Vertical Line


First thing you may notice is that I'm Chinese. Fairly intelligent and quite open minded. I believe that most people have these pockets of pleasure distributed throughout their bodies and it's My task to draw them out of their hiding places and bring them out for My partner to enjoy them. I love power and as the cliche goes "power tends to corrupt, and absolute power corrupts absolutely". You might see Me drooling as I wield My power and test the limits of My partner. In what way you might wonder, but that is totally dependent on the individual. No pain... no gain. Oh I do hate cliches, but they can be appropriate sometimes. I'm seeking to find one who is open minded and desires the erotic. Someone who is uninhibited and desires to learn about themselves. Maybe revisit a few things that they already know. Just throw that tiny skirt on and put those "fuck-me" heels to your feet and walk with Me. A nice little walk in the park. Oh... did I forget to tell you to put that blouse on? Maybe I didn't.