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Hetero Female Submissive, 35,  Near Edinburgh, United Kingdom
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velvet31 - submissive

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If you can get into my mind you're much more likely to get into my cunt.










Last Online:


 Submissive Female

 Near Edinburgh 

 United Kingdom

 5' 3"






Actively Seeking:

Dominant Male


 Anal Play








 Electrical Play

 Eye Contact Restrictions



 Gas Masks

 Hair Pulling



 Knife Play


 Masks (Wearing)

 Massage (Getting)

 Medical Play

 Obedience Training


 Outdoor Bondage

 Plastic Wrap

 Sensory Deprivation



 Speech Restrictions




 Wax play




 Massage (Giving)

 Mental Bondage

 Needle Play

 Orgasm Denial

 Serving as a Maid

 Pony/Puppy Roleplay

 Public Play



 Role Playing

 Curious About:








 Vacuum Stimulation

 Hard Limits:



 Housework Service


 Female Supremacy

 Gorean Lifestyle

 Goth Lifestyle

 Lifestyle BDSM


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Journal Entries:
8/22/2011 5:44:29 PM

It's not a lifestyle.

7/22/2011 7:22:03 PM

"webcam verification". Also known as cheap ploy to get woman to show you their tits/snatch while you crack one off. In a verifying way obviously. The best bit is if you say no (or fuck off you doughnut) they tell you you're not very submissive. Submissive, yes. Really immensely stupid, no.

7/22/2011 7:16:20 PM

number one requirement- don't be a wank.



4/27/2011 2:22:15 PM

Unoriginal questions to ask a potential submissive-


do you shave your cunt?


are you bisexual?


do you have a webcam?


Really fellas, please try harder.

3/4/2011 3:48:32 PM

Gentlemen, please don't tell me not to use the word "cunt". I have one and will call it what I wish to. I adore the word "cunt". If you don't that's fine, don't use it, but I will.

2/27/2011 10:23:48 AM

If you are about to send me a message and there is any text speak in it please either remove the text speak or don't bother sending me the message.

8/6/2010 9:53:57 AM
it's "seems" not "seams"! If you can't master your spelling you can't master me. 

8/4/2010 3:34:29 PM
are there really people who list "soapmaking" as an interest on a bdsm profile? No noob soapmakers here please, only those with PhD's in the fine arts.

7/28/2010 4:17:21 PM
My number one requirement in potential suitors- don't be a complete bellend.

Number two- if your cliché I am uber dom hear me roar crap has ever actually worked on any submissive stupid enough to fall for it please have a cookie as a reward but don't try it on me.

I'm submissive not mentally defective.

6/9/2009 4:50:04 PM
mmmm rape

6/7/2009 7:09:17 PM
Bugger me I've been blocked after one memo. All I did was point out some spelling mistakes :)

6/7/2009 6:47:12 PM
The spelling of some of the people on this site is embarrassing. No spell check, no fuck.

6/7/2009 3:06:08 PM
I <3 rimming

5/25/2009 3:51:49 PM
Please stop asking me if I want to fuck your dog, the answer will always be no. 

11/4/2008 3:58:24 PM
It's such a shame that someone who seemed so promising has shown himself to be such a major disappointment.

10/2/2008 12:01:57 PM
Popped in here after a while away. The level of spelling and grammar is as poor as ever. Seriously how difficult is it to use a spell check programme?

Some of the profiles on here are truly hysterical, sadly completely unintentionally.

I'm not particularly looking but not particularly not either.

If you have a good imagination, some intelligence and are not a total leather bound cretin do say hello. I have a fetish for tall, Alpha men in expensive suits...

4/9/2008 7:18:25 PM
I encountered the definition of dominant irony tonight- a dom contacts me,his profile says he's not a "say this say that merchant" then he orders me to change my font.

bless his little cotton socks.

4/4/2008 5:22:26 PM
it's my birthday :)

4/3/2008 8:58:44 AM
It's my birthday on Saturday. Am going out with best friend then shopping (window sadly as am skint) then for a curry extravaganza.

Any darling Doms who want to inundate me with flowers feel free...

12/4/2007 6:22:03 PM
to help sift the number of unsuitable memos I am receiving, I am NOT interested in the following- switches, bisexuals, women (other than for friendship), transvestites, transexuals, short men (under 5ft 10), animals- 2 legs good, 4 legs bad, cybering, webcams, text speak, "proving I am a woman" or any fuckwittery at all.

apart from that feel free to say hi ;-)

12/4/2007 2:03:49 PM
If I say no ta I'm not interested in you it doesn't mean I'm a fake or a bloke, it means you're a tool.

11/26/2007 5:53:40 PM
stolen from a friend's profile-"poetry of any kind on your profile == You are not worth talking to"

I'll second that and add it is also a sign you should be kicked in the kidneys repeatedly.

Oh and submission isn't a gift, it doesn't come with a receipt and giftboxed with a bow.

11/25/2007 2:25:17 PM
I have just had the most hilarious series of memos ever. I was in quite a bad mood tonight but I'm snorting with laughter now. Thanks for being a complete tool and cheering up my evening :)

11/24/2007 6:49:19 PM

Dear god please let Him not be a tosspot.


11/19/2007 11:08:08 AM
To the Scottish "Dom" who has sent me over 20 identical messages. I wasn't interested the first 20 times and quelle surprise I'm not interested this time.

Btw wasn't your sub 18 years old 6 months ago? Now she is being with you speeding up the aging process?

Now she says I have had her fired by telling you where to go. Right.

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