Vertical Line


Single, retired Master is seeking a true female slave, to be at My permanent disposal. she must be an ardent advocate of a Dom Led Relationship, and a proud service-oriented slave who acknowledges her subservient and deferential role towards a dominant Man. Just as I am born dominant, a submissive and servile nature is something she is born with. she is a true slave who craves the excitement that only complete servitude can bring, and has deep slavish urges that only a real life encounter with a Dom can satisfy. I am looking for a slave who tries to live the lifestyle as close to 24/7 as possible. Let it be clear that I expect a very high standard of servitude from My slave. My regime will be uncompromising. My slave constantly strives to abase herself before Me in abjact grovelling submission, and serves Me as a real slave has to do. As My property I protect My slave, but she must be aware she functions at My whim and agrees that its My right to reduce her to nothing more than a crawling subject at My feet. Deep in her core she feels and believes she is inferior to her Master, in every way. Although I am not a sadist, My slave keeps in mind that small offenses often have heavy punishments. For even the slightest failure to meet My standards, or if there will be anything I am not entirely pleased with, I punish her. Think of nipple torture, pussy slapping and, of course, being whipped and caned. Master makes the slave responsible for the performance of all household chores, and demands any additional Personal service and assistance. In public slave has to be attentive and respectful, but not obviously submissive. Nevertheless, she always knows Who is in charge. Needless to say that misbehave in public has consequences at home. At all times will My slave demonstrate proper respect and etiquette in My presence. I am her priority, and her only purpose in life is to please,worship, serve, obey and amuse Me to the best of her ability. she realizes this is an honor and a privilege, never to be taken for granted. Last but not least, I am partial to the classic and classy type of slave, who is in her element in styles which are very feminine. If you underline all of My words, i give you permission to approach Me.