Vertical Line


Hello, my name is Daniel and I have been an active Dom for roughly twenty years. I enjoy extreme play and am looking for slaves to participate in the following: 3 hole use Humiliation Pain slut training Forced repeated orgasms Forced exercise and weightlifting Please be aware that much of my training involves a fair amount of physical conditioning. For example, you might be fitted with weight on your shoulders and forced to stay in a squatting position. If you lower yourself after the allowed time then you will collapse onto a monster sized toy to enter your ass or pussy. For this reason I do not accept weak sluts or those who are severely out of shape. If you are not conditioned yet are confident that you will persevere thought this training, you may contact me. Many of you have asked what I look like and why I do not have pictures on this site. Due to my career, I am not at liberty to have photos out there for all to see. As for my looks, I am a dark haired, well built man who has an attractive look. I am half Cherokee and keep a good tan all year round. This is the general consensus.
Fucking a slave's pussy is only done as a reward with me. If you slaves and subs expect this to happen without a good reason, then it is best to seek another.