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?Dear?Miss, Lady, couple or Madame, ? Small update; This slave was working hard to make himself better, now he can give You great full massages for hours for his Domme or any person She chooses, it will be his pleasure to be used for Your own pleasure and happiness, and learned pedicures as well. another update;Thank You so much for the?precious?time You gave this slave,he wishes You accept him as a potential slave to serve You, he is a true lifestyle slave that will serve You with devotion, his joy and happiness come from pleasing his Masters, he longs to live life as a real slave with no rights,he believes that no sex between the slave and his Masters unless the Masters wish to use him this way, his Masters will own him completely. he knows he will live for You physically, spiritually and financially, he will love you as Your property, he will think only about you, he will belong to You, he understands that you might not be looking for love or life partner, and he will be just that Your slave,he needs to be an owned slave by a true real slaves Owner that has?the ability to command loyalty and control of the heart and mind of the one/s who serves? You. a Domme/Dom that knows slaves were born to serve and to live slavery and servitude life.? ? In this part I have?dehumanized myself for those who enjoy That, and it will be completely up to You to dehumanize me or not, i will be happy both ways at the end its about You, my need to serve and be owned is great and growing and will be unbearable need to serve my Owner to please Them the way they only see fit,dehumanizing myself is just to show You how much I am willing to give of myself for You?. Thanks;
Thank you for perusing my profile. This one is a slave male with strong submissive passions, that have been shaped and formed on private SM-parties and ownership through many years. It is driven by the wish to please and feels sincerely honored if both ladies and couples use it for their pleasure. Also if dominants choose to subject this slave to rather brutal forms of?..... in order to?satisfy?the Dominants?passions, this slave serves with devotion. Being a slave with particularly intensive submissive inclinations, this one finds joy in suffering for its dominant's pleasure. In reaction to offers that previously reached this slave, it however feels guided to modestly add that being bound and being kept in cages?or any way you choose?(not restricted to the times during which this slave would be in use) it?obeys?with no questions its Owner.
I know it is unbelievable, but I am a very understanding, caring and available for you physically and spiritually ;), very masculine man, very Understanding and discreet , good listener, special man that craves the domination of a strong willed woman or couple. A man who is honest, real, loyal, and sincere that longs to be taken and used.can be your?submissive, or?your real?slave. .mail me?at any time??I am very open minded and very open to discuss all options you have, would love to share with you further?information?and interests.

She told him, This is your new rules...Understood!

Slave rules...

. You will devote yourself to serving and pleasing Me, My pleasure is all  that matters.

. Obey all instructions and orders to the letter, do not answer back.

. Understand that I have total power, total control and total domination always.                                                                                                             . Accept any punishment without complaint.

. Always show respect in public and private.

. Talk in a soft tone with your head down when in private.

. If your submission level drops or if I perceive it has dropped you will be          punished.

. Ask permission to go to the bathroom or leave the house or to leave a room in my presence.

. Ask for permission to get into bed with Me.

. Do not get out of My bed in the morning without My permission, that's if    you are not tied or chained to it in some way.

. Do any domestic tasks to the best of your ability and without complaint.

. Recognize that I am ALWAYS right, I know what is best for both of us.

. Dress in female clothes or as a sissy maid if instructed.

. Be grateful and thank Me if I allow you to cum from time to time.

. You will Wear a chastity device at all times, I will have the key not you.

. You will never orgasm again without My permission, And will orgasm exactly on My command.

. Thank Me when I whip or beat you, do not moan or yelp without permission.

. Be grateful and thank Me if I use you as my personal toilet.

. Do not speak if I do not wish you to.

. Keep My clothes, shoes and wardrobe spotless.

. Avoid looking directly at My face and look downwards in my presence.

. Kneel before Me at all appropriate times especially if i snap My fingers.

. Willingly sleep in bondage if I wish you to.

. Accept being put in chains or any other form of bondage.

. Remain passive when being tied, do not struggle in your bondage unless i have allowed it.

. Accept that you are My slave and My property to do with as I like.

. Be grateful for every new humiliation I see fit to inflict on you.

. Serve Me with gratitude and eagerness, be desperate to please Me.

. Seek My permission in advance before going out.

. Willingly accept any amount of bondage or torture, including electric shocks, with gratitude.

. Kneel and say a prayer of obedience before me every day.

. Lick My shoes and boots when ordered.

. Offer Me a drink and ensure I am not waiting.

. Kneel when talking to Me on the phone or sending Me and email.

. Obey Me at all times, submit and surrender.

. Regard it as a great honor if I have sex with you.

. We are unequal, it is never fair, it is always about Me, I am selfish and cruel, it is how it is and will never change.

. Always put My needs and desires above your own, you have no choice anymore.

. Never tire of serving Me no matter what the circumstances.

. Willingly accept that I am superior to you in every way, You do not stand a chance against Me.

. Try to anticipate My wishes so that I do not need to tell you.

. Chauffeur Me when ordered.

. Happily accompany me to fetish events.

. Wear any gags or collars or restraints that I demand.

. Think about Me all the time and try and work out ways of making Me happy.

. We will be monogamous with each other.

. Call me Mistress at all times unless told otherwise, you are called slave or pet.

. Remember that I am completely superior to you always, 24/7/365.

. Do not expect any rights or freedom without permission.

. Keep yourself clean and healthy always.

. Exercise and eat healthy.

. Consider yourself property, My possession, My slave and My prisoner with no escape.

. Do not even think about being dominated by anyone else.

. When outdoors you will keep close to Me by whatever distance I have set, either 1 foot, 2 , 5 etc,And you will walk behind me.

. Never stop admiring My beauty, My body and My dominance.

. Lie at My feet when resting

. Do not comment on My choice of where we go when we are out, what we should watch on TV or what we should eat.

. Be punctual at all times when meeting or phoning Me.

. Run My bath how I like it, bath Me if ordered or wait head down for Me to finish, prepare a warm towel and my clothes.

. Never forget that I am a Goddess and that you are my male slave. 

. Try and make sure that I always have everything I need each day.

. Always remember that i have complete control, domination and authority over you both mentally and physically.

. Wear with pride any slave ring or slave collar depicting our relationship.

. Happily eat or drink from a slave or dog bowl or from the floor. Which is a reward as Your Mistress walks on it.

. Be proud when I introduce you as My slave or pet.

. Keep your genital areas free of hair.

. Eventually your opinions, likes and dislikes will be Mine, I will own your mind, you will think as I wish you to think.

. Listen carefully to My instructions so as to avoid mistakes.

. If you do make a mistake apologize and make amends immediately.

. Do not be cheeky or undermine Me in front of others but try to make Me laugh when we are socializing.

. Rules exist for outdoors as well as indoors.

. When i allow 'normal' conversation you will still never forget your place and phrase things accordingly.

. I will break you and turn you into exactly what I want, what you want no longer matters.

. Do not react if I criticize you, accuse you or snap at you without apparent reason, I always have a reason.

. You will accept prolonged periods of bondage when not serving Me.

. Work hard to earn money for our lifestyle.

. Do not spend money wastefully.

. Your body, your dick, your anus, your mouth and all of you are mine to do with as I please. you are my property

. Happily endure any amount of pain to demonstrate your submission for me.

. Always remember that you are the luckiest man alive to have Me as your Mistress.

. Memorize all kneeling, serving and lying slave positions.

. Remember always that My pleasure comes first and always try to give Me better orgasms.

. Show respect for My superiority at all times, this is permanent TPE and will be enforced as such.

. Accept golden showers and all other humiliations gratefully.

. Never try to escape from Me, punishment for doing so will be hard, even if I think its crossed your mind I will punish you.  

She said; When you become my slave, you will submit all your assets to Me. Slaves are property, not supposed to own anything but to hand everything over to their Owner, Me. (Make sure you have enough money to pay for the apartment you stay and your expenses. I want a slave to offer Me a good life not a burden)

i said that is very true! slaves don't need to own anything, they live lifetime slavery serving their Owners.

A Lady expressed Her way in Owning Her slaves this way;

I'm very demanding and I expect alot from my slave, A slave who wants to give all. its identity, its ownership, its respect, its life, its gender, its pleasures, its pains. Everything just to please its Great Goddess. No longer will you be alone or on your own, you will live for me, I will become your true, one and only obsession.

As your divine mistress I will hurt you, sissify you, keep you in cage and chasitity, financially drain you, use and abuse you, and you will adore me for it. You will deny yourself everything to make sure I am denied nothing.
eeta only: you will love me, desire me, worship me, serve me with a lifetime of devotion, and strive to satisfy My every whim, My presence demands your obedience. you are merely a marionette – I pulle your strings and you dance as I please on the stage of my LifeI will take you on a journey that will change your life, 

your need to please Me rises to an almost unbearable level
eeta only: I know you want to be mine
 you need to give me all of you,

to serve Me with your very being is your destiny
 you will worship my feminity and give me all
 you will serve me with each and every breath that you take
 Dont you want your everything take and your life to be totally out of your control to be in My hands actually
 being taken*


 Always remember to serve Her first , always beg for excuse when interupting or leave the room or Her great presence, 

Never raise your voice for Her and never disagree or argue over anything
 use the Utmost respect when expressing your different opinion to Her,  I do not like childish behavior and disobedience.  I enjoy humiliation, control, interrogation, discipline, sadism, forced sissification, orgasm control, tease and denial.

You want to be mine; you need to give to me. To serve this goddess with your very being is your destiny.
eeta only: Feel your heartbeat rise, notice your breath become quicker, watch your desire build to an obsessive need, revel in the excitement


Slavery Contract


This is a binding endenture between The Owner(here in known as Owner) and slave. By signing this parties agree that the Owner acquires full Ownership of the slave in every aspect. Said Ownership is permanent, and can only be terminated by the Owner.


This agreement is legal and binding. This agreement has been entered into voluntarily, but cannot be broken except under the conditions stated herein, after which certain precautions shall be taken to protect those involved.


The terms and conditions stated here in shall remain in effect until the Owner decides otherwise, for the slave has no veto power. This contract can only be terminated by the Owner and can only be terminated by the following means:


A.) sells the slave.


B.) trades the slave away.


C.) the slave’s death.


These are the only conditions for release of this contract.


There is nothing asked the slave won’t do to the fullest of its ability.


Slave’s creed to Owner.


Honesty, Loyalty, Trust, Love, Commitment.


Are its creed breaking any of these will result in immediate punishment.


From The Owner to slave.


The conditions under which I accept you as My slave and tolerate you at my side are as follows:


You shall renounce your identity completely.


You shall submit totally to my will.


In My hands, you are a blind instrument that carries out all my orders without discussion. If you should ever forget that you are My slave and do not obey Me implicitly in all matters, I shall have the right to punish and correct you as I please, without your daring to complain.  Anything pleasant and enjoyable that I shall grant you will be a favor on My part which you must acknowledge with gratitude. I shall always behave faultlessly towards you, but shall have no obligation to do so.


You shall not be My friend; you shall be no more than My slave groveling in the dust.


Your body and your soul shall belong to Me, and, even if this causes you great suffering, you shall submit your feelings and sentiments to My authority


I shall be allowed to exercise the greatest cruelty, and, if I should mutilate you, you shall bear it without complaint. You shall work for Me like a slave and, although I may wallow in luxury whilst leaving you in privation and treading you underfoot, you shall kiss the foot that tramples you without a murmur. I shall have the right to dismiss you at any time, but you shall not be allowed to leave Me against my will, and if you should escape, you hereby recognize that I have the power and the right to torture you to death by the most horrible methods imaginable.


You have nothing save Me; for to you I am everything: your life, you future, your happiness, your unhappiness, your torment, and your joy.


You shall carry out everything I demand of you, whether it is good or evil to obey my will.


Your honor belongs to Me, as does your blood, your mind, and your ability to work.


Should you ever find my domination unendurable, and, should your chains ever become too heavy, you will be obliged to kill yourself, for I will never set you free. ================================


There are no boundaries of place, time, or situation in which the slave may willfully refuse to obey the directive of the Owner without risking punishment. The slave also agrees that, once entered into the Slavery Contract, her body belongs to her Owner, to be used as seen fit, within the guidelines defined herein. The slave agrees to please the Owner to the best of her ability, in that she now exists solely for the pleasure of said Owner.


The Owner accepts the responsibility of the slave’s body and worldly possessions, to do with as Owner sees fit, under the provisions determined in this contract. The Owner agrees to care for the slave, to arrange for the safety and well-being of the slave, as long as they own the slave. The Owner also accepts the commitment to treat the slave properly, to train the slave, punish the slave, love the slave, and use the slave as Owner sees fit. The slave agrees to accept any punishment the Owner decides to inflict, whether earned or not.


I have read and fully understand this contract in its entirety. I agree to give everything I own to my Owner, and further accept their claim of ownership over my physical body. I understand that I will be commanded and trained and punished as a slave, and I promise to be true and to fulfill the pleasures and desires of my Owner to the best of my abilities. I understand that I cannot withdraw from this contract except as stated in this contract.


_________________________ Slave ________________ date


I have read and fully understand this contract in its entirety. I agree to accept this slave as My property, body and possessions, and to care for her to the best of My ability. I shall provide for their security and well-being and command her, train her, and punish her as a slave. I understand the responsibility implicit in this arrangement; I further understand I can withdraw from this contract at anytime.


__________________________Owner ______________date

Thanks for Mistress G
Any institutions using this site or any of its associated sites for
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you have or do, it will be considered a serious violation of my privacy
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Would You prefer to call your slave it or he is there any difference?.
True dream for true slave is to be enslaved where it lives for its owner's happiness, its ultimate goal always is its owner's satisfaction, Her whims are orders,  it is   drawn and shakes internally upon this desire...the need, the ache to follow its owner's directions to to be a better slave a better property that the owner will enjoy to use.
 For Me Ownership is about Power and Control. did ride horses.... a Lady who own horses told me "I would have no interest in riding a "hack" horse from a riding stable. My favorite mounts have always had fire, spirit and power. So called Hot" horses. There is no challenge in riding a perfectly trained "trail horse". Feeling the power of a spirited horse and feeling it flex it's neck and give it's mouth to the My hand/ Your the ultimate sense of power.

Owning a slave is much the same. If the slave has no spirit, no power of it's own (in the vanilla world)....there is nothing to take or control that is of any interest to You do you agree with me Ladies?.
For Me, personally, M/s is not about sex or's about power and control. It's about Ownership of something that has it's own power and chooses to give that power and control to You. To bend to Your hand and Your will and at that time you can be very demanding and your slave will enjoy it.....
Will You choose me?