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Pan Female Slave, 27,  Tulsa, Oklahoma
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Hello, My name is Xandi obviously, I am currently a live a slave for a wonderful family, So I am not looking for an owner, just a good conversation with like minded individuals. Its somewhat hard being discreet about BDSM, and meeting people who share similar thoughts, go figure. My favorite cookies are peanut butter oreos (Nom,Nom,Nom), I state that because I would rather you read my profile before messaging me, and the first words of the first message you send me should be peanut butter oreo. That way you know I am not looking for anyone. Along with that please do not call me slut, cunt, whore, or any derogatory name until you actually met and got to know me, its just common courtesy that should be extended to all regardless if they are slave, sub, master, mistress, etc. I do know mind being call those but only by those who took the time to know why. That brings me to next point I understand several of you have certain titles that you like to go by, which is no different than in real life when some prefer to be called by the surnames while others first name basis, if you wish to be called something please let me know in your first message that way I can extend the proper respect. If you have questions regarding my life, or lifestyle choice, need help with anything, or just enjoy a pleasant conversation please don't hesitate to send me a message.

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12/28/2010 6:49:40 PM

Is there such thing as a female cross dresser? I mean are the clothes that if a woman wears she is called a CD

12/27/2010 2:58:36 PM

Today I figured I would talk about Gor. I myself am not a practitioner of Gor(though no one can be a fully immersed considering we are on Earth but that is neither here nor there). The books themselves are adequately at best written, which is a shame, because they themselves have intriguing subplots regarding, the interaction of slaves with Masters and Mistresses, interaction with those outside of your Master or Mistress including other slaves or other Masters and Mistress. Protocol when it comes to dealing with slaves, also helps explain why some people choose slavery, while the idea of your belly having a slave fire is some what ludicrous, it isn't really something you choose, it is apart of who you are.So,  while I don't think basing an entire D/s relationship, I do think if you are considering taking that step towards such a relationship, the Gor books can give you insight and ideas how to run such a life.

P.S. This is the only pet peeve I have with the online Gor, if you read the books the only time kajira/kajirus refer themselves in the third person is when their Master/Mistress commands it and that is a way of taking the identity of the slave away, as we all know the name is the only think all people own, so kajira don't always have to do it, second personally I think it is kinda oxymoron for them to because as slaves arrogance is a deadly sin as is to all, and when people refer themselves in third person they are considered to be arrogant.

P.P.S. If I refer myself as kajira or someone else as kajira/kajirus it means I am lazy and don't want to say girl slave or boy slave. Not that I am a practing gor.

P.P.P.S. The kajira's crede is somethign that can be applied to slaves Gor and D/s alike

12/27/2010 2:46:51 PM

Hello fellow slaves, This little journal shall be addressed to you particularly the males. While certain Mistresses and Masters enjoy cock humiliation, in particular how small it is. A female slave would not appreciate quite as much. As a female slave I look for masculinity in a man, while cock size is not necessarily a requisite for it, enjoying the small state of your cock is not masculine, apathy towards the size yes, but relishing in the humiliation no. So please stop sending me messages about how small your cock is. Thank you and good day.

12/20/2010 11:57:18 AM
Bitch Session-Now I am no parent so I am not sure if I should be griping about this. However, what is going on with the cookie monster, this has been going on for awhile, He is no longer the cookie monster he is the carrot monster, because apparently cookies are a sometimes snack carrots are an all the time snack. This is total BS if you don't want you kids to get fat or snack on cookies all the time, don't give them any. Don't ruin a perfectly good monster because you are lazy parent, Thank you for listening

12/20/2010 11:37:40 AM
Thought of the Day- Do Fetuses get bored in the womb?

12/19/2010 7:52:51 AM
Derogatory Terms
Hello, Xandi here, I decided to start a little journal with my thoughts about BDSM, and life in general, so thank you for reading, my first topic will be Derogatory Terms.

Slut, skank, whore, bitch, cunt, all words I have been called by my owners, and friends. Now, do I consider them derogatory, no because its not necessarily the words themselves that are insulting, it's the context in which they are used. If someone that is not fond of you called sweety in a condescending manner would you consider that insulting, of course you would, likewise if someone calls you slut that you care for in loving manner, you would not consider it insulting. Now, that brings me to my next point that I have come to notice on the web, people have a tendency to call slaves, slut when they first address them. While, I do not consider it an insult, nor am I sure that most slaves do not, it does mean I want random people to call me a slut, If you get to know me and we do become friends it would be different, but certain nick names like all pet name are to be only used by those who know the person. Well folks that was my short little thoughts Thank you for reading.


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