

Happy Valentine I hope I find my new slave today x

2/6/2012 11:48:34 PM

Well today is my birthday another year older another year as a mistress


1/22/2012 8:11:56 AM

Recently got back in touch with one of my old slaves at christmas. He had been adrift for a while looking for another domme to serve but none lived up to his experience with me (naturally) and after a good chat and a nice tribute he became my slave once more.
It seemed during his time away from me he tried to get a girlfriend but it failed totally when he couldn't get it up at all for her! This slave was always a bit of a sissy and didn't have much luck with women in the past, but after a long chat we finally got to the heart of the matter : he is 100% sissy and we are starting the journey of turning him into one fully. We chatted about what turns him on and what doesn't and are both in full agreement as to how i will transform him into the little sissy girl he was always ment to be.

 First he will start by wearing femme clothes 24/7 (other then when at work) and a butt plug as well. He just ordered a chastity belt today to please me and to further his sissification. Sissies and slaves are so much more obedient when they can't cum, their clay in your hands ready to be moulded. Once he has gotton used to the belt i am going to be him on a strict gay porn diet, no more women for him, only men

5/24/2011 12:25:19 PM

 I have recently acquired the services of a sissy slut called slave tamsin. Having had her under consideration for a while, I have now formally contracted her and slave tamsin is now fully owned by Me and I have made her mine. I intend to use her for all sorts of personal uses as and when I see fit. she is a good girl and has potential once I have trained her to my exacting standards and requirements. slave tamsin now worships the very ground I walk on and she considers herself very lucky to have the most beautiful and commanding Mistress a slave could ever wish for. slave tamsin exists for Me to use, abuse, degrade and humiliate – something I fully intend to do!

She pines for Me when I ignore her (sweet don’t you think?) and she revels in My dominance when I choose to take notice of her. She is such a lucky slave, but she knows how honoured and privileged she is to be owned by Princess Jadey, the One she now looks up to and the One who she loves and admires

3/10/2011 1:52:32 AM

've had quie a few slaves contact me recently and we are making good progress with their training.
My preference will always be for long-term, committed submissives.
Slaves that will always put my priorities and needs first. Slaves that understand my pleasure is their reward.
Serving me long-term is a challenge but one you should rise up to and embrace.
I make time for my regular slaves and quie honestly give them so much more of me that they deserve.
contact, emails and txts are all used to ensure that I am at the  
forefront of their minds, a constant reminder that they defer to me in  
all aspects.
I have vacancies for a few more long-term subs so those that are serious should contact me. 

10/12/2010 3:47:01 AM
I am still on the prowl for a long-term subs who wish to dedicate themselves to serving
me and making me happy.
Those applications that are successful will be rewarded with full access to my via txt, email, online chat's inc Cam and phone calls.
You will become my online bitch and your pleasure will be to make sure that I am happy, that I am treated like the true Princess in your life and you will be generous with your presents.
You will be owned 100% by me and be set tasks which will need to be completed.
Those that prove to be more deserving will eventually meet me.
Those that dont measure up will be pimped out onto online sites and made to earn their keep.
They will learn what it is like to serve a true Goddess.

10/7/2010 2:53:44 AM
I'm on the hunt for a few more married slaves that feel their sexy life and wanking habits are better when I look after them.
The rules are quite simple. You will pledge your chasity to me and then you will only be allowed to cum or fuck after you have been given permission.
Permission will only be granted if you have served me well and that Your Goddess feels that she has been suitably honoured by your actions.
You will be subjected to "cum-tax" for any confessions of disobeying the rules or if I feel that, through You actions, you have disobeyed the rules.
Your sex-life will be so much better knowing that You have to ask me before You fuck, that I might set a date and time for the act, and I would expect your thank You with 60 minutes or subject You to further punishments.

10/1/2010 6:58:06 AM
My favorite bit of chinese food is sweet & sour. I also like to carry this into my sessions.
For instance, what could be sweeter than serving me? Coupled with the sourness of getting punished
for all those little things you screw up cant help it..your male.
Sweet & Sour goes well with Pleasure and Pain or heaven and hell!
I had a session yesterday where I worked the slave up in to a frenzy and he really wanted to cum...
begged and begged...I'd bring him to the brink time and time again but deny him any release.
Tortured his pathetic senses with the nice vibro that I used on my pussy.
I eventually let him have the pleasure of coming and then sucking on the vibe to taste my sweet pussy
juices, only after he'd cum on it...his hell was sucking it, and having to clean his mess from it...mingled with
my own nectar. Would that be a portion of number 24! lol.

9/30/2010 1:17:49 PM
I had a visit from one of my more pathetic male sub's this week.
He really does enjoy it when I torment and humiliate him.
After making him suffer for a suitably long time I put him to use in ordering me some lunch to be delivered. He was paying. I'd thought seriously about sending him to the door either naked or just clad in some girls underwear....but didnt want to freak the delivery guy out.
With the food delivered I had a nice lunch using the slave as a foot stool.
With the bits I found distasteful i spat them out into a bowl, basically leaving a chewed up mess of cold food.
"Are you hungry slave?" I aksed, to which he replied that he was.
He was instructed to position the bowl at his knees and then I counted down from 100. The counting down is the slaves invitation to cum, he may only cum between the numbers 10 down to zero, cuming before or after (or not at all) results in a harsh punishment. Well, he made it in time and produced a nice spurt into the bowl. At least he had some warm cum to go with his meal.

9/30/2010 1:18:22 AM
I had another nice shopping trip yesterday, and the slave was a real gentleman. I do so love being the sole attention of a generous male. Shopping for underwear must be the most fun for them, I do like to include my devotee in on the decision making, perhaps holding up the tiniest thong and asking if them if they think it would suit me, doing this in a busy shop can also amuse me. Using the male as a personal shopping slave, sending them back to the rails to get me a different design/colour/size is so much fun.

9/29/2010 2:23:57 AM
Is it the glimpse of the stocking top as I raise the hem on my skirt, giving you a cheeky look
at my exposed thigh?
I love peeling the stockings off when i have a sub in the room, knowing that he couldnt look anywhere else no matter hard he tried.
I'll gently roll the stocking down, over my knee and calf until it's bunched and then do the ankle, heel and foot in one go.
And then what's a girl to do with them...straight into my laundry basket? Or perhaps I could just dangle it in front of the slaves face, running it gently over his nose and letting him inhale the scent that's come from my body, my feet!
Maybe i'd discard both of them to make a small pile on the floor and with a collar&leash I could walk my little pet over to them and allow him the full benefit of inhaling my scent as his nose and face is pressed into my discarded items!
I get through so many stockings that i'm looking for a stocking-slut....a slave to sponsor my stocking purchases....a girl like me only deserves the best and at the moment my favourites are from

   Contact me if you want to sponsor a purchase...who knows I may even send you the old pair that they will replace.

9/28/2010 4:56:08 AM
Blackmail maybe a dirty word but it can also be an exciting one.
A guy I had recently thought he could enter into this for the agreed four weeks and then use the time to muck me about. I took great pleasure in setting him straight, humiliating him in public and abusing his wallet for his troubles. Consensual Blackmail is about relinquishinhg control and consensual blackmail can be so sensual when done with Princess Jade.
So, this fact just to make him sweat a bit...stuart. stuart was ok to start, he pleased me, did the tasks as directed and then went all sullen on me....wasnt replying or doing the tasks that I had set.
Half the information he'd given on his consent form was a suprise there but with the aid of the internet, some well-placed search engines and a couple of phone calls I had the holy grail, his wifes Mob I called her up and had a chat, taping the conversation. (I do a mean tele-sales for mobile phone insurance bluff!). With an edited version...her voice, my voice etc...I sent it to him as an attachment...must have taken him all of 5 minutes to come back to me. I soon shut up his screaming and shouting but reciting his wifes mob number...he very quickly came to understand that the power was all mine. We can all have a laugh at stuart going to the checkout at his nearest tesco with just a cucumber, ky-jell and a packet of condoms. I have the receipt as proof!

9/27/2010 4:39:55 AM
As regulars to my blog will know, being a Financial Domme is what I specialize in.
I enjoy all aspects of taking cash and tributes from my paypigs, the money-morons and cash-cunts.
There's a lot of satisfaction to be gained from meeting a slave in real-life and carrying out a physical rape of his wallet!
Perhaps sat down in a tea-shop or coffee-bar, in a quiet corner. I like to see a fat wallet put on the table, loaded with 20's! Maybe pulling them half out to gauge how many there are, flicking the corner as I quickly count what will eventually be mine. You'd be sat there, sweating...not knowing if I'm doing to take the whole load in one go, a brutal rape if ever there was one...or if, over the couse of tea & cake, I will extract the notes as and when I see fit, making you thank me for every note I take from You.
After-all, it's you who are getting the pleasure of having me fuck you over for your cash.
 If you come up short you know you'd be sent off to the nearest ATM to re-fill it, maybe I'd send You there with the wallet stuffed in your mouth, oinking like the little pay-pig that you are.

9/26/2010 1:00:36 PM
I find it dissapointning that a lot of slaves cannot give my feet the proper care and attention they so rightly deserve. Foot worship should be done with respect, never rushed and every single inch should be given an equal measure of attention.
Firstly, each foot should be eased out of the boot or shoe, then the slave should properly show it's adoration by showering the feet with gentle kissed. Once that's completed I would then expect a full Tongue service on each foot, each toe gently Tongue tickled and sucked. The slaves mouth and Tongue then being used to down between each toe. Then moving down the sole of the foot to the heel and Achilles tendons.
Stand-by for my next blog on foot massage.

9/26/2010 7:43:10 AM
By popular request I am making my goody bags available on line.
Basically, as well as a pair of my recently worn knickers they will contain other items
that I have used/worn and no longer have any use for.
It could be anything:
used tissues
used lipstick
used make-up
dental floss
licked yoghurt pot lid
half-eaten food
old toothbrush
hair/nail clippings

also open to other suggestions.

9/23/2010 12:51:02 PM
Ok, so in no particular order, these are the top 5 things that excite me.
1). Boyz wearing my knickers, really has to be young men here, with peachy arses!
2). Stuffing my piss-sodden panties into a slaves mouth/using as a gag.
3). Forcing one male sub to suck another slave off. I love the control that forced-bi gives me.
4). fem-slaves. Let's face it boys when it comes to giving me the ultimate and intimate Tongue pleasure then it's got to be a girl.
5). Financial domination, I wasn't going go to put this in until I realised how wet I get when I online with a dedicated payout.

Any ideas as to the order they go in?

9/23/2010 10:15:49 AM
As many of my subs know...the only ones I meet are my most trusted. So it must have come as a bit of a suprise to one of my pay-pigs when I agreed to meet up with him and deliver him a goody-bag of my unwanted items.
I put together a little package, used tissues, and old toothbrush, old lipstick and a pair of knixs and set off to meet him.
I get quite nervous on first meets but could tell that his nerves had the better of we sat down for a quick coffee I placed my little package on the table and could easily see the anticipation in his eyes.
With the agreed price at £40 I new he would part with a bit more for his prize and so quite wickedly up'd the price. I mean, anyone who would pay 40 would be happy to pay 50 wouldnt they? And 60 wouldnt be too much to ask would it, my precious used items? After he came back from the ATM and claimed his booty I let drop that I had another gift he could buy...if he wanted. From my bag I produced a small juice bottle which had been filled with my golden nectar that morning...I stifled a laugh as I sent him of the the ATM a second time for some more cash for this latest purchase.
"Drink it all now and I'll refill it, slut" was all it took for him to gag down my golden wine

9/23/2010 2:30:54 AM
Until recently I resisted requests from my submissives for session involving rimming.
I'm generally not into things that are done for the slaves benefit or sole enjoyment. After speaking with a Mistress friend I decided to give it a go.
For me, preperation is always the key to having a good session. With the slave layed on his back I took a nice long piece of ribbon and looped it behind his cock & balls, crossing it over at the front and then looping it back until I had each ball tied up seperately...I used the rest of the ribbon to create a lattice sort of cage over the rest of his cock. A nice hood over his face finished it off, I removed my knickers and lowered my bum onto his face. I quickly got his tongue exactly where I wanted it and with the right encouragement he quckly got the message that he was now my personal bidet! After about 5 minutes I felt his tongue flagging a bit so further encouragement was added with set of nipple clips...everytime I felt he wasnt giving me 100% I gave the clips a good squeeze and twist...afterall - This was for my enjoyment - not his!

9/22/2010 5:09:43 AM
One aspect of slave ownership I enjoy is the monthly "cleansing ritual" where I have my slaves make confession for any improper or impure thoughts or deeds of the previous month.
I'd normally have the slave naked and sat on a chair, legs bound leaving the crotch exposed and arms tied to the back of the chair. I like to straddle the chair and sit on the slaves lap, face to face.
The slave is encouraged to make the confession and i'm generally very good at spotting the lies or half-truths. The physical contact and heat from my body does put the slave under a lot of pressure!
Confessions go hand-in-hand with punishments and, depending on the severity of the sin, I generally make sure the punishment fits the crime...punishments here can be both financial and physical.

9/21/2010 6:38:53 AM

9/21/2010 5:13:14 AM
Had one of my long-terms over last week as I needed some chores doing.
I have little time for chores and cleaning and so generously allowed "b" to do it all for me.
It's funny, he can spend 30 minutes cleaning my small bathroom and I can still find faults. It's not like he is trying to goad me, he generally does work hard and between you and me, the bathroom is spotless..just about every inch is cleaned or wiped. This time tsk, tsk, I spotted a bit of dust on the light bulb.
Some punishment was in order!
I led him back into my bedroom where he was to stay on his hands and knees.
Coming around to his feet end I had a full view of his panty-clad arse.
I kicked his knees apart and gently played a tawse i'd pick up from the bed over his lower back and bum cheeks?
"Are you ready for this" I asked, and he confirmed he was.
It must have caught him by suprise when I layed a nicely aimed kick onto his cock and balls. His first experience at ball-busting!

9/17/2010 11:40:17 AM
style="font-family: georgia,times new roman,times,serif;">Like every girl, I love to shop. It's even better when I'm out with one of my
loyal subs who will make it their treat.
Most recently I had a great deal of fun with one of my more "long-term" slaves,
where I can push the boundaries a bit.
On shopping day he arrived to pick me up in good time. I had a wicked plan for
him and soon put it into action.
On command he dropped his trousers and knickers (he wears knickers whenever in
my presence). With him bent over and back-side exposed I got to work easing a
small butt-plug into his anus. He can always tell the mood I'm in by the time I
take to do this. If I'm pissed off then my record is 1 minute! Today I was in a
relaxed mood to took my time easing it in and out before sending it home. Item
number two was a cock harness, the two inch steel ring sat behind his balls
pushing them forward and the crotch strap would keep the plug firmly in place.
Finally I secured all this with two tiny padlocks.
With his trousers back on we were ready to go shopping!
I have to admit at having a few giggles when he gingerly sat down, and took
great delight in sending him off to find things for me, watching his arse
getting a good chew of the plug was so funny!
Anyone fancy taking me shopping?
Princess Jade.

9/17/2010 3:54:57 AM
Is this the end of the summer? Well I think I did my last outdoor session last week with one of my trusted slaves.I had my sub pick me up and then drive me to one of my favourite outdoor places. After a short walk into the woods we were quite secluded, away from any dog walkers etc. I love the point where I can open my coat and reveal what I have decided to wear. It's just a shame that heels are so impractical when walking in woodland.
My favourite part is tying my slave up, either to a tree, a fallen log or to a rope hung over a high branch. When he's naked and secured I have a naughty habit of wandering off, leaving him there while his imagination goes into overdrive. Am I really quite close and keeping an eye on this? He reads my blog so I couldn't possibly answer that. Lol
Princess Jade

9/15/2010 11:53:00 AM
I've always found the power-play of stockings & heels very exciting. Having worked in an office I'm more than aware that the attention I got from the boys was always dependent on what I wore. The higher the heels the more they found an excuse to visit my desk!
Always stockings, never tights, sometimes hold-ups but knowing that wearing the full stockings and suspenders with the right skirt ( short but sophisticated - not tarty!) would ensure a really busy day. Sitting at my desk and letting the skirt ride up to give just a hint of what I was wearing was another nice trick to get their tongues hanging out. I think these were the days when I'd always be walking between the coffe point, the printer and my desk!

9/15/2010 2:32:42 AM

There must be loads of webpages dedicated to the mystery of washing machines leaving me with odd socks!
And a single clean sock is hardly of any use at all.
I know lots of guys that would like them before they went into the washing machine!
My two favourite types are the (1) The trainer sock, which is cut so it looks like i'm not wearing any sock at all when in trainers. And by the very nature of wearing them in trainers they do become a bit sweaty quickly, giving them their own unique scent! The preference here is always white with maybe a bit of colour at the top (which helps me match them up!).
And (2) my "over the knee" socks. These are so popular at the moment that if I get enough requests I may do some photos. They're a real treat to roll on, over the foot and heel and then up my legs. Even more devastating when I pair them with some neat shoes and a short skirt! I could slip on a pair and roll around on the bed with them all day long!

9/13/2010 8:57:39 AM
I love it when a guy wants a pair of my panties as a keep-sake!
There's something really delicious about an item that I have owned and worn so intimately becoming the prized possession of one of my subbies (or any other male)!
I tend to keep my favourite pairs longer...these are the ones that are just the right fit, or emphasize my pert bum nicely, the ones it's hard to let go until they are really too worn to be of any use...except by someone else!
I can imagine rush of excitement when they arrive in the post. The scrabling to a private place so they can be admired. The sweet scent of by body being inhaled.
Maybe you were one of the lucky ones who got the pair i'd worn while at the gym or out clubbing! They were certainly still damp when posted out!

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