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very docile, low maintance slave that thrives on making itself useful. ideally suited for owners seeking 24/7 property that can be worked hard and tweaked to their own unique preferences. understands that a true slave has no needs, control, no rights or release, its only purpose to serve its owners and attend their every need. seeking to spend rest of its life in service as a live in servant or slave. You would find me very meek by nature, extremely hardworking and a pleasure to own. Please be open, straightforward and honest in discussing your needs prior to the meet and I would return the favour.
so this is what my day was like, every day with minor variations in the chores

1 get up at 5 am, do a small pooja take the dogs for walk be back by 6 am
2 water the plants (15 mins)
3 make tea for Sir and Coffee for Ma'am
4 get breakfast ready by 8 am 
Give food to the dogs
5 Make the bed
6 car wash and wash clothes on alternate days.
7 Clean and dry the bathrooms after they have been used
8 brooming and scrubbing the floor, all two floors of the duplex (one and half hours) and the outside space
7 bring vegetables from market and nicely clean them before keeping them in the fridge
8 Chop vegetables for lunch
9 serve lunch
10 clean kitchen and do dishes
11 bathe myself and put on fresh uniform. 
12 help Ma'am with her beauty regimen. Manicures, pedicures, brushing her hair, and shaving her legs and body. Often followed by providing foot massages and back rubs.
13 fetch cloths from the drying line on the terrace, steaming and ironing them and folding them neatly before keeping them in their proper place
14 eat after successfully completing all above tasks.
15 take dogs out for long walk, to be back by 6pm and help make dinner.
16 provide massages to sir. sometimes to madam also. go to sleep at the foot of their bed or at my place inside the store room after making sure that the kitchen counter is cleaned.

above tasks repeated everyday.

During the first few weeks of me moving in as a full-time servant, master taught me a lesson I will never forget in a hurry. I knew that no sex with ma'am was clearly a term that I had to agree on before being accepted, but I wasn't sure that the no sex clause of our agreement meant no sexual release for me. So after a few weeks of getting used to my new life, I had returned to my room (the small storeroom adjacent to the master bedroom). And I was not able to sleep, feeling super energized from having spent hours giving Ma'am a back rub and foot massage. I had worked out a sweat and wasn't feeling sleepy at all in my small store room. And then, I touched myself and masturbated. Master came to know and then it was communicated to me that this was not going to be allowed ever again and to make sure it never happened again I was going to be caned very severely the next day. I was asked to get back in to the store room and asked to shave every bit of hair from my body with a razor. So when the door was opened the next day, that is how I was found, in anticipation of the caning. I was then given a bottle of oil to apply all over my body and anticipate. So I did that and waited for my first severe caning. Very hungry and a little scared. It was only at the end of the evening that I was brought out. Master was already holding the length of cane in his hand. I was then told to present him my left palm. The cane hurt like crazy. I didn't know how much longer I would be able to endure. After he was done with my left palm I was quite sure I lost all use of it for many days. Then, it was my right palm. And then my torso. And then my thighs. Buttocks. Calves. Ma'am offered me something to drink and I was returned to the store room. Am never going to forget this in my life. It was not pleasurable from any angle as I am not a masochist. It hurt me like nothing else I knew before. Anyway, I never masturbated after that in their home.
These are excerpts from my journal during the time I spent as a 24/7 live in service slave. It's an interesting story how I got to be chosen for the role but will save it for later. While it was an incredibly harsh life, I have been able to do well and find happiness in it until it had to end due to reasons I had nothing to do with. I find myself craving to get back in to a similar position again after all these years of freedom. Want to write about it in greater depth some day.
My Master and Ma'am are pleased with my service but decided to make me more efficient by timing me on my chores. I have to to the same tasks with same proficiency but much faster than my previous days effort. So I can now get a lot more accomplished in the same time. I am also starved through the day and fed only after all the tasks have been successfully completed. I have also come to realize the wisdom of this. Master liked to always keep me slightly hungry, to keep the fire burning in my belly as it tends to keep me more Agile and helps me to get my tasklist completed to the best standards. A full stomach only makes me slack. It's not like every day I am a success, there are times I have completely forgotten certain chores and have had to go to bed hungry as a result. But those slips have been very few and far between. Masters rules have always brought out the best in me without fail, no matter how irrational they sounded like at first. So I have come to unquestioningly accept all of his dictats with humility and gratitude as they invariably end up making me a better servant. One of the first such rules that had been established even before I began service was that any form of sexual release was totally forbidden to me. Apart from the fact that his wife was my dearest friend and sex with her was unthinkable for me. She had said that I should convert my love for her into seva. And I had agreed as I still got to be in her company and exchange thoughts just like in the past. Master believed that any form of sexual release was a waste of slave energies which was best spent doing real work that made life more beautiful for my Master and Ma'am. And I have come to accept the truth of this. It makes me more focused on work and keeping me more energetic than I have ever known. I have fallen in to place, doing all my chores to the very best of my capabilities. I am surprised at my own discipline and feel a sense of joy in my ability to make my owners happy. Also, wearing the kaupina or langot with the iron ring fitted around my male part has helped a lot to keep sexual thoughts out of my service. It works for the most part. Fear of masters cane does the rest. Master has been kind enough to allow me release at a chosen time on the first Monday of every second month for my health reason. This is always done in his presence, often followed by a few strokes from his cane on my torso and buttocks. It's become a sort of a ritual after which I have to get back to my chores with alacrity. Slacking is never an option and is punished in the worst possible way.
"the best way to find yourself is to lose yourself in someone else's service"