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Pan Male Submissive, 51,  Wilmington, North Carolina
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/HUMILIATE THE FAGGOT/ faggot dildo sucker, record me use me
I Love wearing High Heels wished it was acceptable to wear them all the time, a faggot in mens clothes wearing high heels, mmmmm
I wanna be someones faggot  love to suck my dildo  self bondage, make me tie myself up tight be public faggot pleasure men on cam come publicly humiliate me












 Submissive Male


 North Carolina

 5' 9"

 130 lbs






Actively Seeking:

Dominant Transgender

Dominant Female

Dominant male

Domme/Dom Couples

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Journal Entries:
4/9/2018 8:37:45 AM
only way for faggot to drink a beer in private or at parties

beer bottle, insert long neck in ass and tilt up pour beer inside, turn back down then pull out and drink, repeat lol

3/28/2018 4:38:31 PM
cock sucking for your records

1st cock 20 y/o in san diego strangers apartment
sucked 2 at bath house in rochester ny
sucked 2 at glory hole in rochester ny
sucked 1 stranger in van in northampton mass
sucked 1 guy in mall parking lot nc me as sissy
sucked 2 guys in their apartments
sucked 1 stranger in car at park
sucked 7  cocks in my house (some as faggot some as sissy)
sucked 1 cock in back yard
sucked 1 cock on back porch
sucked 2 guys in hotels
4/2/18 sucked 1 7" cock anonymous in hotel louisianna
4/4/18 sucked 1 7" cock Dom guy in my house, gave me facial then after left blackmailed me for  $50.00 to not post a pic. mmmm god He was 20 years old, cum tasted great at my house in NC
4/6/18 got naked at ABS for first time sucked 1 5" cock anonymous cock North Carolina
4/10/18 sucked cock number 24 dressed as fag sucked 1 cock thru fence in my backyard

1/28/2018 9:06:52 AM
One of my big fantasies.

Be dating or just real good friends with a great lady. getting along nicely. At her house on second date where i meet her 19 y/o son. seems like a good kid. his mom says she's gonna run up to the store, be right back, for me to stay here and get to know her son. we kiss, she leaves. 
Her son says, "Mom likes you."
I say, "I like her too, we are having fun."
The boy says, "I wouldn't want her to get hurt."
I just look at him and smile.
Then he says, "You like sucking cock?"
Im shocked, look at him, "Why would you ask that?"
He replies, "Cause i need a blow job."
I say, "Im not into that."
He smiles then says, "You will be. Heres the deal, you can suck my dick and be done with it or if you don't, when my mom gets back I'm gonna cry and tell her that you exposed yourself to me, tried to molest me."
I stare at him in shock, not sure if he's for real.
He says, "Well? You gonna suck it or do i tell mom you're a molester and call the cops? Cause if you think I'm joking, well, I'm not.!"
He pulls out his cock and says suck it.
I hesitate not sure what to do.
He grabs me by the hair and shoves me down, sticks his dick at my mouth and yells, "SUCK IT NOW FAGGOT!"
I open my mouth and he shoves it in. I slowly begin sucking it in and out, slowly then faster.
He moans, "I knew it, I knew your were a queer faggot. This aint the first cock in your mouth, i can tell. Thats it keep sucking."
"Look up at me fag." he says. 
I look up just as he snaps a pic of me and his cock in my mouth.
"Yea queer, now i own your fag ass. Or i show mom this pic and cry."

3/13/2016 12:19:53 PM
I sucked my first dick when i was 21 in san diego, calif. I was hanging out alone at balboa park drinking a beer and smoking some weed when a guy came by and started chatting. He said he had some coke in his apartment up the street and we could go there and drink, smoke and snort some coke. We sat in his living room an smoked some weed and did a couple lines. He excused himself and i started checking out the paintings on the wall. He came back out wearing only a mans robe, open in the front. His cock was clearly visible and partially hard. He came up to me and stood real close behind me grinding his cock into my butt. I guess i wanted it, being my first, because i just turned around, knelt down and started sucking him even though i never done it before. It felt great. He pulled me up and said lets go into his bedroom. I followed him there where i stripped naked and he dropped his robe. I climbed on the bed and started sucking on his dick again. Mmmm fucking hot. Then he stopped me and pushed me back on my back and started sucking me. It wasnt long before i shot my excited load in his mouth. He swallowed the adjusted himself to try to fuck my virgin ass. He tried for a while unable to enter my tight ass finally the excitement he shot his load on my stomach. We both got dressed the i left never to see him again but left with a wonderful memory

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