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I'm 41 yrs old and been in this lifestyle for almost 3 yrs. I've learned a lot in my short time in the lifestyle, but I'm still learning. I believe most comes natural for me. The desire to serve is there and I won't fight it, I embrace it. I am BBW, if it matters. I am looking for�the real deal, no�wannabe's.� I've been able to figure most "fakes" out before there ever was an actual meet up. Don't expect me to meet you right away or sumbit to you right away. It's�just not going to happen.�Not every sub is compatible with�any Dom and vice versa.� It takes time to�get to know one another and�time to see�if its a�good D/s match. �Please feel free to send me a msg. ***everyone has needs whether it's the Dom or the sub. Yes I said it, the sub has needs too, but they are quite different than those of the Dom. My needs as a sub consists of serving, pleasing, and making the one I serve happy. Yes I want to be taken care of mentally, emotionally, and physically.......physically, of course is to his discretion on how. I'm still up in the air about the whole humiliation thing, but I've always said with the right Dom anything is possible. ***update**** lets face it, if you are in a different state, things are probably not going to go anywhere. I don't do online training as I need REAL TIME. If you are in a surrounding state chances are better but if you are clear across the country or in a completely different country, it will go no further than chatting as friends on here.
I'm getting a bit frustrated "again"..... Tired of getting messages from men who have wives/girlfriends that are using these sites to cheat. It's different if the significant other is part of the lifestyle as well and knows of what is going on but 9 times out of 10 they are clueless. Too many Doms think submissive are stupid....Please DO NOT mistake me for stupid. I know the telltale signs of a closet husband/boyfriend. It's sad that a lifestyle I wanted to be a part of because of the honesty that is based on is no different than the shit vanilla men.
I would like to let people know that I am not on here 24/7. If you email me and I don't respond right away that does not mean I'm ignoring you. You can clearly see when I have read your message and then at that time if I have not responded to you then you can assume I am ignoring you or maybe I just haven't had time to respond. I am be submissive but that does not mean that I'm going to be submissive to you right from the get go and drop everything.. A connection has to be made. So please don't get all stupid if I don't respond the very second you send a msg to me. Please and thank you!!

I did not write this myself, but this is exactly how I feel.

Collar me, cuff me, call me yours, slave I shall be,  
tie me, tease me and my love you shall see.  
Bend me in pain and show me your law,  
I shall live to please you, without any flaw.  
I shall be a slave and want nothing more then to obey,  
allow me to look, allow me to taste, allow me to scream  
but punish me as you may.  
I am a submissive and I am true to my desire,  
you are my dominant my master, my sir and my sire.  
I am your pleasure, I live for your sound,  
to your words, your wants and needs, I am bound!  
Allow me to be yours and make no mistake,  
There isn't one rule I shall be aloud to break!  
My boundaries are your kingdom, my body your domain,  
your pleasure is my job, submissive is my name!  
To run is not an option, to cry only when I'm told,  
my heart, my soul and my life you shall hold!  
Punishments shall show strength and how far I can go,  
this is must to learn boundaries, something I must know!  
I am only what you allow, what you desire to see,  
but together as one we shall grow, we shall be!                   

I am simply over it... I'm over looking for what does NOT exist. So much bullshit and fakes!!!