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Journal Entries by WyckedJasmine:
1/12/2015 3:15:58 AM   View Comments
GREAT collarspace just deleted my long and lengthy profile...ugh

1/9/2015 6:01:08 AM   View Comments
Jan 2015 - update pics...not n easy task on this site! *S

6/12/2014 3:39:46 AM   View Comments

Took some time yesterday to update my pictures....I have so many pics to share and only 14 little entries allowed here *S Hope each of you enjoy!!!

2/5/2013 7:36:20 AM   View Comments

Well it has been a long while since I updated pictures. So i decided to have my boy do it today for me...I had forgotten what a slow, cumbersome mess uploading and changing pics at Collar me can be. have to find the pic, select the correct one from a number...not the pic...browse the pic you want then put in a string of characters for EACH pic...come on lets to bulk was invented for the web about 10 years ago! No wonder I only do it once a year...or two! *LOL  Besides the terrible pic upload can only put up 15 pics or so??? No wonder many have moved on to !!!

1/28/2012 3:15:39 PM   View Comments

January 27, 2012




Just swapped out a few pics....Yes Every pic is or a submissive I was playing with at the time......Faces blurred to protect the "innocent"  *S

5/9/2011 6:25:14 PM   View Comments

Latest pet peeve....




I just love it when a "Master" sends out his slave, sub, slut, find other women to join him...Like he is Gods gift to humanity....Tell you what asswipe...if you are that good, then do it yourself...but my guess is it is some pathetic man faking he is a sub woman....Think i have run into that here way too many times!!!



8/16/2010 6:36:13 PM   View Comments
Rules for contacting me

1. READ my fucking has specific instructions. It is obvious 80% of the jackwads on here cannot read.

2. Follow my instructions. do not Think you are more special than the 200 other people who emailed me that day and feel you do not have to follow them.

3. DO NOT send me a chat request without prior permission...that is just being a stupid shit!!

4. Tell me what you seek, if it is online understand my demands for online use!

5. If you are more than 200 miles from me, do not tell me you are relocating to me, I am your Best dominant, that you cannot live without me.


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