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Pan Female Slave, 41,  Berkshire, United Kingdom
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This girl is loving, kind, caring and loyal. she does not however tolerate people with bad manners. If you cannot speak to this girl with respect, do not message her or You will be blocked. girl is a bbw, size 20 as her pictures here show, please do not ask for others as that request will be ignored. girl is a gorean slave, this is a lifestyle choice, not a fantasy. This girl believes that only through truly giving herself to another can she experience fulfilment.











Last Online:


 Female Slave


 United Kingdom

 5' 4"

 251 lbs






Actively Seeking:

Dominant Female

Dominant Male

Domme/Dom Couples

Mascdom Couples

Friends Only

A Poly Household

 Lives For:

 Gorean Lifestyle (Beginner)


 Blindfolds (Expert)

 Body Worship (Expert)


 Canes and Crops



 Massage (Getting) (Expert)

 Mental Bondage

 Obedience Training (Beginner)


 Vibrators (Expert)

 1950s Lifestyle

 Lifestyle BDSM




 Anal Play (Beginner)



 Electrical Play


 Hair Pulling

 Knife Play

 Massage (Giving)

 Plastic Wrap

 Sensory Deprivation

 Shibari  (Beginner)


 Suspension (Beginner)


 Breast Play

 Enemas (Beginner)

 Exhibitionism (Beginner)

 Orgasm Denial (Beginner)

 Outdoor Bondage (Beginner)

 Curious About:

 Public Play  (Beginner)



 Humiliation (Beginner)




 Foot Worship

 Hard Limits:


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Journal Entries:
6/8/2015 2:00:59 PM
Finished finals. Now I have to get a job

5/17/2015 4:50:32 AM
I just want to say a huge thank you to all my friends who have helped me through the last two weeks. I couldn't have don't it without you.

You have brightened my every day, some more than others ;)

A special thank you goes to my genius friend who has been helping me get ready for my exams xx

5/5/2015 8:37:55 AM
I let my guard down, how could I be so stupid. I must remember, hence this entry...... There is no such thing as 'the one'

4/1/2015 3:09:19 AM
== Results from ==
100% Slave
100% Submissive
100% Bondage Receiver
100% Masochist
100% Monogamist
96% Degradation Receiver
96% Experimentalist
94% Brat
70% Primal (Prey)
54% Exhibitionist
51% Pervert
29% Primal (Predator)
29% Voyeur
0% All-Rounder
0% Bondage Giver
0% Brat Tamer
0% Daddy/Mommy
0% Degradation Giver
0% Dominant
0% Master/Mistress
0% Sadist
0% Switch

3/1/2015 7:06:16 AM
Met a really nice couple today. Its good to know there are some real people on here.

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